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by Zalera

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Tower of Agito FAQ by Zalera

Updated: 06/01/15

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD : Tower of Agito Guideline

By: Zyril "Pique" Sanctaphrax
Email: piquemagic@hotmail.com
Created on : 14-MAY-2015
Copyright 2015 Zyril "Pique" Sanctaphrax


Greetings everyone and welcome to my first In-Depth FAQ. First of all, this is my first guide contributed on this website. Secondly, I would like to inform to the audience that English is not my native language. Therefore, I apologize for any grammatical errors and misuse of words in this FAQ. I would welcome any comments and feedback as well.

This guide will assist any players who are interested in beating this optional dungeon. Let me inform you first that Tower of Agito (or some may call it Tower of Judecca), is a huge- skyscraper situated in the middle of the lake in the Eibon Region. To access this place, you are required to own the airship Setzer. After you have it, fly to the tower and hit (O) to enter the dungeon. Technically, you can access this tower on your first play-through. However, it is extremely difficult to do so since you need to complete the Expert Trial “Operation Homecoming” and it is also troublesome to beat it once you are not able to obtain unique magic such as Meteor, invisible and Ice-Bomb II. Therefore, it would be wise to enter this dungeon on your second play since it will be much easier, especially if you have an access to those powerful magic.

Purposes of this dungeon

I will explain why you should come to this dungeon.
1. This dungeon contains tons of High level monsters, which is a good source to farm for that rare-precious-phantoma such as Cinnibar, Violet, Jade and so on.
2. The lowest level monster here is Lv.128 !! Yes, and I really mean it. Lv.128 Monster in every floor and of course, 100 of them on each level. This means that it is one of the best places to farm EXP for your characters. Although some of the cadets are not suitable for this dungeon.
3. Chests spawned at the walkway on each floor contain good accessories and some of them are rare!!
4. Loots are good!! Anima Lantern, Beast Horn, Beast Hide.
5. Finally, one of the best accessories in the game “Agito Insignia” is dropped from the Boss of this dungeon. Be aware that you can obtain it only once per one play-through.


There are no secrets to success: it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. These quotes inspire me before attempting to do anything. Tower of Agito also has no exception. You will engage the most gruesome monsters in this game and without proper preparations, your characters will be INSTANTLY wiped out only in a second.

I would recommend you using “REM” as the primary unit. She is the best “Magic-Caster” in the team. Her Magic Stat is ranked 1 in all aspects and she also has the highest mana pool. However, the trade-off is…..she is extremely FRAGILE!! Her HP gauge is abysmal, which makes her get one-shot killed by those monsters.
Why I still advise you bring her to the dungeon after all? It is simple. We are going to use only MAGIC throughout the dungeon. Fortunately, no monsters in this dungeon has “Barrier” status so that Magic will do full power to them. Don't bother using any physical attack at all. It would be a waste of time to get rid of those monsters and ultimately, you cannot survive on the later stage.

Your party consists of 3 people, right? But I would suggest you bring only her to the team. The AI in this game is not clever enough to realize that danger is coming and it will add more casualties to your record. Besides, your fellow teammates cannot “Tank” for you as well since they will mostly get K.O. after a few hits. So, go to the Red Crystal at the tower and reconfigure your party that only REM is left on this task.Make sure that REM is at least, level up to 95. It is the best if she is Lv. 99 but that does not affect much if you cannot wait until that time. Actually, any characters who dare enough to challenge this dungeon should be on level 95 +. The best is Lv.99 anyway.

I realized that one of the best accessories to be equipped on REM is “SP Crystal”. This item enhances all magic stats of the wielder by 70 points as well as ATK and DEF by 100, all HP and MP increased by 50% and grants numerous buffs. We are going to need Freecast from this item as the main buff and Trance to boost magical damage. However, other buffs are also welcome such as protect and regen. To get this item, pump up your accumulative SPP points to 150,000 and you will automatically receive it. Another accessory that is essential for this dungeon is “RIBBON”. You can get it from Class First Moogle for playing 30 hours. He usually wandering at the door leads to the Akedemia main hall.

Enchanted Badge is another accessory obtainable from this dungeon. It grants Quick status (halve spell casting time), increases Magic by 99 but reduce Physical attack by 99. You will need it as soon as you acquire it from the Chest after clearing the fourth floor. Before that time, ribbon is your good friend. Otherwise, you can consider other magic-enhancing accessory as well (Regal Crown for instance).

She should wield Mythril Dagger since it boosts her magic stat by 10 points. You can equip her Zwillblades if she is not Lv.99 in order to farm EXP. Upgrade all of her passive skills!! Especially Accelerate, Twinspells, Triple slips, Slipstream and untouchable. For her magic skills, if you do not have Blizzard Bomb II, use Fire Bomb II instead. You can obtain Fire Bomb II on the first play-through after Chapter 7. The second spell you should have is Ultima. You automatically have an access to this spell as soon as you obtain SP CRYSTAL accessory. This spell can inflict beyond 9999 Damage cap and moreover, its AOE is VERY BIG. Since the Tower of Agito is a round-shaped room, this spell will affect the entire room regardless of your standing position.

You will also need Meteor for the final boss called “Cosmic Marlboro”. Go to the mission “Colonel Faith's Revolt” and complete it on Finis difficulty. You don't need to upgrade this spell since the damage output is really high and with only 3 – 4 casts can finish off this Marlboro.

Invisible is another good spell to be reckoned with. You will find the advantage of having this spell later on. However, it is totally optional. You can get it from Crimson Code Mission on the second play on Chapter 3 “A Fog-Laden Foray” by completing S.O. stay invisible for 5 mins.

I have heard that Tornado is another alternative choice for this dungeon. However, I can finish this dungeon without this spell. So I will rate it as an “optional”.
Defensive spell should be slotted with “Avoid” Magic. You can get it from Class First Moogle for playing 10 hours as well. Without this spell, you cannot survive even on the first floor. Forget about Cure, you are not going to waste your precious time by casting that spell. Besides, you will get one hit killed by most situations and that, no purpose to bring that spell into your arsenal.

And the key items that lead to the success of this task are “Anima Lantern” and “Phoenix Pinion”. These two consumable items grant “Reraise” status. You should have Phoenix Pinion in your stash for 20 – 30 from the first playthrough. Anima Lantern can be farmed from Tonberry, which located on the first floor of this dungeon as well. Whatever you prefer, equip one of these items to be used instantly. Remember, use it before you jump in the tower and always reuse it after you are resurrected. My trick is using the Phoenix Pinion first and then, after beating some of those tiny-green creatures, some of them will drop Anima Lantern. So equip Anima Lantern afterwards since you should receive tons of them after complete the first level of this dungeon.

Another important thing is the game difficulty. Fortunately that FF Type-0 HD offers the easier level called “Cadet”. Try setting it to that Level. There is no reason to set it on higher difficulty. It affects neither Phantoma nor item drop rate. For your information, if you have raided this tower already or you come here to farm phantoma on purpose, do not forget to bring teleport stone. You can teleport out of this dungeon and reenter it to grind from the first floor to the final floor if you desire.

To summarize, you will need these preparations as a core element to conquer this tower.

Accessory 1st SlotSP CRYSTAL
Accessory 2nd Slot Ribbon / Enchanted Badge / Regal Crown (optional)
Weapon Mythril Dagger
Skill 1st SlotFire / Ice Bomb II
Skill 2nd SlotUltima / Meteor / Tornado (optional)
Defensive MagicAvoid / Invisible (optional)
ConsumableAnima Lantern (Primary) and Phoenix Pinion (optional)

** TIP: Just a friendly reminder: if you hold (O) or (X), it will charge up your spell to the higher stage. There are three stages for the element-based spell. For example: Fire-Fira and Firaga. The higher stage requires longer time to cast the spell. **

REMEMBER : Use consumable before entering the first floor and every time when Reraise has expired.
Are you READY ????

First Floor: 100 Tonberries

Some players and friends enlighten me by telling the trick of magic cancel which makes the character casts the spell instantly. However, I have found that using that method usually led to suicide more than a success since monsters can K.O. you in one hit if you get counterattacked.

My strategy is simple, run for your life, cast the spell and hold it, find the opening spot and fire!! Collect loots and Phantomas. Repeat the actions until 100 monsters are slain. It is slower than using the magic cancel trick but it is also safer than that.

In this first level, make sure you equip ribbon. Tonberry sometimes casts STOP on you and it should be avoided at all cost. If you do not have the ribbon, you will be forced to use those anima lanterns in large quantities. Trust me, you will need those lanterns later on this stage.

Fire bomb-II deals 3900 point and also Firaga Bomb-II inflicts 5500 damage per instance if your magic stat reaches 200+. The Bomb II deals damages 3 instances per cast. That means this spell can deal more damage than the other spells. You should cremate those tonberries within 2 – 3 casts. With Fire element spell, you can obtain Rouge Phantoma here. Also save those Lanterns dropped to be used later on as well.

Tonberry usually runs around and stab you with his cleaver. He can toss a bomb to you, which will explode after a few seconds. Avoid magic will help you dodge these attacks. In case if it is unavoidable, use the lantern to prevent casualty. If your HP is more than 2,000 points, you MAY survive the instant-kill. However, Protect is the essential status to lessen the damage done to you (You should have it if you have SP Crystal equipped).

In my opinion, this floor is my main level to farm for tier-4 Phantoma (Rouge, Cobalt, Topaz, Jade and Violet). Depends on the spell you cast, Rouge-Cobalt-Topaz drop rate is 78.4% while Jade and Violet is 9.8%. If you don't mind tapping on your controller for numerous times and waste more time, you can cast only BOMB-I for Blizzard and Lighting Bomb (Bomb-I deals damage only one instance).

Tonberry comes in a group of 4 in the first place. After 50 are slain, 5 of them will be spawned simultaneously. This comes to a harder challenge. Finish them, gather the loots and repeat the step until 100 of them are gone.

When you are done, continue to the second floor by ascending to the door lead to the walk of the void (Safe area). Save at the crystal if you need. Also replace your ribbon with other accessory you prefer. I chose the regal crown in order to maximize the magical damage.
Treasure Chest here contains various types of Divinum Accessory (Ignis, Glacies for instance). It will increase your elemental damage according to its type by 50 but reduce your MP by 40% in return.

*** TIP: If you do not get your desired item, reload the save and run to the chest again. The percentage of getting rare item is relatively low anyway. Repeat the process until you get your desired accessory. This method can be used on the other level as well. ***

Second Floor: 100 Coeurls

There will be two of them for each round. The Phantoma drop here consists of Rouge, Cobalt, Topaz, an additional of precious Ivory (2% by magical kill or 11.8% by killsight) and Ivy. Later on, 3 of them are spawned and that will make you more problems.

Coeurl's signature attack is Blaster, which will electrocute you to death in one hit. In addition, he will unleash electric attack on you as well if you get too close to him.
Rifle-type spell plays a crucial role here if you wish to slay coeurls by magic. If you can land the shot with killsight, the chance to obtain the Ivory phantoma is much higher.

I don't want to spend my anima lantern too much on this level. Besides, I can farm tier-4 phantoma at the first level much faster. Therefore, Ultima spell is my final call for this room. Stay away from them as much as possible and spam Ultima until the door is open. The blast radius of Ultima is wide enough to affect the entire room. Otherwise, you can use Fire/Blizzard Bomb-II spell to clear this room. Just be careful not getting too close to them. You can hit them by Fire, not Fira and Firaga since damage done by Fire and Firaga are as the same (9999 per instance anyway). Coeurl spawns by 2 at the first stage. 3 of them are spawned after 30 are killed and 4 after 60 kills.

When you reach the Safe zone, save at the crystal and run to the chest beyond the stairway. Chest here contains “Regal Crown” for normal drop and “Adamant Gauntlet” for rare drop. Adamant Gauntlet increases your Def by 100 and gives Auto-Endure. So, it is up to you to choose.

Get ready to face the creature on the next level. Believe me, the third level is my favorite floor.

Third Floor: 100 Glasya Labolases

Before begin this level. Make sure you prepare at least 30 mins since the enemy on this level will spawn only one at a time and 2 spawned on the later stage after 50 are slained. Don't be panic from its gigantic size. This guy is pretty easy to deal with. Well, easier than facing the mobs on those next two levels of course. Trust me, you will love this big-sized gorilla (I presume?)

Having trouble finding the fifth-tier phantoma? Well, the perfect-grade elemental phantomas are on sale on this level. Cinnabar, Cerulean, Golden, Violet and Ivory are obtainable here with massive quantities. At first I had only 7 Cinnabar but when I have completed this level. I got 99 Cinnabar phantomas and 7 Ivory phantomas respectively.

Depends on the spell you cast. I used Fire-Bomb II as always. You can equip Blizzard as a substitution. Whatever spell you are casting on him, first level is suffice as the spell can reach 9999 cap anyway (same rule here if your magic stat is higher than 200). Just be aware that Lighting spell deals less damage around 400-1200 if compared with Fire or Blizzard.

There is not much to describe on this level. The Glasya Labolas is not that fast and his clap attack is predictable so, avoid his fist is not that difficult. Spam bomb spell until he is down and collect the phantoma. You can easily double-kill them when two are spawned (after 30 killed) as well. Three of them will be coming to snap your neck after 70 of them are put out of the misery. Use anima lantern when needed.

Save at the crystal again and head to the chest. Go for “Growth egg” for common drop or “Assault Targe” for rare drop (-100 Magic, grants Auto-Aura and Auto-Regen).

Fourth Floor: 100 Mushussus

At first glance, it seems that Mushussu is a slothful monster. He will be sleeping most of the time. He is awake whenever he gets damaged and he will go to bed again after a few seconds. However, nightmare starts soon after 3 times passed. He will be enraged and starts hovering around the room with lighting speed. He hits hard and that, prepare to use a lots of Anima lantern. The easy way to pass this level is casting Tornado and avoids his attack all the time.

I can manage to clear this level without Tornado. The Phantoma drop here is not a good one compared with the other floors. Mushussu is spawned individually until 30. Then he comes in a duo and a trio after 70 of them get slayed. I used Fire Bomb II and Ultima as my preference. Fire bomb usually deals 8500-9999 damage while Ultima inflicts 14000-16000 damage. At the beginning of the battle, I started casting Firaga Bomb II and unleashed on him. Firaga II could not fend him off in one cast. I dodged his attack and when he slept again, casted Fira-Bomb on him again to get the job done.

Another trick is charging up Bomb-II and ignite it before he spawns. If timed properly, Bomb-II will hit him 3 times before he wakes up. This method will make him loses HP at least 1 bar and a half. Recast Fira and unleash it again.

Mushussu will attack you by splitting bubbles after your second spell is casted. Dodge them and finish this creature with your spell once again. Sometimes, Mushussu will attack you by spinning his body if he is not killed by your spell on the third time. You can still process it even when 2 of them are spawned by cast the spell in the middle of the group and repeat the steps. However, when 3 of them are together, the gap time before they re-spawn will be minimized and you cannot set the spell before they spawn anymore. So proceed with caution. If things are out of control, Ultima is your best friend. Run around to avoid the incoming attack while casting Ultima and let the spell do the job. I depleted almost 20 – 30 lanterns on this level on my first time clearing the tower.

Go through the exit door, SAVE AT THE CRYSTAL!! This is essential because the Rare drop from the chest here contains Enchanted Badge (-99 Physical Attack, + 99 All Magic and grants Trance and Quick) and Gold Hairpin for common drop (Magic +80). Reload the save until you get the Badge and equip it instead of Ribbon, Regal Crown or whatsoever. Now, REM will become a real killing machine. Her Magic attack should reach the maximum cap by 255 on every category. She is also blessed with Quick, which halves her magic casting time.

Before going beyond this point, you should have the remaining Anima lantern at least 30 of them. You will be spending a lot of them on the next level. In case if you run out of them already or your supply is short, use the teleport stone and reenter the dungeon. Farm the lantern on the first floor and hike up to this level again. It is much easier if you set the enchanted badge alongside with SP Crystal.

Fifth Floor: 100 Behemoth Kings

Prepare for the long battle. I spent almost 60 mins on this level for the first time access. Behemoth King is a tough opponent. In my opinion, he is the hardest foe of this level to deal with. Ultima magic although deals 16000-17000 damage, however, it requires long casting time. I advise you use only Fire-bomb II or Fira-bomb II. Damage done by fire is around 4000-4500 per instance while Fira is 4500-5500. Don't bother charging up to Firaga since it deals 5500-6000 damage but that will waste your time.

Behemoth King can become invincible for a few seconds, which will perfectly block any incoming damage to him. Moreover, sometimes he will be enraged, causing him affected by Aura-Haste and Endure. He will run towards and smash you with his paw. He lunges when you keep distance between him. He can snap your neck by swinging his tail if you are behind him. In the other words, this guy is an expert-close combat fighter. You will engage him on 1-1 battle until 50 of them beaten. 2 of them will chase you around the room after 50 are killed until the rest of this level.

The Phantoma drop here is awesome so I would discourage you using Ultima or Meteor. Equip Element-based spell only to obtain the good phantoma (As always, I used Fire-Bomb II). On this level, I managed to get almost 8 Ivory and an abundance of Cinnabar. My strategy is pretty simple but works effectively against this beast. Set blaze on the ground and run around the room. Let the beast chases you. While he chasing, he will get damage over time from the bomb-II spell. Within 3-5 casts, Behemoth King should be incinerated. Collect the phantoma and repeat the steps until you prevail. If he lunges towards you or you get hit by his tail, it is a confirmed kill anyway. So use the Anima lantern to cover your life is necessity.

This floor can be extremely easy if you have invisible magic. Cast the invi-spell and you can toy with the Behemoth with any spell you desire. Just be aware to recast invi-spell before it is expired. Otherwise, he can detect you and you will be in a trouble.

The treasure chest at the hallway contains Blessed armlet for common drop and Grand Mage's Badge for Rare drop. I suggest you take the rare item first. It gives freecast and -40% damage resistant to you. Do not forget to save before opening the chest.

Before going any further, equip Meteor on your character. It is a vital spell to eradicate the last monster in the room. Another room is called Walk of Decision. The chest here is a one-time chest contains Dark Matter for the quest on Chapter-7. Retrieve and save it for the next time. You can leave the dungeon by walking towards the door, or going to the final floor by entering the portal at the middle of the room.

Last Floor: 1 Cosmic Marlboro

Are you thinking about defeating 100 Cosmic Marlboro? If yes, you are trolled!! There is only one monster on this level. Surprisingly, it is not a tough battle. Cosmic Marlboro is huge and he will split his cosmic sludge around the entire room. Do not ever touch this green-bubble, you will be dead instantly if you persist. Meteor is your best friend. This creature will be stationary all the time, making a perfect target to land the Meteor. In addition, Meteor can deal the highest damage while you can stay away from him. If you seek more challenge, you can use any other spell you prefer. Normally, Cosmic Marlboro should be defeated within 2-4 Meteor casts.

Can you see the treasure chest near the portal in the middle of the room? Go for it now. It is the most powerful accessory in the game “Agito Insignia”. When you equip it alongside with SP Crystal, you will achieve what the gamers call “Godlike”. You can solo any mission you want even on the Finis difficulty with ease. Now even the Behemoth king cannot instant-kill you anymore. The sludge from Cosmic Marlboro can still do that unfortunately.

Leave the dungeon when you are done. Congratulations, you have beaten the hardest dungeon in the game. Feel free to come back for grinding the EXP as well as Phantomas. With Agito Insignia, things will be much easier. Even REM can be tanky as well. You can let the mobs come near you and then cast Bomb-II spell to finish them off.

That will be all of my FAQ. Please feel free to comment or advise me if there are any errors. You can contact me via my email address provided at the beginning of this FAQ.