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Reviewed: 06/08/03 | Updated: 06/11/03

This game is addictive!


What can I say, this is the classic SimCity, and now it is in the palm of your hand. For those of you not familiar with SimCity, a company called Maxis developed a game without blood or violence, the point of which was simply to build your own city and run it. The game seemed simple enough, but it quickly wrapped up gamers of all ages, and inspired many children to become city planners, at least until they started playing the next game.

Since then, Maxis has been snapped up by Electronic Arts, and continues to produce new games, such as SimCity 3000. SimCity for the PalmOS was developed by Atelier Software.


The graphics in this game are pretty decent for the PalmOS. Simple, functional, and don't bog down the game at all. Despite what it would seem like, everything is detailed, and you can even see the cars driving around on the virtual roads. The graphics don't entirely compare with games like Zap2016, but are good enough to suit their purpose in this game.


There's not much in the way of sounds in SimCity, just the basic crappy blips when you click on the menu. None of the sound has much of an actual function in the game.


This is one area where this game really shines. Most versions of SimCity are bogged down, and difficult to understand. The PalmOS version has been reformatted, and has extraordinarily simple but elegant control. A simple drop-down menu indicates the action, and a tap executes it. I must say, I am far more impressed with the controls on the PalmOS version than the desktop version. While playing this game, I was never once deterred by lousy controls, it was quite the opposite.


The options in this game consist of the following. You can select the game speed, automatic bulldozing, budgeting, or disaster location, turn on or off what simple sound there is, and assign the hardware keys to certain tasks. You can also force the game to have a disaster of your discretion occur, or disable disasters altogether. Aside from these options, there is also the basic town management, such as adjusting the taxes, reading graphs, and viewing maps of the town's growth. There's not as much to do as in some of the desktop versions of the game, but it still leaves very little to be desired.


Basically, this game is excellent. It is one of the best PalmOS games I have ever played, and doesn't even chew up my battery like some other games. It runs on any Palm with OS 3.0 or higher, and I tested this on my Palm V. The game ran without a hitch, and actually ran faster than on my Visor Prism.

The sole drawback to this game is that no demo is available. The price may seem incredibly steep, but take my word, the game is worth every penny, especially if you are a fan of strategy games. Anyone looking for a new experience with their Palm needs to take a look at this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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