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Welcome to Goblins vs Gnomes! Its a Hearthstone expansion, which means you can expect stacks of fresh cards, oodles of unique minions, and countless new ways to play. Use gnomish ingenuity or goblin craftiness to create explosive new strategies, challenge your friends, and defeat your foes.

- Experiment with Explosive Gameplay
Goblins vs Gnomes adds over 120 new cards to the game for you to craft, win, or purchase. Finally, youll be able to settle the age-old question of which is better: the measured, careful ingenuity of the gnomes, or the trademark goblin fearlessness in the face of incredibly volatile and spectacularly explosive inventions. You'll also control mechanical creations of gnomish and goblin origin, and these Mechs bring tons of special weapons and powers of their own to the table!

Gnomes: Tinkerers and inventors who create brilliant, wondrous devices. Tiny and ingenious, theyre sometimes too smart for their own good. Gnomes live to create technological marvels like clockwork robots or their many and varied ray guns.

Goblins: Fiercely crafty and never afraid of an accidental explosion, goblins are accomplished engineers, as evidenced by hallmark inventions like the Flamecannon or the Sky Golem. But dont think goblins dont appreciate a good explosion; just ask their Blastmages or a typical Bomb Lobber.

Mechs: Both goblins and gnomes love to build stuff. Their mechanical creations, called mechs, range from heal bots to clockwork servants to massive piloted shredders. Most mechs feature a unique twist that perfectly embodies its goblin or gnome pedigree.

- Watch the Antics
Alongside Goblins vs Gnomes, were introducing Spectator mode so you and your friends can observe each others explosive battles, fiery strategies, and hard-won victories. If someone on your friends list is playing and has allowed spectators (enabled by default), you can jump into your pals game and watch right away!

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