Where to find the quest locations?

  1. I have read three to the Walkthrough FAQs, and they don't contain explicit directions on how to complete the given quests. i.e. I have the poisoned water quest to complete, and have searched every location on the first five floors of the dungeon and haven't located where to complete the quest yet.

    User Info: YoungNinja58

    YoungNinja58 - 1 year ago


  1. You can do a search for 'Jarulf's Guide' in your favorite search engine. It contains a lot more information in addition to the quest locations. Below are on the dungeon levels you can access each quest on. Note that not every quest appears in each single player playthrough.

    2 The Butcher
    2 Poisoned Water Supply
    3 The Curse of King Leoric
    4 Gharbad the Weak
    4 Ogden's Sign
    5 The Magic Rock
    5 Valor
    6 The Chamber of Bone
    7 Halls of the Blind
    8 Zhar the Mad
    9 Black Mushroom
    10 Anvil of Fury
    13 Warlord of Blood
    14 Lachdanan
    15 Archbishop Lazarus
    16 Diablo

    User Info: Nerthing

    Nerthing - 1 year ago 0   0

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