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A new order of intelligence
Win the game as Supremacy
That is the sound of inevitability...
Win the game as Purity
We choose our own path
Win the game as Harmony
Can you turn the tide of war?
Take over an enemy's home planet
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.
Upgrade the lasers on your ship
It's our time down here.
Defend your home planet
Food for the masses
Upgrade the population on an earth-like planet
The trouble with science…
Give away a tech through negotiating with an enemy
Light years ahead of the competition!
Research a tech to level 4
I, uh, I've been to another planet, Ma.
Travel to another planet
Dodge this
Destroy a ship with a torpedo
Building a better today
Raise a planetary improvement to level 5
Through the wormhole
Use a jump gate during battle
The technology of tomorrow
Research 5 techs to level 4
Of all the wonders that I have heard…
Control 5 Galactic Wonders
…Wretched hive of scum and villainy
Defeat the Pirate planet
They've gone to plaid!
Have a ship in your fleet move 7 or more hexs in one turn during a battle
I am the swarm
Have 4 or more fighters on the map at once during a battle
We gotta get outta here
Win a mission by bringing your flagship to a warp portal
Women and children first
Win a mission by bringing the colony ship to a warp portal
They can't shoot what they can't see
Upgrade the stealth module to level 6
Hit 'em where it hurts
Score a critical hit on an enemy ship
It's just a flesh wound
Repair a critical hit on a ship in your fleet
Like rabbits
Increase the population on a planet to 10
Tell me of your homeworld
Bring a planet fully into your empire
…We don't need roads
Create a warp portal between two planets
Take to the skies
Start a game using a save game from Beyond Earth
Span the galaxy
Win a Population Victory
Knowledge is the key to success
Win a Science Victory
A wondrous civilization
Win a Wonder Victory
Perpetual peace is a futile dream
Win a Domination Victory

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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