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How come i can go into the Europe gate online but no other gate? Tech Support

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Why does the game really look "odd", as in graphics look pixillated and off colored? Tech Support 2 5 months ago
Restocking Griswold and Wirt? General 2 5 months ago
Can you run Diablo on XP? Tech Support 3 5 months ago
Can't Find HD Mod For Diablo One? Tech Support 3 1 year ago
Does anyone know when Diablo(PC) was sold out? General 1 1 year ago
Does the entire game take place in the church? Plot 1 8 years ago
How do you make multiple save games for one character in Diablo/Diablo 2? General 1 9 years ago
Is this game played online only? General 2 9 years ago
Duping? Build 2 10 years ago
Items from Chests? Side Quest 1 10 years ago

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