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Another Story FAQ by WAvalon

Version: 2.01 | Updated: 07/08/2000

Metal Slug I Another Story FAQ
08 July 2000
Written by Winston Avalon

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0. History
1. Foreword
2. Background
3. Game 1
4. Game 2
5. Game 3
6. Game 4
7. Another Story II
8. Unanswered Question

0. Histroy
V2.01 Fixed some spellings erros and stuffs. Added Another Story II.

V2.00 Added the 4th game.

V1.01 Fixed some spelling errors. Added Date and Copyright message.

V1.0  First Release.

This is not my first FAQ. In fact, it's the 3rd and I guess I can be proud of
it. In case you want to know, my first one is Parasite Eve and the second is
Alababurn. Metal Slug is not going to be my last. This, I promise ...

Anyway, for the legal stuff ...

I am in no way affiliated or related to SNK or Sony. This FAQ is neither
authorized by them nor endorsed by them. Metal Slug is probably trademark of
SNK. If anyone or any organization think that this FAQ should not be the way
it is, do not hesitate to contact me.

In addition, I would like to thank 2 person for providing me with the 
for the 4th game including Koji Aoki. I have also used quite a lot of direct
quotes from his email to me. Thank you again.

OK, let's get on with it ...

Metal Slug originated from the arcade machine, I believed. As of the time now,
a sequel has been made named Metal Slug II. Anyway, this FAQ is about what you
don't get to play/see on the arcade version. Yes, it's the secret Another
Story Mode. Anyway, everything else about the game, the weapons and etc, I
will leave you to the other FAQs for Metal Slug around. I am going to only
touch on the another Story.

First thing first. Please don't email me about you game doesn't have this when
you just load up you Metal Slug. The mode is only available after you
completed Metal Slug at least once. I finished it in Normal Mode and it did
appears, but I am not sure of Easy Mode though. Anyone who tried can email me
and let me know.

OK, to get to the another Story, you just finish the game, make sure there
is free space on your Memory Card to save the game ( Automatically ), then
restart and you can choice another Story on the last choice at the main

The Story goes something like this ...

It's about the diary of a soldier and his escape from the enemies. You get to
help him of course ... Now, without further delay, let's get on to playing
the 3 mini games here ...

3. GAME 1
There is a disguised spy within the many number of prisoners and you cannot
escape with him inside. You will need to identify him and take him out first.
But who is it?

You press the [circle] button to id a prisoner, it he is not the spy, he will
sit down and you can continue to id the rest. BUT you can only id a prisoner
when he salute. Or else it will sound the alarm and you will shot! Well, no
very hard, just that they do crowd around and it is difficult to tell it they
are saluting or not. But do take you time, you got 99 seconds. If you get
shot, you will have to retry all over again.

If you succeed, they prisoner will bash the spy up and escape ...

4. GAME 2
The prisoner will attempt to escape under the cover of a tank in this game.
You will need to guide them as they cannot see the enemy cannon shooting at
them. They will need to avoid the enemy fire and jump across the broken
bridges to a destination of 3000 over meter away to get to safety. You will
control their action and move they tank around. Just be careful of the cursor
aiming at you. when it turn red, it will fire and if the tank is close or
directly shot at, it take damage. You can only take 2 shot and then you will
lose. Of course, there is a faster way to lose. Just drop down between any
of the bridge into the cliff below. There is no time limit, but you got to
finish the 3000 over meters fast because the screen will keep scrolling too.

If you managed to get pass, then you will escape to the finally game ...

5. GAME 3
This is the last mini game. The capture soldier will hide in the cover of the
prisoners and you got to find them out. But the prisoners will run around to
make things difficult for you. It's like the guessing pea in the cup game.
You will be shown where the soldier is. Then they will run around and you got
to relocate who is with the soldier. You will need to guess correctly for 3
times. Again, you are allowed to miss only once. Miss twice and you will need
to restart.

The first 2 times, they are 2 soldier in 4 prisoners. you got 50% chance.
Guess correctly with any one of the soldier and you can go on. The last time,
you will need to get the only soldier out of 4 prisoners.

If you get through, you win.

6. GAME 4
To access the 4th game, do the following:

-Win Another Story Game 1-3.
-Wait till the credits roll through, then it should say something like "Thank
  you for playing" then "Try Replay to play the 4th mini game" called 
"Senka wo
-After you see that, it will take you back to the title screen.
-Then choose Another story again.
-Try to beat it again, only this time you should get a 4th mini game after the
  Game 3.

This one is a little bit harder.  What you have to do is dodge all the bombs
that are flying in the air and get to the other side.  You can screw up to 2
times and then the third time, you lose.  Try getting all 8 of them across the
screen safely.  Also dolls will fly along with the bombs.  Touch them and it
will blow up all the bombs on the screen to make it easier to get across.

7. Another Story II
After beating the 4th mini game, again wait till the credits roll through, 
it should say "Thank you for playing" again, with the 8 people in the back
spelling Game Over.  NOW WAIT, do not turn off the game.  It should tell you,
OMAKE MODE, in Japanese, and it says to press R1+L2+O.  Then it will take you
back to the title screen again.  press the three buttons while the cursor 
is on
Another story, then....

Another story two will begin.  It is the same 4 games, but this time it is 
a girl
that is talking in the diary.  After you beat it again, WAIT again.  The woman
will start speaking, and then finally, one of the prisoners will morph in to a
girl, and then back to the title screen.

Some more, I guess not...

Now most of the questions are answered. Anyone with any more answers, don't
hesitate to let me know.

This is the end of the short FAQ. I hope it is helpful to you.

Winston Avalon

(C)Copyright 1998-2000 Winston Avalon
All Rights Reserved
No reproduction without permission

Yours Truly,
Winston Avalon

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