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Reviewed: 07/19/03 | Updated: 07/19/03

The arcade Diablo, better than it sounds

I am a fan of Diablo 2. Now that that's out of the way.......
I have been looking for this game for a while, a long while, so you'd imagine my surprise when I finally found it at an EB for about 3 bucks. Score! Anyways, I shelled out the cash and when I got home, popped it in my CD drive and a little less than half an hour later I was jamming...
My first impression was that the graphics would've been good, for its time. Nowadays it's below decent. The voice acting is average and Locke sounds mad at everyone (and who came blame him, what with being tortured in hell for a few millenia) even when saying something nice. The sounds, not all that great, I cringe when I kill some enemies because it sounds like a cat being beaten across a wall.
My second impression came when I finally hit the forest area and played around with fighting. This is a fighting system I can get used to. Instead of D2's clickfests, Revenant can be done on keyboard, and even better gamepad. (I suggest the Sidewinder gamepad to anyone) The fight system depends on block, thrust, slash and chop...the last 3 pretty much translate to weak, medium and strong hits. The first monsters you face are just there to get you used to the control system, although I did hit a nice surprise after a few levels. Apparently, whenever you fight any type of small spider, and use thrust, Locke will stomp their head delivering an automatic kill, and this is not just limited to the spiders, skeleton bodyslams and Ogrok decapitations made combat even more fun.
Also another important part of combat, spells. Revenant's spell system is pretty cool, giving you many 'talismans' with certain symbol, like ocean or sun, and then mixing and matching to get certain spells. However, all the surprise and mystery is taking out when your given spell scrolls which give you the spell combinations. Takes a lil fun out of it but whatever, I am not a major spell man myself. I focus mainly on close combat, but it is fun to fire off a spell here or there for some help. There are tons of spells in the game, and enough effects to keep things interesting, even though there are only 4 slots to be assigned to hot keys.
For the story, it's something about you being rescued from eternal damnation to save a kings daughter who has been captured by the Cult of Change. Now Locke isn't really thrilled about this, or apparently being rescued, but he is forced to do it anyways (and why not? otherwise we'd have no game) by a spell included in the summoning, and so off you are with no knowledge of anything about you forced to do the doings of a nervous king and his obviously evil wizard advisor.
The game is pretty fun as the character development will easily let you choose your path. Just use what you want and raise the stats you think you'll need. Not nearly the specialization as in D2, but that's ok.
What do I think overall of this game? It's pretty fun to play. I found the constant clicking of D2 to be annoying after a while and this was a breath of fresh air.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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