3D ModellingMarco Bertoldo
3D ModellingThom Bishop
3D ModellingEric Chadwick
3D ModellingCody Chancellor
3D ModellingJohn Evershed
3D ModellingMelissa Kangeter
3D ModellingNoah Kennedy
3D ModellingTim McNally
3D ModellingBill Neimeyer
Actor (Admiral Krane)Craig Lewis
Actor (Admiral Sarn)Gary Martinez
Actor (Captain Merrick)Roy Conrad
Actor (Cargo Captain)Marc Bauman
Actor (Commander Jenn)Zachary Barton
Actor (Commander Kirby)Chopper Bernet
Actor (Darnell Reggs)Carl Magruder
Actor (Darth Vader)C. Andrew Nelson
Actor (Ensign Till)Michael Aron
Actor (Imperial Officer)Howard Swain
Actor (Ina Rece)Nicole Galland
Actor (Rebel)Mark Christiansen
Actor (Rebel)Garrett Griffin
Actor (Rebel)Laddia Holly
Actor (Rebel)Kathy McGinley
Actor (Rebel)Howard Meehan
Actor (Rebel)Marilyn Moeten
Actor (Rebel)Ron Rogge
Actor (Rebel)Greg Scott
Actor (Rebel)Carolyn Taylor
Actor (Rebel)Matthew Troncone
Actor (Rebel)Blake Tucker
Actor (Rookie One)Jamison Jones
Actor (Ru Murleen)Julie Eccles
Actor (Stormtrooper)Marc Bauman
Actor (Stormtrooper)Carl Magruder
Additional ProgrammingAaron Giles
Additional ProgrammingPaul D. LeFevre
Additional ProgrammingMichael McMahon
Additional ProgrammingMatthew D. Russell
Additional Video Production SupportLaurie Blavin
Additional Video Production SupportMike Dondero
Additional Video Production SupportLisa Ginsburg
Additional Video Production SupportNelson Hall
Additional Video Production SupportJoyce Quan
Additional Video Production SupportJim Rolin
Additional Video Production SupportPatrick Sirk
Additional Video Production SupportBlake Tucker
Additional Video Production SupportRick Wise
Additional Video Production SupportGeorge Young
Art TechnicianDoug Shannon
Assistant Voice EditorCoya Elliott
Assistant Voice EditorJulian Kwasneski
DesignVince Lee
Director of Live VideoHal Barwood
Graphics/ArtworkDaniel Colon Jr.
Graphics/ArtworkGarry Gaber
Graphics/ArtworkRichard Green
Graphics/ArtworkAlan Iglesias
Graphics/ArtworkEric Ingerson
Graphics/ArtworkJon Knoles
Graphics/ArtworkRon K. Lussier
Graphics/ArtworkSeth Piezas
Graphics/ArtworkCraig Rundels
Graphics/ArtworkWilliam Stoneham
Graphics/ArtworkClint Young
Lead Art TechnicianAaron Muszalski
Lead ArtistRichard Green
Lead Video Effects CompositorMark Christiansen
MusicJohn Williams
Original ConceptVince Lee
Original ConceptMichael Stemmle
Original ConceptBrett Tosti
ProgrammingVince Lee
Project LeaderVince Lee
Sound DesignerLarry Oppenheimer
Sound Quality ControlPeter McConnell
Storyboard ArtistPaul Topolos
Video Effects CompositorChris Weakley
Visual ArtistRichard Green
Voice EditorKhris Brown
Voice Over (Darth Vader)Scott Lawrence
Voice Over (Emperor, Stormtrooper)Nick Jameson
Voice Over (Intercom, Red Shirt One)Denny Delk
Voice Over (Stormtrooper)Colin Michael Kitchens
Voice Producer/Director/CastingTamlynn Barra
Voice Production AssistancePeggy Bartlett


Data and credits for this game contributed by Scottie theNerd, Ubersuntzu, odino, and oliist.

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