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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mattie005

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 03/29/04

               #  # #### #    ####      #    # #### ####
               #  # #  # #    #         #    # #    #    #
               #### #### #    #### #### #    # #### ####
               #  # #  # #    #         #    # #    #    #
               #  # #  # #### #         #### # #    ####

   #### #### #### #### #### # ##### #####    #### #### #### #### ####
   #  # #  # #  # #  # #    # #   # #   #    #    #  # #  # #    #
   #  # #### #### #  # #### # #   # #####    #### #  # #### #    ####
   #  # #    #    #  #    # # #   #     #    #    #  # # #  #    #
   #### #    #    #### #### # #   # #####    #    #### #  # #### ####
              Half-Life: Opposing Force FAQ/Walkthrough

                   © Copyright 2004 Matthew Higgins

Title:                       Half-Life: Opposing Force
Genre:                       PC
Type:                        First Person Shooter
Developer:                   Valve
Auther:                      Matthew Higgins (Mattie005)
Email:                       mattie0052004@hotmail.com
Walkthrough Version:         1.3
Last update:                 17:31 29/03/2004


1 - Introduction
2 - Storyline
3 - Options
    - Controls
4 - Weapons
5 - Characters
6 - Boot camp - You dirt bag! -**COMING SOON**-
7 - Missions/Levels
    - Welcome to Black Mesa **COMPLETED**	
    - We are Pulling Out **COMPLETED**
    - Missing in Action **COMPLETED**
    - Friendly Fire
    - We Are Not Alone
    - Crush Depth
    - Vicarious Reality
    - Pit Worm's Nest
    - Foxtrot Uniform
    - The Package
    - World's Collide
8 - Cheats
    - Cheats
9 - Multiplayer
10- Frequently Asked Questions -**MORE COMING IN SOON WITH YOUR EMAILS**-
11- Copyright
    - Copyright
    - Website permission
12- The author
13- Version History - 1.3


  Half-Life Opposing Force is the expansion pack for Half-Life. Half-Life
Opposing Force was made in December 1999. You play as a solder called Adrian
Shephard. You are sent in to Black Mesa Research Facility to get rid of these
monsters and Aliens. You have your team-mates helping you all the way through
the game. But do you really think that if going to be that easy?
  Gearbox did a brillant job on the expansion pack. I would rate it 9/10.
  Good luck on your game... (Now you can read the walkthrough)

--------------------------------2. Storyline---------------------------------

  Half-Life: Opposing Force returns you to the Black Mesa Research Facility,
where an experiment has gone completely wrong.

  In Half-Life, you were Gordon Freeman, a scientist struggling to escape the
horrific facility. In Half-Life: Opposing Force, you play the other side as
Adrian Shephard. Your mission? Silence Gordon Freeman and his fellow scientists.

  However, before you are given your orders, something goes horribly wrong and
whole platoon is killed. Left stranded, dazed and confused, you'll need to
work with those you were sent in to "contain." A few squads of military
personnel are still alive within the complex as well and you'll need their
help to escape alive.

  Half-Life: Opposing Force offers new weapons, both military and alien, new
levels, new enemies and a new multi-player experience.

----------------------------3. Options---------------------------------------


                               DEFAULT CONTROLS
         Action                     Button                 Alternative
Forward                  | up arrow                | W
Back                     | down arrow              | S
Turn left                | left arrow              |
Turn right               | right arrow             |
Strafe left              | A                       | ,
Strafe right             | D                       | .
Jump                     | space                   |
Duck                     | CTRL                    |
Swim up                  | V                       | '
Swim down                | C                       | /
Look up                  | page up                 |
Look down                | page down               |
Look straight ahead      | end                     |
Strafe modifier          | ALT                     |
Mouse look modifier      | ;                       |
Keyboard look modifier   | insert                  |
Primary attack           | mouse 1                 | enter
Alternate attack         | mouse 2                 |
Reload                   | R                       |
Use                      | E                       |
Walk                     | shift                   |
Flashlight               | F                       |
Spray Logo               | T                       |
Weapon Category 1        | 1                       |
Weapon Category 2        | 2                       |
Weapon Category 3        | 3                       |
Weapon Category 4        | 4                       |
Weapon Category 5        | 5                       |
Pervious weapon          | mouse wheel up          | [
Next weapon              | mouse wheel down        | ]
Last used weapon         | Q                       |
Take screenshot          | F5                      |
Quick save               | F6                      |
Quick load               | F7                      |
Pause                    | pause                   |

                               MY CONTROLS

       Action                      Button               Alternative
Forward                  | up arrow                | W
Back                     | down arrow              | S
Turn left                | left arrow              |
Turn right               | right arrow             |
Strafe left              | A                       | ,
Strafe right             | D                       | .
Jump                     | space                   | Enter
Duck                     | CTRL                    |
Swim up                  | V                       | '
Swim down                | C                       | /
Look up                  | page up                 |
Look down                | page down               |
Look straight ahead      | end                     |
Strafe modifier          | ALT                     |
Mouse look modifier      | ;                       |
Keyboard look modifier   | insert                  |
Primary attack           | mouse 1                 | space
Alternate attack         | mouse 2                 |
Reload                   | R                       | kp_enter
Use                      | shift                   |
Walk                     |                         |
Flashlight               | F                       |
Spray Logo               | T                       |
Weapon Category 1        | 1                       |
Weapon Category 2        | 2                       |
Weapon Category 3        | 3                       |
Weapon Category 4        | 4                       |
Weapon Category 5        | 5                       |
Pervious weapon          | mouse wheel up          | [
Next weapon              | mouse wheel down        | ]
Last used weapon         | Q                       |
Take screenshot          | F5                      |
Quick save               | F6                      |
Quick load               | F9                      |
Pause                    | pause                   |

                          **UNDER CONSTRUCTION**

--------------------------------4. Weapons-----------------------------------
          (Even more information of these weapons coming right soon!)

* Knife -                 The knife is more powerfuller then the crow bar.
                          If is faster at swinging as well.

                          Alternate attack: -

* Desert Eagle .357 -     This gun is one cool gun. It has a laser that makes
                          your shots more accurate. This gun is very powerful.

                          Holds: 1 clip - 7 bullets
                          Max Bullets: 36
                          First seen: Welcome to Black Mesa
                          Alternate attack: Laser
                          Shoot underwater: No

* Shotgun -               This gun is horribly unaccurate at long range. It is
                          very accurate at close range though. Primary attack
                          is one simple shot; but alternate attack is twice
                          the power. It takes up two shoots/barrels.

                          Holds: 8 barrels
                          Max bullets: 125
                          First seen: Welcome to black Mesa
                          Alternate attack: A powerful double-shot.
                          Shoot underwater: No

* M-249 SAW Machine Gun - This is a new weapon in Opposing Force. The bullets
                          run out very quickly.

                          Holds: 1 clip - 50 bullets
                          Max bullets: 200 bullets/4 clips
                          First seen: Friendly Fire
                          Alternate attack: -
                          Shoot underwater: No

* Mp5 Machine Gun -       This gun is the lightest and best machine gun you've
                          got. It comes in more handy by having a grenade
                          launcher with it.

                          Holds: 1 clip - 50 bullets
                          Max bullets: 250
                          Max grenades: 10
                          First seen: We are Pulling Out
                          Alternate attack: Grenade launcher
                          Shoot underwater: No

* Barnacle -              This gun is like a grapple. As well as a gun, how
                          cool is that! It can suck your enemies up and kill
                          them. It can only grapple onto organic matter.

* Spore Launcher -        This is one of the new weapons. It is so cool. It
                          is an alien weapon that eats spores and spits it

                          Holds: 5 spores
                          Max bullets: 20 spores
                          First seen: Vicarious Reality
                          Alternate attack: Boucing spore
                          Shoot underwater: Yes

* Hand Grenades -         Hand grenades can come in very handy at times.
                          They can surprise your enemies and clear out rooms.

                          Max bullets: 10 grenades
                          Alternate attack: -
                          First seen: Welcome to Black Mesa
                          Shoot underwater: Yes

* Grenade Launcher (Rocket propelled) - This rocket propelled grenade launcher
                          has two modes. Primary attack is just a simple
                          launch. The secondary is guided with the arrow keys.

                          Holds: 1 at a time
                          Max bullets: 5
                          First seen: Missing in Action
                          Alternate attack: Guided rocket
                          Shoot underwater: Yes

* Displacer -             The displacer is an interesting weapon. In primary
                          attack you shoot out an orange orb. Secondary attack
                          you go to the "alien" world for a little bit for
                          some supplies and return to the real world.

                          Max bullets: 5 orbs - 100% (20% per orb)
                          First seen: We Are Not Alone
                          Alternate attack: Xmen world
                          Shoot underwater: Yes

* 9mm Handgun -           This gun comes in handy only when you're shooting
                          enemies like headcrabs and bullsqids.

                          Holds: 17 bullets
                          Max bullets: 250
                          First seen: We Are Pulling Out
                          Alternate attack: Faster shots
                          Shoot underwater: Yes

* C4 Satchels -           These are like hand grenades but you decide when
                          they go off. They're not timed or anything. Primary
                          attack slides it along the floor. Secondary attack
                          slides out more. Press primary attack and it will
                          bomb them off.

                          Max satchels: 5
                          Alternate attack: Slides on the floor
                          First Seen: We Are Pulling Out
                          Shoot underwater: Yes

* Tripmines -             This weapon can be funny at times. At other times,
                          you can kill yourself by walking into the laser!
                          If your enemies walk into this, your enemies are
                          definitly dead!

                          Max tripmines: 5
                          Alternate attack: -
                          First seen: Missing in Action
                          Shoot underwater: Yes

* M-40A1 Sniper Rifle -   The sniper Rifle is the best gun for shooting in
                          long distance. It is very accurate. The bad thing
                          about it is, it takes a while to reload.

                          Holds: 5 bullets at a time
                          Max bullets: 15 bullets
                          Alternate attack: Zoom in
                          First seen: Foxtrot Uniform
                          Shoot underwater: No

* Shockroach -            The shockroach is an alien that fires up to 10 bolts
                          of electricity very rapidly. It recharges.

                          Max shockroaches: 10
                          Alternate attack: -
                          First seen: Crush Depth
                          Shoot underwater: Don't try it, you'll kill yourself

* Snarks -                Snarks are little aliens that run around and attack
                          any living beings in the area. Use them to clear out
                          rooms and to determine what type of enemies may be
                          waiting in the next room.

                          Max snarks: 15
                          Alternate attack: -
                          First seen: Vicarious Reality
                          Shoot underwater: Yes but not much use!

--------------------------------5. Characters--------------------------------
         (Even more information on these characters coming right soon!)


* Regular Zombies -       You may remember regular zombies from the original
                          Half-Life. Regular zombies are the slow-moving
                          products of successful headcrabs who have taken over
                          their host's body.

   Their attack: They will slash you with their powerful claws.
   To defeat them: A few shots in their head will kill them. If not, whack them
one with a knife or wrench.

* Advanced Zombies -      Advanced zombies are headcrabs that have fully
                          overtaken their hosts' bodies.

   Their attack: A bit faster than regular zombies. It can launch acidic globs
of mucus at you.
   To defeat them: Stay back, avoid the globs of mucus. To kill them, plant a
few shots from your Desert Eagle in their head.

* Headcrabs -             Headcrabs are little aliens that snap at your head.
                          Headcrabs are for the most part easy to kill. They
                          mainly walk towards you and jump at you.

   Tip: One way to kill headcrabs is to dodge when they leap at your head,
then quickly run up to them and whack them with the knife or wrench. They
can't jump backwards or sideways, and it takes them awhile to turn in place
and prepare for another jump.
   Their attack: They walk towards you. When they're close enough they'll jump
and snap at your head.
   To defeat them: A few shots with your 9mm handgun will kill them.

* Alien Slaves -          You may remember alien slaves from Half-Life.

   Tip: It takes slaves a few seconds to power up, which gives you a chance to
disable them. Just avoid the electrical bolts and you should be fine.
   Their attack: They are fast creatures that discharge a powerful electrical
bolt. They can also fight hand-to-hand.
   To defeat them: A single shot from the Desert Eagle.

* Alien Grunts -

* Military Turrets -      These are automated target-seeking machines that the
                          military has set around for automated defense. They
                          can't walk around, but they can swivel 360 degrees.

   Their attack: Shoots out pellats if you walk in the red laser beam.
   To defeat them: Shoot it in the leg or at the top of its "head." Grenades
work well too.

* Giant Tentacles -       Giant tentacles are huge, well, tentacles that have a
very sharp beak on one
end. Tentacles are unbeatable using conventional weapons. You will usually just
have to avoid tentacles rather than fight them.

   Tip: You can either creep past them silently or throw a grenade in the
opposite direction.
   Their attack: Pecks with its beak.
   To defeat them: -**You can't defeat them with any weapon**-

* Barnacles -             Barnacles latch onto the ceilings of buildings and
                          dangle their tongues down from above. The tongues
                          will grab onto whatever happens to step into them.

   Tips: If you see one, don't be tempted that its an ordinary rope. You'll
know if its a barnacle because it'll have some red jaws at the top of it.
   Their attack: If you climb up it, they eat you up for dinner.
   To defeat them: There is no point shooting them. You might as well dodge
them unless you really need to shoot them. 2-4 shots of the 9mm handgun will
kill them.

* Ichthyosaurs -          Ichthyosaurs are just like sharks but the alien
                          opposite. They look, act, and exist like sharks. You
                          will only find them in water.

   Tip: It is often better just to swim quickly past them before they can
attack. Few weapons work in water so unless you can fight them, you might as
well just avoid them if possible.
   Their attack: They will charge and attack their enemies in one swift
   To defeat them: An underwater weapon like a displacer.

* Voltigores -            Voltigores are large, quadrupedal animals that are
                          very powerful.

   Tip:  Avoid the purple electric fields that they produce. Hiding behind a
corner doesn't usually work. Baby voltigores are just like adult-size
voltigores, only much easier to kill.
   Their attack: If they come close enough to you, they will use their sharp
points for feet to gore their victims. If not, they will produce purple
electric fields.
   To defeat them: It takes a lot of ammunition to take out a voltigore. Use
weapons like the M-249 SAW and the RPG

* Alien Controllers -     They are the aliens that you first meet in the
                          Lambda Sector's gateway to Xen, both in Half-Life
                          and Opposing Force. You only run into them during
                          Gordon's infamous jump into the gateway to Xen.

   Tip: Avoid the orange orbs and take aim at their massive skulls.
   Their attack: They fly around and toss glowing orange orbs at their
   To defeat them: Use the Mp5 to keep a constant wall of bullets up in the
air for them to run into. Otherwise, don't worry too much about alien

* Pit-Drones -            Pit-drones are simple to deal with. They merely
                          spit from afar and then run up to you to attack up

   Their attack: They have two sickle-like arms that they use to slice through
their victims. They can also spit sharp teeth at you from a distance.
   To defeat them: Put a few simple shots through them and they'll die quite

* Houndeyes -             Houndeyes are the dog-like creatures from Half-Life.

   Their attack: Produce a shrill sonic burst that can injure their victims.
   To defeat them: A shot to the head will kill them immediately.

* Shocktroopers -         Shocktroopers are fast, lightweight aliens. They
                          carry shockroaches, which rapidly fire electrical
                          bolts at you. The shocktroopers also carry spore
                          grenades, which they use when they can't reach you
                          with the shockroach. Avoid these as well, since they
                          can inflict severe damage to you. The first time you
                          see a shocktrooper is in "We Are Pulling Out," but
                          you don't actually fight one and gain a shockroach
                          until Crush Depth.

   Tip: Don't get caught in the shockroach's line-of-sight, as the bolts of
electricity can quickly kill you.
   Their attack: Fires rapid electrical bolts that can quickly kill you.
Carries spore grenades.
   To defeat them:-**I'm not sure**-

* Bullsquids  -           Bullchickens are fairly large, bipedal aliens.
Bullchickens will attack any type of organism, including their own species.
Plus,  if you find a bullchicken hanging around some other aliens, let it
clear the area for you.

   Tip: Try to take out bullchickens from a distance. Their green globs of
mucus are quite slow-moving and you can easily avoid them.
   Their attack: ill spit green globs of mucus at their enemies. They will
charge at their victims as well.
   To defeat them:-**I'm not sure**-

* Assassins -             Assassins are particularly worthy enemies. They are
                          fast, agile and smart. They work in teams and can
                          quickly surround you or flush you out of hiding.
  Tip: There are two types of assassins: female assassins fire silenced
handguns and
do a lot of running (you saw these in some places in Half-Life); male assassins
carry heavier machine guns and grenades and they don't do quite as much running
around as the female assassins do.

Never expect to hit assassins up close with a handheld weapon; it just doesn't
work. Instead, pull out your Mp5 or your M-249 and send up an impenetrable wall
of bullets, or set a strategic tripmine or C4 satchel. Be sure to pick up the
ammo left behind by fallen assassins.

To defeat them: You will be able to shoot them with 1 bullet of your desert
Eagle. If not, pull out your Mp5 or your M-249.


* Soldier -  Armed with either a shotgun, MP-5 machine gun or a new M-249, these
             soldiers are only there to give you fire support.

* Medic -    They can heal you and your teammates. They do have a limited amount
             of supply so they won't be able to help you forever. They are armed
             with a desert eagle.

* Engineer - The engineer is trained to destroy doors. Be careful not to hit
             the gas tank on his back or you will blow him up......heheheh.
             Like the medic, they are sometimes armed with a desert eagle.

------------------------6. Boot camp - Training------------------------------

  I tell you now, boot camp is like prisn! It's nothing like training. Anyway,
it's better to do training before you start the missions. So let's get
                 -**UNDER CONSTRUCTION - COMING SOON!**-

----------------------------7. Walkthrough-----------------------------------

                    Tips, hints and tricks before you start...

* Remember that if you are a beginner, and it is your first time playing, try
playing the easiest level first.
* At the beginning of the level where you reach the security guard, find a
chair. It is easily moved. Move it to the door that he will open for you,
and get him to open it. Slide the chair in between the doors, and it will
not close. This may take a few tries. Go out, take the crowbar, charge it
up until you reach the same security guard, and hit him until he explodes.
Then, get his pistol with the laser sight and continue the game.
* You'll have team-mate's helping you all the way through the game so don't
worry if you think you're all on your own.

                           Level 1 - Welcome to Black Mesa

Opposing Force - Welcome To Black Mesa

  One minute you're in a helicopter with your team-mates, then the next minute
you're transforming yourself from place to place...

  It all starts when you're in an army helicopter with your team-mates.
They're all chatting away about the mission. (Maybe swearing at times!) Soon
you should be able to see another army helicopter oppisite you. Nice scenery
too! (no time for that.)Keep looking at it, go on; you're in for a surprise!
  These **things** (I didn't know what to call them) fly over the oppisite
helicopter and attack it. And then YOURS! You transform from place to place
(oh no, Aliens!) and end up in a room with a scienist and two dead army
people. Listen to the scienist trying to test his "life saving efforts" and
then listen to what else he says. Go through the door. (If you ever run out
of health, you can always use the health kit.)
  You obviously can't go left or right so go straight forward. You'll see
two scienists carrying an army man (he's a zombie.) Turn left and go towards
all the cages. Listen to the scienists talking about the headcrabs. (I bet you
want to trangle and get hold of those scienists necks and kill them!) Go and
get the armour on the far right.
  Go out of that room and turn on your first left. Follow along until you come
to a window to your right. Watch the space-suit man get killed (laugh as much
as you want and be glad it's not you.) And quickly make a ran ahead and turn
to the right. Squeeze through the little gap, follow the path along until you
see a security guard shooting a zombie.
  Now this is the time to get a gun. Look at the very start of the walkthrough
where the tips, hints and tricks are. This is the time were you can do the
trick. (I'll go over it again.)
  Get the security to open the door. Then get the wheel chair and drag it in
the doorway. Then go out, take the crow bar, and then squeeze through the
doors. (It may take a few goes to get this right.) Charge up your crow bar
with the alternate attack button and murder the security guard. Get his gun
and put the laser on it. Follow through the doors and along the path...
  Duck under the green laser. Dough! No-where else to go! (Please do not
attempt to jump over the purple laser on the stairs!)

                          **PROBLEM POINT**

Solution: Smash up one of the mirrors, (be careful not to touch the lasers)
and then stand back. It'll all smash up and then you can go through the door
at the top of the stairs...
(WARNING: There are headcrabs in this part. To kill them you'll have to use
your crow bar. Or just make a runner! It's a waste of bullets shooting
headcrabs. Save them until later were you'll definitly need them.)
  Kill the headcrabs that drop from the roof, jump over the toxic waste and
kill the two headcrabs that are hiding. Turn right and then hit all the boxes
to get some health and armour. Hit the door if you want but the security guard
will just look at you. But hey, it's the person you acted in Half-life.
Talking to the security guard. (Readers thought: I wanna kill him!)
  Enough of that. Go up the stairs, smash the boxes and go out the door...
  This bit is like an "jumping" course. Turn right and go down the stairs. Go
right to the edge of the bridge and jump to the oppisite side. Carry on along
and jump again to the other side. Follow that along and jump onto the next one
and then the next one. Follow the path until you're stood in front of some
fence. See the dead alien oppisite you? Well do a running jump to the oppisite
side and then collect the knife near where the dead alien is. Next go straight
ahead. Kill the headcrab and them go through the little doorway. It's best if
you switch your night-vision on.
  Go down the pipes and through the doors. Kill the three headcrabs and go
through the oppisite doors. Smash the crakes for some health and guns. Listen
to the security guard dying and then go through the small hole.
  Come out the other side. This is a pattern bit. Notice the electricity
stopping every 3 seconds to your right? Well do a runner to the right and go
through the oppisite hole. Come out, get the gun and turn off the electricity
by pressing "action." Go out the door, and back from were you came from. Two
alien's transport so kill them with your new desert eagle! Go through the door
and to the radio. Press action. Smash all the crakes and go down the ladder...
Go down the second ladder.
  Now don't be tempted to walk into the ropes. You don't climb them. They eat
you up. Don't shoot them either; just dodge them and turn left and follow the
path along.
  EXTRA: If you want some extra bullets, jump in the water below you and then
go through the cave. Collect the 7 bullets from the dead army man. Then go
  Come out the door and go in the other. Follow the path until you come to an
open area. Shoot the transporting Aliens. Get your shotgun from the dead army
man. Climb down the ladder, shoot the alien and dodge the smoke coming from
the pipes. The second alien you bump into is just after the first. But this
time, it's underneath you. Try and shoot it if you want; otherwise follow the
path and go down the ladder and kill it then. Follow the path along (avoid
the ropes again) and go through the door...
  Turn right, shoot the aliens that come down on the lift, smash the crates
and go through the door to your left (ignore the lift for now.)
  Now, be WARNED! This is a trick! So be careful. You better pause now and
read on. Start running to the other door; no used, it is a sneaky trick!
  Go in, go to the middle. Everything will start crashing down bit by bit.
Go to the left and stay there and wait for the crashing and lightening to
stop. But be quick, the toxic waste is rising. Do you see the bridge dangling
down? Well run and jump on it. Go left (notice the mystery man you saw before?
He's helping you now!) and let the mystery man open the door.
  Follow the path around and go up the lift. Get out the lift and go in the
next room. Glance to the left of you, and duck-jump to get the bullets. Jump
over the toxic waste, smash as many crates at you can, get the bullets and
health, shoot the headcrab, go to the right and shoot all of them headcrabs.
Go to the control room, catch up on a bit of health. Press the buttons on the
in front of the window to make it possible to duck-jump through the window,
onto the lift and jump to the other side. Once you're there, collect the
armour and press action to open the door. No way you're going to jump over
there without losing health and armour. What you have to do is go to the
control room again, move the lift so that you can jump on the over crates.
  Duck-jump out, onto the lift and onto the crates. Hopefully, from there
you can jump to the other side without losing a bit of health or armour.
Duck under the big signs (**didn't know what to call them**,) turn left and
duck-jump through the hole in the pipe to your right.
  You'll fall all the way down to the bottom, go down the water-fall and plonk
into the water. Go through the broken cage, dodge the ropes (that eat you up)
and go through the hole to the right. Dodge all the ropes (that eat you up)
and climb up the ladder at the far right of the room.
  Follow the path, dodge the ropes and follow the path across the bridge, turn
right, get the grenades and desert eagle bullets. Go down the path, (by now
you should hear the alarm) and open the door. Oh no! What do you do next???

                            **PROBLEM POINT**

  Solution: Shoot the boxed explosives so it makes way for the robot. Once its
gone through the door, go down the ladder that gives you the blocks to jump
on. Jump through the obstacle course. At the end press the control button
and all the sewice should go. Now go to the far door and open it with the
button. Go up the lift...
  Shoot all the bullsquds. Push the tray to the lift/montrail/tram, jump on
the tray and then the montrail/tram/lift and push the big tray thingy to your
rightso you can get in the tram. tram/montrail/lift. It will automatically
start. This is going to be the ride of your life. It's great! (NOT REALLY -
it's terrible!)
  Alien slaves will transport all the time. No need to shoot them, just duck
in the tram/montrail/lift.

                     Level 2 - We Are Pulling Out

  Once you're at the end of the "ride of your life," collect the bullets;
when you're about an inch of getting the bullets, alien slaves will transport
to be warned.
  Listen to the fat, greedy security guard eating the candy! Meet the "candy"
man in other room. Tell him to follow you. (At this part what I did was leave
all the shooting to the security guard because you'll waste your bullets and
need them later.)
  Go through the doorway, let the security guard shoot the aliens and
headcrabs. Follow the path and turn right. Follow that path. (Put night
vision on.) Kill the Alien Slaves.
  When you get to a window on your right, watch the action and laugh your head
off. By the way, the bit monster isn't going to come for you.
  Climb through the window (there's no monsters here!), collect the bullets
from the dead security guard. Let the security through the door and follow
the path. Get the security guard to open the security door. Collect the things
inside, go up the lift. (Kill the security if you want some extra bullets.)
  Hey, ya got it. The first soldier you meet, is standing there. Can't wait...
  Oh heck; oh HELL!!! He's died because of those little so and so's. Well, you
know what to do. Kill the stupid little alien slaves. smash the crates to get
some bullets, boost your armour with the charger.
  See the vent? Jump onto the armour charger and crawl in. At the end, climb
to the top and go through that vent. OH YES! You're saved. This is the end
of the game! Yee-pe! (Readers thought)
Boost up your health and go in the next room. Use the radio, collect the
weapons and go to the next room. Collect the bullets there, kill the soldier
threating the scentist for some bullets. At this part, you can either go
through the vent or down the stairs. They both go to the same place. I think
its quicker to go the stairs way. Don't you?
  There's no point smashing the crates because there's nothing inside them.
As soon as you go through to the next room, the door will start closing; with
that mysterious man looking as though he can't see you. Now you know that man
is FREEMAN! Plus, the amy who came to resue you is leaving. Now you know that
it isn't the end of the game! Soon, Alien slaves will start appearing. Shoot
them and then go through the hole. Follow the path until you reach the pipes..

                          Level 3 - Missing in Action

  The door is locked. Duck under the pipes and go forward. Shoot the headcrab
in front of you. Go out from under the pipes. Shoot the alien slaves that
telesport in. Smash the crates for some armor and collect the shotguns. Where
the hell do you go now???

                          **PROBLEM POINT**

  No problem. See the three pipes that are near the spilt water. Run up them
and smash the bars. Go down the vent. Forget the first way out for now. Keep
going down the vent until you come to the second way out. Smash down that, get
the supplies and go through the door. And what do you KNOW!!!
  You're back to where you were before. Yet again, go through the same vent
and smash the first bars you get to.
  This part is very dodgy. Some of the tiles you step on will make you fall
into some electricical water. That's bad. The way to work out witch tiles are
dodgy you have to put your night-vision goggles on. The one's that are dodgy
will be a different colour to the rest. At some point, you'll have to jump
over some tiles.
  When you're at the end, you'll be facing two fans. Jump on the big "lines"
just on top of the fan. Do a running jump to the other fan and jump to
safty off the second fan. (WARNING: The air off the fan may blow you off the
  Follow the path, dodging the smoke out of the pipes. Near the end, climb
down the ladder and you'll hopefully be in front of two fans.
  This is a disguisting part of the game. What you have to crawl between the
two fans. Just take your time and don't rush. Don't do a runner. Don't run
into the fan. remember; slowly and steadily, wins the race!
  When you've successfully done that task, well done! If you did it on your
first attempt, great! It took me three times to do it right!
  Get to the end, don't stand up or you'll have you're head knocked off. Go
down the ladder to your left. Go to the right to the other fan.
  Oh, I forget, the disguisting part isn't over with. What you have to do
is get in that hole. When it just passes, crawl in, don't go in the hole.
The spinning thingy (I didn't know what to call it!) won't touch you.
  Now; go down the hole. I think night-vision goggles will come in handy now.
Smash in the bar at the end. Oh hell! Fire! Why the hell do they have FIRE
  Jump over the first "fire tunnel" when the fire isn't coming. The next "fire
tunnel" is even worse! Again, jump at the right time. When you're across,
shoot the advanced zombie and headcrab. Smash the vent in to your left and go
down the vent. At the end of the vent, smash the bar in and back away from the
fire. Get ready to run half-way. Once half-way, you're confused. Where the
heck do you go?

                            **PROBLEM POINT**

  See the broken bars to your right. Guess what? You've got to run in.
(Slow and steady; wins the race!) Run in and jump to the side at the other
side. Kill all the zombies. Then push the "EXPLOSIVES" box into the tunnel
that isn't being used. Go to the button "Test Fire" and press it. Of course,
there is a hole no go through. Carry on down the pipeline, killing the zombie
and headcrabs. At the end, go through the hole in the vent to your right. Turn
left. Follow the vent and smash it at the end. Go to the dying army man next
to the truck and listen to what he says. Go in the truck for some bullets and
then carry on left into "Storage Room 2." You'll hear two alien slave's
sneaking across the top. Smash the boxes for some health.
  Here you have an option. If you're running out of health and bullets, go
into the darkness (right.) On the other hand, if you're full on health and
armour, go left. Open the door and kill the 4 Pit-Drones. Get some bullets in
the truck.
  Smash all the crates for some rockets launchers and bullets. Carry on up the
little steps...
  Kill the 2 Pit-drones, listen to the scentiest. This part is testing your
jumping skills now. Crouch-Jump to the opposite ladder. Go down that ladder
to that ledge. There's another ladder. Climb down that to get to the bottom.
  Go in the crashed lift; up the open vent. From there you should be able to
jump into the room. Once in the room, go left; and through the door.
  Slide to the other side of the water, avoiding the electric wire. Crouch-
jump onto the boxes. Once at the other side, turn left, through the door.
Turn off the electricity with the electricity box. Come back out of that door,
and go straight forward. Crouch-jump over the boxes.
  Climb up the two ladders. Soon; jump onto a rope in front of you and climb
it right to the top. Jump onto the broken lift, go in it for some armour; and
then go through the doorway with the dead security guard in the floor. Go
left. At the end, push the little box under the vent so you can get in the
vent. Go in the vent.
  Half-way down, the vent will collapse. Down worry, go down it into the
water. Behind were you just come out is a pit-drone. Kill it. Get the gun
off the dead army man and then go through the hole in the wall to your right.
  Go right again, straight forward and open the door. Get your little box
and drag it to the big heap in the way. (That's in front of the bin.) Crouch
jump over it. See the "EXPLOSIVES" box in the window? Shoot it. GREAT! You
can get your little box because you need it to get in the vent. Get the little
box from the other side, drag it to the vent; and simple go in the vent! Kill
the headcrab at the end and come out.
  I'm afraid there's nothing you can do about the scienist being electricuted
however; no need to worry. Carry on through the door to the right. Walk down
the path, killing the headcrab that drops from the roof.
  Forget about the bunker now. Carry on until you reach a health pack. And
now what do you know??? You're friends are here. You can HEAR them!!! Go back
to the hidden bunker, listen to the scientist. Shoot the electricity off. Then
climb the rope just above the genarator. Collect all the weapons, use the
radio. Some time after the engineer will bomb down the door. Stand back! Go to
them, listen to what they say. Get them to follow you by pressing action.
Get the engineer to burn down the door. Get your men in the lift. Press the
"up" button to go down...

                          Level 4 - Friendly Fire

  Be careful when you walk out the lift because four alien slaves will appear.
Kill them straight away before they kill your team-mates. (You'll need them.)
When they're dead, get the engineer to burn down the door. When he has burnt
it down, go through the security door for some armour and bullets. Then go up
the stairs, with your two team-mates. An alien slave will come out of the
door. Say "bye bye" to him! Go through the door.


----------------------------8. Cheats----------------------------------------

The cheat mode in Opposing Force is activated in a similar way to that in the
original Half-Life. In order to activate it you must edit the shortcut you use
to access the game so that it reads:

C:SierraHalf-Lifehl.exe -console +sv_cheats 1 -game gearbox

(replace C:SierraHalf-Life with the appropriate path if you did not use the

-console turns on the console.
+sv_cheats 1 tells the computer to obey the cheat codes you type in.

Once playing, access the console by pressing the key left of the ''1'' key on
your keyboard, and enter cheats here.

Here are the cheats:

         Effect                                             Code

All weapons and ammunition:                             impulse 101
God mode:                                                   god
No clipping and flight modes:                              noclip
Level select:                                         /map <map name>
Spawn indicated item:                                /give <item name>
Spawn indicated weapon:                           /give weapon_<weapon name>
Spawn indicated ammo:                              /give ammo_<ammo name>
Auto-reload enabled:                                      +reload
Auto-reload disabled:                                     -reload
Adjust gravity:                                 sv_gravity <-999 - 999999>
Enemies don't attack:                                     notarget
Third Person view:                                      Third person

Weapon names:
Use one of the following weapon names with the /give weapon_ code.

    Weapon                   Weapon name

.357                         Magnum 357
9mm Assault Rifle               9mmar
9mm Handgun                  9mmhandgun
Crossbow                      crossbow
Crowbar                        crowbar
Desert Eagle                    eagle
Displacer                     displacer
Egon Gun                        egon
Gauss Gun                      gauss
Grapple                       grapple
Hand Granate                handgrenade
Hornet Gun                   hornetgun
Knife                          knife
Laser Tripmine                tripmine
M249 SAW                        m249
M40A Sniper Rifle            sniperrifle
Pipewrench                   pipewrench
Rocket Thrower                  rpg
Satchel Charge                satchel
Shock Rifle                 shockrifle
Shotgun                       shotgun
Snark                          snark
Spore Launcher              sporelauncher

Ammo names:
Use one of the following ammo names with the /give ammo_ code.

Ammo type                                     Ammo name
.357 Magnum                                      357
9mm Assault Rifle                                9mm
9mm Handgun                                      9mm
Crossbow                                       crossbow
Egon Gun                                       egonclip
Gauss Gun                                     gaussclip
M249 SAW                                         556
M40A Sniper Rifle                                762
Rocket Thrower                                 rpgclip
Shotgun                                       buckshot
Spore Launcher                                 spore

Ally names:
Use one of the following entries with the /give code to can spawn allies
specific to the game. Each will appear with their own weapons.

monster_otis (Otis)
monster_human_torch_ally (Engineer)
monster_human_medic_ally (Medic)
monster_human_grunt_ally (Grunt with no weapons)

 Password                               Effect

map 0f0a0                            Introduction
map of1a1                       Welcome to Black Mesa (1)
map of1a2                       Welcome to Black Mesa (2)
map of1a3                       Welcome to Black Mesa (3)
map of1a4                       Welcome to Black Mesa (4)
map of1a4b                      Welcome to Black Mesa (4B)
map of1a5                         We Are Pulling Out (1)
map of1a5b                        We Are Pulling Out (1B)
map of1a6                         We Are Pulling Out (2)
map of2a1                        Missing in Action (1)
map of2a1b                       Missing in Action (1B)
map of2a2                        Missing in Action (2)
map of2a3                        Missing in Action (3)
map of2a4                         Friendly Fire (1)
map of2a5                         Friendly Fire (2)
map of2a6                         Friendly Fire (3)
map of3a1                         We Are Not Alone (1)
map of3a1b                        We Are Not Alone (1B)
map of3a2                         We Are Not alone (2)
map of3a4                          Crush Depth (1)
map of3a5                          Crush Depth (2)
map of3a6                          Crush Depth (3)
map of4a1                        Vicarious Reality (1)
map of4a2                        Vicarious Reality (2)
map of4a3                        Vicarious Reality (3)
map of4a4                        Pit Worm's Nest (1)
map of4a5                        Pit Worm's Nest (2)
map of5a1                        Foxtrot Uniform (1)
map of5a2                        Foxtrot Uniform (2)
map of5a3                        Foxtrot Uniform (3)
map of5a4                        Foxtrot Uniform (4)
map of6a1                          The Package (1)
map of6a2                          The Package (2)
map of6a3                          The Package (3)
map of6a4                          The Package (4)
map of6a4b                         Worlds Collide (1)
map of6a5                          Worlds Collide (2)
map of7a0                             Conclusion

                                    Hints and Tips

----------------------------9. Multiplayer-----------------------------------

  Not only do you get new weapons, enemies, missions in Opposing Force. You
also get a great multiplayer experience. Read on!

----------------------------10. Freqently Asked Questions---------------------

   Q. I've run out of bullets. What shall I attack with?
   A. Seeing as you can't use your fists, you'll have to use your knife, crow
bar or pipe wrench.

   Q. I can't get jump through this window. What shall I do?
   A. You have to do a ducking-jump. You jump, duck in mid-air and move
forward at the same time. You'll get the hang of it soon.

   Q. Is Freeman that mystery man you see all the way through the game?
   A. Yes. It's freeman that you see all the way through Opposing Force.
Freeman is the man you played in Half-Life.

   Q. My night-vision goggles arn't working. What shall I do?
   A. Lowering the screen resolution may help.


--------------------------------11. Copyright---------------------------------


© Copyright 2004 Matthew Higgins. It may not be stolen, altered, or used for
any type of profit. It may not be placed on a CD, printed in a magazine or
any type of publication.

                             Website Permission

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I will be very pleased if you do want my FAQ on your website!!!

---------------------------------12. Contact---------------------------------

If you need to contact me, e-mail me at the address provided.  E-mail me about
questions concerning Half-Life, or if there are any errors in this document.
I will be glad to reply to most e-mail.
  However I will not except spam or any virus's to be sent to me. No bad
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  Thank You!

E-email: mattie0052004@hotmail.com

--------------------------------13. The author-------------------------------

Author: Matthew Higgins
Email: mattie0052004@hotmail.com

These are the guides I have written:

James Bond 007: Nightfire (PC) - FAQ/Walkthrough
Half Life: Opposing Force (PC) - FAQ/Walkthrough

These are the reviews I have written:

James Bond 007: Nightfire (PC) - Review
Half Life: Opposing Force (PC) - Review
I am now writing:

Age of Empires: Conquerors Expansion (PC) - Strategy Guide  (Out: July)

I hope you really enjoy reading my walkthroughs!

-------------------------------14. Version History---------------------------

0.3  (25.3k) - It was my first ever FAQ/Walkthrough. It had a title,
introduction, a bit of Freqently Asked Questions, storyline, all the cheats
and copyright. I did some simple information about the weapons. Done the first
level of walkthrough. Some basic controls. It was all very basic.

1.0  (43.8k) - Lots more imformation on the weapons and characters. Second
level of walkthrough, better title, two more FAQs. Might do Multiplayer
in higher versions.

1.2 (51.8k) - Third level of walkthrough. My author added.

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