Review by Kavadril

Reviewed: 01/23/00 | Updated: 01/23/00

A surprisingly good Action/Adventure game from the normally lackluster Eidos Interactive.

This game is a fairly straight-forward Hack-n-Slash Adventure game. The viewpoint is 3/4 isometric, and reminds me a lot of Baldur's Gate in style. You play the part of the Revenant, a man named Locke resurrected from the depths of Hell to save the town of Misthaven from an evil cult. The game is very similar in gameplay to Diablo, only with a far more engaging story, and better control. There are three separate buttons for controlling attacks, as opposed to the simple clicking of Diablo. As well, the graphics are better than Diablo, with the game being rendered in full 3D. Every piece of armor or weapon that you equip is displayed on your character, giving you a sense of accomplishment when you finally save up enough money for that shiny new Plate Mail. The gameplay is fairly linear, but it really doesn't bother you that much. The game is simply fun. I spent a lot of time just wandering around leveling up because the combat is so easy to get into. Another cool feature of the game is that there are fatalities for several of the different monster/enemy types. (The game box says that there are ''unique fatalities for every monster'', but I have yet to see a LOT of them, leaving me to refute this claim...) I have not tried the multi-player aspect of the game due to the fact that I'm on a 56k modem at the current time, but on it's single player merits, I think this is definately a fun game, and head and shoulders above most of Eidos's efforts. There certainly are better games out for the PC, but if you have plenty of cash, or you can find it in a bargain bin, this is a game you should definately check out.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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