why doesnt the game detect my controller?

  1. my controller connects to the pc, detected, and all buttons work fine on the test, but the game doesnt seem to detect it... i tried programs like scp, joykey and x360ce but still nothing worked for me... when i enter in the game's keyboard settings it says "press "start" on the controller to be used", but i dont see any start button on it.

    though im not even sure what kind of controller it is xD since i cant attach images, i'll try to describe it: it has the form of a ps3 controller with the usual 1, 2, 3, 4 and movements buttons, and has 6 buttons in the middle: 9, 10, TURBO, CLEAR, AUTO, ANALOG. not really sure what type it is :/ can it even be used on this game or pc games in general? if yes, please help

    User Info: hashimoto

    hashimoto - 2 years ago

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