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I'm going to become the King of the Pirates!
Obtained all achievements.
We'll always be friends!!
Complete the Legend Log Prologue.
Let's go! "The Grand Line"!
Complete the First Chapter of the Legend Log.
El Dorado was in the sky all along!
Complete the Second Chapter of the Legend Log.
This crew is hard to handle
Complete the Third Chapter of the Legend Log.
Two years later!! At the Sabaody Archipelago!!!
Complete the Fourth Chapter of the Legend Log.
We will carry his ideals onward!
Complete the Final Chapter of the Legend Log.
Common sense does not apply in this ocean!
Complete five or more islands in the Dream Log.
We just gotta find out when we get there!
Complete 15 or more islands in the Dream Log.
If we meet now, the promise will change, Luffy.
Complete the Dream Log.
People's dreams never die!!!
Complete the "Final Island" in the Dream Log.
See You At The Top
Get an S-Rank Results Evaluation for a single episode.
Rise to the top!
Achieve 100% Legend Points in a single episode.
You'll have to search the whole world!
Achieve 100% Legend Points in all episodes.
So, What Dream Should I Chase After Next?
Complete 25% or more of the Gallery.
We... know everything in all of history...
Complete the entire Gallery.
Nice, Zoro!
Unleash your first Kizuna Attack.
No sweat, Captain!
Unleash your first Kizuna Rush.
Save me, Sniper King!
Unleash your first Hero Power.
...Hey, cook. gimme a hand for a few seconds.
Change Crew members for the first time.
We're a team, aren't we?
Increase one character's Crew LEVEL to MAX.
You're All My Family
Increase 20 or more character's Crew LEVEL to MAX.
We're "Wanted Men" now!
Obtain one Skill Poster.
My bounty is 400 million Beli?!
Obtain 20 or more Skill Posters.
I'm gonna defeat you!!
Obtain one Skill.
You've grown into a fine man. That hat looks good on you...!
Obtain 20 or more Skills.
So long! And thanks for the treasure!
Obtain one Coin.
There's probably a lot more of these.
Obtain 50 or more types of Coins.
There's just so much! And it's scattered everywhere!
Obtain 100 or more types of Coins.
I'll only grow stronger.
Break through one Character's growth limit.
Lay your life on the line and come with me!
Unlock all Characters.
I'll take you all on! Even tens of thousands of 'ya!
Defeat over 100,000 enemies.
As expected of Luffy's Crew...
Defeat over 10,000 enemies using Kizuna Attacks.
He Certainly Is A Legendary Monster!!
Defeat over 10,000 enemies using Special Attacks.
You Possess The Most Fearsome Power...!!
Defeat 300 enemies using a single Kizuna Rush.
If he wasn't capable of that, we'd have to have a new Captain.
Defeat 1,000 enemies in a single battle.
He's already got... such a trustworthy Crew.
Use Kizuna Attacks of 3 different Crew mates in 1 battle.
I can't do anything right, so I need the help!
Unleash 20 or more Kizuna Attacks in a single battle.
I'll be your "Legendary Hero"!!!
Use Hero Power at least 100 times.
Don't underestimate the potential of my crew!
Unleash a Special Bond Attack with four Crewmates.

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