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by Adjneki

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Adjneki

Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 07/11/18

Welcome to Banner Saga 2

Continue your epic adventure at Chapter 8 - after you've placed a silver arrow into Sundr Bellower, the leader of the Dredges in Banner Saga 1.

If you can load a save game from the previous game, aka. Saga continues, you'll receive +5 Renown asap at start. Unfortunately, you still have to repeat the first tutorial battle, but on the other hand, you can get some Renown. So, too bad the sacrifice in the earlier BS1 chapter wasn't enough and the Dredges are still in the mood to fight...

If this is your first game, then the tutorial will give you enough explanations about the basics. But I'll give you some more details below.

What are the differences in BS1 and BS2?

  • Obstacles: Now you can bash these (Tip: you can get an achievement if you can bash all of them in a battle) or hide behind them to save your life.
  • More abilities and upgrades: While you had a strict line in BS1, you can choose between several improved skills in BS2 and you can upgrade them.
  • Training fighters: Finally you can bring balance to your caravan and have more fighters.
  • Survival mode: With hard mode for pretty pro gamers...
  • Aims at training: Now you'll have to follow the goals.
  • Hero and artifact max levels are 10.
  • More achievements.
  • Possibility to import game save from the earlier game.

Let our story begin! Pick your main hero: Rook or Alette. Alette offers a bit more challange (later on she may learn a mender skill as well, got more reward chances, but harder battles), while Rook is a bit stronger (on the other hand, he'll get less rewards). Some later story elements are up to your choice.

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