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    FAQ/Walkthrough by anarcho_selmiak

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/23/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   FAQ / WALKTHROUGH
                                      by selmiak
                                  v1.00 - 23.08.2015
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     _       /  \__/                                                ____
    <_> [AA] \__/                                              ____/    \_________
                                                              /    \____/
                       FOREWORD                               \____/
      ____                                                ____/    \____
    _/    \______________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
     \____/                                              \____/    \____/
    Technobabylon started out as a series of 3 freeware games from 10 planned 
    episodes by Technocrat and is something for everybody that even remotely likes 
    Science Fiction. It reminds of the glory days of point and click adventure 
    games and especially of great games like Beneath a Steel Sky. The first 3 free 
    episodes were released from 2010 to 2011. Then it got got a bit silent around 
    the Technobabylon games.
    But then Wadjet Eye Games teamed up with Technocrat and took the 3 existing 
    freeware games, polished them up a lot with the beautiful art of Ben Chandler 
    and the very likable and lifelike character portraits by Ivan Ulyanov. Great 
    voiceacting was added and Wadjet Eye also produced the missing episodes and 
    there you have it, the great cyberpunk game Technobabylon.
    It's all about Latha Sesame, a trance addict and Dr. Charlie Regis and his 
    partner Dr. Max Lao, both CEL agents that are all involved in a giant technoid 
    conspiracy with spot on writing and lots of cool gadgets in the year 2087.
    So here is it, my Walkthrough for the complete Technobabylon game. 
    Also available in html and colorful with lots of images and clickable links 
    for the navigation and some more stuff on my homepage (the old freeware games
    for example, see if you can find them):
    > http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/pc/index.php?lang=eng&game=Technobabylon <
    if you see some interesting ads on my page, go check them out! Thank you!!!
    This guide on your kindle
    > http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ZCXF7AI <
    with probably less typos and you support me and the creation of more guides 
    like this!
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                       TABLE OF CONTENT                       \____/
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    _/    \______________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
     \____/                                              \____/    \____/
           [AA]     Foreword
           [BB]     Table of Content
           [WT]     Walkthrough
           [WT.01]    Prisoner of Consiousness
           [WT.02]    Suicide City
           [WT.03]    Fission
           [WT.04]    Meeting of Minds
           [WT.05]    Germination
           [WT.06]    Crisis of Consciousness
           [WT.07]    Jahiliyyah
           [WT.08]    Flesh Drive
           [WT.09]    Ripper
           [WT.10]    Runtime
           [CC]     Steam Achievements
           [DD]     Credits / Thanks / Legal
    I have implemented a search system into this text file.
    Use  Ctrl+F  in your browser and enter the code with bracket to quickly jump 
    to the desired chapter.
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                 __/  \_______________________________________/    \____
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     _       /  \__/                                               \____/
    <_> [WT] \__/                                               ____/    \________
                                                               /    \____/
                       WALKTHROUGH                             \____/
      ____                                                 ____/    \
    _/    \_______________________________________________/    \____/   
     \____/         __                                    \____/    \____
                 __/  \                                        \____/    \
     _          /  \__/                                             \____/
    <_> [WT.01] \__/                                            ____/    \________
        ____             Prisoner of Consiousness          ____/    \____/
    ___/    \_____________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
       \____/                                             \____/    \____/
    The Intro starts with some guy who might or might not be the Mindjacker 
    talking to some other mysterious figure about their plans.
    And they sure have evil plans, so this is going to be big. Really big. But 
    sadly this intro tells us nothing really interesting, besides introducing the 
    main villains of Technobabylon that we will meet again more than once but 
    don't know exactly who they are at this moment.
    And the intro is not even interactive. But the intro is short and over soon 
    and we can finally start playing then.
    And there we are with one of our protagonists called Latha Sesame drifting and 
    surfing through the virtual reality of the world of Technobabylon called 
    Trance as her virtual alter ego called Mandala.
    But sadly the worst case happens just as we visit her, her connection gets 
    interrupted. And now she has to take care to get her connection to the 
    slightly addictive Trance running again. Everybody needs a hobby! Check your 
    inventory in the bottom right, as the game tells you, and click the Trance 
    EXIT button in your Trance inventory to finally leave Mandala's Trance Hub and 
    enter the real world in which there is nothing to be afraid of, or is there?
    To reconnect the Trance connection you actually have to do it, you finally 
    have to leave your apartment and contact the building manager. The door to the 
    outside world should actually open when you use the terminal to the right of 
    the door but it seems like this thing is broken too. Or did someone lock you 
    in here? Well, so we will have to improvise some more and get this point and 
    click adventure game running!
    At first you should collect some items from all over your room just like: The 
    Trophy from the table and the wetware from the wetware still in your 
    toilet/shower behind the shower curtain.
    Now take a look at the food machine on the left side. Once you are in the 
    close-up mode plug your wetware into the memory card slot and establish a 
    connection to it. Take the memory card in it with you by clicking the MEM. 
    EJECT button.
    Leave the foodmachine and after all this is done you plug your wetware into 
    the terminal at the door and now you can access this CPU via the Trance 
    Uplink. Now it is time to enter the hub to the trance again by using the 
    Trance button in your inventory. At first open your mails. Just click on the 
    letter icon in your Trance Inventory. There is quite some spam in your inbox. 
    The Mail from EXS PHARMA has a very suspicious attachment, so just download it 
    to your hub and close the mail client. Of course this mail attachment is 
    malware, so don't access it. Rather use the Door Panel icon on the right and 
    talk to the knight, ask him some questions, especially what he does and if he 
    can let you out of your own room. But he can't but he tells you that you need 
    physical access to the door terminal to open it.
    Well then, you better talk to Cheffie now, your friendly Chef from your 
    foodmachine you are linked to via the wetware. You can ask her some questions 
    and complain about the food. Leave her and upload the malware to the memory 
    block you got out of the food machine. Exit the Trance for a moment now and 
    plug the corrupted memory block back into the food machine. Now reenter Trance 
    and talk to Cheffie again. Complain about the food and ask her what's on her 
    memory card to make her read the malware. This screws with the food machine of 
    course. For some laughs you can talk to Cheffie some more. After you are done, 
    talk to the knight again. Tell the nice knight and security guard that Cheffie 
    is infected with a virus and the knight takes care of Cheffie and gets rid of 
    her. Finally!
    And there Cheffie is gone and no one is stopping you from doing funny things 
    with the food machine. But to not only recycle plastic but to receive 
    something useful from the machine you need some more material that the machine 
    can transform. Put the odd trophy into the recycling hole on the upper part of 
    the food machine. Now enter the food machine interface and push the button 
    with metal on the food machine next to the 3D printing. This switches to metal 
    printing of course. Select one of the 3 meals (that are unreadable now because 
    of the virus) and receive a shiny metal tray and an even shinier metal fork. 
    You can use the metal fork to pry open the terminal next to the door and 
    short-circuit the terminal to finally open the door to freedom!
    The Mindjacker, who is planning and orchestrating this part of the plot, seems 
    happy that Latha's apartment exploded in the background... 
                 __/  \
     _          /  \__/                                              ____
    <_> [WT.02] \__/                                            ____/    \________
        ____             Suicide City                      ____/    \____/
    ___/    \_____________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
       \____/                                             \____/    \____/
      Animus Organics
    20 hours earlier...
    And here we are, standing in front of the Animus Organics building where 
    Central predicted the Mindjacker to strike again. But everything seems very 
    empty, no one is at the reception, the elevator is unresponsive, not much to 
    do here.
    So just try to use the elevator twice and shit's coming down. Someone fell or 
    was thrown from high up onto the streets. Seems like Central's prediction was 
    correct and this is the Mindjacker's work. So check out the dead body and get 
    a security card for that. This security card opens up the elevator.
    Up on the 26th floor is another corpse and it is still warm. Check out the 
    corpse. You should now phone around with the phone there to get someone to 
    open up the next door for you, this time to the staircase. In some of the 
    victim's emails you find the name of the supervisor, his name is Atwood, Roy. 
    Call him. You can pressure him into opening up the door (3,3,3), but you can 
    also say something wrong and he won't cooperate, of course he is not very 
    helpful in that case. So no matter what you talk about with him, you have to 
    call him once at least. After that just enter the code he gave you (6167) or 
    use your (or Max') Jolt-Gun to break the security lock on the staircase 
    entrance panel. This is police work I like! Hurry up, get up to the roof or 
    the Mindjacker might escape!
    The Mindjacker is indeed still there and he is shooting at you now. Try 
    whatever you want, you won't stop him. He jumps from the rooftop and even 
    manages to escape. Central is not amused and calls you back to your office.
    Back at the office talk to Lao. Ask her what to do next. She mentions Giel Van 
    der Waal. He is an informer for CEL. Go through all the topics you can talk to 
    Lao if you want to get more story background. Then check your computer and 
    read your emails. The very first email from @NULL is important. Download the 
    attachment. It is added to your normal inventory and Regis won't look at it 
    when around Central's cameras in CEL. So we need to find a calmer place to 
    take a look at it.
    Get outside of CEL HQ and drive to the balcony Regis rented. There you have 
    some more privacy below the tree made from Chrysophyllum Cainito and Prunus 
    Serrulata and can check out the attachment you found in your mail. It's not 
    only a mail, but a blackmail. Seems like you have a special job now, besides 
    your regular job...
      The Subway Bomber
    While on your way to Giel Van der Waal, the informer, Central assigns you 
    another job. A suicide bomber is at a subway station and threatening to 
    explode everything, including himself.
    So let's get in on him and talk to him. Depending on your actions and what you 
    say to him you can either talk him out of all this and make him give up 
    (1,1,1,1), or you let Dr Lao shoot him (the code word is Hope) or you even 
    annoy him enough to make him blow himself up (3,3,3,3). It is your decision, 
    make it a wise one.
    That doesn't mean Central supports your decision after all...  
                 __/  \
     _          /  \__/                                              ____
    <_> [WT.03] \__/                                            ____/    \________
        ____             Fission                           ____/    \____/
    ___/    \_____________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
       \____/                                             \____/    \____/
       Elysium Tower
    You finally enter the Elysium Tower, precisely in front of the apartment of 
    Mr. Van der Waal (not related to that Oasis song). But before you enter you 
    should start vandalizing already. Just destroy the piece of modern art that is 
    floating around in the lobby and take the Mag Coil with you. Such a thing is 
    always helpful. Then finally enter apartment 2B by first knocking and then 
    using the Jolt-Gun to force your way in. Alternatively you can ask Max to open 
    it for you or you call Central and make Central open the door for you.
    You confuse a robot, uhm, Synth with a housemaid and here we go. Mr. van der 
    Waal seems unresponsive, let's find out what happened. First pocket everything 
    in sight in the entry area of the apartment. Take the Cooking Gel and a Knife 
    from the Cabinet (below the food machine) with you, then get upstairs and 
    enter the bedroom.
    It gets worse and worse. Seems like we have a case here, so let's do some 
    actual police work and investigate this case. Pick up the photo next to the 
    bed, the Coat Hanger and the Hand (close to the door). Now look at the control 
    panel to the left of the door. Use it and see the Van der Waal's wardrobe 
    which might also be a floordrobe. Especially the outdoor wardrobe seems 
    interesting to Regis and he takes the fishing rod with him. This is exactly 
    what you need to fish the weapon involved out of the blood soaked pool. But 
    first you need a better hook, so tie the coat hanger to the fishing rod. 
    Finally attach the Mag Coil to the hooked up fishing rod to get a grip. Then 
    take a look at the pool to know what you actually are fishing for and then go 
    fishing for the weapon in the pool.
    Then examine the photo on the bedside table. It's the Van der Waal's wedding 
    photo from Paris. Could this be their special place?
    Go downstairs again and use the terminal. Enter the name of the special place 
    (hint: paris). Now enter your inventory and right click the Cooking Gel to 
    manipulate it. Set its temperature to 37 Celsius and smear it all over the 
    hand you still have in your inventory. Use the now warm hand to get access to 
    the terminal on the wall. After the terminal is activated use it to call the 
    producer of the synth called S&S Synthetics and ask him everything possible. 
    In the end he recommends talking to the maid. So you cut her skin with the 
    knife and drag her Power Cell outside of the apartment. Put the Power Cell on 
    the dock that is supposed to be for the vacuum cleaner (how would that synth 
    load up her batteries anyways with no charger inside...) and finally put it 
    back into the maid. After talking with her for some time (read: go through all 
    topics) you will find out that you will find out exactly nothing this way. So 
    call the manufacturer again.
    After some long explanation and thinking he finally sends you a CI Splitter. 
    You should now ask him about the CI Splitter and find out what to do. Or you 
    just use the CI Splitter on the barkeeper drink mixer machine (notice how he 
    is in EGA!), on the Cheffie food dispenser and on the maid. Now keep the 
    maid's memory in her, and mix it up with Cheffie's personality and the 
    barkeeper's role memory. Ask the new creation and molten minds about what the 
    maid remembers. But the minds are too confused, show the Gauss-Pistol you 
    found inside the pool to the maid and finally you'll find out what weird stuff 
    happened before. But somehow it is not that much clearer now, rather even more 
       Pathology / Who is the terrorist now?
    And then we are in the Pathology to talk to Dr Lao again. Afterwards you find 
    yourself alone in the Pathology. But there is nothing you can do here at the 
    moment. But you still have the memory module in your inventory. So it's time 
    for a quieter place again. Drive to the tree on the balcony and pick up the 
    remains of the petri dish that once was filled with one of your embryos from 
    the ground. Then the blackmailer calls in again. Leave the memory module there 
    for the blackmailer and receive even worse orders from him. Talk to him some 
    Then drive back to CEL HQ to get a bomb as the blackmailer demands. Enter 
    Regis' office and check his drawer to find some of the evidence from Van der 
    Waal's apartment. With that in your hands enter the Pathology again. Use the 
    knife to cut out an explosive bone from corpse of the subway bomber or from 
    whatever is left from him.
    Then leave the pathology already and drive to the apartment block. This looks 
    very familiar. Now we need to light the explosive bone with the heating gel. 
    Some 200 degree Celsius on the heating gel will do a good job. Just drop the 
    bone into whatever place you see it fit and see some threads come together.  
                 __/  \
     _          /  \__/                                              ____
    <_> [WT.04] \__/                                            ____/    \________
        ____             Meeting of Minds                  ____/    \____/
    ___/    \_____________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
       \____/                                             \____/    \____/
    After a trippy dream the blackmailer calls again. As Regis is a CEL Agent he 
    traces the call to a terminal in Vickerman Pharmaceutical assigned to Dr Adam 
    Baxter. Did he really do this? How could he?
    Dr Regis records a message for Dr Lao that we will soon decipher in complete, 
    but first, try to leave CEL HQ for Baxter, but you get interrupted.
    A corpsman needs your help on another job. So take care of that person the 
    corpsman told you about. Walk all the way to the right and enter the cell. Now 
    that is a familiar face.
    Latha is secured in the holding area of CEL, so she can't run away from you 
    anyways. Interrogate Latha through all conversation topics to feel even more 
    guilty. After some realization Regis leaves and you continue playing as Latha 
    As your first step alone in the holdingarea you take the blue cup with you. 
    Fill it at the water dispenser. Then put the rest of your wetware, called 
    Residue this time, into the water. Pick up the papers from the table.
    Then steal the sheets from the poor guy sharing the cell with you. As he is 
    not very responsive and boring forget him for now and use the big terminal to 
    call in the officer on duty. Tell him that you are hungry and he will even 
    give you some tokens for the foodmachine. Use the tokens to get some food and 
    a metal fork from the food machine. Throw the ugly food up to the camera to 
    cover it and finally have some privacy. Put the rest of your food into the cup 
    with the water and your wetware in it.
    Use the tokens on the table base to unscrew it. Now it is free and you can 
    move it around. But at the moment you need the table exactly where it is 
    anyways. So climb up on the table. Use some material from the sheet to cover 
    the fork in it. Latha handles this good. While standing on the table, smash 
    the safety fork into the broken light to destroy it even more. You can now use 
    the sparks from the broken light to set the papers on fire. Climb down from 
    the table again and put the burning papers into the trashcan. And as this is a 
    nice heat, put the blue cup with the wetware, the water and some food in it 
    into the burning trashcan to boil and grow.
    After 80 minutes your wetware is grown back. These are some very yielding 
    papers that burn for 80 minutes. Use the wetware to connect to the huge 
    terminal in the room.
    Now use the Trance button in your inventory to enter the hub again. Walk 
    through the infowall to meet Jinsil who is also hacking around these parts of 
    the network. Jinsil explains that they have an agent nearby, so ask her about 
    the guy in the cell (inside CEL) with Latha. You can find out more by just 
    asking. After you are done disconnect from the Trance.
    And now use your wetware to connect to Guy, the guy with you in the cell. And 
    back to Trance we go. Open the USR.GUY file to enter his neural hub.
    Talk to the real guy and not the imposter. Ask him everything you can and what 
    he needs to get out of that wall. He wants some epinephrine. Since you are 
    locked in a cell inside CEL this should be easy to get, right? Right! Just 
    pick up the virtual representation of the Epinephrine molecule and leave the 
    trance. Then call in the officer again and tell him that Guy is sick and needs 
    treatment. The nice officer brings along a Utility Drone. Open the Utility 
    Drone and rob all its possessions while he isn't looking, like a Scalpel and 
    an Auto Injector. And with the scalpel you can open up the old food machine. 
    But the machine needs some updates before anything happens. But at least you 
    get an optical module and the foodmachine's memory block. The table in the 
    room has a Pull Table hotspot on both ends, so drag it to the right 2 times 
    until it is below the dirty camera. In case it is still screwed to the ground 
    use the food machine tokens to free it.
    Climb on the table and open the camera with the scalpel. You find a High Grade 
    lens inside the camera. Put the new lens into the optical module from the food 
    machine. Then store the EPINEPHRINE.MOL file on the memory block from the food 
    machine. Put the memory block and the optical module back into the food-
    machine. Throw a token into the old food machine after that and receive your 
    Epinephrine fix. Load the injector with it and hook up Guy with the load.
    Enter the Trance again and meet Guy. He is still stuck to the wall but feeling 
    better and tells you he has access to a Utility Drone that could help you. So 
    get back to your own Hub and enter the security app. You control the drone in 
    the Pathology lab now. You should know where this is and where the cell is, so 
    just drive the drone out and all the way to the right, into the cell, where 
    Latha is currently located.
    The stupid drone just won't stand still so you have to use the blanket to trap 
    it. Once it stopped moving get the laser cutter from the drone. Move the table 
    all the way to the left and climb on it again. Now cut through the vent with 
    your new Cutting Laser and you are free.  
                 __/  \
     _          /  \__/                                              ____
    <_> [WT.05] \__/                                            ____/    \________
        ____             Germination                       ____/    \____/
    ___/    \_____________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
       \____/                                             \____/    \____/
    Dr Vargas comes in and explains a lot about himself, Central, Regis and 
    Baxter, while his daughter Galatea is acting as unfriendly as she is.
    And finally playing as Dr Lao we can power up her computer and read the T-Mail 
    from Galatea. Download the attachment, don't wonder about the buggy noise it 
    makes and then leave the office and enter Vickerman Pharmaceutical.
    Ask Dr Chigwa all you want to know (for impatient players: 2,2,3,3) about 
    Baxter and his death to do your duty as CEL officer. After some more 
    questioning you talk about Regis and find out he left a message for you in 
    some of the samples he gengineered. Asking Dr Chigwa if she knows of more 
    scrambled samples might be a good idea.
    After you got the DNA Sampler from her let her be and search for the plant 
    that fits her description (not the name). This is likely randomized, so pay 
    closer attention to what she says and search for this plant. Most of the time, 
    it is one of the plants in this very first room with Dr Chigwa in it. I once 
    had the blue plants next to the DNA Sequencer between the two doors or the 
    yellow plants in the foreground here fit the description. They have a hidden 
    sample in their genome of course. So let's sample that one with the DNA 
    Sampler and bring it to the DNA Sequencer.
    Now enter the door to the left. The pink haired guy called Niester doesn't 
    make any sense at all but is a nice random word generator. Let him be and 
    continue to the seedbank to the left.
    What you see is not nice but inevitable. Dr Baxter has been decapitated. Look 
    at the corpse to contact Central with the update.
    Leave Baxter and try to enter the Airlock to the back of the room with Niester 
    and the production Line. Seems like your security clearance is not sufficient 
    enough to enter. Well, just use your wetware to hack into it and create a new 
    user profile for you. That will do the trick. Enter the airlock now.
    Check out the first aid kit on the wall and pick up the Hydroxypyruvate 
    Isomerase. This helps Niester get back on track as he infected himself with a 
    disease and this stuff cures it. So get back to Niester and shoot him the good 
    stuff. He slowly comes back to his self and is able to make sense and talk to 
    You can interview him about a lot of things, especially his disease habit, but 
    the most important topic is the sample he found, it is Acoraceae Brasiliera. 
    With that in mind, go back to Baxter's corpse and the seedbank. Of course you 
    search for Acoraceae Brasiliera in the seedbank database, it is the 4th item. 
    Let the rail drone fetch a sample of it and sample it with your DNA Sampler 
    directly from the rail drone. This is the next needed DNA Sample.
    And while you are here, order the rail drone to bring you a sample of 
    Xenosporans Tizardi. This will be useful later on, so just pick it up, don't 
    sample it, as this is impossible as this specimen needs to grow a bit. Lao 
    just picks up the alien specimen. Hopefully this won't turn out to be a bad 
    Now enter the airlock once again and continue onwards through the left door. 
    We can't take out the sample we need yet, so just play around with the pipes 
    here and cause them to break. Get back to Niester and tell him about the burst 
    pipes. He picks up his toolbox and goes to fix the broken pipes. Follow him 
    and this time in the lab climb down the ladder and take a look at the purple 
    plants in the last growth chamber on the left. Of course what we are searching 
    for is in the last chamber! Take a sample from it now. Before climbing up 
    again, put the alien specimen growth matrix into the empty growth chamber down 
    And now, let's waste some time to make the alien growth grow. Actually just 
    climbing up the ladder and climbing down again is enough. Of course you take a 
    sample from that rapidly growing alien fungus now. Then climb up the ladder 
    again and hide the complete DNA Sampler inside Niesters toolbox. Dr Max Lao is 
    not allowed to take the sample of the purple plant called Orchidaceae Isotria 
    out with her, as this breaches commercial copyright, but Niester is allowed to 
    smuggle out the Orchidaceae Isotria sample. So leave him and find Niester back 
    at the production line. And now you can get the DNA Sampler back from 
    Niester's toolkit and sequence the DNA samples you just stole. Bad CEL Agent! 
    Well, technically Niester stole it. So that's it for the samples at Vickerman 
    Go to the DNA Sequencer and sequence all the samples you have loaded into your 
    DNA Sampler. Finally we can hear what Regis recorded not long ago.  
                 __/  \
     _          /  \__/                                              ____
    <_> [WT.06] \__/                                            ____/    \________
        ____             Crisis of Consciousness           ____/    \____/
    ___/    \_____________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
       \____/                                             \____/    \____/
    And here we start again with the Mindjacker receiving instructions. But of 
    course he is also working on his own plans...
    Charlie Regis is not that happy either. He is in a rundown place and someone 
    just threw a bottle towards him. There is DRINK ME written on the bottle, so 
    you better do that. After swallowing the contents you have a wetware 
    connection to someone helping you. The person tells you to find a sewer exit 
    before the SWAT Team arrives and guns you down. Now that should be easy 
    Open the file cabinet to the right to find a lighter. Check the Maintenance 
    Drone to get a Paint Cartridge. After you pocketed all this, start up the 
    Terminal in this room. Push the power button to turn it on and once it is on, 
    push the other power button on screen. Put all levers to the right and connect 
    it to Regis' Traveller by clicking Link to external device. Then power up the 
    whole factory with the other button.
    Also check out the emails, especially the mail from Randall, J. He stored 
    something in locker 6 with the key code of 381. Now that is interesting!
    Leave the room and try to proceed further into the factory. But the SWAT Team 
    is here and after you. So let's do something about these camouflaged soldiers. 
    Just load the paint cartridge into the Fire Control on the wall in the 
    starting room. Good thing is, it perfectly fits. And we have a lighter, so use 
    the lighter under the Smoke Detector to start the fire safety procedure and 
    spray the first camouflaged swat soldiers with red paint. That makes him a lot 
    easier to spot.
    Enter the next room and wait until the Crisis Agent is standing right in front 
    of you, then give him some of the old Jolt-Gun. One down! So search through 
    his pockets to find his submachine gun. But sadly you can't use it as a weapon 
    as it doesn't have your signature. But at least you can use it to smash open 
    the crates around here and get the packaging material from inside the crates.
    Enter the locker room to the back. The locker on the right is the one 
    mentioned in the email, so enter the code from the email, 381. You find a 
    strong old whiskey and some polish inside that locker. Please note that there 
    is a giant crack in the floor. What do we do with that crack in the floor now? 
    Just put some of the packaging material into the drain on the left of the room 
    and turn on the showers. The water flows to the crack in the floor and happens 
    to drop onto the Crisis Agent one level below. Use your Traveller to turn on 
    the giant laser. The exposed wires kill the armed soldier standing in the 
    Leave the locker room for now and proceed to the stairwell on the right. This 
    is a giant robot factory and again another Crisis Agent is on guard around 
    here. So stick the filling material into the whiskey and light it with the 
    lighter. What a waste! But throw this onto the armed soldier one level below. 
    Now we are on a roll.
    Get into the door here that leads into the Optics Lab, the room with the huge 
    laser. Play around with the laser controls. Just turn it up all the way really 
    good! Slightly over 9000 is of course the best laser power level.
    Then enter the door at the left end. Continue through the next door. There is 
    a running production line and another Crisis Agent on the other side. Wait for 
    some of the larger parts to pass by and hide behind them all the way to the 
    other side. Use the control panels there to turn on the robot arm in the 
    basement. Also use the second set of controls a bit in the background to 
    reverse the direction of the production line and find your way back hidden 
    behind the larger objects again.
    Get down the stairs all the way to the bottom. There is an old production 
    line. Get a metal disc from the robots in line there. As you have some polish 
    at hand scrub it clean and be happy with your new shiny disc. Put this shiny 
    disc onto the robotic arm. Now use the panel and turn the robot arm in a way 
    that it is facing away from you afterwards (from the first position that's one 
    time Rot. - Z). After the arm and the mirror are in position and the laser in 
    the Optics Lab is set to the highest power possible, use your traveller to 
    turn on the laser again. What a great coincidence that all these machines are 
    arranged exactly like this. Free!
    And look at that, Max Lao is in the sewer right there waiting for you. After 
    you talk with Max for some time the voice in your head orders you to meet her 
    at 1181 Shenley Boulevard, Southeast Network. So you better get moving (if not 
    only to the next chapter...)!  
                 __/  \
     _          /  \__/                                              ____
    <_> [WT.07] \__/                                            ____/    \________
        ____             Jahiliyyah                        ____/    \____/
    ___/    \_____________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
       \____/                                             \____/    \____/
       24 Years earlier...
    Finally we get to know Viksha and what she did and didn't do. So just walk 
    around and talk to all the other scientists in the room about everything there 
    is to get some more story detail, get to know the people you are working with 
    and to proceed the game. Dr Baxter is especially stressed out as something 
    went wrong with his former project, so he needs this project to succeed. 
    Finally Dr Vargas appears and explains why he gathered all these brilliant 
    minds here. He wants to create the future in the past of the future. And this 
    future is already present in the future and it is called Central.
       NW Tenth
    And then we find ourself as Latha in the streets of Newton again. She is where 
    Jinsil wanted her to go, and the only place of interest around here is the 
    Trance Den on the corner. But the bouncer won't let us in that easy. Just tell 
    him you want in and ask what you have to do to get in. Offer your skills to 
    get in. He tells you the water supply for the den was cut. Offer your service 
    there and then go and find the sewers to turn on his water again.
    So check out the only car around. If you get too close an alert goes off, so 
    just use your wetware to hack it. Put in a gear, set a speed and then unlock 
    the breaks. Here we go. Go get something from that wreck now, like a shiny new 
    Open the now visible manhole in the street and climb down. Use your new 
    crowbar to open the grate and the panel over the terminal. Connect your 
    wetware to the Terminal and turn on the water for number 871. Also check out 
    the Hazards List on this interface. You download 3 chemicals that are in the 
    water in Newton. Nice. This sure will come in handy soon.
    Now you can climb through the shaft or take the official route past the 
    bouncer into the den, he will let you in once you turned on the water again. 
    In here, check out the tranced out girl in the background. Check the sofa she 
    is comfortable on and you will find her credit chip. After stealing, let's go 
    and destroy stuff. Smash the crowbar against the pipes on the left. What a 
    messy stuff that creates. Now use your crowbar to uncover the public terminal 
    from all the wetware and get a grip on it. Connect your wetware to it and 
    enter the Trance now.
    Enter the bar in the back of the room to meet Jinsil again. But she likes 
    security very much and wants you to make everyone else leave this server. So 
    let's start with CaptainCheese969 right here in the bar. Just talk with her 
    about her money and tell her some big guy stole it from her. And off she goes.
    Now talk to Gandarf, the floating head in the lobby. Mandala just tells him he 
    is getting wet with dirty water and he immediately leaves. Now enter the game 
    room and enter GravBall!
    Watch as Domino, the best player on this server wins again. You could talk to 
    the loser to get some hints, but it is not necessary, what good hints would 
    you get from the loser of the game? Then talk to Domino to start playing. You 
    have no chance, as Domino is indeed the best player around and he also is the 
    other guy in the Den next to you, hooked up on the Epinephrine via IV that 
    make him just the better player. After you played leave the trance and get 
    outside the Den, a manic street preacher is out there selling salvation. Just 
    entering the GravBall game room triggers his appearance, you don't even have 
    to play a game, but it is more fun this way...
    Talk to The priest through almost all topics and realise he is a drug dealer 
    for narcotics (six times dialog option 1). So stop talking to him and pay him 
    for a bottle of Narquine with your stolen Credit Chip. Now get back into the 
    Den, load up your injector with the Narquine and shoot it into Domino, while 
    you can access him in meat space. Then enter Trance and go playing GravBall 
    once again and beat the dizzy Domino at GravBall.
    Now give the bartender the substances from the sewer and order a shot of 
    Sulfuric Acid from that nice list. With that in your pocket enter Get Nuked in 
    the game room! What a blast!
    In the Get Nuked game pour the Sulfuric Acid over the metal plate on the rock 
    to uncover the game controls. Turn off god mode and nuke it again. You get 
    disconnected but so do the 2 users in Get Nuked!
    As you are disconnected already now, get outside the den. Destroy the antenna 
    for the overseas connections with your crowbar. Of course the bouncer won't 
    let you get in anymore now, but you can climb in through the sewer anyways or 
    you just turn off the power for the Trance Den from the sewers, so he won't 
    see you sneaking past him. Alternatively you can also block visitors from 
    specific parts of the world directly on the trance terminal. In this case 
    block everyone from Russia.
    When you are close to the terminal again, reconnect to the Trance. The dancing 
    users are now disconnected from the server. Hah, tourists.
    And we are alone with Jinsil on the server. Bartender, make us your best 
    drinks. Sadly he lost all his best recipes and Mandala won't hand out her 
    drinks to Jinsil anyways. So Jinsil talks you into illegally getting close or 
    even into Central, the all-knowing AI, and relaying the hacker signal for 
    Jahiliyyah through your own brain. What could possibly go wrong?!
    After that we leave Latha and Mandala for a while and travel back in time to 
    play as Dr Viksha Regis again. You should talk to Dr. Varagas, who is just 
    getting his brain checked inside the huge scanner in the middle of the room. 
    And after Viksha says, what she offers as an option to proceed the project she 
    should get her head check too.  
                 __/  \
     _          /  \__/                                              ____
    <_> [WT.08] \__/                                            ____/    \________
        ____             Flesh Drive                       ____/    \____/
    ___/    \_____________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
       \____/                                             \____/    \____/
       Flesh - 1181 Shenley Conduit
    And finally we arrive on a funeral party for Central. All the conspirators to 
    shut down Central are gathered in this niche restaurant. Ask around a bit 
    until the waiter appears. The waiter looks strange, so you better talk to him 
    (once you are done getting to know all the conspirators). Of course he 
    explodes and we have a murder case at hand as the beautiful celebrity Imogen 
    Natalia Revilla-Quintanilla de Florez is dead now. Oh my! Who could have done 
    this? Well, Regis is still a cop, so he better finds out.
    So get down the stairs and enter the restroom on the left side. In front of 
    the malfunctioning mirror is a cabinet that can be opened to get a toilet 
    cleaner, but this is a completely useless item, Regis is no plumber. Rather 
    enter one of the stalls to get a tissue paper. Now open the vent on the right 
    and climb in there.
    Seems like whoever staged the explosion came in here through the brumxduor. 
    Below the open vent to the left is the cover for the vent. Swipe over it with 
    the tissue paper to get some of the suspect's DNA. Now leave the vent and the 
    toilet and enter the kitchen on the other side of the security synth.
    Try to talk to the guard in the kitchen. This doesn't work at the moment, but 
    this makes Regis remember this deactivated guard. Now talk to the cook about 
    his speciality, the human bodies (and more if you want to and you are still 
    interested in this). Afterwards look at the bodies floating past in the 
    background. Regis still has it, he found the dead body of the actual waiter. 
    This means, whoever killed the waiter has been in the kitchen to do this as 
    killing someone inside the restaurant would be very suspicious.
    Now look at the growth chamber on the left end of the kitchen. Just purge the 
    current project, leave the growth chamber screen and use the tissue with the 
    suspect DNA on it to investigate the DNA. The XY chromosome in the suspect's 
    DNA means the killer has to be male, so that takes Nina Jeoung off the list of 
    Get back up to the other suspects and interview Mr. Stepford. Of course he 
    does not only produce Synths, he is a Synth and acts like one. But you only 
    want to talk with him about the broken guard in the kitchen. It should be the 
    first dialog option once you examined the broken guard in the kitchen. He 
    wants to see the broken platform, so lead him into the kitchen. There Stepford 
    stops working too. Just use the CI Splitter to download his brain parts. Get 
    outside the kitchen again and use the CI Splitter to upload Stepford's brain 
    into the guard in front of the kitchen. If you only upload Stepford's 
    personality you score the Steam Achievement Dave Goldfarb. Then just use all 
    his purple brain parts. In his new body Stepford explains that no Synth can 
    enter that kitchen, so Stepford can't be the murderer, and we have one suspect 
    Now we want to get rid of the last innocent suspect on our list, so get back 
    into the kitchen and take a look at the counter. Regis finds a bone saw and an 
    empty jar inside it. Use the bone saw to cut off a slice of meat from the 
    corpses in the background. Stuff it into the jar and use this as a bait to 
    catch one of the aggressive glowing fish in the broken aquarium. And now we 
    have a light. Enter the ventilation shaft in the toilet again and light up 
    your glowing fish to finally see something in the ventilation shaft. The 
    rucksack you now see has a message to the bomber attached. Read it! So who is 
    this GWBU? Maybe we should ask Ran Shou-Man about it. It seems he can't even 
    read or write English, so this narrows the circle of suspects down even more. 
    And it is just now that Councilman Deane wants to talk to you in private. And 
    he has some interesting things to say. After he confessed to you, you have to 
    reveal this to the others. Will you do what he said and frame Ran Shou-Man or 
    will you tell the truth and tell everyone that Councilman Deane did it? Both 
    decisions will end very seriously for the accused person.
       Afterwards we are back 20 years earlier.
    Viksha and Charlie are having an argument and Charlie is very pissed. And you 
    even have to pick some answers for them. Now that's mean, but try to talk your 
    way out of this. Well, we all do weird stuff, when we are in the future...  
                 __/  \
     _          /  \__/                                              ____
    <_> [WT.09] \__/                                            ____/    \________
        ____             Ripper                            ____/    \____/
    ___/    \_____________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
       \____/                                             \____/    \____/
       XANADU - Airfreight
    And we are back playing as Latha. As Latha is now getting better and better at 
    destroying things you should continue on that habit and smash the air 
    conditioning out here with the crowbar. Somehow this makes the mug in the 
    window available as a hotspot. And since we still have some tranquilliser left 
    in our injector we just pour it into the guard's mug and watch him fall asleep 
    pretty fast.
    Now there is nothing we can do outside besides being impressed by the aerostat 
    and the future tech we should just get inside.
    Poor Crisis Agent sleeping on his desk, so we should check if he is alright. 
    Plug your wetware into him and access his wiring. Connect to your trance hub 
    and speak to the Crisis Agent, called COBALT in here. Take him to one of the 
    locations and he will tell you everything in his dreamlike state. Especially 
    the door code, which is 4 4 1 3 8.
    Enter the code and enter the door. There is a crate you have to smuggle 
    yourself into the aerostat with, but at the moment the weight is too heavy 
    when you are also in it as additional weight. So check out the scale on the 
    right. It shows 51kg and when Latha steps on the scale it goes up to 96kg, 
    that means Latha weights 45kg. Also note, that the crate has A-121 written on 
    So we get back to the terminal next to the Crisis Agent we just knocked out 
    and use his terminal. There we search for the freight with the number A-121 in 
    the list on the left side. It is supposed to weight 30kg, but Latha brings 
    another 45kg to the table so we add this to the 30kg and set the weight for 
    crate A-121 to 75kg. We also need to set the contents of the box right, so 
    chose Transplant Material (human) and just exit, don't press the revert 
    This should work all the time, just in case the values vary slightly on 
    different playthroughs (which I doubt), just do the math!
    After hiding in the crate you get transported to... an unexpected but very 
    well-known place. Deconstruct your old apartment piece by piece until there is 
    only static left. Kreisel, the Mindjacker and Galatea fiddle around with you 
    and also in your brain it seems. As if they had been expecting you. This is 
    not good!
    But Latha is trapped now and so we are back with Charlie at the Xanadu 
    aerostat airport, let's see how far he can reach inside the aerostat airport 
    before getting captured. As there is no one in your way and stopping you, just 
    enter the aerostat. In the cargo storage room inside the aerostat you don't 
    have to hide, this Crisis Agent has the wrong job, he is as blind as he is 
    dumb. But this is no action game, so we want to use our brains to get rid of 
    him. So just sneak behind the crates, wait for the agent to walk all the way 
    to the right and then push the console to open up the cargo door and get rid 
    of the Crisis Agent. Yay, disposed another Crisis Agent. Though we are not in 
    the air yet, so he would have just fallen a few meters, but he is gone now.
    In the next room we grab the goggles of course. Also check out the lockers to 
    the right of the huge ladder, you get a Bolt Gun for this. If you want, you 
    can risk peeking into the sickbay for a moment, but there is nothing you can 
    do there at the moment, not even climb up the ladder. You rather get back to 
    the cargo storage room inside the aerostat. Use your thermal goggles and you 
    will see that there is someone, of course the only guard around, standing 
    behind that wall. Shoot him in the back with your Bolt Gun. This takes care of 
    him. Now enter the sickbay and get tricked and knocked out by Galatea, that 
    sneaky bitch. Also Kreisel enters and feels and acts like he is Baxter.
    After you are not that talkative Lao enters the aerostat too. After Kreisel is 
    pinned to the ground you continue playing as Dr Lao. Let's rescue Regis and 
    Latha and don't get captured this time, okay?! Enter the sickbay and see 
    Galatea escape. There is not much you can do besides connecting your wetware 
    to the Terminal in the sickbay and asking Dr Baxter funny questions. So 
    finally give Regis a fix from your injector and wake him up again. Then talk 
    to him. A lot. About everything you can. Especially about Chantelle, then 
    Regis hands Lao the Mindsplitter. Ask him if he found something useful. He now 
    hands you a cable, a scalpel and the thermal goggles. And while we are here, 
    use your wetware to connect to the shot guard on the ground. Now you tapped 
    into their internal communication system.
    After that you hack into the yellow terminal outside the sickbay by using your 
    wetware on it. Read the mails to get some clues about the wiring of the 
    aerostat. They run through the hallway and come together in some vulnerable 
    junction points. So put on your thermal visor goggles to see all 4 junction 
    points. Open every single one of the Junction Points just by clicking on them 
    to use them to compromise the controls. Then enter the cargo area of the 
    aerostat and pick up some uranium AP Ammunition from the new crate in the 
    middle of the room. And while you are here already open the hatch and take a 
    look outside. Nothing will happen though as long as the engine is running so 
    just dump the AP Ammunition into the engine. Sadly there is no explosion but 
    at least the engine stops and Lao will be more adventurous. You could try 
    climbing along the pipe just for your morbid desire or you don't kill Lao and 
    use the cable on the pipe to secure her. After you swung the cable around the 
    pipe Max climbs along the pipe to a window underneath another Crisis Agent.
    Because you hacked into the other guard in the sickbay before you can just use 
    your Traveller to call this Crisis Agent on his line and order him to the port 
    side of the aerostat. Here we go! We can enter and are stopped again by a 
    giant turret that only wants to shoot you or would only stop on a voice 
    command by the correct voice. And this is not your voice. But the voice is the 
    key. Just use the scalpel to cut into the patch on the helium tank to the left 
    of Dr Lao to fill the whole room with helium. And now sacrifice the guard and 
    order him to go to the port side again via your Traveller. There he goes and 
    you can safely pass through here. But of course the door is locked. So open 
    the hatch on the left, climb down the ladder and get all the brain chips out 
    of Chantelle with the CI Splitter if you haven't done that before. Then climb 
    back up and use the CI Splitter on the turret. Implement Cheffie's personality 
    and the Maid's memory, but leave the Role-Memory of the turret in there. Now 
    feed the turret with the ammunition and ask it nicely to blow open the door. 
    And there we have the 2 culprits at gunpoint.
    Regis just wants to tell us why we are headed towards Fulcrum Tower as Latha 
    wakes up and detains him. Try to talk your way out of that, but something 
    happens. So get Max downstairs again to see what is going on. Somehow Latha 
    shot Regis with his own signature weapon. Dr Lao can't believe this and scans 
    both of them only to find out they share their genome to about 50%. This is 
    getting interesting...  
                 __/  \
     _          /  \__/                                              ____
    <_> [WT.10] \__/                                            ____/    \________
        ____             Runtime                           ____/    \____/
    ___/    \_____________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
       \____/                                             \____/    \____/
       And we are back 20 years in the past again.
    Poor Baxter is very disappointed to not be playing around with Viksha's and 
    Charlie's embryos and goes crazy and strangles Viksha to death. Not a nice 
    thing to do. At least we now know what happened back then, but now we should 
    focus on what happens now in that future present with Regis, Lao and Latha.
    And there we are in the upper part of the aerostat and should just get out of 
    here. Galatea and the Mindjacker just escape from you and Dr Vargas explain a 
    lot of things. Especially the jump back in time to Nina and Vargas explain a 
    lot. So we have to team up now to stop Galatea from overriding Central with 
    all the minds the Mindjacker stole.
    At first switch to Latha and use the controls on the left or the cable reel. 
    This will float up a balloon with an antenna attached so Nina Jeoung and her 
    hacker crew can access central. Then enter the open door in the middle of the 
    screen down here. After gazing at the glowing and pulsating neural processors 
    of Central for some time take a seat in that special chair. These neural 
    processors are probably also Regis's relatives as they are grown from his 
    embryo's tissue too. But Latha will now enter Central. Oh look at that, Jinsil 
    is really there. You can now either be angry at her or be nice to her. Being 
    nice keeps her here, being angry makes her disappear. She wants you to 
    activate a transmitter array in the coms room. Whatever you do, from now on 
    Jinsil is just useless...
    So move up one storey and check out what else is happening inside Central by 
    entering the Data Shunt. Central itself (herself?) is there too, so you can 
    talk to Central here. Ask Central, how it can help you finish off Galatea. 
    Central wants more power routed to its system from the turbine room to crack 
    the final door's security. Of course everyone wants more power, even the all 
    knowing AI.
    Continue your quest within Central to the left, into the connection to the 
    Visual Systems. Take a look in the most prominent camera feed to see Kreisel, 
    the Mindjacker, armed and hiding behind a crate. For now, let him be and call 
    one of the Service Drones from out of the shaft on the right. Drive that 
    Service Drone into the background door opening and park it there for now.
    Then switch to Dr Lao. Make her use the elevator and drive up one storey. 
    Search the dead Crisis Agent here to find a grenade. Then enter the door to 
    the left. Wohah, Kreisel shoots at you, but he has a bad aim and but therefor 
    unlimited bullets...
    Switch to Dr Regis. Before calling the elevator pick up the wrench next to the 
    corpse on the lowest level, then call the elevator and drive up to Lao, pick 
    up a grenade on your way to her if you want. Now deposit the grenade inside 
    the Service Drone and switch to Latha inside Central inside the Camera Feed 
    once again. You now have the choice to either kill Kreisel or just hurt and 
    arrest him but still get access to the power controls he is guarding. I'll 
    describe both ways now.
    To kill Kreisel just drive the armed Service Drone back into the vent shaft it 
    just came from. It reappears one level lower. Don't drive over the rotating 
    turbine there yet, rather switch off the turbine's power with the Turbine 2: 
    Pwr button. Then drive over the stopped turbine and maneuver the armed Drone 
    under Kreisel and nuke him. He is gone.
    If you want to keep him alive as you somehow like him, don't want to kill 
    people or just want to solve an interesting puzzle you have to drive the Drone 
    over the movable small elevator platforms in the middle of the room. Just 
    imagine them number 1-3 from left to right. Get the drone into the elevator 3. 
    Move up elevator 3 and drive to the left, into elevator 2. Then move up 
    elevator 2 and move down elevator 3. Drive back to the right, onto the top of 
    elevator 3. Move up elevator 3 and move down elevator 2. Drive over to the 
    left to the top of elevator 2 again. Move up elevator 2 and drive to the left 
    onto elevator 1. The drone should continue its way and explode some electronic 
    stuff. This turns off the light and gives you enough time to overthrow the 
    Mindjacker. And he is still alive.
    And now you have another decision to make, do you want to keep Central and 
    route the power to Central to decrypt the door's security system or do you 
    want Nina Jeoung and her hackers to crack the door's security and before that 
    turning off Central? Turning off Charlie's own electrical daughter and letting 
    the scrupulous Nina in or keeping Central and screwing Nina over? Either way 
    it turns off one of the 3 security locks on the final door but gives you a 
    different ending. You might want to save the game here before making the 
    decision to go for the Civic Continuity Ending (by keeping Central) or for the 
    Brave New World ending (by letting Nina in).
    Switch to Latha now and move her up another floor in the Virtual Reality by 
    accessing the Data Shunt on this floor. You end up in front of another door. 
    Use/Click on this door to hold it open. This unlocks another one of the locks 
    on the final door in the upper floor. And exactly there we want Regis now. But 
    before that position Lao in the neural processor room with the chair and the 
    glowing globes.
    Then call the elevator for Regis and drive towards the upper floor. When you 
    are close to the open blue Power Conduit on the right side of the elevator, 
    jam the wrench into the wheel of the elevator to make it stop. Then touch the 
    Power Conduit with Regis, switch to Lao and make her touch the blue Power 
    Conduit in the neural processor room too to get rid of the final lock on the 
    giant door. Of course you have to touch the Power Conduit almost at the same 
    time within a destinct but quite long timeframe. Then drive Regis up to the 
    upper door and enter the final door, Lao will follow him anyways!
    Galatea will surrender while Mandala opens that final door for her. And there 
    you meet the mind of Dr Adam Baxter again and can ask him some questions. 
    After you are done finding out that you are locked and can't even disconnect 
    from that Trance you better switch to Regis once again.
    He is in the upper level server room where the Memory Module that once was in 
    Van der Waal's fridge uploads a lot of Data, all these Minds, directly into 
    Latha's brain. But Lao won't let you do anything useful in here, so you better 
    stun her with your Jolt-Gun. After she is out of the way open the hatch in the 
    server room and flip over that switch.
    Now watch the ending unfold.
              The End 
              __/  \
     _       /  \__/                                                ____
    <_> [CC] \__/                                              ____/    \_________
                                                              /    \____/
                       STEAM ACHIEVEMENTS                     \____/
      ____                                                ____/    \____
    _/    \______________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
     \____/                                              \____/    \____/
    B&               Disconnected the dancers via non-destructive means
    Bombs Away       They shouldn't have left that there in the first place...
    Brave New World	 Nina's argument was most persuasive.
    Civic Continuity Returned city control to Central
    Crisis of        Part 6 complete
    Dave Goldfarb	 Only give Stepford's personality to the restaurant guard
    Dramatically     Cured Martin Niester on the first try
    cleaned a 
    screaming pile 
    of biscuits
    Elliot Ness      Bust Van der Waal's door open
    Fission          Part 3 complete
    Flesh Drive      Part 8 complete
    Germination      Part 5 complete
    Guarded by Fate  Survive up to Part 9 without dying once
    Guilt Trip       Remind Dr Chigwa of what's really important
    Hippocratic Oath A career in medicine awaits
    Hopeless         Neutralize the bomber
    I don't need     Find another route into the Trance Den
    no ticket
    I Needed That    Don't blame him one bit
    Jahiliyyah       Part 7 complete
    Justice for all  Successfully arrest the Mindjacker
    Meeting of       Part 4 complete
    Mental           Get the crate-weight correct by the second attempt
    Microbiologist   Didn't analyze a single incorrect sample at Vickerman
    Middle           Got the door code at Animus
    Mincemeat        The Mindjacker meets his gruesome end
    Ninja            Entered the Trance Den using the power of shadows
    Official         Call Central for Help
    Placebo Effect   He won't know the difference...
    Prisoner of      Part 1 complete
    Ripper           Part 9 complete
    Runtime          Game complete
    Shooting Gallery Got through the conveyor room and back undetected
    Silver Tongue    Successfully talked the bomber down
    Sorry wrong      Make ten calls to random numbers
    Suicide City     Part 2 complete
    Super Latha Bros Entered the trance den by fulfilling the bouncer's request
    Talking Heads    Played through the game with the commentary on
    The Right One    Make use of Lao's skills to open Van Der Wall's door
    for the Job
    Three-in-One     Subject Chantelle to all three personalities
    Unpersuasive     An explosive result
    Winners don't    Win a game of gravball without sabotaging your opponent
    use drugs
              __/  \
     _       /  \__/                                                ____
    <_> [CC] \__/                                              ____/    \_________
                                                              /    \____/
                       CREDITS / THANKS / LEGAL               \____/
      ____                                                ____/    \____
    _/    \______________________________________________/    \____/    \_____
     \____/                                              \____/    \____/
            Technocrat      for writing and coding Technobabylon 
            Wadjet Eye      for helping Technocrat making this game!
            That blue cup   you know who you are!
            bplaced         for hosting my homepage over all these years!
            GameFAQs        for hosting this document and lots of other FAQs for 
                            all and especially old games.
            me              for writing all this
            you             for reading this and enjoying old games.
    This guide is written by and copyrighted to selmiak in 2015 and was exclu-
    sively written for your personal use only.
    You can download or print this guide but you  are not allowed to profit from 
    my work  in any  way.  As soon  as you  earn  money  with  my work  you  steal  
    my intellectual property and commit a  crime which  I will not tolerate  and 
    start legal issue against you.
    If you  want to host  this file on  another  webpage than  www.selmiak.de.vu 
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    I will most likely give you  the  permission,  as  long  as  the  file  stays 
    unaltered,  but  for unauthorised   posting or even selling of  this guide I 
    will act  as stated above.
    For any glaring mistakes you want to point out or  additions you want to see 
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                                faqs [at] gmx [dot] de
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               °._  |   :                   |
         ______|    : __°_/___      _____\___  _   ______/_  / 0000ooooooo...
             -------+--- /  -__-            +\----------/  :/
               /    |___/ ____   °--.      \| \    ____/   /            __
              /|____|  /|/__    ___  \  ___ \__\  [    \  /|___    ____/ /
        |  / /   ___| /   __\  /  /__ \/   \/\  \ \____/ /     \  /   / /
        .\/ /\  '---\/ /+  __\/  /---\/[--/-----]\/ /  \/   :   \/ [----\----]
        °/\ \_______/\/______/\______/\__/\__/\\_/\     \___|___/\____\_/
        |  \___  ___|/__[----] \            |   \_______///||[   ] [---]--->
              ____  /   ]----+----+         |    /   /     :
                   /    [   ____ \____ _____|   /   /\     |
                        |         \       -----'  ( )[-----|---]:   :[]
                        |          °°oo..
    that's it folks, end of the FAQ                                          [eof]

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