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Reviewed: 01/25/01 | Updated: 09/24/01

Great PC RPG

When I finally got a new computer, the time had come to purchase some PC games. The one that kept crossing my mind the most was Revenant. At first glance, this game struck me as having the gaming quality of Diablo with the freedom of Fallout 2. Although it may not completely live up to either of those, it was still quite a purchase.

No, Not the Same Locke from Final Fantasy 6!
In Revenant, you play as a warrior named Locke who is risen from Hell at the command of a royal wizard to help rid a kingdom of a cult called The Children of the Change as well as save the princess who was kidnapped by the cult. Unlike Diablo, you will travel through more than just a dungeon. You will be able to travel the countryside and battle various enemies such as giant spiders, ninjas, impish creatures called druhgs, and many more.

Playing Around
The game looks a lot like a Diablo game. You move on a 2D environment (plane-based). As you move, you encounter enemies. One thing I liked about this game is that unlike Diablo, you can actually use a game control to control Locke's actions. That made the game a lot easier to handle in the long run. While I may not mind using a mouse, I prefer to use my gamepad. You get different types of equipment as well. The only weapons it seems you get are swords and bows. You can also get armor, boots, gloves, helmets, etc. Another thing I like about this game is the ability to pick locks. You can get a lock pick set to do so. It seems most of the locks cannot be picked at very low levels and you can just as easily finish the game without picking them anyway.

This is one thing that I felt Diablo should've picked up for future games; a combo system. Instead of just doing the same old ''hack, hack, hack'' routine you can actually execute several different moves in one by pushing a series of buttons. You can come up with some really deadly combos.

Push-Button Kills
This is another system that I really enjoyed. If you push a certain button for certain creatures, Locke will execute a one-hit kill attack on them. For instance, if you push the right button on a giant spider, he'll run it through, throw it in the air (while its legs fall off), and impale it on his sword.

Magic System
The box and instruction manual make it seem like you absolutely cannot survive without magic. I went through a good amount of the game without really using magic very much. I think about the only spell I used was one to generate food. Anyway, the way to use magic is to combine different crests that you get to make different kinds of spells. You can learn the spells from the various books you can find and read in the game. Honestly, I'm not too big on the magic system. Although it is a bit different, it's more of a yawner than anything else.

Graphical Presentation
The graphics for this game are great! Very nice and deep textures with beautiful colors and nice detailing, even when the game makes a transition to night time! The animation was also very well done, especially with Locke's hit combos.

This game had some great sounds. The music was fitting of the game. I think the most enjoyable part was the voice acting. They had some really funny scenes in this game and the voice acting just helped sustain the hilarity. It was also somewhat funny beating the little creatures around called druhgs and hearing them twitch.

Other than the magic system, there's a few other problems I have with this game. For starters, it's too short. The only give you a few dungeons to work with and one of them is way too big. I felt that they should've shortened the caves and added a few more dungeons into the game to make it just a bit longer. The game is also a bit too easy. I wouldn't say it's extremely easy, but I felt there should've been a higher challenge factor than this. Even the bosses (with the exception of Soulfuge) were just little smack-around pansies. What else could this game have used? Freedom. The game was a bit too linear and that somewhat got on my nerves. While I'm not a major linear-hater, I do like to have some side quests or something that denotes that you don't have to do everything in a major order. That's one thing that made the Fallout games enjoyable in my book and I actually wish we could get some more RPG's like that.

Graphics: Good detail and textures 9/10
Sound: Good voice acting and sound effects 8/10
Control: One of the few RPG's on PC I was actually able to play using a gamepad! 8/10
Plot/Storyline: Well, while this had some nice, original ideas, it also had a ''save-the-maiden'' scheme. I guess the story was okay, though. The couple, small plot twists saved it 7/10
Gameplay: Very addictive! I was afraid to go to school for fear that I would shake too hard from withdrawals 10/10
All Together: 9/10

*Great graphics
*Addictive gameplay
*Nice voices!
*Had some pretty funny moments
*You can use a gamepad

*Too short
*A bit too easy
*Boring magic system

If you like action/RPG's like Diablo, you'll like this one. Some people hate Diablo because the entire game is click-based. Well, just keep in mind, you can use a gamepad for this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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