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    A Song of Only FireBlow the Fire Horn
    Am I the Good Guy?Slay a paladin
    And thrice did rise Brave heroes, wise To drive them all away... (secret)Defeat Gaufroi
    ArchmageHave a Practitioner attain the Archmage class
    AssassinHave a Rogue attain the Assassin class
    Brew MasterHave a Bard attain the Brewmaster class
    Challenge SeekersDefeat the final boss with only 3 party members.
    ChampionHave a Fighter attain the Champion class
    Code BreakerUnlock the secrets of a code wheel statue
    CommanderHave a Fighter attain the Commander class
    ConjurerHave a Practitioner attain the Conjurer class
    DefenderHave a Fighter attain the Defender class
    Dirty FighterHave a Rogue attain the Dirty Fighter class
    Divine JudgementSlay a corrupt paladin
    Elven GuileUnlock the magic within a puzzle weapon's pommel
    Elven TrickeryUnlock the magic within a puzzle weapon's grip
    Elven WisdomUnlock the magic within a puzzle weapon's hilt
    Get Smote!Kill Bishop Henred
    Honor Thy EldersPrey to an Alter of Gratitude
    In dungeons vast Do these evils past Their ancient secrets keep... (secret)Defeat Tarjan
    JesterHave a bard equipped with both the Jesters Shoes and Jesters Cap
    Knife to Meet YouCreate a Rogue as your starting character
    Legend of the Siambra Dhu LodgeFind the Destiny Wand
    Long Road AheadUncover the secret of sinister street
    MagicianHave a Practitioner attain the Magician class
    MinstrelHave a Bard attain the Minstrel class
    Mystery Beneath Mangar's TowerFind the Spectre Snare
    Now comes a fourth To shackle the north And enslave the world of men... (secret)Defeat Mangar
    OverachieverReach level 20
    Practitioner Makes PerfectCreate a practitioner as your starting character
    Rabble-RouserHave a Bard attain the Rabble-Rouser class
    Ready for WarReach level 18
    Ride the High RoadUse standing stones for the first time
    RockefellerHoard 10,000 gold
    SaboteurHave a Rogue attain the Saboteur class
    SaintHave an adventurer attain the Saint class
    Savior of Skara BraeSave the world
    Savior of the EinarrClear the Stronsea Isles of Miasma
    Savior of the FichtiClear the corruption in the Forest of the Inchriach
    Secrets of the Sentry TowerFind the Strifespear
    Self RelianceCraft your first item
    ShadowHave a Rogue attain the Shadow class
    So down we go To face the foes That lurk in Barrows DeepComplete the final dungeon
    SorcererHave a Practitioner attain the Sorcerer class
    Sword is my Favorite S-WordCreate a fighter in the initial character creation level
    That's the end of this Mage's TaleDiscover the gloves of the dead mage's apprentice
    They Grow Up So FastReach level 10
    ThiefHave a Rogue attain the Thief class
    Three times before Did evil's lords Descend on Skara Brae... (secret)Defeat the wraith of Mangar
    Thus heroes bold As in songs of old Must take up sword again... (secret)Defeat Lagoth Zanta
    TroubadourHave a Bard attain the Troubadour class
    Unchained MelodyKeep melody as your starting character
    VanguardHave a Fighter attain the Vanguard class
    VeteranHave a Fighter attain the Veteran class
    War ChanterHave a Bard attain the War Chanter class
    Who Said Money Can't Buy Friends?Hire a mercenary
    WizardHave a Practitioner attain the Wizard class
    You Bard-er Believe ItCreate a bard as your starting character

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