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  1. Keepi in mind that I have the latest patch installed (1.9), I'm playing offline single player, I'm playing a wizard and I'm only level 4 (I was 5 before I dies though.)

    So I came across a zombie class called a Soulpus (if I remember corrected) it was a yellow monster who's enchantments are "Some magic Resistance" and "no immunities". But it seemed to be immune to magic. I shot charge bolt after charge bolt after charge blot (most of them did hit.) I even took a risk and fought in melee a few times (I do have decent dex).

    I used all the charges from my staff, and all of my mana on level 2 charge bolts and healing myself. In the end, I knew he had to be at least almost dead so; I went into melee, and I died with one last hit. Why was Soulpus unkillable for me?

    An inexperienced but eager to learn wizard - Zintrick

    User Info: Nerkcon

    Nerkcon - 10 years ago

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  1. Soulpus is resistant to fire and lightning. All those charged bolts were only doing 25% of their normal damage, and Soulpus has a lot more hit points than the ordinary zombie. Try to find a book of holy bolt if you haven't already, spamming holy bolts at it is definitely the way to go.

    User Info: RavagerOfWorlds

    RavagerOfWorlds - 9 years ago 0   0

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  1. No you just need to learn how to play the wizard.
    What spells have you learned?

    User Info: crazyisgood

    crazyisgood - 9 years ago 0   0

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