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Game features: Fully working demo version - You can download SMPro and try it before buying to be sure it's right for you. Over 700 solitaire games - The largest PalmOS solitaire collection, including FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Pyramid, and Yukon. PalmOS 5 support - Enhanced to work with all devices running PalmOS 5 and higher. Animated Backgrounds and plug-ins - You may download and install full-screen animated backgrounds and plug-ins for your game (for high-resolution PalmOS 5 devices only). 6 animated backgr. (pack 1)6 animated backgr. (pack 3)6 animated backgr. (pack 2)6 animated backgr. (pack 4) JPEG Background - You may use JPEG image files as background in the game. It is required that the files be installed on a memory card and your device is with an ARM processor. Background pictures - You can display many different pictures under the cards, including additional ones downloaded from our web site. Card back pictures - You can choose from among many different card back pictures. Background colors - You can choose any color your device supports as the background. High quality sound support - Supports high quality sound for newer devices, and standard sound for older ones. External memory support - Much of SMPro and all of its background and card back pictures can be loaded into external memory. No moves remaining detection - Alerts you when there are no moves left in a game, at which point you may use the undo button to replay portions of your game or start a new game. Favorites - SMPro can track your favorite games separate from the rest. Filters - SMPro gives you the ability to filter the list of games according to multiple criteria, like skill level, odds of winning, etc., making it easier to find a game you'd like to play. Undo/redo - You can undo even the longest game to replay any move. Save/load - You can save a game to resume later. Hints - SMPro can show you an available move when you get stuck. Auto-resume last game - When you return to SMPro, you're right where you left off. Drag 'n' drop/single tap play modes - You can move one or more cards by dragging and dropping or a single tap. Auto-jump to foundations - You can configure SMPro to automatically place cards in the foundations; this can reduce fatigue and time needed to complete a game. Tool bar - While playing a game, SMPro can display a tool bar with many common options. Game rules - While playing a game, SMPro can display the rules. Statistics - Detailed statistics for each game and across all games. Top scores - The best scores for each game and across all games. Quick preview - Shows card layout, difficulty, odds of winning, etc., right from the games list. Battery status - SMPro shows the battery level in the tool bar so you can watch it while playing. Clock - SMPro shows the current time in the tool bar. Animation - SMPro animates card movements, but you can disable the animation if you prefer. Game seed - You can control the random number generator used to shuffle the cards for each game so you can try every variation of a game or repeat the same game as often as you like. Restart - Restart the current game exactly as before. Left-handed layout option

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