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First Dead
Your first dead
It hurts!
Get kill 50 times
First Blood
Kill your first wolf
Try to not die so much
Die 100 times
Century wolf
Kill 100 wolves
Finish the game
Dark Knight
Scare 100 bats
Like a prayer
Admire Atlas statue for 1 minute
Escape from the rock without dying
It's a trap!
Activate all traps
Golden Wolfies
Pick up all 10 golden wolves
Keep calm and turn your lights ON!
Turn on all the torches
Vampire Ninja
500 Gallons of blood
Over one thousand!
1000 Gallons of blood
Robin Hood
Die by arrow
Dead by acid
Die by acid
Die by laser
The Rock
Die by big wolf
Die in the air
Die by lava
Die by worm
Die stabbed
Follow the white rabbit
Follow the white rabbit
Look at my eyes
Kill goddess
Not ecological
Kill the tree
Hasta la vista, baby
Kill the ship
Lunch time
Eaten by the monster
Broken my heart
Hit your heart
No wrinkles
Die crushed
Easter hunter
Collect all 10 easter bunnies

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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