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Now the vast Star Trek galaxy is in your hands with the choice of leading one of five Alliances. This is strategy at its keenest from the makers of Civilization II and Master of Orion II.
Can Romulans be outwitted by Klingon diplomacy? Can you make profits with a Ferengi? You'll soon find out. And, if all else fails, take the helm in detailed, turn-based 3-D space combat.
Boldly go beyond your imagination!
- Explore, conquer and exploit a vast galaxy including stellar bodies and special entities.
- Develop your intelligence of other groups and weave a net of alliances with diplomacy.
- Succeed or fail by your ability to develop or acquire technology - using espionage if necessary!
- Construct, maintain and refit Starship fleets and put them to the test as you engage in turn-based 3-D space combat.
- Encounter over 30 different races, each with their unique traits and individual agendas! There is even the potential for a Borg invasion threatening all players!
- Featuring an absorbing and immersive Star Trek soundtrack. Customise your game for different galaxy characteristics and scenarios.

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