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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RainingMetal

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 10/07/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Half-Life: Opposing Force Guide
    For PC
    By Raining Metal
    Version 1.03
    >Table of Contents<
    1.0 Introduction
    1.1 Version History
    1.2 Story
    2.0 Basics
    2.1 Controls
    2.2 Boot Camp
    2.3 Puzzles
    3.0 In-Game
    3.1 Weapons
    3.2 Items
    3.3 Allies
    3.4 Enemies
    4.0 Walkthrough
    4.11 Welcome To Black Mesa
    4.12 We're Pulling Out
    4.13 Mising In Action
    4.14 Friendly Fire
    4.15 We're Not Alone
    4.16 Crush Depth
    4.17 Vicarious Reality
    4.18 Pit Worm's Nest
    4.21 Foxtrot Uniform
    4.22 The Package
    4.23 Worlds Collide
    4.24 Conclusion
    5.0 Other
    5.1 Cheats
    5.2 G-man Sightings
    5.3 FAQ
    5.4 Email Guide
    6.0 And The Rest!
    6.1 Website List
    6.2 Credits
    6.3 Legal Disclaimer
    To search for the section wanted in this Guide, Highlight the Number beside the
    subject (Such as 3.3) and press Ctrl + C, then F, and then V. This will
    activate a finding system to look for the text put in (in this case, a number
    with a decimal) and simply click “Next”.
    1.0 >Introduction<
    Greetings everyone! Raining Metal is on the move again! This expansion is for
    the game Half-Life, so get ready to face some twists and turns!
    1.1 >Version History<
    Version 1.03
    Made adjustments to the Spore Launcher info.
    Version 1.02
    Corrected the G-Man sightings.
    Version 1.01
    Changed the name of the Sniper Rifle to the M40.
    Version 1.00
    Initial release. Could use some Multiplayer information.
    1.2 >Story<
    Adrian Shephard, a Corporal of the HECU, is sent to his assignment at Black
    Mesa. Apparently, some disaster happened, and it's up to the Army to clear
    things straight. Adrian goes through the facility, and as he goes, he finds
    out that the Army is in a frantic evacuation. He gets left behind, and has
    to fend for himself. Fortunately, other Soldiers have been left behind too,
    and are willing to help Adrian on his journey.
    2.0 >Basics<
    This section teaches the player how to play Half-Life: Opposing Force.
    2.1 >Controls<
    These are the default controls of Half-Life: Opposing Force. Note that the
    player can change the control setup via the options menu.
    Mouse: Look around.
    W: Move Forward.
    A: Move Left.
    S: Move Backward.
    D: Move Right.
    Primary Mouse Button: Primary Fire.
    Secondary Mouse Button: Secondary Fire.
    Space Bar: Jump.
    Ctrl: Crouch (Hold).
    E: Action.
    F: Use Flashlight.
    R: Reload.
    Shift: Walk.
    1-7: Weapons.
    Esc: Pause menu.
    2.2 >Boot Camp<
    Listen up Soldier! We don't give any squat to sissies! This course allows dorky
    trainees to learn the basics of the battlefield, as well as putting some
    leadership to the test!
    2.3 >Puzzles<
    Half-Life contains many puzzles. Some are hard. To get past them, read signs
    and try to find out how they're connected to the problem. Some objects might be
    needed for the puzzles.
    3.0 >In-Game<
    Here's the information about the story mode.
    3.1 >Weapons<
    Here's what Adrian needs to fight against the enemies he encounters.
    Console Name: pipewrench.
    Clip Size: N/A.
    Carrying Capacity: N/A.
    Power: Medium/High.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Rate of Fire: Slow.
    Range: Melee.
    Ammo Type: N/A.
    Alternate Fire: Holding Thrust.
    This is the first weapon Adrian gets. It is good for breaking boxes.
    Console Name: knife.
    Clip Size: N/A.
    Carrying Capacity: N/A.
    Power: Medium.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Rate of Fire: Fast.
    Range: Melee.
    Ammo Type: N/A.
    Alternate Fire: None.
    The Dagger is much faster than the Wrench, but does not have the charging
    *Barnacle Grapple*
    Console Name: grapple.
    Clip Size: N/A.
    Carrying Capacity: N/A.
    Power: Medium.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: N/A.
    Range: Any.
    Ammo Type: N/A.
    Alternate Fire: None.
    The Barnacle Grapple can be used to get to certain areas. Note that it only
    attaches to organic materials, such as living things or green stuff on walls.
    *Glock 9mm*
    Console Name: 9mmhandgun.
    Clip Size: 17.
    Carrying Capacity: 250.
    Power: Average.
    Accuracy: High/Low.
    Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic.
    Range: Long/Short.
    Ammo Type: 9mm.
    Alternate Fire: Fast firing.
    This is effective against aliens and for long ranges.
    Console Name: deserteagle.
    Clip Size: 7.
    Carrying Capacity: 36.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Medium/High.
    Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic.
    Range: Medium High.
    Ammo Type: 357.
    Alternate Fire: Laser Guidance.
    The Deagle can be the strongest weapon in the game, despite its early grab.
    Without the laser, it is a fast-firing strong weapon. With the laser, it can be
    a deadly accurate weapon.
    Console Name: mp5/9mmAR.
    Clip Size: 50.
    Carrying Capacity: 250.
    Power: Average, Explosive.
    Accuracy: Average.
    Rate of Fire: Automatic.
    Range: Short.
    Ammo Type: 9mm, Launcher Grenades.
    Alternate Fire: Fire Grenade.
    A very versitale weapon, but a bizzare one too. It's grenade launcher is made
    up for its low accuracy. But it has the most plentiful ammunition around.
    *SPAS-12 Gauge*
    Console Name: shotgun.
    Clip Size: 8.
    Carrying Capacity: 125.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Pump.
    Range: Very Short.
    Ammo Type: Shotgun Shell.
    Alternate Fire: Double Shot.
    This is one of the stronger weapons. At close range, this weapon is very
    deadly. It is useful in tight areas. Its shells must be reloaded individually.
    Console Name: rpg.
    Clip Size: 1.
    Carrying Capacity: 5.
    Power: Explosive.
    Accuracy: High.
    Rate of Fire: Single.
    Range: Long.
    Ammo Type: Rockets.
    Alternate Fire: Laser guidance.
    This is the main anti-air weapon. Good for taking down aircraft and armoured
    foes, as well as grouped enemies.
    *M249 Machine Gun*
    Console Name: m249
    Clip Size: 50.
    Carrying Capacity: 200.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Automatic.
    Range: Medium.
    Ammo Type: 556.
    Alternate Fire: None.
    The M249 is my favourite weapon. It is one of the most deadly weapons ever. Its
    high power and fast firing rate makes it a force to be reckoned with.
    Console Name: sniperrifle.
    Clip Size: 5.
    Carrying Capacity: 15.
    Power: Very High.
    Accuracy: Very High.
    Rate of Fire: Bolt.
    Range: Long.
    Ammo Type: 762.
    Alternate Fire: Scope.
    The M40 is another lethal weapon capable of downing the strongest opponent.
    At the longest ranges, it can be very deadly.
    Console Name: displacer.
    Clip Size: 100.
    Carrying Capacity: 100.
    Power: Extremely High.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Blast.
    Range: Infinite.
    Ammo Type: Cell.
    Alternate Fire: Transportation.
    The Displacer can provide additional ammunition for other weapons thanks to its
    teleporation ability. This teleports Adrian to parts of Xen that may contain
    some valuable supplies. Also, it can instantly kill a target! The primary
    attack uses 20 Cells, while the secondary uses 60. In each teleportation,
    Adrian can always find another teleport where he can escape and return.
    Locations will differe between sections of the game.
    *Spore Launcher*
    Console Name: sporelauncher.
    Clip Size: 5.
    Carrying Capacity: Unknown.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Automatic.
    Range: Short.
    Ammo Type: Spores.
    Alternate Fire: Grenade Spore.
    A hybrid weapon, this is powerful, but its ammo can only be found on infested
    areas. By default, the Spore Launcher fires Spores in a straight line like a
    Rocket. Using Alternate Fire will fire the Spores like grenades (they will
    bounce and will only explode after a few seconds or upon hitting a target).
    *Shock Rifle*
    Console Name: shockrifle.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: 10.
    Power: Medium.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Automatic.
    Range: Short.
    Ammo Type: Volts.
    Alternate Fire: None.
    Like the Hivehand in Half-Life, I don't really care for this weapon. Only use
    this weapon when out of ammo. The Shock Rifle's ammunition automatically
    Console Name: handgrenade.
    Clip Size: N/A.
    Carrying Capacity: 10.
    Power: Explosive.
    Accuracy: Low.
    Rate of Fire: Throw.
    Range: Short.
    Ammo Type: Hand Grenades.
    Alternate Fire: None.
    I rarely use these. For the best results, throw them to a lower level.
    *Satchel Charges*
    Console Name: satchel.
    Clip Size: N/A.
    Carrying Capacity: 5.
    Power: Explosive.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Rate of Fire: Throw.
    Range: N/A.
    Ammo Type: Detpacks.
    Alternate Fire: Detonate.
    These go perfectly well with certain enviroments. Plan ahead, and these will be
    fun to use.
    Console Name: tripbomb.
    Clip Size: N/A.
    Carrying Capacity: 5.
    Power: Explosive.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Rate of Fire: Deploy.
    Range: N/A.
    Ammo Type: Tripbombs.
    Alternate Fire: None.
    I hardly use Tripmines. The only good they will ever be is to be placed next
    to Satchel Charges for extra explosions, or as staircases on walls (yes, Adrian
    CAN step on Tripmines).
    Console Name: snarks.
    Clip Size: N/A.
    Carrying Capacity: 15.
    Power: High, Explosive.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Rate of Fire: Deploy.
    Range: N/A.
    Ammo Type: Snarks.
    Alternate Fire: None.
    Heh, heh. These adorable creatures are good for arena-like areas. They will
    refuse to attack other aliens however, and should be used on military-only
    sectors. If they don't find any other targets, they might attack the user!
    3.2 >Items<
    These are the items Adrian is likeley to encounter during his journey. He
    cannot carry them, he can only use them.
    *Health Pack*
    Console Name: healthkit.
    Purpose: Gives Adrian health.
    Health packs can save Adrian's life! Pick them up to restore Health.
    *Energy Battery*
    Console Name: battery.
    Purpose: Gives Adrian armour.
    This is like the Health Pack, only with Adrian's armour. Armour is essential to
    Adrian's survival, as it can absorb the majority of the damage Adrian takes.
    *P.C.V Vest*
    Console Name: suit.
    Purpose: Everything.
    This starts the whole game. Without it, Adrian would be dead.
    *First Aid Station*
    Console Name: N/A.
    Purpose: Replenishes Adrian's Health.
    The First Aid Station can be used more than once, but only has a certain amount
    of health to replenish (depending on difficulty). Once the light goes out, the
    Station can not be reused.
    *H.E.V Charging Station*
    Console Name: N/A.
    Purpose: Replenishes Adrian's Armour.
    Like the First Aid Station, but replenishes armour instead. Once the station
    goes offline, it cannot be reused. There's also P.C.V Charging Stations too.
    Console Name: N/A.
    Purpose: Weapon.
    Found mainly at Military zones, Adrian can use their weapons against the Black
    Ops and the aliens. There are more convinent ways to use the many turrets
    though, such as breaking down walls and doors.
    *Healing Pool*
    Console Name: N/A.
    Purpose: Replenishes Adrian's Health.
    Found only in Xen, these won't heal as fast as the first-aid stations, but have
    an infinite supply of wound-fixing. There are also some stations on walls,
    which act similar to the pools.
    *Jump Pad*
    Console Name: N/A.
    Purpose: Gives Adrian a high jump.
    Found in infested areas of Black Mesa, Adrian might need these to get to
    certain spots.
    3.3 >Allies<
    These are the few allies Adrian will get help from. Some of them will need to
    survive in order to do their task.
    Weapon: None.
    Health: Low.
    Speed: Medium.
    Special Abilities: Healing, High Security Clearance.
    These lowly fellows are mainly the civilians of the game. However, they can be
    allies when Adrian's health is below 50, and can open doors for him. They
    should not be attacked by Adrian, because if he does so, then they will run
    away from him (despite the main "Objective" to do so).
    *Security Guards*
    Weapon: Glock 9mm, Desert Eagle.
    Health: Medium.
    Speed: Medium.
    Special Abilities: High Security Clearance.
    Only a few Guards are met in this game, though they can be pretty useful
    outside combat. The fat ones equip the stronger Desert Eagle.
    Weapon: MP5/M16, SPAS-12, M249.
    Health: Medium.
    Speed: Medium.
    Special Abilities: Call for Medic.
    These guys can be a stronger ally than the Guards. Most of them are met in
    groups, so they can use teamwork for full effectiveness.
    Weapon: Desert Eagle.
    Health: Medium.
    Speed: Medium.
    Special Abilities: Breach Doors.
    Engineers can prove useful for getting into secret areas, or to advance through
    a tight security measure. Their main weakness is that their Gas Tank doesn't
    mix to gracefully with bullets.
    Weapon: Glock 9mm.
    Health: Medium.
    Speed: Medium.
    Special Abilities: Heal Others.
    Medics can save their platoons lives if they're good enough. To use them,
    Adrian must press the Use key next to them to get their attention.Additionally,
    they can heal other Soldiers.
    3.4 >Enemies<
    There are many hostile forces to encounter, and they are not stupid. Adrian
    must take these foes out as quickly as possible.
    Just because Adrian is on the Army's side doesn't mean that there ain't gonna
    be any Human opponents! The Black Ops have been sent in to fully secure Black
    Mesa, even if they have to nuke the place! Adrian must prevent the true
    villains from doing this.
    *Male Assassin*
    Weapon: MP5/M16, M40.
    Health: High.
    Speed: Fast.
    Special Abilities: Advanced Melee power.
    Male Assassins make up the majority of the Black Ops team. Most of them use
    the typical automatic weapon, but a few in the high areas use Sniper Rifles!
    *Female Assassin*
    Weapon: Glock 9mm (Silenced).
    Health: Low.
    Speed: Very Fast.
    Special Abilities: High Jumping.
    Female Assassins are very speedy. Though vulnerable when stationary, they can
    get out of this weakness pretty fast! Use explosives for maximum sucess.
    Weapon: Gun.
    Health: Medium to High.
    Speed: Fast deployment.
    Special Abilities: Laser activation.
    Most of these are green and on the ground, but some are on the ceiling, can be
    used by the Black Ops, and a few even belong to the world of Xen! Take the
    common ones with any of the soldiers' weapons, and take the Xen ones with
    something powerful, such as the guass.
    *Apache Helicopter*
    Weapon: Gun, Rocket Launcher.
    Health: High.
    Speed: Fast.
    Special Abilities: None.
    These are the combat equivalent of the Osprey. A rocket or two will take them
    out easily, though it can be destroyed by the guass, or even the handheld
    automatic weapon!
    The Xen invaders are very numerous and can teleport to earth at unexpected
    times, so Adrian should be aware of this.
    Weapon: Claws.
    Health: Low.
    Speed: Slow.
    Special Abilities: None.
    The weakest creature in the game, yet the most common. The headcrabs can be
    hidden everywhere, so Adrian should watch out.
    Weapon: Claws.
    Health: Medium.
    Speed: Slow.
    Special Abilities: None.
    This is the result of what happens when a headcrab attaches to its host. Take
    these out far away, since they only have melee attacks. In this game, not only
    are Scientists victim to this mutation, but the same applies to Guards and even
    Weapon: Claws, Spores.
    Health: High.
    Speed: Fast.
    Special Abilities: None.
    Evolved Zombies is this. Try to use the SPAS-12 on them, or use heavy weapons.
    Weapon: Spit Acid, Teeth.
    Health: Medium.
    Speed: Medium.
    Special Abilities: None.
    They have something against headcrabs for some reason. Anyhow, these creatures
    are no friendly ones. Don't get up close to them unless Adrian has a death
    Weapon: Tongue, Mouth.
    Health: Low.
    Speed: None.
    Special Abilities: None.
    It's fun to see other people get sucked up into the barnacle's and get digested
    by it, but of course, it's not as pleasant when Adrian is.
    *Vortiguant Slave*
    Weapon: Lightning, Hands.
    Health: Medium.
    Speed: Medium.
    Special Abilities: Nightvision.
    The first Xen creature that has a brain that Adrian encounters, these shy
    Xenizens don't attack Adrian because of their own will, due to slavery in Xen.
    Their lightning attacks are deadly, so Adrian must be quick against them.
    *Vortiguant Soldier*
    Weapon: Hivehand, Hands.
    Health: High.
    Speed: Fast.
    Special Abilities: Nightvision.
    These creatures are really meant for combat. They are more deadly than the
    slaves and the soldiers! If Adrian is to encounter one of these, he should
    take them out.
    *Vortiguant Controller*
    Weapon: Energy Orbs.
    Health: Medium.
    Speed: Fast.
    Special Abilities: Fly!
    The boss Xen characters are only seen at the Lambda reactor. Avoid them.
    Weapon: Teeth.
    Health: Very Low.
    Speed: Very Fast.
    Special Abilities: None.
    These are usually released in vents or by Adrian himself. Because of their
    small size, bullets don't usually work against them. Explosives, on the other
    hand, are effective.
    Weapon: Flamethrower Hands, Sonic Stomp.
    Health: Very High (Can only be killed by explosives).
    Speed: Fast.
    Special Abilities: Bulletproof Armour.
    Considered "Mini-bosses", these are very big threats and should not be attacked
    head on. Fortunately, there are more convinent ways to defeat Gargs.
    Race X
    Not many know what world these abominations come from, only that they are more
    powerful than the Xen baddies, and they must be shot on sight!
    *Pit Drone*
    Weapon: Spikes, Claws.
    Health: Medium.
    Speed: Fast.
    Special Abilities: None.
    This is the main creature of Race X. Destroy them ASAP.
    *Shock Trooper*
    Weapon: Shock Rifle, Spores.
    Health: High.
    Speed: Medium.
    Special Abilities: Alert Squad.
    Shock Troopers are organized and can be a threat in numbers. Take them down
    with the biggest weapons available.
    Weapon: Electric Shot, Melee Attacks.
    Health: Very High.
    Speed: Fast.
    Special Abilities: None.
    Voltigores are very deadly. The best weapons to deal with them are the Deagle,
    the M249, and explosives.
    *Baby Voltigore*
    Weapon: Melee Attacks.
    Health: Low.
    Speed: Medium.
    Special Abilities: None.
    In the sewers, Voltigores raise their young. Use the lighter weapons on them
    to conserve the real deals.
    *Shock Roach*
    Weapon: Melee.
    Health: Very Low.
    Speed: Slow.
    Special Abilities: None.
    Shock Troopers drop these. At first, when they leap at Adrian, he gets the
    Shock Rifle. However, these will become annoying to avoid.
    *Pit Worm*
    Weapon: Laser, Claws.
    Health: Must use Toxic Waste to defeat.
    Speed: N/A.
    Special Abilities: None.
    A Boss inside the Black Mesa Toxic Sector. The pumps must be open and the
    Gearbox active in order to spew Toxic Waste all over this monstrosity.
    *Gene Worm*
    Weapon: Toxic Gases, Claws.
    Health: Extremely High.
    Speed: N/A.
    Special Abilities: Destroy Scenery.
    The final boss. Turrets must blind it in order to make it reveal its weak spot.
    Then fire an explosive at it.
    4.0 >Walkthrough<
    Here's the Walkthrough for the Story.
    4.11 >Welcome To Black Mesa<
    In the Osprey Helecotper, Adrian is listening to conversations between his
    platoon. The Captain gives out the orders when suddenly, Alien aircraft attacks
    the nearby Osprey! The situation is hot, and then Adrian's Osprey is next,
    bringing it down and knocking him out cold. At the ground, he sees his men
    fight the aliens, and then becomes unconscious again. He then sees a Medic
    trying to protect him, and then he falls asleep again.
    A Scientist then recovers him. Adrian is in the Infirmary section of Black
    Mesa. Go out the door and search the area. One of the areas contains a few
    Scientists toying around with Headcrabs. The dark one is facinated by the
    mutations Headcrabs cause. Pick up the P.C.V and advance. Run away from the
    Zombie that throws the Cleansuit Scientst through the glass. Go through the
    damaged door to find a fat Security Guard shooting a Zombie. He then will open
    the door for Adrian to advance (provided that he gets his P.C.V first). In the
    damaged hallway, grab the Wrench and use it to destroy some glass mirrors in
    the next room. This will make the laser backfire onto its generator, allowing
    Adrian to go up the stairs.
    Here, avoid the Headcrabs hidden among the corners and jump over the Waste.
    On the other side of the locked door is a man in a tuxedo carrying a Briefcase.
    This is the G-Man, who seems to be interested in Adrian's progress. Smash the
    crates for some supplies underneath the stairs, and then go up it to where more
    boxes are. Smash them.
    Outside, jump across the chasm. At the other end, grab the Dagger on the
    Vortigaunt corpse and jump across the gap in the bridge. This is where the
    Medic healed Adrian. Kill the Headcrab here, and go through the small hole to
    where Adrian had laid dizzy. The other side of the fence is blocked by
    electricity. The tunnel leads to the generators. In the tunnel, smash all the
    Headcrabs that come out of the walls, and move on. Smash the crates here, and
    witness a Guard attempting to get out of the yard by climbing the fence. He
    then gets electrocuted. Crouch into the vents and avoid the electricity in the
    generator to the other side. Once inside the yard, avoid the generators and
    find the power box. Use the lever to turn it off, turning off the electricity
    at the previous fence too. Collect the Deagle and return back to the destroyed
    Osprey. In the tunnel, some Vortigaunts will spawn. Shoot them both.
    Back at the Osprey, go to the other side, search the boxes for supplies, and
    use the radio. The message says that the Army is pulling out and that they are
    waiting for Adrian at the LZ. Adrian needs to use the sewers if he's going to
    get there. Climb down the ladder and kill the Barnacles at the ceiling. Go down
    the ladder to find some more 357 ammo. Continue across the paths.
    Eventually, Adrian will come across another Vortigaunt. Shoot it and nab the
    SPAS-12 from the corpse. Go down the ladder, killing any aliens and avoiding
    any steam. At the end, a lift will go down with a pair of Vortigaunts. Shoot
    them! In the large room, Adrian will attempt to get to the other end, but the
    room will start to explode! Go the left and avoid the Radiation. Pretty soon,
    the Radiation will rise. Fortunately, a part of the catwalk falls down,
    allowing Adrian to climb up to the top. The G-Man comes by at the control
    pannel and saves Adrian's hide by opening the door. Go through it fast and to
    the elevator.
    There's more of that green stuff here, but it's not as lethal as the last pool.
    Collect the stuff at the boxes and jump across the river. Break the boxes and
    search the area for supplies and Headcrabs. At the control panel, transfer the
    lift to the left, so that it lines up with some green boxes and the switch.
    Jump onto the boxes and across the lift, and activate the switch. Then jump
    across the radiation and to the new area.
    Here, activate the gates so that they will open, and go through the pipe into
    the sewers. Here, swim to a ladder, avoiding the Barnacles, and through the
    hallways. There's more Barnacles on the ceiling. Across the bridge to the right
    is some 357 ammo and a package of Grenades. At the room, notice the notice
    saying "No Entry Until Robot Finishes Procedure". Throw a grenade at the
    explosive boxes blocking the yellow Robot's path. It will complete putting down
    a box, and then the lower area will be accessible. Jump across the boxes and
    activate the engine so that the Radiation level will drop to nothing. Go across
    the pavement and up the lift. Here, kill the Houndeyes and pass the table with
    the plank towards the Tram. Then jump onto it.
    4.12 >We're Pulling Out<
    The Tram will transport Adrian towards the LZ. Meanwhile, some Vortigaunts
    infest the area, so duck and dodge their attacks. When Adrian gets to the end
    of the Tram, collect the Glock and shoot the Vortigaunts that spawn near the
    Tram. Go to the next area with vending machines. A Security Guard is struggling
    with one of them. Ask him to follow and go through the hallways, killing any
    Hostiles. At the end, look through the window, and observe an unknown alien
    kill a Security Guard and a Scientist. Collect the gun and open the door for
    the alive Guard to get through. He'll open a closet with ammo. Meanwhile, smash
    a window to a room with a scared Scientist. Ask him for healing if necessary.
    Go up the lift. It's too late to save this poor Soldier, so avenge him on those
    Vortigaunts in front. Grab his weapon and collect the supplies here. Also,
    charge up on the Charging Station, and then hop on top and break the vent. Go
    through and up to the top. Adrian has reached the LZ! Go through the door and
    talk to the Commander (he's got the same voice as the guy who spoke to "Cooper"
    in the original Half-Life!). He says that Adrian will need to hurry to the
    Osprey for extraction. Go through the door to find some ammo on the desks and
    a Soldier interrogating a Scientist. Get past him and collect the Batteries.
    Then go through the vent (or stairs) and to the Hangar. Unfortunately, the door
    locks, and the G-Man stares at Adrian. The Osprey is gone, but Aliens pop up
    from nowhere! Slaughter them all and go through the hole.
    4.13 >Missing In Action<
    Keep going through the narrow way and fight the aliens here. Grab the
    ammunition and head for the vents. Before going down, however, there's more 9mm
    ammo if Adrian goes across to the next grate. Go down and avoid the ceiling
    tiles that look a bit discoloured. If stepped on, they will collapse, sending
    Adrian to an electrified pool. Jump across the "gap" and towards the fans. Walk
    across the narrow I-beams, and don't fall into the fans. At the end, the fan on
    the right is broken. Dodge its single blade and into the vent.
    In the furnace area, there's some firey engines on. Dodge the fire on the first
    one. Jump over the second. Kill the Gonome and Headcrab, and smash the boxes.
    Go through the vent to find another few furnaces. Dodge the first one. When the
    second one is inactive at this point, run through its path to the left. Get out
    of the way before the next round of fire comes! Here, there's some Zombies and
    Gonomes to be taken care of. Collect the supplies and move the box of
    explosives next to the furnace. Then go up the ramp to the panel and activate
    the flames! Move down and kill the Gonome and Headcrabs. Go through the vent
    and reach the garage area.
    A wounded soldier crawls out of the entrance. First, go down to the second
    story of the structure and search the vents for supplies. Then talk to the
    Soldier. He says that there's "things" in the garages, and says that Adrian
    must escape. He then passes away. Here, search the area for boxes to smash. One
    of the areas contains some Pit Drones. Kill them. On the other side of the
    garage door on the left is some more Pit Drones. After they're dead, search the
    Truck for a useless Tripmine, then search the crates for a Bazooka.
    Advance to where some Pit Drones are about to attack a Scientist. Take them
    down and ignore the civilian. In the elevator shaft, go down with the ladders,
    and go to the lower level. Here, search for a storage room that contains a
    switchbox that will turn off the electricity. Return back to the shaft and
    go up to where a rope is. The now-safe rope can be climbed up towards the
    elevator. Inside is some Batteries. Then go through the door.
    Push the Metal crate underneath the vent grate. Break it and enter. As Adrian
    crawls through, the vent will break. Kill the Bullsquid behind and take some
    9mm ammo, and then go through the hole in the wall. To the right is the
    familiar crate. Push it to the debris. Climb it and throw a grenade towards the
    explosives in the small office room. This will blow up a wall, allowing the
    crate to get through. Push it to the next vent and crawl through.
    At the end of the small vent is a shocked and dead Scientist. Go down a hole
    in the floor to find an alive Scientist. Grab the Batteries, turn off the
    electricity, and climb the rope. There's a radio and a few corpses on Adrian's
    left. Use the radio to contact a few fellow Soldiers and they'll bust a door
    open. The Engineer and the Shotgun Grunt are very concerned to get out of this
    mess. Use the former to break the door to the elevator, and have the latter
    4.14 >Friendly Fire<
    The area at the top of the elevator is loaded with hostile Vortigaunts! Support
    Adrian's fellow troops and use the Engineer to breach the door for some ammo.
    Go up the stairs to find another Vortigaunt that breaks a door. Shoot it and
    the ones in the nearby offices. There's some blueprints for the Displacer. In
    the large, vacant room, some more Aliens will spawn! Shoot them all to death.
    To the right is the briefing room, with lots of Vortigaunts. After sending them
    all down to Davey Jones' Locker, another part of the wall will bust. Clear the
    Vortigaunts in this area. Advance right, dodging the smoke, towards what seems
    to be a mortar attack on this area.
    Climb up the debris, avoiding the Barnacles. In the next area is a pair of
    Vortigaunt Soldiers. Shoot the explosive Boxes with the Deagle, and jump across
    the ropes quickly. Collect the supplies and move up the elevator. Kill the
    Houndeyes here, collect the dough, and listen to the Radio message about the
    Black Ops. Go up the broken pole towards the surface. The Medic claims that the
    door leads to the Lambda Sector, where he, Adrian, and any other Soldiers can
    use to get out to safety. With any luck, they can get an encounter on Adrian
    while they're at it...
    Unfortunately, this door is too tight, so Adrian needs to find an Engineer.
    The door leads to a Turret. Blast it with a Grenade and throw another one
    across the corner. This will detonate the Tripmines. Go into the vent and
    listen to the two Black Ops' conversation. Ambush them and take down any
    reinforcements. Behind the garage door is an Engineer who has been interrogated
    by the traitors. Go through the small door and ask the Medic to heal the
    Engineer. Clear the crates for some stuff and use the Engineer to breach the
    Attack the Turret behind the door! Blow up the Tripmines blocking the way and
    move down. There's another pair of Soldiers, one with an M249. They are very
    angry at the Black Ops, and are willing to join on Adrian's adventure. To the
    left is a room with some Female Assassins. Help Adrian's platoon to kill them,
    and then go up the balcony and open the train doors. Lead the team towards some
    more Black Ops! After securing the first area before the set of rails, collect
    the supplies. The next area isn't easier to secure. After killing anything in
    black, search the area for more needy supplies. Go up the stairs to find some
    controls that will lead to the Lambda Sector. Adrian's squad will decide to
    wait here, so he can slay the guy with the M249 if he wants to (out of the
    sight of the other men of course). Use the train and move through the new area
    (after switching the course).
    Dodge any dangers and kill the Male Assassin at the station. Search the room
    for some ammo and go up the broken pipe into a vent.
    4.15 >We Are Not Alone<
    Adrian will hear a Scientist yelling for someone to hurry. Use the Stations and
    then go through the door. Adrian will witness Adrian jumping through the
    portal. Don't follow him. Instead, go to where the catwalk collapsed and go
    through the portal that spawned there.
    Welcome to Xen Adrian! Yes, I know, it's quite a dump. Jump down to the lower
    platform where a corpse lies. Collect the Supply cache and then use the jump
    pad to launch Adrian up to the higher platforms. Jump across to the next one to
    find a Scientist that falls through a telelportation accident. A Displacer also
    falls down here. Grab it and use the secondary trigger. Adrian will find
    himself in the Black Mesa Hazard Course. Shoot the Vortigaunt next to Gina's
    hologram and the one at the other end. Grab the dead Guard's Shotgun and go to
    the observation area. There's the exit portal here, along with a First Aid
    Station. Return back and jump across the platforms, killing the Houndeyes on
    one. Use the Jump Pad on this platform towards the portal at the top surrounded
    by a ring of asteroid things.
    4.16 >Crush Depth<
    Adrain spawns in the middle of an underwater labratory. He must get back to the
    surface! Go down the elevator and to the left at the bottom. Here, Adrian must
    kill the Pit Drones in this area and free the Scientist from the chamber. Use
    the Charging Stations and make the Scientist follow. He'll open the door on the
    other side for Adrian to get through. Kill the Bullsquid on the water, and grab
    the Cell Ammunition. When the Scientist tries to open the next door, he gets
    electrified! Adrian will need to find another way to get past that door. Get
    into one of the broken aquariums and climb the ladder, where a hapless Security
    Guard gets killed by more of those annoying Pit Drones. Strike them all down
    without mercy, and more will come out of the ceiling and walls. Shoot them and
    get through the hole in the wall. Another Pit Drone hides among the small
    vents. Enter the far vent to get to the other side of the door.
    Adrian should now be on the other side of the door. In this room, there's a
    teleporter chamber. Before entering it though, there's some Cell Ammunition in
    this room. Enter it, and watch as the teleporter malfunctions, missing Adrian a
    few times. He gets teleported into a body of water on the other side. Swim to a
    vent entrance and fight the Headcrabs and Zombies in this corridor. Go through
    the vent and into another body of water.
    In this area, the place is filled with Headcrabs and Zombies, and a Gonome!
    Smash them all and use the H.E.V Charging Station. The First Aid Station is
    broken, but there's a Medkit next to the dead Scientist. Go down the ladder and
    use the wheel. This will open a grate leading to an airlock. Swim over to there
    (ignore the Ichthyosaur, it won't attack unless Adrian attacks it). Get into
    the airlock and turn the wheel in order to remove all the water.
    On the other side, there's an electrocuted X-Ray. Adrian can't turn it off with
    the button. Shoot its power box in order to turn it off. After, some Pit Drones
    and a Shock Trooper spawn in this room. Kill them all and the Shock Roach. Grab
    the supplies here and move onto another airlock. Get into the portal and Adrian
    will be in the same spot where he would spawn when he uses his Displacer. Jump
    to the other platform and towards a huge aquarium. Get into the water and up
    the vent, where some wires and tubes are. Move straight forward.
    4.17 >Vicarious Reality<
    Head up the pipe and kill all the Headcrabs in this room. Grab the supplies
    here and head upward, towards a park. Get to the other side of the corridor.
    It's locked, but when Adrian tries to return, some Pit Drones and a Shock
    Trooper spawn here! Kill them all and go through the glass window they just
    broke. In the park, a Voltigore appears! Use the Deagle or Displacer on it.
    Then enter the elevator. Here, there's some Xen creatures being held in cages
    and the like, but there's a Gonome that's a much bigger concern to Adrian. In
    one of the chambers, there's 10 Snarks that can be accessed by opening the
    Exit the room to a corridor. There's a First-Aid Station here. In the same
    corridor, there's an elevator that's out of order. Jump through its top and
    climb the ladder in the shaft. At the top, jump on the broken door on the
    higher floor (don't worry, it won't tip over). Then explore the corridor on
    this level. It's pretty much an industrial area. There's another similar
    elevator on this floor. Enter it and make it go back down. At the bottom, get
    through the left door, and kill all the Pit Drones here. Break the boxes. In
    the vent, there's another package of Snarks, but Adrian must kill the active
    ones first. Smash the window, and get outside, to the infested observation
    garden. Kill all the Xen aliens here, and grab the Spores provided (they will
    somewhat prove useful). Enter the elevator.
    At the top, one of the Race X specimens have broken out of their glass chamber.
    Grab it. This is the Spore Launcher, which can make use of the Spores collected
    earlier, and there will be more of them! Nearby, Adrian will hear a Gonome
    breathing. Destroy it and advance on. A light will guide Adrian to the next
    area. In this room there's some Houndeyes. The next area has some windows
    showing some Barnacles hanging in a vacant chamber. Press the button on the big
    machine to activate a pre-recorded message. The halogram Scientist says that
    Black Mesa has been toying with the Barnacles, but so far, they have only made
    them become grapples that only connect to "Organic Material". One of them is
    located in cage 1176. After the message, the door will open, leading to the
    specimens. Grab the Barnacle Grapple, Adrian will need it!
    In the next room, Adrian can test his new toy. Small targets, like Headcrabs,
    can be pulled towards Adrian. Larger targets, like Houndeyes, will make Adrian
    get pulled towards the target. Either way, the target will meet an unfortunate
    In the next area, the bridge is broken, and Pit Drones and Spores infest this
    room. Dispatch the Pit Drones and collect the Spores. Use the Grapple on one of
    the Spores on the other side to get across (this also works on the green stuff
    on the walls). Keep advancing. Adrian will come across the Chamber of Barnacles
    he saw earlier. Kill the Headcrabs and the Barnacles, and go up the elevator.
    Annihilate the Shock Trooper and the Pit Drones in the next room. Collect any
    supplies and head up the elevator. There's some more Pit Drones and a Shock
    Trooper. The room they were guarding contains boxes that contain some supplies.
    Return to the first room mentioned in this paragraph. Go up the stairs where
    the Shock Trooper was and Adrian will come to an outside area with lots of
    Tentacle Creatures. Try to sneak past them and use the Grapple to get to the
    vent in the distance. Climb in.
    Turn on the radio here. The pre-recorded message says that there's a Pit Worm
    in the toxic area past the fan. Most of the squad there has been pinned down.
    Collect the supplies here, and turn off the Fan with the electrical box. Head
    in its vent, and Adrian will be pushed into the most hostile area yet!
    4.18 >Pit Worm's Nest<
    Adrian falls into a pool of sludge and boxes. Break the boxes for Medkits and
    Batteries. The G-Man is up in the control room, and opens the door. Kill the
    Bullsquid in this area and advance. Open the door and climb the ladder. It
    seems that the Soldiers here have died here some time ago. Collect their
    weapons, and go to the next area.
    The Pit Worm cannot be hurt by any of Adrian's weapons. Go to the right and
    kill all the Pit Drones here. There's a dead Security Guard here. Collect his
    Deagle and shoot the Pit Drones. Go through the vent and observe the panel. The
    Gearbox must be working and the Steam and Valve pipes must be open in order to
    flush this monster out!
    First, on the current floor, run across the catwalk and into the airlock. Kill
    the Pit Drone here and decend down the ladder. Go through the door on the right
    and Adrian will find himself in a chamber with lots of boxes. Climb them and
    get to the other side. Kill all the Barnacles hanging here, and go up the
    elevator. The door leading to the Gearbox station is out. Destroy the Pit
    Drones and press the button to crush the crates. Once the process is finished,
    return to the box room to find some ammo and a vent grate on the floor. Break
    it and Adrian will fall into a body of sludge. Shatter the fancy-looking pane
    of glass, and go through the hallway, killing the Bullsquid. Activate the
    Gearbox station, and return to the body of sludge. It will rise, so Adrian
    should swim to the surface and back to the crate room. Return to the Pit Worm
    In the Pit Worm arena, go to the second catwalk from the bottom and kill the
    Drone. Collect the M249 round, and climb the ladder. Kill all the Drones here.
    On this side, open the Steam pipes. Use the Grapple to get to the Valve pipes
    (its ladder is broken). Return to the control room and flush that freak out!!
    Once it is defeated and never to be seen again, activate the catwalk that will
    extend where the Worm used to be. Walk across it and advance back to Humans!
    4.21 >Foxtrot Uniform<
    After beating the atrocious Worm, head to the sewers to find two Bullsquids,
    and a few Barnacles. Go to the end of the catwalk and use the Grapple on the
    green stuff on the ceiling. Then go up the manhole. In the red box is the
    M249, the ultimate heavy artillery! Use it and the MP5/M16 on the Black Ops
    that come out of the truck. There's another using a Turret. Blow up the
    explosive box behind him. To the left is a bent crate leading to the next area.
    The Black Ops attack Adrian. Use the M249 on them, and the Glock on the one in
    the Tower. Crawl through the hole.
    The two friendly Soldiers are trapped here because of Snipers in the next area.
    Collect the supplies and enter the courtyard of the fortress. There's lots of
    explosive devices set around here, don't detonate them! Use the Glock on the
    Sniper to the right, remaining undetected. Do the same to the other one. Behind
    the Cammo Netting is another Sniper. Go towards his position and take down his
    guard. Climb up the ladder and dispatch the Sniper. Grab his M40 and its
    ammunition. Return back and tell the Soldiers that the coast is clear. Go to
    the other side of the yard and to the left. Some Male Assassins detect Adrian,
    so equip the M40 and use it on the bad guys that assault him and his friends.
    Search the nearby building for further supplies. Check the camp for even better
    stuff, and then go through the garage door. Allow the Shock Troopers and Black
    Ops battle each other, and take down the survivors. Check the Truck for
    goodies, and go down the manhole, leaving the two men behind. Adrian will hear
    a loud explosion, and some Voltigores! This won't be easy. Use the Nightvision,
    and take down any of these bad spiders with the M249, the Deagle, anything
    that's capable of wiping the Voltigores clean! In the watery area is some Pit
    Drones that come out of two sewer doors. Close both and continue onward.
    At the end of the sewers is a ladder leading to some good guys. The Engineer
    breaches the grate, and gives Adrian the small-talk. Apparently, there's a Dam
    where some of their mates are in trouble. They should head there. The squad
    here consists of a HW Specialist, a Medic, and the Engineer. Look out at the
    outside after collecting the good stuff. The explosives have been detonated,
    and this fortress is an even bigger mess than before! Snipe the Shock Trooper
    in its eye. Then use the Displacer to kill the Voltigore. Go back and hire
    Adrian's new sidekicks and team up against the squad of Shock Troopers. Collect
    the ammunition and move across the narrow lane. Keep moving across the
    Battlefield, and keep the Soldiers safe!
    Eventually, at the end, is a door not accessible before. Go through and collect
    the M249 rounds. The dam explored by Gordon earlier has been infested by a
    Gargantua! The G-Man is on the tower. Use the Grapple to get to the other side.
    Once there, use the detonater to defeat the Gargantua, and then kill the Shock
    Troopers to prevent the Soldiers from any more trouble. Return back to the
    start and use the Charging Stations. Go down to where the Garg was and go down
    the pipes to the next chapter...
    4.22 >The Package<
    Adrian is not done here. He must prevent the evil Black Ops from blowing up
    Black Mesa! In the pipes, escape the sewers and try to get up on the barrel to
    the right. At the end is a corpse with Shotgun Shells. Go to the beaches and
    talk to the two Soldiers. They claim that they must fight their way through if
    they are to escape. Follow them and fight the Black Ops at the watery arena.
    There's another manning a Turret. Evade his fire and shoot him to death. More
    of them come. Another squad will ambush our heroes from behind, so use the
    Turret against them. Continue forward.
    Tell the two men to hold their position. A Male Assassin has a mortar launcher
    at the end. Dodge the attacks and go to the side, then sniping him. Go down the
    destroyed building and collect the supplies if necessary. Shock Troopers will
    spawn here, so use the M249 to smash them to kingdom come. Allow the Soldiers
    to follow and get into the building on the right. Take down the Ninjas here and
    use the radio (allow the Soldiers to come in first). The guy says that more of
    those Black Ops villains are attacking their bunker. Go back out and fight the
    guys he mentioned, and through the bunker. The Soldier on the other side of the
    radio is dead (and he knew Adrian's name!). Take his Machine Gun, jump across
    the pipes, and crouch through. Go up the stairs, checking each floor for
    extras, and reach the top. Here, shoot the Vortigaunts that spawn and use the
    Mortar to blow up the gates blocking the doors. Once done, some Race X aliens
    will come out! Use the Mortar or whatever is at hand to destroy them! Once they
    are history, get the Soldiers out and go through the smaller door.
    The next area is full of damage and Aliens. Allow the Black Ops Apache to
    dispatch the Aliens, then take it down with a Rocket. Inside, another Shock
    Trooper will engage. Go up the stairs towards the other end. Grab the Sniper
    Rifle rounds in the truck, and climb up the ladder. Head across and to the left
    is a garage with Rockets and a switch that will deactivate the electricity. The
    cable across the rooftops will be safe to run across. On the other roof,
    there's a vent entrance where Adrian should get into.
    Frag all the hostiles in the garage. Then attack the Shock Trooper down the
    ramp. Allow the two factions in the next garage to duke it out, and then
    advance. More Black Ops will come down from a vent. After dispatching them and
    collecting any necessary junk, go up the car towards another vent, where a
    wounded Security Guard has listened to some of the Black Ops' plans. They are
    going to blow the crap out of Black Mesa; this must be stopped!
    Go through the vent and to another part of the Garage, where a Male Assassin
    is yelling at another Security Guard behind a locked bulletproof door. Kill
    both of them and check the area. Talk to the Guard. He's not opening the door
    until the Bomb issue is resolved. The open gates to the left lead to it. One of
    those annoying Assassins is equiping the bomb, while another keeps watch.
    Launch a Grenade at them and deactivate the bomb with a single button. Return
    to the Guard and he'll comply. He then says that the Black Ops are now at the
    basement, but are now under attack by those damn Race X Aliens. Search the area
    for some supplies (and the G-Man observing the Bomb for some reason). Go down
    the elevator; don't worry about the Guard, he'll find some way to meet Adrian
    at the end.
    4.23 >Worlds Collide<
    At the bottom, get some good cover and take down the Black Ops one by one.
    After they're all killed, Adrian should bear the bad sounds of the boxes moving
    and attack the Assassin using the turret. Use it to take down the Ops that come
    in front. Then go up the crates and onto another level. Ambush the Male
    Assassin below. Get to the indent in the corridor once the first moving crate
    gets out of the way. Then make way to the other side, where some Black Ops are.
    Shoot them down and advance up the elevator. At the top, there will be some
    crates hanging from a bar above. The path of swinging crates leads to a huge
    room with a fight between the Black Ops and the Race X armies. Avoid the
    gunfire and jump across the crates onto a steady tower of crates. Then make
    Adrian's way down to the bottom of the room by jumping down crates. Wait for
    the two armies to exhaust themselves, then take down the remaining hostiles.
    Somewhere in the room leads to a corridor. Go through the door to meet the
    Security Guard met earlier. He warns Adrian that there's another massive Alien
    to send back to hell. He has supplied Adrian with enough ammo to fend it off,
    and has activated a few charging stations if needed. Take them all and go down
    the elevator to see the final enemy of the game!
    Down in the depths, keep running against the fan and go down the stairs,
    breaking the crates here. In the next room, there's a rope leading to a Healing
    Pool. Go to the next area where a purple portal is absorbing some sprites. When
    all the sprites come through (eventually), the Gene Worm appears! Use the two
    Turrets on the balconies to shoot its eyes, forcing it to reveal a portal-like
    object in its belly. Shoot it with the Bazooka. After this, it will release a
    portal that spawns a Shock Trooper. Use a Grenade on it. Keep repeating this
    process until the Gene Worm is completely defeated. In this process, the Worm
    will break the bridge connected to both sides of the balconies. The only way to
    access the other side is to use the Grapple. Also, take advantage of the
    Healing Pool provided.
    4.24 >Conclusion<
    Once the Worm is killed, a portal consumes Adrian and he is teleported onto an
    Osprey Helecopter, where he meets the G-Man, the guy with the briefcase. He
    states that he has interest in Adrian, and therefore, he keeps him in reserve,
    as Adrian's adventure remined the G-Man of a younger self. Adrian then goes
    into a black void and is not heard of ever again for the series to date...
    5.0 >Other<
    This covers all the other things in this guide.
    5.1 >Cheats<
    This is the list of cheats available in this game. To acess the console, go to
    the options menu, go to the keyboard section, find "advanced", then allow acess
    to the console. Press ~ to go to the console. Then type "sv_cheats 1". Then the
    rest is history! Note that when creating extra monsters, it will only work if
    there are other monsters like the one being given in the map (Barney can't be
    spawned when another Barney character isn't around). Also, noclip mode MUST be
    activated in order to move out of the monste (the monster will appear on
    Adrian's location).
    "Give" List:
    monster_human_grunt_ally (no weapons) 
    "Changelevel" List:
    Impulse List:
    76: Spawns a human grunt.
    101: Gives all weapons and ammo.
    102: Spawns gibs.
    103: Displays current monster stats.
    104: Lists global entities.
    105: Silent walk.
    106: Displays current item stats.
    107: Displays current texture name.
    109: Controls onscreen monsters.
    195: Displays AI information.
    202: Creates blood.
    203: Delete monster.
    Other Cheats List:
    noclip: Fly through the air and walls.
    god: Invincibility.
    notarget: Invisibility.
    thirdperson: Third-person view from the right.
    chase_active 1: Third-person view from the back. Change 1 back to 0 to
    deactivate cheat.
    sv_gravity #: Set gravity level. Earth is 800. Numbers are from 0-999.
    5.2 >G-man Sightings<
    These are where the G-man appears.
    Boot Camp:
    After going outside, he can be seen talking to a Soldier in a balcony above.
    Welcome to Black Mesa:
    After jumping over the waste, the G-Man can be seen on the other side of a
    locked door talking to a Security Guard in what seems to be a lobby.
    Welcome to Black Mesa:
    In a situation where Adrian is about to get devoured by radioactive watste, the
    G-Man appears in a control room and opens up a locked door to allow Adrian to
    We Are Pulling Out:
    The G-Man locks Adrian behind a door, preventing him from escaping into the
    Osprey and forcing him to remain in Black Mesa.
    Pit Worm's Nest:
    Appears in a control room above the waste room Adrian lands in at the beginning
    of this chapter.
    Foxtrot Uniform:
    Appears at the tower at the broken dam.
    The Package:
    Re-activates the Bomb Adrian had just defused.
    5.3 >FAQ<
    Here's the usual Frequently Asked Questions section!
    Q: How does Adrian get the M16?
    A: The High Definition Pack MUST be installed to get the M16. Note that the M16
    will replace the MP5.
    Q: Cheats don't work!
    A: BEFORE loading a game or starting a new one, open the console and then enter
    "sv_cheats 1". If this is done AFTER starting a game, re-load the game. "Give"
    cheats will only work if Adrian goes through another loading screen.
    Q: What's your Steam account name?
    A: My Steam Account can be found here:
    My Steam nickname is RainingMetal. Be sure to email me if you plan to be
    friends with me!
    Q: I only want to get a certain part of this guide! What can I do?
    A: Select what's necessary and then right click and click on copy (or select
    and then press control C). Then go to some other word document, right click,
    and paste (or press control V). Print away!
    Q: I want to contribute to this guide by writing some information for it!
    A: Go right ahead. E-mail me at boocatcher5(@)hotmail(.)com (omit the
    Be free to e-mail me some more questions. Rules for it are explained below.
    5.4 >Email Guide<
    Here are some ground rules for sending me e-mails.
    1. Spell correctly with good grammar.
    2. Don’t ask something that’s already inside this guide.
    3. Try to make your strategy neat, because I will directly take your strategy
    from your E-mail. Also, pressing enter at the end of each line would help.
    4. Don’t forget about the subject (Half-Life)! Then I will know what the
    topic is about.
    5. Don't ever try to contact me through a messenger program. Ever.
    6. If there's an error or a vital note for the guide missing, please inform me
    of it immediatley.
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    6.0 >And The Rest!<
    This is the last chapter of this guide. I hope you enjoyed it!
    6.1 >Website List<
    This is a list of the Websites that this guide is available to:
    -Super Cheats.
    6.2 >Credits<
    -Me, the author.
    -jackmcg for the Spore Launcher info.
    -Valve & Sierra, for making the game.
    -GameFAQs for uploading this guide.
    6.3 >Legal Disclaimer<
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