Review by Iyamtebist

Reviewed: 03/31/16

Well it is certainly dream inducing that's for sure

Dream Tale is just flat out dull. There is almost nothing interesting about it and it just is not fun to play. It is overly simplistic, unoriginal, poorly presented, and just flat out boring. I have had some problems with Green Lava Studio’s other title Fenix Rage, but that game is almost infinitely superior to this one in every fashion.

To start off on the story, the game is basically about a girl who travels through a bunch of dimensional portals to find her dog; basically a standard excuse plot. However, there is more to the plot in the typical indie game standard of posting vague philosophical ramblings that only barely relate to the plot on signs and making your game sound more sophisticated than it actually is. Aside from this, there is no story.

Furthermore, the art style literally looks like it was made with construction paper and not in a charming way more so than a bland way. The music is only there so that the background is not silent. The sound effects were serviceable though I suppose.

It is mainly in terms of gameplay that Dream Tale fails though, and it fails hard. At first, the game is simple and easy where one solves basic puzzles in order to proceed through the game. These puzzles are slightly fun but they get old VERY quickly, and by quickly I mean after about a few minutes. The problem is that the puzzles are too easy and are only ever difficult due to having reflex based gameplay in them, which is NEVER a good addition to a puzzle game. If I wanted to play an action game, I’d play an action game; not a puzzle game. Furthermore they do not do any more than force reputation on the player when he or she has already figured out the solution to the puzzle, or becomes more confused because of the trial and error based variable of reaction time.

Lastly, there is very little in terms of content to this game. There are only about twenty levels in this game, each of which can be beaten in a few minutes. There is also a golden key to find in each level which is found through an additional puzzle that is often just as easy as the main puzzles. Also reaching a check point does not save you collecting the key so you need to both clear the level and collect the key in order to keep it.

I cannot find myself recommending Dream Tale for any reason. The game may be functional, but it just is not that fun to play. It can be mildly enjoyable for a few minutes when you start it up, but it gets old quickly and is simply unengaging and lacks depth. The only purpose this games serves is as a surefire cure for insomnia.

Rating: 4

Product Release: Dream Tale: The Golden Keys (US, 12/16/14)

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