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FAQ/Walkthrough by Garamoth

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/14/00


written by Garamoth                                                      
e-mail: dipaolo@globetrotter.qc.ca
version 1.0 (february 14, 2000)


I. Revision history
II.Legal Stuff
III. Introduction
IV. What's new?
       B. Weapons
       C. Enemies
       1. Welcome to Black Mesa
       2. We are pulling out
       3. Missing in Action
       4. Friendly Fire
       5. We are not alone
       6. Crush Depth
       7. Vicarious Reality
       8. Pit Worm's Nest
       9. Foxtrot Uniform
       10. The Package
       11. Worlds Collide
VI. Miscellaneous

I.Revision History

Version 1.0 (29-12-1999)
-The very first version of this Faq.
There might be stuff missing so feel
free to e-mail me if you feel like 

II.Legal Stuff

Copyright: © Copyright 1999-2000 Paul ChĂȘnevert(aka Garamoth). It may not be 
stolen, altered, or used for any type of profit. It may be reproduced 
electronically, and printed for PRIVATE, PERSONAL use. It may not be placed on 
a CD, printed in a magazine or any type of publication. If you would like to 
contribute to this FAQ (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as well as 
any questions, comments, or corrections, to the address above. 


Released in November 1999, Half-Life: Opposing Force is the official expansion 
pack for Half-Life. The game has been published by Gearbox Software and not by 
Valve. This time around, you are Adrian Sheppard, highly trained soldier sent 
to the Black Mesa Facility to eliminate Gordon Freeman. You won't be actually 
fulfilling this mission since everything will goes wrong from the minute the 
game begins. You should expect most of the same stuff that was in the original 
with a few new surprises. Overall, the one player game is a bit less long than 
the original and might contain too much jumping and puzzle-solving to most 
player's liking. Nevertheless, this pack is pretty great.

IV.What's new?

Now this is the part you should check first if you are not sure wether to buy 
the game or not. It contains a basic guide to the new goodies and baddies you 
will see.

A. Environment

Since you are now part of the army, the marines that once gave you trouble 
will now gladly join your cause and follow you just like the security guards 
and scientists did. These new recruits are:

Soldier: Armed with either a shotgun, MP-5 machine gun or a new M-249, these 
grunts are only there to give you fire support.

Medic: They can heal you and your teammates if you talk to them. They do have 
a limited amount of supply so they won't be able to help you forever. They are 
armed with a desert eagle.

Engineer: As dumb as it may seem, the engineer is trained only at destroying 
doors. Be careful not to hit the gas tank on his back or you will blow him 
up......heheheh. Like the medic, they are sometimes armed with a desert eagle.

As you might have guessed, they've become as stupid as the security guards and 
scientists that followed Freeman. As a matter of fact, they couldn't possibly 
become dumber without spontaneously combusting. They always get killed like 
dogs in battle, they have an awfully hard time entering doors, they can never 
jump or duck so they can't follow you very far and, worst of all, they spend 
most of their time speaking annoying nonsense. Unless you have some moral 
obligation toward polygon characters, I suggest you bonk them on the head with 
the wrench to get their guns. The only thing that may spare them is the fact 
that sometimes you lose the game if a marine dies before he has done some 
particular duty.

Graphically, a few details have changed. Since you are now wearing a PCV vest 
and not a HEV suit, the onscreen numbers are green and the little speech 
nobody cared about when you get hit (BEEP! MINOR LACERATION DETECTED...) is 
gone. Gordon's hands have also been replaced by Adrian's hands which doesn't 
look all that great...

Finally, you can now use radios just as if they were normal buttons to hear 
what the other soldiers have to say and you have the ability to climb ropes. 
Climbing and swinging on ropes will be awkward at first so it's a good thing 
you won't have to do it too often.

Oh! I almost forgot! You will, of course, explore new parts of the Black Mesa 
Facility (mainly the ventilation...) and some familiar ones.

B. Weapons

Pipe wrench

This is exactly like the crowbar, only a bit slower and more powerful. The 
alternate attack is an even more powerful blow that takes a longer to charge.

Combat Knife

Like the crowbar, only faster. That's about it. No alternate attack.

Barnacle Gun

The barnacle gun is one of those monsters with a long tongue glued to the 
ceiling. Quite awkward to use as a weapon I must say, but the real purpose of 
the barnacle gun is to be used as a grappling hook to attach yourself to alien 
plants. No alternate attack.

Desert Eagle .357
ammo:.357 bullets (magnum ammo) magazine:7 max:36

The desert eagle has two modes: the fast mode which fires quickly but with 
poor aim (err REALLY poor aim) and the second one which shoots much more 
accurately and has a neat fire laser sight. The alternate attack switches 
between these two modes.

M-249 SAW (Squad Assault Weapon)
ammo:5.56mm magazine:50 max:200

Now that's what I call a machine gun! This baby will tear anything to shreds 
in a matter of seconds and will use all your supply in seconds too, so be 
careful. This will become your primary weapon nears the end of the game. No 
alternate attack.

ammo:energy packs magazine:100

Basically, the displacer is half-life's version of the BFG9000: a big slow and 
powerful shot for 20 energy. The alternate fire is a nice bonus that, for the 
high price of 60 energy, warps you to the training course from the original 
version of half-life. Later, the warp will lead you somewhere on Xen.

M-40A1 Sniper Rifle
ammo:7.62mm NATO magazine:5 max:15

This is a REAL long range gun. IMHO, it was a pretty lame idea to use a 
crossbow and an even worse one to make it one of the most powerful weapons. 
Unfortunately, you won't often have the fun of picking people one by one 
because you'll so rarely come along sniper bullets. The alternate attack turns 
the scope on/off.

Shock Roach
ammo:electricity bolts (auto-recharge) magazine:10

This is the hive hand's replacement. Shoots bolts straight ahead that do low 
amount of damage. I haven't found it very useful so I almost never used it. No 
alternate attack.

Spore Launcher
ammo: spore(alien fruit) magazine:5 max:20

This weapon really is a fish that shoots explosive fruit. Sounds strange? Well 
it is. But it is also very powerful and the plants that give the fruits can 
grow more fruits in a matter of seconds. It can fire fruits like a rocket 
launcher or a grenade launcher.

Note: These weapons have disappeared from the one player game: the crowbar, 
the magnum, the crossbow, the gauss gun, the gluon gun and the hive hand. 
Scientists argue wether it is a meteor shower or an ice age that have wiped 
them out but one thing is sure: you'll have to live without them. What the 
heck, they might have even been sucked by a vortex or by Y2K!!!!! :o)

C. Enemies

There's a few newbies here to stop your fun (or to make it, depending on your 
point of view) that have appeared in the Black Mesa. Gearbox's excuse for 
their appearance is that they are a new advanced race, the Race-X to be 
precise, that came after Gordon warped himself on Xen. They are here to 
pillage the earth, to destroy everything, to be the scourge of the known 
world, to... well you get the point. One thing is sure, your enemies are more 
powerful than ever.


The zombie isn't new by any means, but there are now zombie grunts and zombie 
security guards. There is also a larger mega-zombie that can throw some red 
"thing" at you. He's got more health than his ordinary counterparts but a few 
bullets in his head will dissuade him from eating your brains.

Pit Drone

Think of the pit drone as a small raptor that can shoots spikes. They seem 
annoying at first but you can easily tame them: strafe to avoid the spikes and 
put a few holes in them with your shotgun when they come close.

Shock Trooper 

This is one nasty alien that's for sure! They are large alien slaves armed 
with a shock roach and can also throw some kind of organic grenade. They can 
take a quite a lot of punishment and, when you've finally killed them, their 
shock roach comes jumping at you. Leave the roach and it'll die without having 
to waste ammo.

The Voltigore

You thought the shock trooper was annoying? Well you ain't seen nothing yet 
boy! This is one MAJOR bad ass. It is huge, it shoots devastating electricity 
bolts, it can take even more punishment than the shock trooper, they explode 
when they die...did I mention enough? Oh I forgot to tell you, you'll cross an 
entire nest of these horrors.

Voltigore baby

That's the prize for surviving the Voltigore nest I mentioned earlier. The 
complete opposite of their adult counterparts: they're weak and they can't do 
anything to harm you.

Black Ops Soldier

You thought that now the marines are on your side you wouldn't have any human 
enemies? Well you are wrong again! They're exactly like the grunts were on the 
original game except for the fact that they are all dressed in black like the 
assassins. You will sometimes encounter large groups of soldier and assassins 
together so be prepared.

Pit Worm

This boss is has an uncanny resemblance with the invincible green aliens. Yet 
another boss you can kill only by pressing buttons. Activate the Gearbox and 
the Valve (Hmmm doesn't that remember me of something?) and you'll flush the 
big meanie.

Master Alien

The final boss of Opposing force. You will have to "zap" him several times to 
get rid of him. I'm not saying any more stuff on him. You'll have to reach him 
to see him. 


This is the complete walkthrough for the Opposing Force one player game. It's 
pretty hard to give accurate information without a map so I did my best 
describing the location of the items and enemies. If might have missed certain 
spots so feel free to e-mail me if I did.

Chapter 1:Welcome to Black Mesa

You will start the game inside a US army chopper flying toward the Black Mesa 
Facility. While you listen to your's teammates' talking be sure to look 
outside to see a familiar cliff...After a while your chopper gets hit by a 
lightning bolt and explodes. You will wake up in lab next to a scientist that 
will tell you to look for a radio on the crash site. Exit the room and turn 
left at the first chance you get to listen to a little chit chat about 
headcrabs and obtain your vest. Then follow the other way until you reach the 
new fat security guard that will open a door for you. Shortly after that you 
will get your first weapon: the pipe wrench. It's not much but it's yours now. 
Walk under the green and purple lasers and hit the mirror that reflects them. 
Don't bother to try to reach the steps as you'll probably kill yourself. When 
the mirror is broken, both lasers will disappear and the way will be clear 
now. Climb up the stairs and kill the headcrabs in your way by dodging them 
when they lunge at you and smashing them with your wrench. Jump over the green 
ooze and look at the door nearby to see your old pal the G-man telling the 
security guard not to open the door. Since you won't be able to go that way, 
break the crates for some health and climb up the stairs. Soon after, you will 
reach the surface. The point here is to jump on small patch of ground under 
the bridge and jump from ledge to ledge. When you stumble on a dead alien 
slave, take the knife and jump over the other broken bridge to enter a small 
room. Go inside the tunnel where the headcrabs came from and you will reach 
your crash landing site. Don't try to cross the broken fence just yet or you 
will die electrocuted. You will have to find a way to turn the power off. 
Enter the huge silo doors and kill the few crabs that will get in your way. 
You will see another open area with crates. Break them to get your first 
bullets. Do not touch the door or you will lose health. Instead, go inside the 
ventilation shaft and cross when the bolts disappear. Be careful not to touch 
any walls and stop the electricity by using the breaker. Pick the Desert Eagle 
next to the dead bodies and open the door. Just make sure you turn your laser 
sight on by pressing the alternate fire button or you will realize just how 
bad it aims without it. On your way back to the helicopter you will be 
ambushed by two alien slaves. They won't cause you any trouble: just pop a few 
round of your new pistol on them. When you are on the other side, operate the 
radio to get the order to pull out by the transit system. But before going 
down the ladder make sure you broke all the crates. (From now on, I'm gonna 
drop that brake the crates routine. I'm sure you know all the good stuff is in 
there..:o) Now go down the ladder, avoiding the barnacles and not wasting your 
ammo on them. Kill the alien slave and take the shotgun by the dead marine. 
Make your way down the ladder, shooting the slaves and avoiding the steam. You 
will reach an elevator going down. Do not let your guard down as a duo of 
salves is on board. Now this is a tricky part: Jump over the broken bridge 
and, when the floor starts breaking, walk next to the big red "secure access" 
door on your left and wait patiently. Don't panic as a platform on ceiling 
will fall and you will be able to climb on it. From there, go left and run to 
the security door while taking a glance at the G-man that did this mess. Once 
the door is open, take a quick rest from your emotions and push the elevator's 
button. Jump over the green ooze and kill the crabs to reach the control panel 
while being sure you haven't missed any ammo on the way. Move the platform in 
such a way that you will be able to jump from the crates in front of you to 
the crates with a battery on top of them. After you've done that, push the 
button next to the door to open it. Jump once more on the platform, this time 
to reach the crate with the crab on it. And now do a final jump to reach the 
other side. Push the button on the barricade to open it and enter the broken 
pipe near the debris of a door. You will fall into a large pool of water. Make 
sure you don't hive the gangway when you fall or you will die in quite a 
stupid way. Swim into the broken fence and proceed to the ladder while 
avoiding the barnacles. Continue walking and avoiding barnacles until your 
road separates in two ways. Just go right to pick the grenades and magnum 
bullets before going left. You will hear an alarm and ladders will be blocked 
by strong  steel bars. By reading the inscription on the wall and looking down 
you will realize what is the problem: the dumb loading robot is stuck. Just 
blow up the explosive cases and watch hive drop his crate and go away. Go down 
the farthest ladder and jump from crate to crate to reach the console. Push 
it's button and most of the green crap will be drained down. Open the elevator 
doors and push the button to go up to the transit system. The place is overrun 
with houndeyes, so do some cleaning with your eagle before they can damage you 
with their sound waves. The tram is out of your reach but don't worry you can 
push the bed with a metal pole on it to help you jump. Once you are inside, 
the train will automatically start. 

Chapter 2 We are pulling out

Don't get distracted by the broken electronic message on the tram, as a couple 
of slaves will try to stop your ride. Once you arrive at a platform, you will 
se a 9mm pistol a two clips. Don't jump on them just yet: it's a trap. Two 
slaves will appear near the tram when you get close to the gun. Just walk 
backward and blast them as soon as they appear. You will see one of those fat 
security guards trying to vandalize a honest vending machine. (Stealing isn't 
nice BTW :o) You might want to kill him for this offense but don't: he will 
come in handy soon. Take a few hit points with the coke machine (If you are 
patient enough that is. Every time you push a button and take a can you will 
get one hp) and ask the guard to follow you. Up ahead is a hallway with a 
couple of weak aliens. Don't waste your precious ammo on them: let your pal do 
this by himself. You will be blocked in a dark area with a window. You will 
see a security guard and a scientist get killed by some new monster that will 
teleport away. The glass will be broken so jump inside the room and pick up 
the pistol on the floor where  the guard was. Open the door for your fat 
friend and he will unlock the security door ahead. Take the grenades and the 
fifty bullet clip inside. There is a scientist in the other room so you can 
ask him to heal you if you are low on health. (Which is quite unlikely) The 
big guy won't be able to follow you anymore so you can beat him up if you 
really want his eagle. You will hear gunshot and  a marine's screams coming 
from above. Activate the elevator to come to his aid. You can't really arrive 
in time to save him so just kill the alien slave bastards that murdered him. 
Take everything in the room and, since you'll never be able to open the 
security door, make your way inside the vent over the HEV charger. Go all the 
way up the ladder and break the grate to enter a supply room. Take everything 
and look outside to see a military plane that is here to evacuate the 
survivors. In the other room is the officer that you could hear talk on the 
radio as Gordon Freeman in the original. You can bonk him to take his gun (I 
know it's evil but he isn't real! You won't turn into a mass murderer because 
of that) and you can take the stuff on the shelf behind him. The other room 
also has supplies so be sure to take them. You will see a soldier brutalize a 
scientist. Beat the soldier to take the batteries on the shelf. Open every 
crate on your way until you reach the silo door. You are saved! Just go into 
the plane to finish the game! Yeah right... Your old enemy in a suit will 
close the door and  the plane will escape without you. A few alien slave will 
appear behind you so shoot them and enter the hole on your left.

Chapter 3 Missing in action

Walk into the hole, using your night vision glasses if necessary, up to the 
point where there is a broken steam pipe. The door on your left can't be 
opened so run past the steam when it stops. After crouching into the small 
passage, you will enter a small room with a crab, two slaves that will appear 
pretty soon and a couple of crates. After cleaning the room go up the pipes 
that form stairs and enter the vent. (Yes, yet another trip into the 
ventilation system! You probably should just act as if it was absolutely 
natural because half-life is plagued with this kind of stuff.:o) When crawling 
inside, you will come across a first grate going down. Don't go there just 
yet, because if you continue on, you will find a second one that will lead to 
a medikit a some small boxes. You've got no choice now but to return to the 
first grate. You will be walking on a ceiling, so be careful not to step on 
some of the tiles which will break when you step on them. And falling down 
will plunge you into a pool of electrified water, something that might not 
kill you but that is still damaging.   It's pretty hard to see the trapped 
tiles with your bare eyes so you should use your goggles just to be sure. You 
will have to jump at one point to avoid falling so be sure to do so. Turn 
right and you will se some fans and small bars. Make sure you are perfectly 
aligned with the bar before making your jump. Some steam will block your way 
so hop on the railing and jump to the other side when the steam stops. If 
you're up for some magnum rounds and a rpg rocket, cross the broken bridge and 
go to the door. Otherwise go into the passage where you can see more fans. Now 
you will have to walk BETWEEN the fans! I know it's scary but it's nothing 
hard really: just crouch and take your time. There will be a ladder on your 
left if you can't bear the one health fall to go down to the other set of 
fans. The one on the right will be broken and you will have to jump in the 
grate under it. After a short fall, exit through the grate and you will see 
some fire going out of a tunnel. For some dumb, twisted reason, there's just 
fire going out of the tunnels there. Just jump exactly when the fire stops and 
forget how stupid this actually is and you'll feel much better. The second 
jump must be executed on the middle crate if you want to avoid all damage. 
There will be a special zombie that shoots red balls. Eliminate him and go 
through the vent on the left. You will have to cross more fire in order to 
proceed. The first one is easy but the second one will be trickier: you'll 
have to follow the flame into the tunnel on your left. Quickly get out of the 
fire's path and kill the zombies that are in the room. Pick the mp-5 and the 
grenades and push the white "danger: explosive" crate into the test firing 
tunnel nearby. Push the test firing button and a huge explosion will ensue. 
You can now exit this place by the hole in the floor. A super zombie and a 
couple of crabs are blocking your way. You know what to do with them... You 
will see another vent on your right so be sure to enter it. You will emerge in 
a large cavern. Walk straight and jump down. There is a vent behind you with a 
box of shotgun shells and two grenades so be sure to take them. Jump down and 
go see the wounded marine by the broken truck. He will share his pessimistic 
view of things before passing out. Look inside the marine's truck and walk 
left to enter the storage area. You will hear a warping sound and some aliens 
will run above you on the ceiling. Is that a good enough sign that you will 
encounter some new alien for you? You will be inside a room with a large 
number of crates stored inside. (and that's why it's called "storage".) Before 
pushing the button to open the big red door, walk to the other side of the 
room and enter the dark corner on your right. Two pit drones will attack you 
so kill them with your shotgun. There will be a medikit next to a dead marine 
and two power cells inside the crates. Now push the button to open the big red 
door. Four more pit drones will be there. After eliminating them, search the 
vast room to find a RPG and a satchel mine inside a crate and a trip mine 
inside the truck.  Continue left to see and beat up even more pit drones. The 
aliens have, quite mysteriously, spared a scientist guy who is sitting behind 
the table. You can ask him for a quick cure if you're low on health. Jump 
directly at the ladder in that is inside the elevator shaft. Notice the long 
wire hanging from the ceiling because you will use it when you will have found 
a way to turn the power off. Climb down to the floor and enter the broken 
elevator. Climb up the grate and enter the open door. Turn left and then right 
and you will see an electrified wire over a pool of water that makes the 
ground slippery. If you have autorun turned on, you might want to hold your 
run/walk button to avoid hitting the wire. Once you've crossed to the other 
side, enter the "unit 2 power" door. Refrain from blowing up the flammable 
chemicals: it's just a waste of ammo, and you can even damage yourself in the 
process. Just hit the switch, take the magnum rounds inside the crate and get 
out of the room. Crouch-jump on the dark green crates to return to the 
entrance of this area. Climb back up to the wire you had seen before and jump 
on it. Climb about the height of the elevator and push the forward button to 
swing yourself on it. Go inside the same elevator to find a pair of power 
cells. Go through the hallway and you will find a locked door to stop your 
journey. Don't worry, push the crate against the wall to help you crouch/jump 
into your best friend: the ventilation system. Soon after seeing the body of a 
dead scientist, the tunnel will collapse at and you will be forced to return 
to the hallway by going into a pool of water. Open the previously locked door 
to take back your crate. You can now push the crate to reach the grate next to 
the hole in the wall if you want so. Doing so will allow you to reach the 
power cell that was next to the scientist's remains. Now push your crate next 
to the trash can on the pile of "stuff" that was made to block your path. 
Crouch/jump again and you will cross the barricade. Take the grenades on the 
box and throw one of them in the next room. Stay away from the window and door 
to avoid the explosion. You will have made a hole in the wall that will allow 
to bring your crate with you one last time. Enter the now accessible vent and 
kill the crab that lives inside it. Once you are out, you will see one of 
those Einstein guys being tortured by an evil electrocuted wire. You can't do 
a thing for him so exit by the door. Kill the crab that will drop down from 
the broken ceiling tile and go past the hole in the floor. You will come by 
another barricade so pick up the medikit and go into the hole you walked by. 
You will meet another pessimist that will tell you that no one survived. The 
guy must have an ear problem or something: you can actually HEAR other voices 
in the background. Hit the power switch and climb the wire to get out of the 
hole.  Use the radio to hear some good news, other marines have been left 
behind and two of them are actually in the room on the other side. Before 
going to see them, take the pistol clip and the satchel charge near the radio. 
Order the two soldiers to follow you by pressing the use button, just like you 
did with security guards and scientists. The engineer ( The guy with a 
cigarette and a pistol) is able to destroy the elevator access door so bring 
him near to it and he will do so automatically. Bring both of your friends 
inside the elevator ( By pushing them in the back if needed :o) and push the 
"up" button to finish this chapter.

Chapter 4 Friendly Fire

The doors will open and you will be inside a large hall. Walk carefully, 
because when you will exit the elevator a group of four alien slaves will 
appear. If the engineer is still alive, you can ask him to break the door by 
the stairway. If you do so, you will find a shotgun, a trip mine and a power 
cell inside a nearby shack. Go up the stairs and kill the slave that will 
burst out of the door. You will enter a small office with some slaves inside. 
Kill them and take the pistol and medikit inside the office. Prepare yourself 
for another slave ambush inside the (seemingly) empty room ahead. Three slaves 
and an alien grunt will appear so you can either run into the room like a hero 
and take them all out or take the more subtle way: take them one by one by 
firing from the other room. Enter the large conference room for your last 
slave ambush. A slave will come out of the white curtain and another will blow 
up the wall on your left. Go inside the hole and kill the slaves in the 
hallway. Turn left to enter a trashed office. You can see Gordon Freeman's 
face as the employee of the month and you can also see a picture of two babies 
inside the open drawer on the floor. You will have to climb inside the broken 
wall so your marine friends won't be able to follow you. Go up by jumping on 
the pipes and you will enter a larger area. Take the power cell next to the 
dead scientist ( be careful though, there is a hard to see barnacle near it.) 
and jump to the other side of the gap. Kill the second barnacle and go up the 
ladder. Jump to the other side of the bridge and open the door. You will see a 
dead security guard on the floor. Turn left and there will be a huge pool of 
radioactive waste under you and an alien grunt on the other side of it. 
Fortunately, the alien is in a pretty risky position. Blow up the crates 
behind him and kill the other alien grunt that will come to see what happened. 
Now back to the problem at hand: how the heck are you gonna cross? Well shoot 
one of those triangle things on your right and the electricity will stop 
allowing you to swing from rope to rope to the other side. Break the crates in 
the room and go up using the small lift. Walk up the stairs to enter a room 
with even more supplies in it. Before taking it, kill the two houndeyes that 
will come rushing out from the other room. Use the radio and you will hear 
some nonsense about the people on the other side asking for help. Just ignore 
it and continue on. In the other room there will be a breach in the roof and 
you will be able to go outside by climbing the broken pillar. Do not fall in 
the hole or you will have to start all over again which is laughable. ( and I 
definitely will laugh at you if you fall down so please don't screw up.) 
Aren't you happy to see the sunlight again? Go talk to the medic and he will 
tell you about the unreachable transit system because there isn't a single 
engineer around. Guess who's gonna have to find one? You, of course... Open 
the door on the door on the other side of the area and destroy the gun turret 
that will attack you. Throw a grenade inside the hallway to destroy the trip 
mines on the walls there and return outside. Enter the broken ventilation 
shaft and turn left. You will hear two men dressed in black talk about 
delivering a package. Don't be fooled: they are enemies. Break the grate and 
shoot them with your mp-5. There is one more Black Ops soldier on the right of 
the truck and two more on it's left. Do not let the rocket take too much 
damage in the fight or you will blow the whole place up. Take everything 
inside the crates and open the door activated by a button. The engineer you 
were looking for is there but there is a small problem: he is fatally wounded 
and can't go on without seeing a doctor. Make you way back outside and bring 
your medic pal to the injured engineer by making the medic take the hall where 
there was a turret and trip mines. Once cured, the engineer will be as good as 
new and will be able to destroy the door the medic talked about. Once he will 
be done with his job, the engineer will get killed by a sentry gun sitting on 
the other side of the door. It is actually possible to save him by shooting a 
magnum bullet at the turret and leaving the rest to the engineer. Enter with 
your teammate(s) and throw a grenade at the trip mines. Continue going down 
until you reach two more marines. They will talk to you about the Black Ops 
and will join you. Now there will be long fight with the Black Ops forces. You 
might think that with all the people with you you're invincible but yer WRONG 
man! Whatever you do can't stop you friends from being butchered so don't rush 
like they do. You should leave the medic behind because he can't defend 
himself with that pistol of his plus you'll need his healing. The first part 
is full of assassins hiding near containers. Your eagle is the best tool for 
the job. Once you've cleaned up the room go push the lever and return to the 
tracks. Enter the new door that has opened and continue with your remaining 
troops. Now this part is a mix between assassins and guys with machine guns. 
Just walk slowly and take the enemies one by one. Don't bother picking up the 
stuff on the way you will have plenty of time later. Once you have reached the 
lever at the end of the way that will mean that you have cleared all the Black 
Ops. Now is the time to search everywhere for the ammo, medikits and power 
cells on the way. One of the soldiers of your team (the one wearing a gas mask 
actually) had the new "super machine gun" so be sure to search for it. Do not 
forget to use the green "PCV charging unit" which is exactly like a HEV 
charger. Now jump on the train and go backward until you until you see the 
track changing arrow you can shoot. Shoot it to so you can go left and 
continue There will be a long boring tunnel but don't get distracted: crouch 
when you see the electrified wire to avoid getting hit. You will be able to 
see the cavern you were before on your right. When you will be arriving at the 
end of your trip a black grunt on your left will attack you so throw a grenade 
at him beforehand. Jump into the broken window and take the stuff on the 
shelves and in the crates.  Jump on the pipe to get to the red part of the 
ceiling. Break the grate and enter the vent to finish this chapter.

Chapter 5 We are not alone

This is a very short chapter( The shortest in fact). Use the First Aid Kit and 
the HEV charger and push the button to open the door. You will be in the room 
that led Freeman into Xen and you will be able to catch a quick glimpse of him 
before he warps away. Jumping into his warp will only hurt you so ignore the 
flying aliens and run to the other side of the room. The yellow platform will 
fall down so jump on it and climb up to escape. You've been warped into Xen 
now. Jump on the platform below you and take the dead guy's stuff. Use the 
alien trampoline to jump on the platform that doesn't have any crystals on it. 
When you are there, you will hear a warping sound and a scientist will fall 
from above. A displacer gun will fall with him, so jump to his side and take 
it. If you use the alternate fire button of the displacer, you will be warped 
to the hazard course. Kill the two aliens slaves near the tubes and break the 
window to reach a warp back to the place you were. You don't have to warp if 
you don't wanna waste 60 energy just to see that little part of the stage. If 
you use the warp effect of the displacer later on, you will be warped into a 
part of Xen. Only use this ability when you are in trouble because this might 
kill you or get you in trouble when warping back. Jump to the next platform 
and look up. You see the little ball of light? Well follow it and jump on the 
platform. Kill the two houdeyes and use their trampoline to reach the platform 
right next to the warp. From there, jump into the warp and finish the chapter. 
I told you it was short didn't I?

Chapter 6 Crush Depth
You are now back to Earth in an underwater lab.( That means this is the 
swimming part of the game.) Use the elevator and turn right. You will see a 
scientist in a suit that will tell you he's trapped because of beasts. Kill 
the beasts in question (two pit drones) and push the button on the console to 
free the scientist. Ask him to follow you and make him go back to the elavator 
to take the right path. Use the scientist to open the door. Kill the bullsquid 
on the other side and ask the scientist to open the second door. As soon as he 
does so, he will get killed by a bolt... looks like you're gonna have to find 
another way. Climb up the ladder in the broken aquarium and prepare yourself 
for some pit drone killing action. This part is in the dark so activate your 
nvg. When all the pit drones have been killed, go inside the vent. Break the 
grate on the other side and get out. Take the energy in the back of the room 
and press the button inside the weird machine. After a couple of failed 
attempts, the machine will warp you into the water. Enter the hole and swim up 
to a room with red lighting. Defeat the zombies and the two headcrabs. Go to 
the other side of the room and enter the vent. Go down and you will fall into 
a pool. You can see a grate underwater with a monster fish in it. You can pick 
on him now because you're gonna have to free it later. Climb up the ladder and 
kill all the zombie related stuff in the next room. There's a mutated zombie, 
some standard zombies and a couple of crabs. Jump down and use the HEV charger 
and NOT the first aid kit cus' it'll blow up in your face if you use it. Go 
down again and use the valve to open the grate. Go back and enter the passage. 
Use the valve to drain the water and wait for the hatch to open. Do not push 
the button in front of you and turn left. Bolts will be blocking your way so 
shoot the breaker on the other side to stop them. Once you cross the air 
"thing" (Sorry, can't find anything else to describe it) two pit drones and a 
shock trooper will appear. The pit drones are easy, but the shock trooper will 
be a bit more trouble. Take the thing he leaves when he dies: the shock roach. 
It's ammo returns automatically when you use it but beware, using it 
underwater means instant death. Take the ammo on the tables and continue to 
the next room. Push the button to open the other door and enter the warp. Do 
not try to jump on the platforms on your right as you can only reach them with 
your displacer's warp. So jump on the platform in front of you and warp. Press 
the button and another door will open. Go into the water and crouch to see a 
hole in the glass. Shoot both itchitosaurs with your displacer to get rid of 
them. Swim up to the shaft and follow the tunnel.

Chapter 7 Vicarious Reality

Climb up the broken light. The electricity and steam are harmless so don't 
worry. Kill all the headcrabs in the room and take the passage that isn't 
obstructed. You will be in an observation area. You can't see anything on the 
other side of the window and that means one thing all right: it's a trap. The 
door up ahead is locked so you will have to go back and music will start 
playing. Oh my god it's a trap! (This was SOOO obvious...) Pit drones and a 
shock trooper will appear in the hallway. Throw a grenade while they are still 
warping and finish the rest with your machine gun. The observatory window is 
now broken so jump to the other side. Another creature will appear: the 
voltigore. This guy can take so much punishment he's almost a boss. Pop a shot 
from your displacer if don't feel like wasting a lot of ammo. Go inside the 
artificial cavern and press the button to open the door. Use the elevator and 
enter the next room. Kill the mega-zombie and look inside the room. Only push 
the button of the cage that contains the two snark packs and grab them. Go to 
the next door and go into the hallway it leads to. Use the first aid kit on 
the wall if you need it. Go check the crates on the floor near the broken door 
to get an energy cell. Kill the crab inside the storage room and take the 
stuff inside. Break the upper right window of the elevator and crouch jump to 
get inside. Climb up the ladder and jump on the small ledge. Go exactly above 
the place the broken door is and take a careful jump on it. Walk inside the 
hallway and turn left. Take a view at the cool Xen-like area underneath! Don't 
take the path with a sign blocking the way as it is only a dead-end. Instead, 
activate the elevator to go down. Go inside the next room and kill the three 
pit drones inside it. If you really feel like getting more snarks, push the 
chair under the vent with red lighting and jump on the monitors to enter the 
vent. I don't really think it's worth the waste of health because some enemy 
snarks will be inside the vent too. Regardless of what you've chosen to do, 
break the large glass window and enter the Xen part you saw previously. Shoot 
at all the helpless aliens from above and follow the narrow path that leads 
down. As in most Xen areas, there is a healing pool waiting for you to use it. 
You can take some sort of fruit from the alien plants on the floor which is 
ammo for a gun you don't have yet. Go inside the cavern and use the elevator 
to enter a lab. Take the fish thing on the  floor which really is a mix 
between a rocket launcher, a grenade launcher and your everyday pet fish. This 
"thing" uses the alien fruits that you got earlier (The plants will grow 
another fruit just seconds after you took one so be sure to stock up now.). 
Kill the mega-zombie and go through the door behind him. Walk through the 
hallways and enter the room with the houndeyes in it. Houndeyes are incredibly 
puny so I can't see why they still put these weaklings in the game... Anyway, 
listen to the holographic prof and go inside the next room to get what he 
talked about: a portable barnacle. The next room is designed for you to try 
the weapon. As you will see, it's unpractical as a combat weapon ( I will 
answer your question now before you try and humiliate yourself: you 
definitively will LOSE a barnacle vs barnacle battle :o). Kill all the pit 
drones in the green room and use the barnacle on the alien plants to cross the 
gap. Continue on and use the elevator. Avoid touching the barnacles in the 
next room and use a second elevator. Kill the two pit drones and the shock 
trooper in the next room and use the elevator straight ahead. Two pit drones 
will attack you at your arrival so hide in the corner of the door and throw a 
grenade. A shock trooper will try to ambush you when you open the door so be 
ready to fire at it. Make your way through the debris to enter a large room 
with a couple of crates in it(BTW: you can break the grate of the vent in the 
room but, surprisingly, you can't reach it nor does it contain anything. They 
probably just put that to tick you off.). Open them to find power cells and 
energy packs. Now make your way back to the stairs you didn't take on the 
other floor. You will emerge in an unfinished Xen area with those annoying 
tentacle things. The shock roach is ideal for putting the tentacles back in 
their holes without wasting precious ammo. Your objective here is to get into 
the large crack in the wall with your barnacle gun. Aim for the plant in the 
crack and the tentacle will probably miss you. Go inside the vent to enter a 
nice little area filled with ammo. Take the stuff, hear about the big bad 
monster on the radio, use the switch to stop the vent and prepare to enter 

Chapter 8 Pit Worm's Nest

You will fall into a large pool of dirty water. Don't be scared by the weird 
music and monster screams, there aren't any monsters in the water...yet. Break 
the crates for some health and wait for the iron door to open. Kill the 
bullsquid in the next room and use the lever to open the door. Climb up the 
ladder and pick up the weapons of your fallen comrades. You will finally be 
able to see that "big bad monster": it's some kind of worm (duh!) that shoots 
green lasers from its green eye. Anything you can fire will only tickle him a 
bit so you'll have to beat him the way you did with the trio of tentacles: by 
pressing buttons. Enough talk, let's get some action! Open the metal door and, 
ignoring the button in front of you, fall down on the lower deck. Quickly run 
for the room on your right. Kill the pit drones in the area and jump down. Go 
inside the vent behind the two crates and you will enter a room with a switch. 
You will have to activate the gearbox and the valve (The two companies who 
made this game :o) to flush the worm. Take the door on your right. Kill the 
pit drones and climb the ladder. Quickly press the vent switch and run back to 
safety. You see the green plants on the other side? Well take out your 
barnacle gun and attach to it. Use the valve and run into one of the doors. 
Return to the main control room and go for the "primary pump gearbox" door. 
Run to avoid the monster's lasers and use the switch to open the door in front 
of you. Make your way through the rooms until you reach a large one full of 
crates. Cross it by jumping on some of the small ones and continue Jump over 
the toxic pool and press the elevator button. Kill the two more pit drones and 
press the red button. Go back to the room with boxes and the grate will be 
clear. Jump down and kill the bullsquid. Press the gearbox button and go back 
to the pool of water you fell in. Patiently wait for the water to rise up and 
get out. Now you can kill the pit worm by pressing the flush toxic waste 
button (A button never seemed so beautiful didn't it?) And it's gone! Press 
the bridge control button that is now functioning properly and finish the 

Chapter 9 Foxtrot Uniform

Shoot the bullsquid at the other end of the tunnel. Jump over the gap and then 
turn right. Kill the bullsquid and open the crates. Use your barnacle gun on 
the plants to go up. Climb up the ladder to reach the surface. A Black Ops 
truck will stop in front of you and three soldiers will come out of it. After 
you've dealt with them, go inside the container to get some SAW ammo and 
satchel charges. Equip your RPG and shoot at the soldier operating the sentry 
gun. Go pick the ammo that was beside him and enter the broken container in 
front of you. There will be two soldiers on the ground and one in a tower. 
Throw a grenade or snarks at the ones on the ground and hide if they throw 
grenades themselves. The third guy can be shot down by a rocket or by the 
pistol if you're low on ammo. Open the crates and go into the small hole in 
the wall. Some of your marine buddies will be there to inform you that there 
are snipers nearby. Take the stuff in the room and look out carefully. Don't 
ask the marines to follow you just yet as they won't be of nay help here.  
Start by shooting the man in the tower on your right. Wait for another soldier 
to appear by the explosive crates on your left and blow them. Do not touch any 
other explosives in the area as you accidentally blow the whole place up. 
There's one more soldier hiding in a tower that you can easily kill with your 
eagle. There is one last guy hiding a tower. Stay near the crates so that he 
doesn't see you and enter his building. If you see a ladder in front of you, 
you're in the right place. Climb the ladder up a bit, then throw a grenade at 
him. Congratulations! You can now steal his sniper rifle and complete your 
weapon collection. The only problem is that you can't carry a lot of sniper 
rifle bullets and that they are very rare :o( . Go back to recruit your marine 
buddies and return outside. From here, you can go two ways: the normal way and 
the daredevil way. The normal way is simple: take the road with no trip mines 
and kill the Black Ops agents ahead. This is damaging for you and your two 
buddies but you can try the other way. Go to the place where there are two 
trip mines ( One low and one high), crouch under the first one and jump on the 
second trip mine (that's right, JUMP on it.) Jump on the explosive crate and 
jump on the trash can. With all this jumping you can take the soldiers by 
surprise. They'll escape if you just shoot at them so throw a machine gun 
grenade or a rocket. Get rid of all the soldiers outside and go inside the 
building with a three windows. Kill the remaining soldiers there and go grab 
the ammo in the other room. You can't go down the ladder so forget about it. 
Get out of the building and go inside the large warehouse. Shock troopers and 
Black Ops soldiers will be fighting inside. Wait for one side to win ( You 
won't hear any gunfire then) and send you're marine buddies. Then go there 
personally to finish off any opposition left. Take all the guns on the floor 
and search inside the truck. Now go down the ladder and enter the sewers. (And 
your worst nightmare!!! Bwahahaha!!) There's a herd   of voltigores (The thing 
you encountered in the observation area back in Vicarious Reality) waiting for 
their next meal: you! Enough with the dumb talk, take your displacer and start 
blastin'. One shot will instantly kill a voltigore but you don't have many 
chances so make them count. You can actually take some of them with their 
pants down and kill them without any opposition at all. Do whatever you can to 
survive and don't be surprised if you fail a couple of times. When you reach a 
place with water the game will give you a break of the voltigores... and 
replace them with unlimited pit drones! Load your shotgun before going up the 
rusty ladder. Run like crazy towards the lever in front of you, popping a few 
shots at the pit drones coming out. The hatch will slowly close and trap the 
other pit drones on the other side. Open the crates for some much needed 
health and displacer ammo. You can close the second door or you can almost run 
into the tunnel to hide from the pit drones. Whatever you've chosen, your 
"break" is finished and you'll have to get back to killing voltigores. After 
killing three more, you will come across a trio of junior sized voltigores. 
These are baby voltigores. You wouldn't shoot on a baby would you? Yeah I 
would too... Continue in the tunnels until  you reach some light and hear 
voices. The marines will get you out of the sewers for good. You can give 
yourself a raise in peanuts (Or any other snack food you might be eating while 
playing) because you've just finished one if not the hardest spot in the game. 
Well you're safe for a short while now, so ask the medic to heal your wounds 
and take the ammo on the shelves. If you've listened to the marines' story, 
you know you've got to go to the dam but you should know by know that the way 
there won't be easy.  Equip your sniper rifle and step out slowly. Shoot the 
shock trooper standing outside and ask your teammates to follow you. The way 
ahead will be filled with shock troopers and two voltigores so use everything 
you've got on them. Your squad will probably get butchered and there isn't 
really anything you can do to help it. Well, you can tell the medic to stay 
put so you can use him to restore your wounds. The road through the containers 
is straightforward, so I don't really need to help you out here. After you've 
killed all the aliens, look around for any ammo. You'll know you've reached 
the dam when you see the red "secure access" silo doors. Use your nvg to get 
through the dark part and you will see a first aid kit and a HEV charger. It's 
been awhile since you saw a combo of those right? Well jump on them! If you 
look outside, you will see the dam from the original, which is now a 
battlefield for a squad of marines and a Gargantua. The soldiers have put a 
bomb that will blow the big beast, but they are to dumb to even use it... Take 
out your barnacle gun and attach to the plants on the other side of the dam. 
Quickly press the lever that destroys the bridge and turn to fire at the shock 
troopers that will appear next to you. The way to the government building 
ahead is now blocked so you'll have to go look at the destroyed dam a little 
closer. There will be a hole in a large pipe so hop in it and enjoy the ride 
to end yet another chapter.

Chapter 10 The Package

Take the second left turn to get out of the pipe. Hop on the barrel and jump 
on the ledge nearby. Follow the path to get shotgun ammo. Swim up to the sand 
and continue on. Two marines will be standing there and they will tell you 
they've got a problem with the Black Ops. Don't worry, they've got a great 
idea: run like mad and get killed! Well that's what's gonna happen if you 
don't give them a hand. Take your sniper rifle and carefully aim at the guy 
behind the turret. Your buddies should have killed the enemy in the water by 
then so ask them to follow you. Go take the medikits and the machine gun by 
the turret. Two more soldiers should appear in the water below. Kill them and 
quickly go their way as more soldiers will appear behind you. If you look 
ahead, you will see a Black Ops guy with a mortar launcher. For some reason, 
you can't hit him with your sniper rifle so you're gonna have to find another 
way around. Tell your squad members to stay behind and get ready to "move like 
you've got a purpose soldier"! Run foward and strafe to avoid the mortars. 
Once you've reached a wall, look on your right and run for the small door. Get 
in as quickly as possible and go near the crates. Throw a grenade in the area 
under you (Don't worry, you can't destroy the radio) to hit another soldier. 
Finish him off with one of your guns if he survived the explosion. Use the 
radio and take out your sniper rifle. Open the door you cam from and you will 
have a clear shot at the mortar guy. Once he's dealt with, go back outside and 
kill more soldiers. Chances are, your friends will have killed one of them. 
From here, you can (but shouldn't) do two dumb things: play with the tank and 
go get the stuff inside the ruined building. The tank will just blow up but 
the supply is booby-trapped by a trio of shock trooper which will probably 
drain more off of you than you will get from the items. You probably should 
just head for the bunker next to the tank. Once you are inside the bunker, you 
can see a "Danger confined space" sign between a red and a white pipe: that's 
where you need to go. Hop from crate to crate and jump in the gap between the 
pipes. Exit through a crack and start climbing the staircase. Kill the Black 
Ops soldiers ahead and you will reach a junction. The right path will lead to 
some ammo and the left one will take you to the mortar launcher. Go right and 
then head for the mortar. Aliens will start appearing outside but the other 
marines should have no problems with them. Aim the mortar on the fence near 
the large silo door by using the two buttons to aim. A voltigore and two shock 
troopers will emerge from the hole you've created. Give a helping hand to your 
marine buddies by firing a couple of sniper or displacer rounds. Jump on the 
ledge next to you and jump back on the sand to gather your surviving men. Go 
where you've just made a hole and enter the small door. If you carefully look 
outside the building, you will be able to see an unsuspecting voltigore. Fire 
a well placed displacer round to get rid of him. Kill the remaining shock 
trooper in the area and   listen carefully. A helicopter is coming, so take 
out your rocket launcher and be ready to fire at him. Throw a satchel or 
grenade inside the dark room to kill the shock trooper hiding there. Take the 
two medikits there and go outside. If any marines are still with you, it will 
be time to say goodbye to them as they can't climb broken stairs... There is a 
voltigore on the other side of the wall in front of you. You can easily throw 
explosives without even being seen by the alien. Jump down to his level and 
take the energy cells and sniper rounds inside the truck. Turn left and climb 
up the ladder there. Jump on the chimney and the grey box to reach the higher 
part of the roof. Walk straight ahead and go down the ladder. Crouch to get 
inside the building and open the door. Take the rockets and operate the 
breaker to stop the power on the wire you saw outside. Go to that wire and use 
it as a bridge to cross to the other roof. Take the medikit from the dead 
marine (he won't be needing it...) and enter the ventilation shaft. As soon as 
you drop down into the parking, you will be attacked by a pair of pit drones. 
Take the stuff inside the booth and go down. A couple of shock trooper will 
attack you on your way down. The area below is similar to the one you came 
from, except for human/alien troops fighting each other. Get out of their line 
of sight and let them finish their melee. Shoot at anything that followed you 
and go clean  the remaining forces down there. A duo of soldiers will come out 
of the ceiling. Pick up everything in the area and jump on the truck to go 
inside the vent. Listen to the fat guy's bomb story and continue in the vent. 
You'll emerge in another parking. Kill the Black Ops guarding the area and 
look at the security guard. He'll tell you he won't open the door until you 
defuse the bomb. Walk past the fences and listen to the soldiers. They should 
have kept their eyes open all right! Shoot them with your sniper rifle to 
teach them a lesson about carefulness. Defusing the bomb is just a matter of 
pressing the button so you won't have to do all the fancy stuff written on the 
lid. Go back and the guard will open the door for you. Listen to his chit 
chat, get all the stuff in the crates and shelves, enter the elevator and 
press the button to enter the last chapter.

Chapter 11 Worlds Collide

All right people, it's show time! Imagine this: dark warehouse, numerous 
highly trained soldiers trying to save their lives from hostile aliens, 
hostile aliens and the fact that your health probably isn't all that high 
right now. You've got the point but you can't give up so close to the goal. 
Walk while crouching to see and shoot soldiers before they can do the same 
before you. If somebody sees you, go back to the elevator and wait for the guy 
(or gal) to show up. The sniper rifle is the ideal weapon for taking out 
unsuspecting foes and the SAW is the gun for defending the elevator. Keep this 
hit and run strategy going on until the only guy left is the one behind the 
sentry gun. Hide behind the grey crate and throw a grenade to get rid of him. 
I'm not too sure, but I think you can jump from the sandbags behind you to the 
small crate in order to get the two other crates above. Take all the stuff you 
can take and go to the alcove where the sentry gun is. Take the machine gun 
and the magnum bullets there. Operate the sentry gun to get rid of the three 
soldiers that will appear in front of you. Follow the moving crates and turn 
left just before the place the crates disappear. Take all the things from the 
small crates and throw a grenade at the soldier under you. Jump to the place 
where he was and look at the place the crates come from. Make your way inside 
the little alcove and wait for a crate to pass by. Do this another time. Shoot 
at soldiers in the area above you. Use the elevator and take the content of 
the crates near it. Follow the narrow road through the crates and kill the 
soldiers trying to ambush. Take the supplies all around you and jump from 
crate to crate to reach the largest, highest ones. There will be two openings 
ahead. The left one is blocked so you can't go that way. You can see a lonely 
crate if you look down and it will give you a pack of regular grenades if 
you're willing to make your way back up for them. Don't try the "swinging 
crates jumping" thingy before you're sure that all the mess down below has 
stopped. Give' em all the grenades, satchel charges, displacer ammo you've 
got, since you probably won't be needing them anymore. Now that this place is 
quieter, you can concentrate on doing your jumps. Aim yourself so that you hit 
the bar in the middle of the crate: it will save you if you jump too far. Once 
you're on the second crate, go down by jumping on the following things: the 
red crates, the  large steel bar, all the brown ones gradually going down and 
finally on the red one. Take the stuff on the floor and go to the large door. 
It will open and a security guard will greet you. When you'll hear his story, 
you'll get some kind of "feeling". Yup, you've guessed it, the game is ending 
but get your rear in gear soldier! This isn't done until you beat the monster 
that killed your buddies. So gather the stuff in the room, press that elevator 
button and get ready for some action! Listen to the solemn music as you go 
down... feeling valiant already? Enough talking, walk toward you and open the 
crates for some last supplies. Push the button to open the sliding door. Climb 
up the rope to see a faster version of the healing pool. Go to the other room 
and get a good look at your surroundings while the lights are still going 
inside the purple portal. A freakingly big squid will emerge from it. Try to 
avoid his claws and the green acid he spits. Use the laser as a sentry gun to 
fire at his yellow eye. While he is screaming in pain, go to the laser on the 
other side and prepare to fire at his second eye. Shoot at the purple core 
that will appear on his belly with either the laser or  your normal weapons. 
He will make create a shock trooper on the lower deck every time you shoot his 
core, so put a satchel charge there beforehand. The third time you hit the 
boss in the eye, the bridge connecting the two lasers will fall, forcing you 
to use your barnacle gun and the lower deck to get back and forth. Don't 
forget about the healing pool in the other room if you ever need it. The eyes 
will never open by themselves so you can take all the time you want between 
each shot in an eye. Four successful assaults on his core will get you the 
bragging rights for finishing this game. While the monster is exploding, a big 
warp ball will hit you and everything will go dark. You will wake up in the 
same helicopter from the beginning with at your side: the G-man! (You probably 
aren't all that surprised are you?) He will talk to you about the destruction 
of the Black Mesa Facility and that, as a witness, he can't let you wherever 
you want to. After seeing a screen showing your status, the credits will roll 
and, after that, the screen will go black with only a sound of wind. Well if 
that's the end, you're back to having a life again!


Welcome to the miscellaneous section or the "dumping ground of what could't 
fit anywhere else" if you prefer it like that. I don't have much right now but 
I hope I can add more as time goes on.

-You can see the names of some of the programmers that made the game on the 
crates in the dormitory of the boot camp. Well, except Shephard who doesn't 
really exist.

-If you get kicked by a Black Ops soldier, you can see that they replaced the 
ordinary kicking that the marines did in the original by a much cooler karate 
move. Some kind of spinning kick.

-Ending Statuses

These are the messages that will sometimes appear in the game if you lose 
without dying normally. Getting one of those screens usually means you did 
something bad.



Meaning: You didn't have to kill the boot camp people! I know the drill 
instructor is annoying and that the privates want to take yours weapons, but 
this doesn't justify killing people damnit!



POST MORTEM: failed to utilize human assets in achievement of goal

Meaning: Another bad thing. You've let one of your engineers (or a medic at 
one place) die in battle or, even worse, you killed a scientist by your own 
hand! I'm really not proud of you soldier!




Meaning: When you're not killing your friends, you're playing with classified 
military prototypes! This thing was experimental you know... Seriously 
speaking, this won't happen often so you shouldn't worry too much.




Meaning: Well, you didn't do anything bad this time. Congratulations, you 
finished the game! I don't want to be negative, but being detained doesn't 
sound like a happy ending to me.

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