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by Phillnanas

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Phillnanas

Version: 1.8.5 | Updated: 09/16/15

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction - Guide Mechanics
  2. Copyright
  3. Allowed Sites
  4. Version History
  5. Special Thanks
  6. Controls
  7. Pause Menu
  8. Battle System
  9. Class Zero
    1. Ace
    2. Deuce
    3. Trey
    4. Cater
    5. Cinque
    6. Sice
    7. Seven
    8. Eight
    9. Nine
    10. Jack
    11. Queen
    12. King
    13. Machina
    14. Rem
  11. Chapter 1: War - Three Hours that Changed The World
    1. Mission 0:
  12. Chapter 2: Raise the Vermilion Banner
    1. First Break - 6 Hours
    2. Mission 1: The Cadets' First Deployment
    3. Second Break - 12 Hours
    4. Mission 2: Operation Reconquista (RTS)
    5. Third Break Part 1 - 1 Day, 12 Hours
    6. Optional Dungeon: Corsi Cave
    7. Third Break Part 2 - 1 Day, 4 Hours
    8. Mission 3: The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold
  13. Chapter 3: Weapons of Mass Destruction
    1. Fourth Break - 3 Days, 12 Hours
    2. Mission 4: The Infiltration of Iscah
    3. Fifth Break - 3 Days, 12 Hours
    4. Mission 5: The Infiltration of Iscah
  14. Chapter 4: The Last Queen's Return to Oblivion
    1. Sixth Break - 12 Hours
    2. Mission 6: Escaping the Imperial Capital
    3. Seventh Break - 8 Hours
  15. Chapter 5: The First Battle of Judecca
    1. Eighth Break - 4 Days, 12 Hours
    2. Optional Dungeon: Northern Corridor
    3. Mission 7: The Reclamation of Eibon (RTS)
    4. Ninth Break - 4 Days, 12 Hours
    5. Mission 8: The Battle of Judecca
  16. Chapter 6: Terra Mortis - Khalia's Decision
    1. Mission 9: The Clash on Big Brige
  17. Chapter 7: Fate of the Crystal - The Endless Battle
    1. Tenth Break - 7 Days, 12 Hours
    2. Mission 10: The Kingdom's Final Hours (RTS)
    3. Eleventh Break - 5 Days, 12 Hours
    4. Expert Trial: Operation Homecoming
    5. Optional Dungeon: Silent Key
    6. Mission 11: Capturing the Imperial Capital
  18. Chapter 8: Verdict: Finis
    1. Mission 12: Invasion of the Rursus
    1. Chocobo Breeding
    2. Phantoma
    3. Enemy Compendium
September, 2015 Update Notice!

Hello everyone! Thank you all for still holding on to this guide. It is not that I have given up on it, as I hate giving up anything. I have been so swamped with school for the past months, that I just do not have time to sit down and write. I am set to graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Game Design on October 30th! Once I do, I will be going full force with this guide. I have received countless emails from many of you, asking what I am planning on doing with this guide, and also providing help in other areas. I only had a small time today to get something done, and to write this notice, just to let you know that yes, I am still alive, and will be back at it very soon! I will continue trying to make small updates here and there as well. Stay frosty!

                                                                             .# *######.
                                                                            .##  ##'#####.
'#*# '#' '#. '#' ###  '#'   '#*#  ###  '#. '#' ###  ###  .#. '#. .#'        *##  ## ##*###.
 # '  #   ##  #  #*#   #     # '  #*#   ##  #  '#'  #*#  # #  '#.#           ##  ## ## '###.
 # .  #   ##. #  # #   #     # .  # #   ##. #   #   # #  #.'   '#'           ##  ## ##   ###
 ###  #   #'#.#  # #   #     ###  # #   #'#.#   #   # #  '#.    #          *#######*##   )##
 # '  #   # '##  ###   # .   # '  ###   # '##   #   ###  .'#    #           ####### ##  .###
 #    #   #  ##  # #   # #   #    # #   #  ##   #   # #  # #    #            ##  ## ## .###
.#.  .#. .#. '# .#.#. .###  .#.  .#.#. .#. '#. .#. .#.#. '#'   .#.           ##  ## ######'
=================================================================== TYPE-0   *#  ##*#####*
                                                                              '  '# '#*'

Introduction - Guide Mechanics

Hello everyone, and welcome to a my new guide, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Type-0 was originally called Final Fantasy Agito XIII. It is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy series; this is the same series as Final Fantasy XIII and, at the time, Final Fantasy: Versus XIII (now known as Final Fantasy XV). It came out on the PSP on October 27, 2011, but only in Japan. That version is NOT what this guide covers (though it could possibly still be used for it). Instead, this guide covers the March 17, 2015 HD release on the PS4/Xbox One. Note that I am writing this, playing the PS4 version.

The way I usually write my guides is I like to mention events and side-quests as they come along, and give you the best times to do them. Normally, I do not like making people jump all over my guide to find one deal or another. However, this is my first "Formatted" guide, and links are available. Due to this, I will not implement everything within the Walkthrough, but instead have words that link to an area, and then back from it if necessary. For example, there will be a link to the first enemy you come across, an Imperial Soldier. The link will jump you to its stats in the Enemy Compendium; then, so you don't have to find your way back, there will be another link below the stats that will jump you back to the area the original link is in. Know that for Type-0, it does require multiple playthroughs in order to complete it all. Obviously, I will not rewrite the entire guide for that, but I will mention what changes should be made as you go along in your next playthrough(s).

What this guide includes: Please note, this is still a work in progress. Once finished, it will include all of this.

  • Full Walkthrough
  • Complete Side-Quest and Dungeon Coverage
  • Optimization of Free Time Tasks and Events
  • All l'Cie Crystal Locations


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was developed by Square Enix, and is copyrighted in 2015. All rights reserved. The official guide was used to implement specific stats on enemies and Phantoma, along with help on item locations.

As you all already should know, please don't copy/repeat my text anywhere and claim it as yours. I played this game inside and out, and put a lot of work into this for your enjoyment. If you would like to post this on your site, I'm pretty lenient with that. Just let me know and I'll give the okay, just as long as you credit it and don't change the format/wording in any way. Thanks!

Allowed Sites

In this list are the sites that have asked for, and have been approved to use my guide. Know that GameFAQs is always the first place it is published. If you see this guide anywhere else, let me know at phillnanas [at] yahoo [dot] com.

  • GameFAQs.com

Version History

  • Version 1.0
    • Submitted April 14, 2015
    • Pre-Guide Information Implemented
    • Walkthrough: Chapter 1
    • Walkthrough: Chapter 2
    • Corsi Cave Dungeon
    • Rubicus section started
  • Version 1.2
    • Submitted April 19, 2015
    • Pre-Guide: Trying a new character Ability layout (test on Ace)
    • Walkthrough: Chapter 3
    • More l'Cie Crystals implemented within the Walkthrough section
  • Version 1.5
    • Submitted April 24, 2015
    • Pre-Guid: Two more Ability layouts implemented
    • Walkthrough: Chapter 4
    • Walkthrough: Chapter 5
    • More l'Cie Crystals implemented within the Walkthrough section
    • Northern Corridor Dungeon
  • Version 1.7
    • Submitted May 6, 2015
    • Walkthrough: Chapter 6
    • Walkthrough: 80% Chapter 7
    • More l'Cie Crystals implemented within the Walkthrough section
    • Silent Key Dungeon - Obtain something very special
  • Version 1.8
    • Submitted May 15, 2015
    • Walkthrough: Chapter 7 finished
    • Walkthrough: Chapter 8
    • More l'Cie Crystals implemented within the Walkthrough section
  • Version 1.8.5
    • Submitted September 16, 2015
    • All character ability requirement tables have be updated
    • Certain items in the last chapter have been blacked out, so as not to spoil anything - Request of Valerie N.

As always, let me know if you have any tips or tricks, and I will implement them with a thank you to your user name (or real name, what have you).

Special Thanks

Any corrections, tips, and tricks that I found appropriate have been implemented within the Walkthrough, with your name next to it.

  • Kythlyn - Thank you for your support and upbeat email messages that helped keep me going.
  • Franklin S. - Thank you for pointing out that Mutsuki's Task of defeating a Malboro actually appears after "Retreat from Roshana" first.
  • Tyrlian - Thank you so much for helping point out how to easily obtain Mauve Phantoma in Chapter 7, 10th break.
  • Xaros Xaros - Thank you for pointing out the issue with the 5th Break, and how they were a little off. That has not be corrected.


Please remember that I am playing the Playstation 4 version of this game, so control inputs will be labeled as so throughout the walkthrough. It should be easy enough to match the corresponding controls on the Xbox One.

ButtonField ControlsMenu Controls
Left Analog StickMoves CharacterN/A
Lt-Stick + CircleDodge RollN/A
Right Analog StickMoves CameraN/A
R3Resets ViewN/A
L1Draw / Sheathe Weapon; Cancel ChargeTab Left
R1Lock OnTab Right
R1 + Rt-StickChange TargetN/A
L2 / R2Change TargetN/A
D-PadShow SubcommandsSub-Menu Selection
XTalk / Inspect; Command 1Select
ODefense CommandGo Back
SquareNormal Attack; Harvest PhantomaN/A
TriangleCommand 2Info Tab: Legend; Squad Tab: Extra Info
OptionsOpen MenuClose Menu
Touch PadSON/A

Pause Menu

Pressing "Options" will open the Pause Menu. You will see tabs up top. Press L1 or R1 to toggle between the tabs.


  • Pause - Pause the game. Caution: The game will still run in the background otherwise. If you need to do something during a battle, make sure to press this!
  • Request - Check current request status.
  • Expert Trial - Check current expert trial status.
  • Map of Orience - Shows you the map you are in.
  • Return to Title - Takes you back to the title screen. Caution: Make sure you have saved before doing this, else you would lose all your progress since your previous save.


  • Items - Manage item list.
    • Use - Use item.
    • Sort - Reorder list (auto or manual).
    • Equip - Equip item for use during combat with D-Pad Up, Left, or Right.
  • Weapons - Manage weapon list.
    • Confirm - Confirm list data.
    • Sort - Reorder list (auto or manual).
  • Accessories - Manage accessory list.
    • Confirm - Confirm list data.
    • Sort - Reorder list (auto or manual).
  • Phantoma - Manage phantoma list.
    • Confirm - Confirm list data.
    • Sort - Reorder list (auto or manual).
  • Chocobos - Manage chocobo list.
    • Confirm - Confirm list data.
    • Sort - Reorder list (auto or manual).


  • Active - Check status of active members. Can change depending on current number of members in your party. Press Triangle to toggle between current equipment/attacks, to a full list of available abilities.
  • Reserves - Organize reserve members. Can only check the status of each member in your reserves. Again, you can press Triangle to toggle information for each character.


  • Controls - Adjust control settings.
    • Y-Axis - Adjust the camera's vertical movement.
    • X-Axis - Adjust the camera's horizontal movement.
    • Command Layout - Select a command layout. (Currently Type A). This is used for your commands during battle. Find what fits your style best.
    • Lock On - Adjust targeting controls. (Currently Hold R1). I HIGHLY suggest you change this to Press R1. This way, you just need to press R1, and then let go.
    • Subcommands - Adjust subcommand controls. (Currently Press D-Pad at any time). Find what fits your style best.
    • Reset - Restore default settings.
  • Options - Adjust various game settings.
    • BGM - Adjust BGM volume (background music).
    • Voice / SFX - Adjust voice and SFX volume (sound effects).
    • Audio - Adjust the language spoken in-game (only via "Options" on the title screen).
    • Text Speed - Adjust the speed at which text displays. (Currently Instant)
    • Subtitles - Turn cutscene subtitles on or off. (Currently off)
    • Names - Include character names with subtitles. (Currently on, but only shows if subtitles are on.)
    • Backup from Akademeia - Select whether or not you receive backup from Akademeia on missions. (Suggest Refuse)
    • Backup Confirmation - View and adjust the support settings at the start of missions. (Currently On)
    • Backup Display - Change display settings for Support Personnel units. (Currently Silhouette)
    • Reset - Restore default settings.
  • Brightness - Adjust the brightness level.
    • Brightness - Adjust the brightness so the image on the right is barely visible. (Should have been done at startup.)
    • Reset - Restore default settings.

How to Play

(Basically the controls. Can come to this when you need a refresher.)

Save Point Menu (Relic Terminals)

  • Assignment - Adjust active squad. Set your active leader. This will also change the character model that runs around.
  • Reserves - Organize reserve members. Reorganize reserve members by selecting cadets with X, and then move them around in your preferred order.
  • Armament - Change equipment and abilities. Select a character to equip, and a list of available items appear. You will see arrows on the character stats. Up is good, down is bad. Try to find even ground.
  • Promotion - Promote cadets and Eidolons. Can enhance abilities and stats. This is where upgrades are made by using AP (Ability Points). Select a character, then their Abilities list appears. The cost of each ability is to the right. (I will let you know what is best to choose, but always go with passive abilities first.)
  • Difficulty - Adjust the difficulty level.
    • Cadet - Easy. However, can miss out on special events and items. Hard to get 100% with this level.
    • Officer - Normal. Best one to start out with. Difficult, but manageable.
    • Agito - Enemy Level +30 - Best for your second playthrough. Enemy levels are only locked at +30, so you can still grind and become stronger than them.
  • Save - Go to save screen to save. Best to have multiple files.
  • Load - Go to load screen. Load a save file.

Battle System

Active and Reserve Members

The three characters who are on the field / screen are known as your Active Members (AM). Off screen, you will set up Reserve Members (RM), which may become an AM when either a current AM falls, or you manually switch someone out by pressing D-Pad Up. Due to this, you will want to try and level all your characters evenly, so no one is too weak. You can switch between AM's by pressing Left or Right on the D-Pad. What it does is change the playable AM. During this change, the new AM will put out a small shock wave around them, harming nearby enemies, and both the new and old AM's will be invincible for only during that change animation.

If your non-controlled AM's get stuck behind a wall as you move around, they will warp to you. Also, during battle, those AM's will choose their own enemies to fight. This may come as an annoyance at first, but it is fine, as the damage they take is halved, and their AG and MP are cut to a third. However, the character you currently control takes everything.

You can press L1 to draw or sheathe your weapon. Having your weapon drawn will let you battle against enemies, obviously. However, sheathing your weapon can change your AM's movement speed (higher or lower), and it can help refill your HP bar at a much faster rate when standing idly. Be cautious, as when sheathed, you take twice the amount of damage from enemies since you have no defense, and you could fall down, leaving you open for enemy attacks.


In a mission or dungeon, enemies will be set up in specific areas on the map. Battles will commence automatically when you are spotted by, or attack an enemy. (There is no battle screen transition like in many other Final Fantasy games.)

When you get to an enemy, press R1 to lock on. [I recommend you go into the menu > Preferences > Controls, and change Lock On from Hold to Press.] While locked on, tilt the Right Stick left or right, or press L2 / R2 to switch targets. Tilt the Right Stick down to target the closest enemy, or tilt it up to target fallen enemies or objects.

While you are moving, press O to dodge. This ability is CRUCIAL during combat. Tips on the internet even recommend using this above a character's Wall or Block, as it does not deplete AG (Ability Gauge) or MP (Magic Points). The AG bar is the yellow bar above your commands in the lower left-hand corner. Attacking enemies restores the AG bar.

Depending on who you are playing as, you will have ranged or melee attacks, or both. Ace is versatile, but great as a ranged fighter. Pressing the square button is every character's normal attack. However, Type-0 is not about firing your attacks every second; it is about strategizing and waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

When going up to something, you will notice a target mark appear on them: enemies, objects, and NPC's. Locking onto an enemy will have the camera follow that specific enemy. With the Intel ability, you will be able to see the health and status of that enemy, along with the crucial Breaksight or Killsight.

Breaksights and Killsights

While locked onto an enemy, you will notice that the target changes colors at specific times during an enemy's animation. When it turns yellow, this is known as a Breaksight. If an AM's attack hits the enemy at just that time, it will deal a massive amount of damage, based on a percentage of the enemy's HP.

Many other times, the target will turn red, signaling a Killsight. If your attack hits the enemy at this time, they will instantly die. They are different for each enemy, and thus you must pay close attention to the enemy animations to learn when the Breaksight or Killsight is going to appear. Remember, you must also know the speed of your AM's attack as well, so you can begin attacking on time. This is war, people. Learn to exploit your enemy weaknesses. Also remember, you MUST be locked on in order for Breaksights and Killsights to appear. Though you must wait and time just right, exploiting Killsights actually helps shorten battles.

Harvesting the Dead

This is where Phantoma comes in. Phantoma is taken from most enemies after they are killed. The type of Phatoma harvested is greatly dependent on which character harvests it, what weapon they have equipped, what skills or magic was used, or if the enemy was associated with a certain type of element. Say an enemy that has an ice-based power. If you defeat that enemy with an ice-based attack, you will most likely obtain Blue Phantoma. (For more information about this, refer to the Phantoma section below the walkthrough.)

When you defeat an enemy, they will stay laying on the ground for a while longer, especially if you are still locked on. While locked on, the enemy will begin to float, and a red stream will generate between you and the enemy. At this time, press Square to harvest the Phantoma. It is used to enhance spells in the Altocrystarium, which become available in Chapter 2.


There are offensive and defensive spells, both of which use MP. The MP bar is located in the lower left-hand side of the screen. Some spells can be charged, while others are instant. If a spell does need to be charged, a light will move right. When it reaches the max, it may go into a higher level, ending in "-ra". The effects are stronger, but they also use more MP. Some spells can even go into a third level, ending in "-ga". You would then release the button to complete the cast. Remember that a character must first learn the higher-level spell before they can cast it!

You will notice a few spells with an abbreviation after their name. For an example, Ace has "Blizzard BOM" set to Triangle starting off:

BOM (Bomb)Releases an explosion around the active character. Best against quick and small enemies.
MIS (Missile)Fires a missile that chases after an enemy, then explodes on impact.
RF (Rifle)Fires bullets straight ahead. Travels far, but has narrow range.
ROK (Rocket)Lobs a grenade-like projectile that explodes on impact, damaging enemies in the surrounding area.
SHG (Shotgun)Spreads forward over an area. Short travel distance, but is instant, and powerful against close enemies.

Return to Mission 0:

Class Zero

Each of the 14 - yes, 14 - playable characters have their own stats and play styles. Some may have great stats, but are difficult to maneuver, while others may have abysmal stats, but can easily get out of any situation. Below, I have listed each character with small tips on how to play them, their beginning stats of the game, their mathematical basic attributes, how they rank from stats among the other characters, and finally all their abilities.

I will mention this again in the walkthrough, but know that even if you find a few that you love playing with, it is highly recommended that you have them all in your team, one way or another. This does not mean you have to play as the character, but at least have them fight. The reason is that any character that is not part of the battle will not gain experience points, and thus will not level up, and not gain those needed AP (Ability Points) used to unlock new abilities. Though it may not seem important, there could be missions where you go through every character. You do start off with your initial pick, but if one falls during combat, your next reserve character comes in to take their place. You do NOT want to be stuck with someone weak and useless. It's a task, sure, but it does pay off in the end.


  • Ranged, but versatile. One of the easier characters to play as.
  • Keep your distance. Ace does not have great health or defense.
  • Ace's cards are slow. You need to get use to the timing of their flight.
  • Cards do not fly directly forward towards the enemy at first. You can stay behind cover at times, and still attack.

Starting Stats

  • Level: 6
  • EXP: 7320
  • AP: 4
  • Accessories: Glacies Prima, Vol. I; Life Armlet
  • Weapons: Playing Cards
  • Commands: Cut Cards; Blizzard BOM
  • Defense Command: Wall

Basic Attributes

  • Movement Speed--Weapon Stowed: 7.8 meters per second
  • Movement Speed--Weapon Drawn: 8.4 meters per second
  • Flinch Resistance: 0
  • Knockdown Resistance: x 0.92
  • Knockback Resistance: x 1.0

Class Zero Rank*

  • Max HP: 12th
  • Max MP: 8th
  • Attack: 10th
  • Defense: 12th
  • Fire Magic: 9th
  • Ice Magic: 8th
  • Lightning Magic: 5th
  • Defense Magic: 6th
*There are 14 characters to play as. This is their ranks among all 14, without stat-boosting equipment.
Requirements for Abilities
NameAPLevelPrereq AbilityPriority?
IntelStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Quick ReflexesStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
FocusStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Cut CardsStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Attack Hand8APAny LevelNoneNo
Support Hand6APAny LevelNoneNo
Life Hand4APAny LevelNoneNo
Spirit Hand6APAny LevelNone#4
Finishing Blow3APAny LevelNoneNo
Melee Attack3APAny LevelFinishing Blow#1
Melee Attack II4APAny LevelMelee Attack#2
Focus4APAny LevelMelee Attack II#3
Quick Draw8APAny LevelMelee Attack IINo
Quick Draw10APAny LevelQuick DrawNo
Quick Draw II15APAny LevelQuick DrawNo
Quick Draw III30APLevel 39Quick Draw IINo
Blind Stud8APLevel 10NoneNo
Blind Stud: Time Up6APLevel 10Blind StudNo
Blind Stud: AG Down10APLevel 10Blind StudNo
Accelerate2APLevel 11None#5
Triple Slip2APLevel 12None#6
Slipstream3APLevel 12Triple Slip#7
Jackpot Shot8APLevel 13None#8
Jackpot Shot: Crit Up5APLevel 13Jackpot Shot#9
Jackpot Shot: Time Up6APLevel 13Jackpot Shot: Crit Up#10
Jackpot Shot: AG Down8APLevel 13Jackpot Shot: Time Up#11
Jackpot Triad12APLevel 13Jackpot Shot: AG DownNo
Jackpot Triad: AG Down14APLevel 13Jackpot TriadNo
Wild Card6APLevel 14NoneNo
Wild Card: Power Up8APLevel 14Wild CardNo
Wild Card: Crit Up8APLevel 14Wild CardNo
Wild Card: AG Down8APLevel 14Wild CardNo
Twinspell6APLevel 16NoneNo
Untouchable5APLevel 19None#12

Return to Mission 0:


  • Support character. Only take control of Deuce when in dire need of support that she is not automatically providing (if needed for healing purposes).
  • Deuce can land multiple hits with her normal attack, and then take extra action such as offensive magic or melee attacks, increasing her damage output.
  • When Deuce plays her flute, she moves slow, so get to a safe distance before performing her normal attack.

Starting Stats

  • Level: 8
  • EXP: 8182
  • AP: 7
  • Accessories: Ignis Primus, Vol. I; Bronze Bangle
  • Weapons: Flute
  • Commands: Concerto; Fira RF
  • Defense Command: Cura

Basic Attributes

  • Movement Speed--Weapon Stowed: 7.8 meters per second
  • Movement Speed--Weapon Drawn: 6.0 meters per second
  • Flinch Resistance: 0
  • Knockdown Resistance: x 0.92
  • Knockback Resistance: x 1.0

Class Zero Rank*

  • Max HP: 14th
  • Max MP: 2nd
  • Attack: 13th
  • Defense: 13th
  • Fire Magic: 2nd
  • Ice Magic: 11th
  • Lightning Magic: 13th
  • Defense Magic: 2nd
*There are 14 characters to play as. This is their ranks among all 14, without stat-boosting equipment.
Requirements for Abilities
NameAPLevelPrereq AbilityPriority?
IntelStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Melee AttackStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Tone ClusterStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
ConcertoStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Flinchproof Concerto14APAny LevelNoneNo
Concerto: AG Down18APAny LevelNoneNo
Triple Slip3APLevel 13None#1
Slipstream4APLevel 13Triple Slip#2
Twinspell8APLevel 15NoneNo
Acoustic Amplifier10APLevel 15None#3
Acoustic Amplifier II18APLevel 15Acoustic Amplifier#4
Untouchable8APLevel 20None#5
Hymn of Healing6APLevel 23None#6
Flinchproof Hymn4APLevel 23Hymn of Healing#7
Hymn of Healing: HP Up6APLevel 23Hymn of Healing#8
Hymn of Healing: AG Down6APLevel 23Hymn of Healing#9
Accelerate4APLevel 25None#10
Dissonant Sonata3APLevel 27NoneNo
Flinchproof Sonata4APLevel 27Flinchproof SonataNo
Dissonant Sonata: Effect Up2APLevel 27Flinchproof SonataNo
Dissonant Sonata: AG Down4APLevel 27Flinchproof SonataNo
Melee Attack II8APLevel 27None#11
Quick Draw8APLevel 27Melee Attack IINo
Quick Draw II15APLevel 27Quick DrawNo
Quick Draw III30APLevel 60Quick Draw IINo
Crescendo3APLevel 28NoneNo
Crescendo Molto4APLevel 28CrescendoNo
Fermata6APLevel 30NoneNo
Requiem of Ruin4APLevel 39NoneNo
Flinchproof Requiem4APLevel 39Requiem of RuinNo
Requiem of Ruin: Power Up6APLevel 39Requiem of RuinNo
Requiem of Ruin: AG Down6APLevel 39Requiem of RuinNo
Concerto ff6APLevel 60NoneNo
Concerto ff: AG Down4APLevel 60Concerto ffNo


  • Ranged, dealing heavy damage from afar.
  • Best to keep dodging and charge your shots for damage.
  • Always be moving, and keep a safe distance as you charge your shots. You can dodge, but will pause the charge (though not reset it).
  • Great with Breaksight and Killsight.

Starting Stats

  • Level: 9
  • EXP: 9834
  • AP: 8
  • Accessories: Cupric Ring; Bronze Bangle
  • Weapons: Longbow
  • Commands: Raining Arrows; Blizzard BOM
  • Defense Command: Wall

Basic Attributes

  • Movement Speed--Weapon Stowed: 7.8 meters per second
  • Movement Speed--Weapon Drawn: 6.0 meters per second
  • Flinch Resistance: 0
  • Knockdown Resistance: x 0.84
  • Knockback Resistance: x 1.0

Class Zero Rank*

  • Max HP: 11th
  • Max MP: 3rd
  • Attack: 5th
  • Defense: 7th
  • Fire Magic: 13th
  • Ice Magic: 3rd
  • Lightning Magic: 9th
  • Defense Magic: 10th
*There are 14 characters to play as. This is their ranks among all 14, without stat-boosting equipment.
Requirements for Abilities
NameAPLevelPrereq AbilityPriority?
IntelStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Charged ShotStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Raining ArrowsStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Raining Arrows: Power Up6APAny LevelNoneN/A
Raining Arrows: AG Down8APAny LevelNoneNo
Triple Slip1APAny LevelNoneNo
Slipstream6APAny LevelTriple Slip#1
Firewall2APAny LevelNone#2
Firewall: Power Up5APAny LevelFirewallNo
Firewall: Time Up5APAny LevelFirewall#3
Firewall: AG Down6APAny LevelFirewall#4
Charge Level-IV2APLevel 11None#5
Charge Level-V8APLevel 11Charge Level-IV#6
MAX Charge12APLevel 11Charge Level-V#7
Quick Draw18APLevel 11MAX Charge#8
Quick Draw II8APLevel 11Quick Draw#9
Quick Draw III48APLevel 50Quick Draw II#10
Dynamite Arrow4APLevel 12NoneNo
Dynamite Arrow: Power Up6APLevel 12Dynamite ArrowNo
Dynamite Arrow: AG Down8APLevel 12Dynamite ArrowNo
Burst Delta2APLevel 13NoneNo
Grand Delta14APLevel 13Burst Delta#11
Accelerate3APLevel 14NoneNo
Hawkeye1APLevel 14NoneNo
Hawkeye: AG Down6APLevel 14HawkeyeNo
Freezing Rain2APLevel 15NoneNo
Freezing Rain: Time Up10APLevel 15Freezing RainNo
Freezing Rain: AG Down12APLevel 15Freezing RainNo
Untouchable3APLevel 18NoneNo
Concentrate1APLevel 19NoneNo
Concentrate: Effect Up6APLevel 19ConcentrateNo
Concentrate: Time Up8APLevel 19ConcentrateNo
Twinspell4APLevel 20NoneNo


  • Ranged, and can cause status effects.
  • Focus on charged shots to replenish AG.
  • Cater can move and dodge while charging.
  • Charged shots are slow, and enemies can void them, so fire either at close range, or while the enemy is distracted.
  • Use Land Mine on an enemy coming in.

Starting Stats

  • Level: 9
  • EXP: 10019
  • AP: 8
  • Accessories: Glacies Prima, Vol. I; Cupric Ring
  • Weapons: Magicite Pistol
  • Commands: Elementillery; Blizzard BOM
  • Defense Command: Cure

Basic Attributes

  • Movement Speed--Weapon Stowed: 7.8 meters per second
  • Movement Speed--Weapon Drawn: 10.5 meters per second
  • Flinch Resistance: 0
  • Knockdown Resistance: x 0.92
  • Knockback Resistance: x 1.0

Class Zero Rank*

  • Max HP: 13th
  • Max MP: 6th
  • Attack: 14th
  • Defense: 10th
  • Fire Magic: 5th
  • Ice Magic: 8th
  • Lightning Magic: 6th
  • Defense Magic: 9th
*There are 14 characters to play as. This is their ranks among all 14, without stat-boosting equipment.
Requirements for Abilities
NameAPLevelPrereq AbilityPriority?
IntelStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Quick ReflexesStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Charged ShotStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Explosive ShellStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
ElementilleryStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Debuff Shot2APAny LevelNoneNo
Debuff Shot: Effect Up3APAny LevelDebuff ShotNo
Debuff Shot: AG Down4APAny LevelDebuff ShotNo
Accelerate2APLevel 10None#1
Stilling Shot2APLevel 10NoneNo
Stilling Shot: Time Up2APLevel 10Stilling ShotNo
Stilling Shot: AG Down5APLevel 10Stilling ShotNo
Triple Slip2APLevel 12None#2
Slipstream3APLevel 12Triple Slip#3
Viral Spray3APLevel 12NoneNo
Viral Spray: Time Up4APLevel 12Viral SprayNo
Viral Spray: AG Down4APLevel 12Viral SprayNo
Frost Shot8APLevel 13NoneNo
Frost Shot: Crit Up16APLevel 13Frost ShotNo
Voltaic Shot8APLevel 13NoneNo
Voltaic Shot: Power Up16APLevel 13Voltaic ShotNo
Hawkeye8APLevel 13NoneNo
Hawkeye: AG Down10APLevel 13NoneNo
Explosive Shell: Stun Up8APLevel 14None#4
Flame Shot: Power Up16APLevel 15NoneNo
Twinspell4APLevel 19NoneNo
Land Mine6APLevel 20None#5
Land Mine: Power Up8APLevel 20Land Mine#7
Land Mine: AG Down12APLevel 20Land Mine#6
Bullet Boost8APLevel 25None#8
Speedy Charge12APLevel 25Bullet Boost#9
Untouchable5APLevel 26None#10
Quick Draw6APLevel 28NoneNo
Quick Draw II12APLevel 28Quick DrawNo
Quick Draw III28APLevel 45Quick Draw IINo


  • Short range with slow attacks, but deals massive damage.
  • Due to slow attacks, switch between one normal attack and then dodge.
  • Only use charged attacks on stunned or distracted enemies.
  • Cinque can take damage, but it can be hard to keep her HP up. Make sure to have a healer and stockpile of potions on hand in battle.

Starting Stats

  • Level: 8
  • EXP: 8542
  • AP: 7
  • Accessories: Bronze Bangle; Gauntlets
  • Weapons: Mace
  • Commands: Earthquake; Fire RF
  • Defense Command: Cure

Basic Attributes

  • Movement Speed--Weapon Stowed: 7.8 meters per second
  • Movement Speed--Weapon Drawn: 5.4 meters per second
  • Flinch Resistance: 0
  • Knockdown Resistance: x 0.92
  • Knockback Resistance: x 1.0

Class Zero Rank*

  • Max HP: 3rd
  • Max MP: 9th
  • Attack: 2nd
  • Defense: 2nd
  • Fire Magic: 9th
  • Ice Magic: 11th
  • Lightning Magic: 10th
  • Defense Magic: 5th
*There are 14 characters to play as. This is their ranks among all 14, without stat-boosting equipment.
Requirements for Abilities
NameAPLevelPrereq AbilityPriority?
IntelStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
EarthquakeStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Magnitude 7.03APAny LevelNone#4
Magnitude 10.03APAny LevelMagnitude 7.0#5
Flinchproof Quake5APAny LevelMagnitude 10.0#6
Focus2APAny LevelNone#1
Charge II4APAny LevelFocus#2
Charge III6APAny LevelCharge II#3
Quick Draw12APLevel 55Charge IIINo
Combo Cast30APLevel 55Quick DrawNo
Quick Draw II30APLevel 55Quick DrawNo
Quick Draw III42APLevel 72Quick Draw IINo
Untouchable5APLevel 9None#7
Whirling Mace2APLevel 9NoneNo
Whirling Mace: Crit Up3APLevel 9Whirling MaceNo
Payback2APLevel 11NoneNo
Payback: Crit Up4APLevel 11PaybackNo
Homerun Swing2APLevel 13NoneNo
Windup Boost2APLevel 13Homerun SwingNo
Windup Boost II3APLevel 13Windup BoostNo
Homerun Swing: Crit Up5APLevel 13Windup Boost IINo
Gaia Pulse3APLevel 14None#8
Gaia Pulse: Effect Up10APLevel 13None#9
Triple Slip2APLevel 15None#10
Slipstream3APLevel 15Triple Slip#11
Accelerate2APLevel 16None#12
Cheerleader2APLevel 17NoneNo
Cheerleader: Effect Up3APLevel 17CheerleaderNo
Cheerleader: AG Down5APLevel 17CheerloaderNo
Mace Cyclone3APLevel 20NoneNo
Flinchproof Cyclone5APLevel 20Mace CycloneNo
Twinspell28APLevel 29NoneNo


  • Short ranged, fast attacks. Absorbs malice from defeated enemies to increase power and abilities.
  • Sice is difficult to master, but is versatile.
  • Nagative Aura and its upgrades are very useful.

Starting Stats

  • Level: 10
  • EXP: 11644
  • AP: 10
  • Accessories: Fulgur Primus, Vol. I; Cupric Ring
  • Weapons: Scythe
  • Commands: Dark Nebula; Thunder SHG
  • Defense Command: Cure

Basic Attributes

  • Movement Speed--Weapon Stowed: 7.8 meters per second
  • Movement Speed--Weapon Drawn: 6.6 meters per second
  • Flinch Resistance: 0
  • Knockdown Resistance: x 0.92
  • Knockback Resistance: x 1.0

Class Zero Rank*

  • Max HP: 6th
  • Max MP: 10th
  • Attack: 10th
  • Defense: 5th
  • Fire Magic: 12th
  • Ice Magic: 10th
  • Lightning Magic: 3rd
  • Defense Magic: 7th
*There are 14 characters to play as. This is their ranks among all 14, without stat-boosting equipment.
Requirements for Abilities
NameAPLevelPrereq AbilityPriority?
IntelStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Mobile StrikeStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
MoxieStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Dark NebulaStart OffStart OffN/AN/A
Dark Nebule: +Stop3APAny LevelNoneNo
Dark Nebula: AG Down5APAny LevelNoneNo
Accelerate2APAny LevelNone#1
Combo Bonus2APAny LevelNoneNo
Death Maelstrom3APLevel 11NoneNo
Death Maelstrom: Power Up5APLevel 11Death MaelstromNo
Death Maelstrom: Time Up6APLevel 11Death MaelstromNo
Death Maelstrom: AG Down8APLevel 11Death MaelstromNo
Moxie: Power Up12APLevel 14None#2
Triple Slip2APLevel 14Moxie: Power Up#3
Slipstream3APLevel 14Moxie: Power Up#4
Untouchable5APLevel 14Moxie: Power Up#5
Combo Bonus II2APLevel 14Moxie: Power Up & Combo BonusNo
Toxic Mist4APLevel 14Moxie: Power UpNo
Toxic Mist: AG Down6APLevel 14Toxic MistNo
Black Hole6APLevel 22Moxie: Power UpNo
Black Hole: AG Down8APLevel 22Black HoleNo
Moxie: Power Up II14APLevel 22Moxie: Power Up#6
Negative Aura5APLevel 22Moxie: Power Up II#7
Negative Aura: +Drain6APLevel 22Negative Aura#8
Negative Aura: AG Down8APLevel 22Negative Aura#9
Combo Bonus III6APLevel 22Moxie: Power Up II & Combo Bonus IINo
Quick Draw10APLevel 22Combo Bonus IIINo
Quick Draw II15APLevel 22Quick DrawNo
Quick Draw III30APLevel 58Quick Draw IINo
Tenacity18APLevel 28Moxie: Power Up II#10
Advance Cast6APLevel 28TenacityNo
Slip Cast8APLevel 28Advance CastNo
Grim Reaper10APLevel 28TenacityNo
Twinspell5APLevel 20NoneNo