• Rocket Town Materia Quest Password

    Huge MateriaEnter OK, SWITCH, CANCEL, CANCEL while in the rocket.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

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  • Enter Debug Room

    For this glitch, you need two files. For File 1, you need to have the Highwind and still not have Yuffie on your file. For File 2, you need to have saved just prior to the Motor Ball boss battle. Load File 1 and land near the Chocobo Ranch, preferably in a spot you can remember as it will be invisible during the glitch. Go through Mythril Cave as normal and save just outside the forest near Junon. Load File 2 and begin the boss battle. Have a Game Over in that battle. Load File 1 again and fight in the forest until you find Yuffie. Defeat her and, instead of the scene loading that usually does, you will be warped instead into the Motor Ball battle. Defeat it. (Note that this does not necessarily allow your File 1 characters to enter File 2; rather, it just alters a value in the game's data that says "when" you are in terms of plot, so there's no item duplication or the like.)

    Go to the Rocket Town side of Mt. Nibel via the Highwind. Land and make sure that Tifa, Cait Sith, Cid, and Vincent are not in your active party. Go into Mt. Nibel. It will take a moment for the game to let you control the character; wait for about 30 seconds until text appears on-screen from a flashback. Scroll through it, leave Mt. Nibel, and save in the overworld. Reload this file and kill two party members in one battle. After, use the PHS to swap them out for other characters, then kill the only other one from the original group and end the next battle. Swap all three KO'ed members into the party. Enter Mt. Nibel and then get into a battle, in turn getting a Game Over.

    Next, load the file on which you want to enter a Debug Room. Go to the Rocket Town side of Mt. Nibel, enter a battle in the overworld, and win. After, leave Mt. Nibel and go to Junon via the Highwind. In the overworld, enter battles in the grass at random and keep escaping battles until you find one with 2 Nerosuferoth and 1 Formula (25% chance to find). Escape this battle, too, then start flying and land in the Highwind immediately thereafter, and win the next random battle you find. You will then be warped into the Debug Room. Further details on how to operate the Debug Menu are contained in an FAQ in the FAQs section.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Getting the Quadra Magic without a Chocobo

    There is a way to get the materia "Quadra Magic" without having to breed a River Chocobo. You'll need the Highwind. Fly it to the most southwestern tip of land on the map and you'll notice a cave. Follow this back (Mideel way) until you get to a slightly upraised piece of land. Go as far as you can to the edge of the cliff. Face the Highwind south. Press the land button and quickly but lightly press PAGEDOWN. The Highwind should land half on the cliff and half off. You can now walk up to the cave and get the Quadra Magic.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

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  • Skip Return to Midgar glitch

    This glitch allows you to skip Returning to Midgar, however you will permanently miss Barret's and Caith Sith's ultimate weapon's and a Tough Ring, Ziedrich and Minerva Band by doing so. After defeating Diamond Weapon when he approaches Midgar, head towards Northern Crater in the Highwind to continue the story. When you reach the scene between Scarlet, Reeve and Heidegger in the meeting room, after Reeve says "I don't give a damn about the details!!", hold Right + Run. If successful, in the next scene your characters will appear next to Hojo to stop him, instead of seeing him talking to himself.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

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  • Unlimited elixirs

    In the ice field there's a cave with an elixir in it. Grab it but DON'T push the CANCEL button to let the text disappear that says that you've got an elixir. Normally you can't do anything when that message is on screen but this place is an exception; here you can walk out the cave and re-enter and get it again and again... Note that if you let the text disappear the item will be removed from the screen and you can't get it again.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

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  • Walk Forever

    When leaving or entering an area (not on the world map) press [Menu] just after the screen goes dark. unpause and you'll still be in the same area as before, but you can continue walking outside the normal bounds of the screenwould have brought you to the next screen.

    Contributed By: X CubeStation.

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  • Yuffie Warping Glitch

    This glitch is very useful, as it allows you to go to virtually any point in the game at any time. It is also exclusive to the PC release. First, you need one save file or more in which you do not have Yuffie recruited at all. With that condition met, load this save and save in the overworld map: save near a forest of some kind, for we will later need to recruit Yuffie for this. Go to a non-overworld area (such as Midgar, the cave near the Chocobo Farm, etc.) and lose in a battle there, thereby obtaining a Game Over - it will also work if you do this when fighting Diamond Weapon in the overworld. Next, load that world map-saved file mentioned earlier. Enter a forest without going into any town, dungeon, etc. - you must remain in the overworld map. When you find the "Mystery Ninja" (Yuffie) and win the battle, you will find yourself not in the empty field you would normally Yuffie in. Instead, you will be where your last Game Over happened. If the battle you achieved the Game Over on was forced (i.e. boss battle), then you'll replay that battle - if it was a random battle, then you will find yourself in the exact spot in the field where the battle was triggered. This can be utilized in various ways. The most prominent of these is to keep Aeris as a member of your party despite her departure at the end of the City of the Ancients sequence. You can also replay any area you like as many times as you want, should you feel the need to examine the various paths, such as at the final dungeon. This can also be used for challenge playthroughs to get to far-ahead areas at exorbitantly low levels, to replay areas you can only access once, and to refight the Diamond Weapon repeatedly to earn lots of EXP. and AP. (This latter aspect is done by getting the Game Over against Diamond Weapon, reloading, fighting him, and then finding Yuffie and executing the glitch ad infinitum.)

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Restore Energy During Chocobo Races

    Hold [Page Down] + [Target] while racing a Chocobo.

    Contributed By: HM Master.

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  • View the cutscenes

    Go to the (~:\Program Files\Final Fantasy VII\movies) folder and you will be able to view all of the in-game FMVs whenever you want.

    Contributed By: red soul.

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