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Gruntz deliverz gobz of gooey fun with...

Off-the-Wall Humor
You just can't keep a straight face when you interact with these comical creaturez. You can never be sure what Gruntz will say or do next.

With over 60 wacky toolz and toyz, tonz of mazez and trapz, and 45 unique levelz, there'z plenty to keep you challenged.

Quick & Easy Gameplay
A great lunchtime break! Solve puzzlez, save Gruntz, and get back to the grindstone before the boss grindz you.

Family Entertainment
Tired of "bored" gamez? Gather the family around the computer and work together to bring your Gruntz home.

Multiplayer Action
Ever play fortz as a kid? Multiplayer Gruntz letz you compete live against your friendz and family as you navigate your Gruntz into the opponent'z fort before they reach yourz.

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