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Guide and Walkthrough by GunZero

Version: Final | Updated: 08/06/2003

          _______                       _      ______  _                
         (_______)          _          | |    / _____)| |               
          _  _  _  _____  _| |_  _____ | |   ( (____  | |  _   _   ____ 
         | ||_|| || ___ |(_   _)(____ || |    \____ \ | | | | | | / _  |
         | |   | || ____|  | |_ / ___ || |    _____) )| | | |_| |( (_| |
         |_|   |_||_____)   \__)\_____| \_)  (______/  \_)|____/  \___ |
                       S U P E R   V E H I C L E - 0 0 1 

                    Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001 (Arcade) 
                FAQ/Walkthrough - Version: FINAL - August 6, 2003
                       by GunZero (Rich_F30@hotmail.com)

               The latest version of this guide can be found at:
                http://www.gamefaqs.com - http://faqs.ign.com



This document is Copyright 2003 GunZero and you may not take it without my 
permission, nor sell it to make profit. If you would like to post this guide 
on your site, e-mail me first and I will consider it. Even if I tell you 
that you can use the guide on your site, it may not be reproduced or altered 
in any form. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to 
e-mail me at Rich_F30@hotmail.com. With that said, enjoy the guide.


                             i. Revision History

Version: FINAL - August 6, 2003 - Finished eveything completly. This is the 
                                  FINAL version of the guide.

                               Table of Contents

i.    Revision History
I.    Introduction
II.   Game Overveiw
III.  Walkthrough
IV.   Weapon/Item List
V.    Credits
VI.   Information

                              I. Introduction

The Metal Slug games are action/side-scrolling shoot'em ups, which were 
created for the Arcade. Once SNK created its own home console, the Neo-Geo, 
they ported the great Metal Slug series, along with many other excellent 
games, over to their system. 

In this game, you begin with one character, who you must move throughout 
different stages. During your travels through the different levels, you must 
also rescue hostages which will give you bonus points. Collecting these points 
is a key factor to the fun and challenge in this game. So, if your ready to 
play an awesome shoot'em up game, then Metal Slug is a definate must play.

                             II. Game Overveiw


  *Note: This diagram shows the control layout of any Metal Slug game cabinet

              ub   u   uf
                \  |  /                           A       B
                 \ | /
             b --- n --- f
                 / | \                            D       C
                /  |  \                                  
              db   d   df

Character Controls:

  u  - Character aims upward
  uf - Character aims upward while moving forward
  f  - Moves character forward
  df - Character crouches while moving forward
  d  - Character crouches, moves down staircases
  db - Character crouches while moving backwards
  b  - Moves character backwards
  ub - Character aims upward while moving backwards

Metal Slug Controls:

  d + B - Exit vehicle
  A + B - In air, press A and B to jump out of the Slug, sending it crashing 
          into something
  d + C - Doing this will let you throw grenades while in the Metal Slug



Hostages are the people and friends on your side who were captured by the 
enemy (like in war-time). In this game, there are a certain amount of hostages 
in each level. Rescuing them can range from very easy to extremely difficult. 
While playing, you should take the time to search extra hard for these guys, 
since they can award you some big bonus points.

                             III. Walkthrough  

Begin by plunkin' a couple quarters down the machine and pressing start. After 
watching the brief 'How to Play' intro, get ready to go! You should also know 
that there are two characters you can use, but there is no 'choice' option. 
Player 1 is Marco, and Player 2 is Tarma. If you would like to be a different 
character, then switch sides of the game cabinet.

Note: The names used on the Stage Clear screen for the Hostages are always 
      different. So, the names in my guide might not be the same as yours.

                                 Mission 1

For your very first mission, start by dropping down and moving right. Destroy 
any soldiers around you, then shoot the crate to find some Machine Gun ammo. 
Continue right and hop up the grassy ledge to find two hostages waiting for 
you. Free them, then drop back onto the ground and continue east. Destroy the 
crate and take the Flame Shot ammo out. Once you have it, quickly roast the 
soldiers in front of you, then free the third hostage on the ledge.

When the hostage is free, collect the Machine Gun ammo he gives you, then move 
forward and take the fish from the ground for bonus points. A chopper will 
then dive down and will begin to bombard you with missiles. To easily destroy 
it, stay slightly to the left of the falling missiles, then unload with your 
Machine Gun. Once it's destroyed, grab the falling letter for points and 
continue right.

When you reach the watery area, continue moving right while grabbing all the 
bonus points from the crates. A little ways down the river, you'll get 
another set of Machine Gun ammo. To the right of where you get it, lies a 
Metal Slug and some bombs. Collect the bombs and hop in the Slug. Destroy the 
house in front of you, and another chopper will descend on you. Destory it 
using the method before, then move forward and grab the Gas power-up for the 
Metal Slug.

Now, move east from the power-up to find a boat. Shoot the barrel with 
'Danger' written on the side to destroy the whole house and boat. Doing so 
will cause another Gas power-up to fall on you. Take it, then proceed right 
and free the fourth hostage who is hanging above. He'll give you some Cannons 
for the Slug. Now, continue east again and destroy the two tanks in front of 

Once they're out of the way, head to the top of the hill and you should see 
three waterfalls. Stand directly under the middle one and shoot up 
continuously. Doing so will cause 2 hostages to fall down. Now, stand directly 
under the right one and do the same thing. 2 more hostages will fall down. 
After getting all of them, head right to find the last two hostages hanging 

                             - Boss: The Bomber -  

To finish this thing off in seconds, just follow this easy method. Move to the 
right as far as possible, until you are next to the Cannon. Now, if you are 
still in the Metal Slug, hold down and unload all your Grenades on him. If 
not, just use your Grenades normally while standing next to him. Once you beat 
him, the huge Cannon will explode. Also, make sure you have rescued the two 
nearby hostages before you destroy the machine.


                                 Stage Clear

Hostages: 10                                                            Points

- SGT. Romsky      - PVT. Habara   - PVT. Tao
- PVT. Metastasio  - SGT. Shibaki  - CSM. Chaos
- CO1. Peleus      - PFC. Hara
- PVT. Pham        - SGT. Morse                                          10000

Metal Slug                                                               10000
Great!                                                                  100000 
Total                                                                   120000

                                 Mission 2

Starting this mission off, you'll parachute right in on some soldiers around a 
fire. Destroy them and free the first hostage who was hanging above them. 
Afterwards, drop down and kill the soldiers blocking with shields, then 
proceed right. For this part, you must either crawl or jump over the 
electrical fences while destroying the attacking soldiers. I suggest crawling 
so you can collect the Teddy Bear for a 5000 point bonus.

At the end, destroy the soldier holding a shield and he will drop some Flame 
Shot ammo. Now, shoot the small switch to the right of you for a little bonus, 
then prepare to blast some soldiers from above. Once they are all cleared out, 
head right and up the stairs. Jump over the missing sections of the bridge 
until you reach the second hostage, who you should then free. Collect the 
Rocket Launcher ammo he gives you, and then waste the tank that comes rolling 
out with it.

Once it's gone, continue moving right to find the third hostage hanging on a 
pole. Free him and take the Rocket Launcher ammo he gives you. Now, hop onto 
the boat below and destroy it, along with all the soldiers aboard. Once it 
sinks, carefully jump back onto the broken up bridge, or else you will die. 
Repeat this boat destroying process until all the boats are destroyed. On the 
last boat though, be sure to pick up the Shotgun ammo.

With the ammo in hand, proceed to the right to free the fourth hostage and 
blast some more soldiers. When the small tank comes rolling out, use 2-3 
blasts to destroy it, then move eastward to the top of the log staircase. 
Now, before going down, blast the patch of grass at the top of the staircase 
(its below the top of the staircase) and three hostages will pop out.

After doing this, move east to find and free the eigth hostage. He'll give you 
some Machine Gun ammo which you should then use to destroy the little mini-
boss that comes rolling in from above. (Note: Just continuously fire the 
Machine Gun to easily destroy him)

After the mini-boss is gone, head up the stairs to the right to find a Metal 
Slug. Hop in and move to the right to find four more hostages. Free them and 
then destroy all the planes and soldiers around you. Once everything and 
everybody is cleared out, move right to encounter the boss of this stage.

                            - Boss: Jumbo Jet -  

This guy may give you a little trouble, but it's not all that hard. First, 
what you should do if none of the platforms are raised yet, is continuously 
jump while shooting Cannons from the Metal Slug. This will cause major damage 
to the jet. If and when you run out of Cannons, try to find a raised up 
platform. Hop on top of it and hold down (thats if your still in the Slug) 
while unloading all of your grenades into the plane. The plane now should be 
dead or very close to being dead. So, if the jet is not gone yet, just use the 
Metal Slug or your Pistol to fire away at the plane until it's gone.


                                Stage Clear

Hostages: 12                                                            Points

- PVT. Isherwood   - PFC. Rheea   - CPL. Lozovskii       
- PVT. Araki       - CPL. Mort    - CPL. Okinu                
- PVT. Epimetheus  - PFC. Oyabu   - CPL. Admetus           
- PFC. Narcissus   - PFC. Kent    - SGT. Aphrodite                       12000

Metal Slug                                                               10000
Great!                                                                  100000 
Total                                                                   122000

                                 Mission 3

Begin this mission by jumping up the nearby ledge and freeing the hostage. 
Once he is free, jump up the next set of ledges while using the Machine Gun 
ammo (from the first hostage) to waste the soldiers. Free the second hostage 
thats tied up, then destroy all the soldiers that come parachuting in on you. 
Once they're gone, blast the chopper that comes in with the last rounds of 
your Machine Gun ammo.

After it explodes, an elevator will come down. Finish off the soldier standing 
on it, then take it up and hop up some more cliffs. You'll eventually see a 
huge door with some explosives underneath it. What you want to do here, is 
jump and shoot the arrow on the door, to raise it up. Once it's raised, 
quickly shoot the explosives below to destroy the whole thing.

Once it's destroyed, hop up the next set of ledges killing any soldiers and 
collecting the goodies. When you come to the ledge with soldiers rolling 
snowballs, try to quickly jump up and over them so you don't lose a life. (not 
to mention the hostages you rescued to!) Once you've passed that ledge, hop up 
and collect the Machine Gun ammo from the crate and prepare yourself for a 
hard mini-boss.

This guy (the mini-boss) is extremly tough. The only real working strategy I 
found, was to wait until he hops onto the middle ledges. When he's there, 
stand on the ground below him and quickly unload about 7-8 Grenades into him.  
So, other than this strategy, try to distance yourself from him while using 
the Machine Gun ammo. Once he is about to die, he will turn bright red. Finish 
him off and he will yell "See you in hell..."!

From where you fought the mini-boss, continue right and free the third 
hostage, who will give you some Rocket Launcher ammo. With it, destroy the 
tank in front of you. Afterwards, proceed to the right while blowing up 
soldiers and collecting the goodies above you. Find and save hostage number 
four in the hectic mess, then continue on.

Upon reaching the set of three tanks, finish them with any remaining Rockets 
or Shotgun blasts. Now, move right and free the fifth hostage hanging above. 
Once he is free, quickly destroy the barrel of explosives to blow up the wall. 
From there, hop out of the rubble and into the nearby Metal Slug. Destroy any 
tanks in your path and continue right.

Free hostage six and seven (they're in plain veiw) and continue destroying any 
tanks and soldiers in your way. Once everything is cleared out, move right and 
free hostage eight (again, in plain veiw) then confront the boss of this 

                             - Boss: Boss Tank - 

At the start of the battle, this boss will come rolling in underneath you, 
while launching small mines all over the place. Dodge or shoot them out of the 
way, then throw a couple grenades down below. Also, watch out for this guys 
'Beam Shot' attack. If it hits you, you're gone, so be careful! So, just keep 
shooting and throwing Grenades down at him until he gets destroyed.

Note: During the battle, around 5 hostages will randomly drop down and give 
      you Power-Ups. If you would like to save all the hostages on this stage,
      wait awhile during the battle so they have time to drop down.


                                Stage Clear

Hostages: 13                                                            Points

- WO1. Rovorovskij  - PFC. Tyutei     - PFC. Echo     - PVT. Kengamine
- WO1. Sekiys       - PFC. Witzleben  - PFC. Putiatin  
- SGT. Tran         - CSM. Reuentahl  - SGM. Gruneman
- PFC. Boltwood     - PFC. Allport    - PVT. Miyazawa                    13000

Metal Slug                                                               10000
Great!                                                                  100000 
Total                                                                   123000

                                 Mission 4

Note: At the start of the mission, DO NOT move. Wait for the clock to run for
      about 20 seconds. After this time, a plane will drop 3 hostages down
      for you to save.

Start by moving right and freeing the fourth hostage. Then, destroy the wall 
in front of where the hostage was. Now, before destroying the explosive 
barrel, hop on top of it to the ledge above, to free hostage five and find a 
Metal Slug. Once you're in the Slug, destroy the barrel and press onward. 
Continue moving right while killing soldiers and collecting goodies. Find and 
free hostages six and seven near the next explosive barrel.

After freeing them, destroy the barrel and proceed to the right, which leads 
outside. Here, be careful of the tanks above as they are a constant threat 
(you can destroy them however, if you shoot the cliffs below them). Keep 
moving right while destroying soldiers and tanks. Also, watch out for stray 
missiles or bullets, as just one of them could take your life away.

When you eventually reach a weird shaped tank, free hostage eight above it, 
then destroy it. Continue and destroy the second tank, which lies behind the 
first. Now, hop into the nearby Metal Slug and move below to where the hostage 
is (inside the little cave). Free him and continue shooting in the cave. After 
a while three more hostages should eventually come out, bringing your total to 
11 so far.

Once you have freed all of the hostages from the cave, continue moving right 
while destroying the turrets and soldiers. At the end, rescue the hostage 
sitting down, then move right and find two more hostages. Free them, collect 
the goodies they give you, then prepare for the boss!

                           - Boss: Super Tanks - 

The strategy I used to defeat this guy was quite simple. When the tanks come 
rolling out, you should still be at the spot the last two hostages were in. 
So, turn left and duck, while shooting your Machine Gun against the tank 
coming at you. When it gets to close, quickly hop up the ledge and you should 
be behind the tank on the top. Here, unload your Machine Gun and Grenades into 
the top tank and it will be destroyed. Once the bottom tank moves back a 
little, hop back down and finish it for an easy win.


                                Stage Clear

Hostages: 14                                                            Points

- SSG. Howood    - PFC. Ryo     -  GA. I+o      - PVT. Adrastus
-  LT. Kurlich   - PVT. Karr    - CSM. Nilsson  - PVT. Wang
- PVT. Ou        - PFC. Erebus  - CPL. Nishida                     
- PVT. Sakaguchi - PFC. Albee   - PFC. Makedir                           14000

Metal Slug                                                               10000
Great!                                                                  100000 
Total                                                                   124000

                                 Mission 5

At the start of the mission, destroy the first house you see (destroy all the 
windows, doors, attic) and a hostage will pop out. Free him and continue on to 
the house next door. Blow the house up and hostage number two will pop out. 
Now, proceed on down to houses three and four (in-between them). You should 
see a tree, which you should then continue to shoot until two more hostages 
pop out.

After doing that, move right while destroying any soldiers in the way, then 
free hostage five hanging above. Once he is set free, move right to find 
another tree. Do the same thing as before (continue shooting it) and two more 
hostages will pop out. Now, hop into the Metal Slug and keep moving right. 
Free hostage eight laying on the ground, then crush any nearby soldiers with 
the Slug.

Now, the part coming up is very difficult, so be ready. Move right dodging the 
bombs the planes drop. After a little ways, a chopper will confront you. 
Destroy it and push forward. You should be cut off by a wall. So, destroy the 
truckload of soldiers that come from behind, then finish off the wall. Once 
it's destroyed, move right to find another wall. Clear out EVERYTHING around 
you, then finish the wall off like before. Also, free hostage nine on the 
other side of the wall.

Continue moving right while destroying soldiers, and you will find hostage 10 
(he is in plain veiw). Once he is free, proceed right to face the boss.

                         - Boss: Armored Carrier - 

This guy is quite simple really. For his first 'form', unload Grenades and 
bullets into him. After damaging him heavily, he will change 'forms' and stand 
on four legs while trying to torch you. Dodge the missiles and blowtorch while 
trying to keep good aim on the torch. Once the torch is destroyed, three 
hostages will be released. Find them under the machine and free them. Once 
they're free, stand under the machine and finish it off.


                                Stage Clear

Hostages: 13                                                            Points

- PFC. Morga       - MSG. Vanderbilt  -  LT. Dickel      - PVT. Ou
-  LG. Seki        - PFC. Sakaguchi   - PSG. Aryton      
- PVT. Grillparzer -  BG. Galbraith   - PFC. Aegisthus                         
- PFC. Job         - CPL. Epimetheus  - WO1. Rovorovskij                 13000

Metal Slug                                                               10000
Great!                                                                  100000 
Total                                                                   124000

                               Final Mission

Begin this last mission by (from where you land) turning left and shooting up 
to free the first hostage. From there, head right across the bridge to find an 
assload of soldiers and a tank. CAREFULLY, finish everything off and find the 
rock above the destroyed tank. Shoot it to free hostage number two. Now, 
continue right until you rech the fork in the road. Take either path and 
proceed right.

Soldiers will come pouring in and planes will shoot at you also. Destroy 
everything, (including the explosives on the bridge) then save hostage three 
who is sitting nearby. Now, proceed right destroying anything in your path, to 
find hostages four and five. Save them and destroy the craploads of soldiers 
and tanks on the screen. Once everything is cleared out, move right to find 
four more hostages.

Free the bottom two, and then a general in a Chopper will blow up the bridge. 
Now, the two other hostages should land on the boat, but its totally random. 
So, if they did fall on the boat, free them. Now, head up to the machine gun 
and have a little fun! Destroy the planes and soldiers that drop in on you, 
but when the chopper comes, hop off the turret. Destroy it manually, then free 
the hostages above (be quick or they will fall into the water).

After freeing the hostages, the boat will get stuck against a wall. Destroy 
it, and continue on. A little ways down, more hostages will be stuck overhead. 
Free them and your boat will come to another wall. DO NOT destroy the barrel 
yet, instead hop onto and over it to find a Meatl Slug! 

Note: Before reaching shore, find the odd-looking cloud in the sky. Shoot at  
      it to make two hostages fall down.

Roll onto shore with this thing and start wrecking havoc! Save the hostages 
around you and destroy all the nearby soldiers. Keep running right while 
blasting any soldiers in the way, and you will reach the Boss.

                          - Final Boss: Hhuey Twin - 

Before the battle even begins, run left to save a tied up hostage in the 
corner. Now, for the first part of the fight, I suggest standing at the top 
level, while unloading Grenades and Machine Gun bullets into the Chopper. 
Watch out for all of the stray missiles flying around too. Anyways, once you 
weaken him a little, he will begin to shoot 'bursts' of missiles at you. Dodge 
them carefully and continue shooting at him. After weakening him even more, he 
will start doing fly-by runs where he drops bombs everywhere. Shoot up when he 
does this to destroy the missle overhead. Continue throwing Grenades and 
shooting him and he will eventually fall.

Note: Hostages fall randomly in this battle, so if you want them all you will
      have to wait until they fall.


                                Stage Clear

Hostages: 25                                                            Points

- CO1. Odum      - SSG. Nemesis    - PVT. Kengamine  - CPL. Nishida           
- PVT. Mintz     - PFC. Echo       - PFC. Putiatin   - PFC. Erebus 
- WO1. Sekiys    - PFC. Witzleben  - PVT. Ou         - PFC. Kouda
- PVT. Sakaguchi - PFC. Albee      - PFC. Makedir    - PVT. Attlee

- PVT. Phoebus   - PFC. Couberton  - PFC. Polyphemus                          
- PVT. Lefebrve  - PVT. Obari
-  LT. Inoue     - PVT. Bucock
- SSG. Goodelian - PFC. Peach                                            25000

Metal Slug                                                               10000
Great!                                                                  200000 
Total                                                                   235000


You've done it! You've beaten Metal Slug, one of the finest arcade games 
around (if you can find it that is :) So, sit back, and enjoy the small 
cinematic ending. If you have enough quarters left, you can play again for a 
higher score!

                            IV. Weapon/Item List

During the course of the game, your character can gain a variety of different 
weapons. In the beginning of each mission though, you will only start out with 
an extremly weak Pistol. To get different weapons, you must collect power-ups 
from enemies, or find them hidden in crates. To see each weapon and some 
information about each, refer to the list below.

                                Weapon List


Name        - Name of weapon
Icon        - Letter of the Weapon/Power-Up
Ammo        - Number of bullets in the gun when first collected
Description - Short description of weapon

Name                      Icon       Ammo       Description

Flame Shot                   F         30       Very strong blast of fire. Use
                                                on groups of soldiers.

Grenade                    Box         10       Quite powerful. Use on groups
                                                of soldiers/tanks, or save for

Heavy Machine Gun            M        200       Excellent all-around weapon.
                                                Use on any and everything,
                                                but use it sparingly.

Pistol                     ---       Unl.       Default weapon. Weak but very
                                                fast in shooting bullets. 
                                                Also has unlimited ammo.

Rocket Launcher              R         30       Extremly powerful rockets, 
                                                with limited homing ability.
                                                Best if used against tanks 
                                                and other machinery.

Shotgun                      S         30       Hands down the strongest 
                                                weapon. With only limited
                                                range, this thing destroys any
                                                and everything in its path!

                                 Item List

Of the many kinds of items in the game, Power-Ups are some of the most 
important. Getting these will increase your ammunition, or regain your health.
For more information, see the list below.


Name                                           Description
----                                           -----------

Ammo Box                                       The rarely seen ammo boxes
                                               restore 10 Grenades. If you're
                                               in the Metal Slug, you will 
                                               receive 10 Cannons.

Bullet Box                                     This box will refill 100 rounds
                                               of ammo for the Machine Gun, 
                                               and will restore 10 rounds of 
                                               ammo for the Flame Shot,
                                               Shotgun, or Rocket Launcher.

Gas                                            This item will refill the Metal 
                                               Slugs life. Outside of the 
                                               it will give you 1000 bonus 

Metal Slug                                     This is the main tank of the 
                                               game. With nice firepower and
                                               strong Cannons, this is a 
                                               vehicle to be reckoned with!

                              Bonus Point Items

Being one of the main points of the game, (well besides beating the game 
anyway) is collecting Bonus Points. These items will increase your overall 
score, making your chance for a High Score greater. Below is a list of the 
items, and the points they give.

Item                                                                    Points
Birds Nest                           -                                    1000
Bread                                -                                     500
Cat                                  -                                     100
Chicken                              -                                    1000
Coin                                 -                                      10
Doll                                 -                              5000/50000
Fish                                 -                                     500
Frog                                 -                                     500
Gas                                  -                                    1000
Letter                               -                                     500
Medal                                -                                     500
Mushroom                             -                                    1000
Pig                                  -                                    1000
Politician                           -                                    1000
Rotten Food                          -                                      10
Snake                                -                                     500
Teddy Bear                           -                              5000/50000
Tin Can                              -                                    1000
Turds                                -                                      10

                                 V. Credits

-- Pinboys Bowling Alley
   Only place around that I know of which has the Metal Slug arcade. :)

-- CJayC
   Thanks to him for posting my guide and running one of the best sites out 

-- SNK
   Thanks to them for making this awesome game.

                              VI. Information

This FAQ was written by me, GunZero, and may not appear on any websites accept 
www.gamefaqs.com or http://faqs.ign.com, unless I get an e-mail from you 
saying you want it on your site, which I will then think about. If I let you 
post this FAQ on your site, you must give me credit and you must NOT 
reproduce, alter, or change the guide in any way nor sell the guide for any 
kind of profit.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns e-mail me at 
Rich_F30@hotmail.com and I will answer them. Your question may not get 
answered though, if it is already answered in the guide. Also, if you would 
like to contribute any information to my guide or make corrections, feel free 
to e-mail me. If I use your information, I will give you full credit and list 
you in the Credits section.

This document is copyright (c)2002 GunZero. All rights reserved.

                               - End of File -

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