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You have embarked on the journey of Alum.
Chapter 2
You've reached chapter 2
Chapter 3
You've reached chapter 3.
Chapter 4
You've reached chapter 4.
Chapter 5
You've reached chapter 5.
Chapter 6
You've reached chapter 6.
Chapter 7
You've reached chapter 7.
Colemin's Last Stand
You beat Colemin's Last Stand!
Sniper Elite
You beat the sniper sequence!
Rushlight Bearer
You've received a rushlight.
Free Kosmos
Congratulations! You beat the game!
Free Kosmos (no hints)
Wow! You beat the game without using hints!
Dashu's Last Stand
You beat Dashu's Last Stand!
Smoky-mountain maple mighty magic mac and cheese scented
Smoky-mountain maple mighty magic mac and cheese scented. Strange, yet satisfying.
Defeat Og
Off with his head!
You shared your rushlight with Pige.
Office Chair
The office chair is an office chair.

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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