Review by XGlite015

Reviewed: 05/19/03 | Updated: 05/19/03

Fun at first play, frustrating after the next

I like sim games and seeing Yoot Tower at my local computer shop with a very low, low price of 99 pesos(In the philippines, dollar equivalent is around $1.25) it was a very tempting offer. So I bought the game, installed it to my PC and played it.

It was a semi-sequel of sim tower, a game on the mac, never played it. Was created(or was it produced?) by Yoot Saito, same guy who created Seaman, a very unique dreamcast game.
Developed by Segasoft, Sega's PC development team.

At first I was addicted even though the graphics are not very good(even a game gear or a game boy can imitate this yoot tower's graphics easily) but as I spend more time with it it started to get boring and frustrated because of many factors. One, the game is incredibly hard, it takes alot of time to establish a tower that maintains a stable income, anything I do, all the upgrades I make seems to be more of a liability than an asset. Two, the graphics can give you an eye sore, bland backgrounds, art/drawing, and too much colors can give you an eye sore, it's like I'm playing a game gear game on a 14 inch tv screen. And third is the lack of shortcut keys, while the game is easy to navigate and controlled with just the mouse, it wouldn't hurt to have a shortcut key for highlighting a facility or a shop for instance.

As I've said it is addicted the first time you play it, just because you want to get more stuff to add to your tower or want to see an event happen but its difficulty is very frustrating, just waiting for your income to increase takes too much time and it's not worth it. The more you wait the less you get, the less you get, the more you tend to get bored and frustrated. Plus, with only three maps/locations, there's not much variety, it only gets repetitive. If only this game had better graphics, more maps for variety and gameplay, more events, and even more stuff, you might want to play it more but with less offering it's not worth your time even if with it's cheap price tag. There are much better sim games out there, this one is much in common with sim ant both have mediocre graphics, if you like sim games go with the sims and any of its expansions. If your a HARDCORE SIM FAN, you might wanna check it out and for a very low price, it's worth it(for HARDCORE SIM FANS). I wouldn't recommend it to hardcore gamers though, you'll only get frustrated and it's not worth the time.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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