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Once Upon a Time...
Complete Armello's Prologue.
The Winter Wolf
Win a game with Thane of the Wolf Clan.
Forest Sister
Win a game with Sana of the Bear Clan.
The Far Seeker
Win a game with Amber of the Rabbit Clan.
The Grinning Blade
Win a game with Mercurio of the Rat Clan.
Howling Arrow
Win a game with River of the Wolf Clan.
Win a game with Brun of the Bear Clan.
Win a game with Barnaby of the Rabbit Clan.
The Whisper
Win a game with Zosha of the Rat Clan.
Win a game with a Kingslayer Victory.
Royal Steward
Win a game with a Prestige Victory
Win a game with a Rot Victory.
Spirit Walker
Win a game with a Spirit Stone Victory.
Fortified Regicide
Kill the King in Battle, without taking any Wounds.
Art of War
Win a game of Armello without dying.
War of Attrition
Win a game with a Prestige Victory on the 9th Day or later.
Hyena in the Pack
As the Prestige Leader, attack the King.
Win a game of Armello without killing another Hero.
Pierce through 3 Shields in one Combat with Thane's Hero Power.
Force of Nature
Defeat a Corrupted Hero with Sana's Hero Power.
As Amber, have 3 Equipped Treasures and 3 Recruited Followers.
Loose Change
Steal another Hero's last Gold using Mercurio's Hero power.
Ancients' Wrath
Annihilate another Hero with Brun's Hero power active.
Cry us a River
Make 3 Kills in one Turn using River's Hero power.
Armed & Dangerous
As Barnaby, have three Items Equipped and a full Hand of Item Cards.
Missing Shadow
Finish a game with Zosha having never been revealed at Night.
All-Seeing Eye
Have the Spy Glass and Sailor's Lantern Equipped at the same time.
Have your Items grant you six or more Shields in Battle.
Diplomatic Immunity
In a single game, kill 3 King's Guards with a Royal Pardon Equipped.
Iguana Jones
In a single game, find and Equip three Treasures from Dungeons.
Heal a Bane.
The Fresh Prince
Steal the King's Crown in Battle with the Mirror Cape.
Thunder Dome
Play Lightning Strike to a Hero standing on a Palace Tile.
Bully Mammoth
Kill the same Hero 5 times in a single game.
Down the Rabbit Hole
In a single game, find two Portals by Exploring Dungeons.
In one turn, Kill a Hero you have an Allies' Pact with and take one of their Settlements.
Folk Hero
Overcome ten Perils in a single game.
Drop It Like It's Rot
In a game, go from being Corrupt to having 0 Rot.
Bear Necessities
Kill another Hero in Battle with nothing Equipped and no Followers.
Gold Digger
In a single game, receive more than ten Gold from Exploring Dungeons.
Siege Specialist
Breach the Palace before the 5th Dawn.
Dark Side of the Worm
Reach 13 Rot or more in a single game.
Lemur Neeson
Regain a Recruited Follower to your Party whom you had already lost that game.
Play Reprieve on yourself the same turn you receive a Bounty.
I am the Law
Defeat four or more King's Guards in a single game.
Circle of Power
Be presented with a mystical choice.
Dungeon Deals
Be tricked and trapped by some troublesome lil' fellows.
Dark Temptation
Be tempted beyond restraint in a Forest.
An Apple a Day
Be offered the best feel good options in Armello.
...Happily Ever After
Become King or Queen of Armello 50 times.

Originally Contributed By: Reidog

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