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by imaginer01

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FAQ/Walkthrough by imaginer01

Version: 1.1.2 | Updated: 09/22/14

The Adventures of Chris

I'm the author of this game and so I thought I would provide a basic walkthrough - just enough hints to complete the full game (as of version 1.1.2). For all secrets, extras, and easter eggs, however, you're on your own! Email me at imaginer01@gmail.com for feedback on both the FAQ and the game itself.

Game Premise

The Adventures of Chris (https://ouya.tv/games/The-Adventures-of-Chris) is an adventure platformer in the style of 16-bit classics like Quackshot, Castle of Illusion, and Mega Man X. The emphasis is on building a repertoire of abilities, collecting upgrades, and free exploration, all in a playful, cartoonish style. The game is currently available for $1.99 for the OUYA or the Amazon Fire TV. I am working on porting it to PC/Mac - check it out on Steam Greenlight! (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=271392817)

Human Controls

  • Walk left and right: Left/right on D-pad or left joystick
  • Crouch: Hold down on D-pad or left joystick
  • Jump: O
  • Punch: U
  • Talk to other characters: U
  • Cast Selected Spell: U
  • Switch Spells: shoulder buttons or triggers
  • Inflate: A
  • Super Bounce: Y
  • Charge: Hold U

Balloon Controls

  • Float left and right: Left/right on D-pad or left joystick
  • Jump Off Ceilings: O
  • Flip Attack: U
  • Talk to other characters: U
  • Cast Selected Spell: U
  • Switch Spells: shoulder buttons or triggers
  • Deflate: A
  • Super Bounce (auto-deflates): Y
  • Charge: Hold U


  • The Helium Within (250 Marshmallows)
Restores one helium point every 10 seconds. You no longer have to watch your helium quite as carefully!
  • Unpoppable (250 Marshmallows)
Monsters and traps now knock you back and reduce your health by 1 point rather than popping you. Highly recommended!
  • Hindenburg (250 Marshmallows)
Hold up and punch to explode, costing one health but doing 3 points of damage to all visible enemies. This is actually very useful for places like Japan and Egypt.
  • Inflatable Fist (250 Marshmallows)
Charge punch for a short time to do double damage. The Fireball spell can be charged to become significantly larger and do double damage. The Crystal spell can be charged to shoot in 8 directions. Bosses can take half as many hits to defeat!
  • Float Fall (250 Marshmallows)
Hold jump to slow the rate of fall. Very useful for areas that require precision jumping.
  • Super Bounce (250 Marshmallows)
Functions like Yoshi or Mario's ground pound move - press Y in the air to attack enemies below you. You are briefly invincible while bouncing downward. You bounce higher than a regular jump on the way up.


  • Fireball
Found in Mexico. Does the same damage as a punch, but launches a fireball horizontally across the screen. Uses 1 magic point.
  • Crystal
Found in Siberia. Shoots three crystals - two diagonally, one horizontally, that do the same damage as a punch. The crystals bounce once before disappearing. Uses 3 magic points.
  • ??????
  • ??????


  • Marshmallow - These are all over the place. Collect as many as you can to spend on upgrades at the Kingdom of Lost Balloons.
  • Chocolate Shake - Restores health points by one.
  • Blue Balloon - Increases helium points by one.
  • Green Crystal - Refills magic points to max.
  • Helium Tank - Press Punch to restore helium to max.
  • Giant Sundae - Increases maximum health by one.
  • Giant Balloon - Increases maximum helium points by one.
  • Giant Crystal - Increases maximum magic points by ten.

Farming Marshmallows

One way to make the game easier is to visit a level on the world map you find easier (Mexico, for example), collect marshmallows, and then float off the top of the screen to save your marshmallows. If you die, however, you lose all the marshmallows you gained in that level!


  • Chris finds himself in a scary place. Head right until you reach the castle.
  • Defeat the spiders by crouching and punching. Either jump and punch the bats or wait for them to come to you.
  • There are a couple of long jumps. Chris can jump from a ledge at the very last minute. Don't jump too soon!
  • Collect all the marshmallows or you may not have 250 when you reach the merchant later!

Count Jr's Castle

  • Navigate through the castle to reach the far right side.
  • Jump straight up and then move over at the right time to get past the flame-spitting candleabras.
  • After the checkpoint and the drop, there are two paths to the right. The upper path is probably easier, but you can maximize your marshmallows by taking BOTH paths.

The Ghost

  • The ghost follows a specific pattern: two fly-throughs followed by a fireball summoning.
  • When he's flying across the screen, you can't hurt him. Simply crouch if he's high or jump if he's low.
  • When he's summoning a fireball, the fireball is homing and will chase you. Jump over the ghost and hang out just behind him to get the fireball to hit the ghost.
  • Three shots with his own fireball defeats the ghost.

Floating Away

  • Since version 1.0.3, Chris's Flip Attack has an expanded range. Chris can attack both in the direction he's facing and overhead.
  • Don't feel like you have to punch all the birds. You can get in trouble that way.
  • The birds always follow the same pattern, so try to memorize it if they're giving you trouble.
  • It's possible to float up against the left side in complete safety for a while - but after a while you'll have to switch over to the right side.
  • After the bird section, Chris will be attacked by the ghost again. He'll throw 5 darts straight down at fixed intervals. He chases Chris at a speed slightly slower than Chris can float. Keep moving to avoid the darts. Also - stay away from the edges of the screen or you might double back into a dart.

Cloud Wastelands

  • Chris can press O to jump off the cloud ceilings.
  • Avoid icicle spikes by jumping from cloud to cloud.
  • Don't forget you can use Chris's Flip Attack to defeat the red balloons.
  • Red balloons don't hurt you if they bounce into you, but you do lose control briefly. When you're flashing, you're invulnerable, so try to jump very quickly if a red balloon knocks you into a spike.

Helio, King of the Lost Balloons

  • Helio alternates sides left to right. When he has chosen a side, he will try to line himself up with you, and then joust across the screen at you, either popping you or getting stuck in the clouds on the other side.
  • Use the Flip Attack on Helio while he's stuck to hit him.
  • Get out of the way fast after hitting him!
  • Three hits defeats him.

Kingdom of Lost Balloons

  • Don't forget to talk to the merchant balloon and buy upgrades if you have enough marshmallows! (Unpoppable is a great first purchase :P)
  • Float off the top of the screen to reach the world map.
  • You can come back to the Kingdom at any time by floating to it on the world map. As you collect more marshmallows, you'll want to return to buy more upgrades and special moves.


  • Mexico is the first place you should probably visit, as the Fireball spell makes all the other levels a LOT easier.
  • There are THREE routes through the level. You only have to take one to reach the Mayan Temple at the far right. (You can collect more marshmallows by taking all three, however...)
  • Snakes occasionally hide in the treetops. Watch the treetops for falling leaves, which indicate the presence of a snake. To defeat the snakes, get just close enough to trigger them, and then move backward out of their range, punching them as they reach the extent of their reach.
  • There's a helium tank in the lower left-hand corner of the level.
  • The top path (through the trees) requires no helium.
  • The middle tier involves dart-spitting statues. Jump from branch to branch as a balloon to clear the path, but you might want to deflate to dodge the darts, especially if you don't have the Unpoppable upgrade.
  • The bottom tier takes you underground, along the ceiling of a cave as a balloon. Be patient and wait for the bats to either pass underneath or get close enough to take out with your Flip Attack.
  • Enter the Mayan Temple through the entrance on the far right-hand side of the level.

Mayan Temple Part 1

  • The Mayan Temple is more linear than the jungle, although there is one decision point.
  • You can use a helium tank while inflated to keep your helium at absolute max.
  • Head right at the first junction to get to the next level.
  • To get between the two rows of spikes, you will need to learn how to inflate and deflate in quick succession.
  • Jump off each ledge, and as you're on your way down, press A to inflate. DON'T WAIT TOO LONG! Press A again to deflate as you reach the next ledge. This takes practice.
  • Watch out for holes in the ground - these indicate spear traps that will activate when you walk over them. They take a second to pop up - so if you keep moving, you're safe.
  • There's a spear trap RIGHT AFTER the last ledge in the spike section.
  • There are additional blue balloons to the far right.
  • The way forward is a shaft in the ceiling - look for an area with no spikes and float upward.
  • After falling down a long shaft at the far right, you'll notice a huge ball ready to drop on you. This will kill you instantly.
  • The only way to survive the rolling ball is to KEEP MOVING LEFT. You'll need to inflate and deflate in time to avoid the spikes on the ground and ceiling. Significant hesitation results in death. Fall into the hole at the far left to reach the next level.

Mayan Temple Part 2

  • There are four hidden pits in this hallway. Watch the spiders to learn where they are - they will stop at the edge of a pit.
  • If you fall into a pit, quickly inflate to avoid the spikes at the bottom.
  • The third pit from the left (second from the right) is actually a secret passage to the next section of the temple. You will need to fall down into it.
  • Punch/avoid the bats and watch out for the spear traps as you make your way to the right.
  • Inflate to clear the pillar of spikes, and then deflate once you're over it.
  • Fall into the next hole to reach the boss chamber.

Mayan Idol

  • There are many ways to defeat the idol. Some are easier than others.
  • The idol has 12 hit points. A standard punch or fireball does 1 point of damage. A charged punch or fireball does 2.
  • Jump and shoot a fireball at the apex of your jump to hit the floating idol - you have to time your shot right to get the idol when he's lower in the air.
  • You can jump from either the central platform or the two blocks on the sides. Be careful, though, if you stand on the side the idol will more aggressively use his lava attack.
  • The idol has three different attacks. Before attacking, a red glint will appear in his eye.
  • His first attack is to swoop down at Chris. Chris's best bet is to get down off the platform and crouch until the idol has passed.
  • His second attack is to vomit lava that floods the room (except for the platforms). Chris will either have to get low or stay high depending on which attack the idol launches, which requires quick reflexes.
  • Chris can also fight the idol as a balloon. It's much easier to throw fireballs at the idol from the ceiling. However, the idol will attack only by launching himself horizontally at Chris. Chris should jump off the ceiling to dodge these attacks, and then continue throwing fireballs at the idol.

Trans-Siberian Railway

  • Siberia is an optional level, but the Crystal spell makes life easier later in the game, so consider giving it a shot!
  • The wind will blow Chris rapidly backwards if he inflates in this level.
  • At regular intervals, the train will go under power lines. If Chris is standing on the top of a car when the power lines come across, he will take damage.
  • Halfway between each power line, a red warning light will pass by.
  • Chris needs to stay in the space between cars until the power lines pass and it's safe to move to the next car.
  • Watch for the red lights and move to the nearest low area as soon as you see one!
  • The living snowmen take 3 fireballs to defeat, and the snowballs they throw at Chris can be destroyed with a fireball or punch.
  • Snowmen can be skipped by Super Bouncing over them.
  • You can Super Bounce over the power lines as well, but this takes very good timing.
  • Charged fireballs will help defeat snowmen quickly.

Siberian Ice Cave Part 1

  • This level is challenging - the Unpoppable upgrade is very helpful, as is Float Fall.
  • There's a hole at the beginning - fall into it to pick up some items. Inflate BEFORE using the helium tank to maximize your helium supply.
  • Wait patiently for the bats to come into range or pass by. Don't take unnecessary damage.
  • The top portion of the stage is a question of timing. Platforms alternate with spikes below and above. Jump onto the first platform, and then walk off the right edge. Inflate quickly after you fall, timing it just right to float against the bottom of the next platform, but not waiting so long that you hit the spikes below.
  • You have to repeat this pattern three times. Note that if you have Unpoppable, you can mess up twice (at least) and still make it through.
  • Spam Fireball to defeat the snowmen.
  • The lower portion requires you to float continually between two rows of spikes.
  • Try to stay high. Chris floats more slowly than he falls. If you have trouble with timing your inflates, don't bother trying to wait until the last possible second to push A. Push A quickly and stay high. Don't worry about conserving helium - there are plenty of blue balloons along the way.
  • There are two spike-covered boxes that have to be dodged at the end.
  • Don't let the final snowman at the end take you by surprise.

Siberian Ice Cave Part 2

  • This section is a vertical shaft.
  • The safest way to get to the bottom is to stay inflated the whole time and press O to jump from platform to platform.
  • Don't rush - wait to settle after landing before jumping again.
  • It is also possible to Float Fall or simply fall all the way to the bottom, taking damage along the way - but this doesn't work if you don't have a lot of health.
  • Take the right fork in the middle of the stage to reach the exit to the level.
  • Keep spamming fireball when fighting snowmen to make it less likely that their snowballs will hit you.
  • A Hindenburg explosion can be very helpful for taking out snowmen in this section.

Ice Creature

  • The Ice Creature continually shoots icicles out of his back. It's good to stay in front of him if you can.
  • He periodically jumps into the air. When he lands, he causes an earthquake that will drop icicles from the ceiling towards your position.
  • If he's getting close to you, you'll want to get under him when he jumps, or over him by inflating.
  • Use fireballs to take out icicles, and stay crouched to make yourself harder to hit.
  • To dodge the icicles falling from the ceiling, walk forward while shooting fireballs at the right moment.
  • Use charged fireballs to do twice the damage.
  • Don't waste fireballs by shooting him when he's flashing, which indicates that he's temporarily invulnerable.
  • He has a lot of HP, so keep pummeling him with well-timed fireballs, and eventually he'll shatter, giving you the Crystal spell.
  • The Crystal spell is more expensive than Fireball, but has a much wider range.

Malaysian Stilt Village Part 1

  • There are three paths through the first section of the ruined stilt village:
    1. Jumping along the bottom platforms
    2. Jumping along the top tier of platforms
    3. Floating over the top of the level
  • I tend to find that the middle tier is the easiest, although you do have to use helium to make some of the jumps.
  • Flying fish jump at you along the bottom. A well-timed fireball will knock them out, but you'll want to keep moving before they respawn.
  • Use Crystal to knock out the mosquitoes, as they can come at you from any direction.
  • If you choose to float over the level, you'll need to be careful not to run out of helium. It's much easier to defeat the mosquitoes if you have Unpoppable and the Crystal spell.

Malaysian Stilt Village Part 2

  • The easiest way through this level is to keep running. You'll avoid all mosquitoes and flying fish so long as you keep holding right as long as you can.
  • Use fireballs or crystals to knock out the occasional mosquito to the right.
  • You can also float over the top of this level, but you'll want to stay as high as you can to avoid triggering the mosquitoes below. There are no helium tanks or blue balloons in this part of the level so you won't get many chances to get this right (unless you have The Helium Within, of course).

Malaysian Stilt Village Part 3

  • There are no platforms between the beginning and end of this level, so you'll need to float the whole way.
  • Let the marshmallows and blue balloons be your guide. Follow the trail of marshmallows to avoid the mosquitoes, and press A when you get a blue balloon to inflate or deflate at the right time.
  • Float Fall makes this level significantly easier.


  • Buzzkill is not very bright. He follows the same pattern, flying from platform to platform in a continual circle.
  • As of 1.1.2, Buzzkill no longer lets Chris be safe by floating under the leftmost platform. You'll have to move to stay out of dodge!
  • Chris can dodge Buzzkill without using helium by jumping over him as he's flying from the lower right platform to the lower left platform. This is a four tile jump so you should be careful to wait until the last moment before you press O.
  • If you fall, inflate quickly to get back to the platforms.
  • You can also Super Bounce on Buzzkill to avoid getting hit as he approaches the lower left platform.
  • When Buzzkill is one hit away from defeat, he will appear wounded and covered in bandages.
  • One more hit, and Buzzkill will fly over to Chris and try to suck his blood. If he succeeds, Buzzkill will gain back three more hit points. He will do this infinitely, and can not be killed.
  • The only way to win is to be inflated when Buzzkill makes his last-ditch blood-sucking move. Buzzkill will become inflated himself, and Chris will win the fight.

Los Angeles Freeway

  • Chris has to chase Smog Monster, jumping from car to car until he reaches the end.
  • The wind is strong - if Chris inflates, he'll fly backwards rapidly!
  • Don't let this discourage you from pushing A if you miss a jump - you'll lose some ground, but you won't die!
  • The first jump between cars is a 4-tile jump, so try to get Chris as close to the edge as possible before jumping. (Or use Float Fall to make your life easier.)
  • Take your time and wait for the smog from the vehicles. If you rush, you might get hit by smog before you've even seen what's coming. Time your jumps carefully to avoid the smog balls.
  • Keep throwing Fireballs at Smog Monster to avoid his projectiles. 3 regular hits will chase him further away. Charged shots will work twice as well.
  • The third time you meet Smog Monster, he will be hiding behind the top of a pickup truck. You will need to stand on the bed of the truck and crouch when he shoots, and then stand up to shoot a fireball when the coast is clear.

Los Angeles Factory Part 1

  • This level requires Chris to float through a network of air ducts to reach the top. Helium is at a premium here, so make sure to stay inflated as long as you can (Unpoppable and The Helium Within are both useful upgrades here.)
  • There's a helium tank in the lower right corner of the first room.
  • The far right shaft just over the first room is a really good place to farm marshmallows - you just have to be careful not to hit the slime at the bottom! You can save your marshmallows by exiting the level and returning, getting them over and over again.
  • The stationary slime puddles are invulnerable unless they're shooting. Three hits knocks them out, but the gray goo they leave behind can still hurt Chris!
  • The free-moving slimes can be killed with one shot. Time your fireballs to hit them while they're in the air.
  • If you have enough helium left, deflate when fighting the slimes that shoot to avoid popping (unless you have Unpoppable).

Los Angeles Factory Part 2

  • The fans will blow Chris rapidly in one direction so long as he's inflated.
  • In the first vertical shaft, hold right to avoid getting blown into the top fan and enter the horizontal shaft.
  • Continue holding right while being blown downward in the second vertical shaft.
  • You'll now come across three shafts with periodic smog shots from the bottom - wait patiently for the smog to pass, then float up to the top of each shaft to get the marshmallows and very quickly jump back into the horizontal shaft.
  • In order to avoid getting damaged by the horizontally blowing fans, you'll need to attempt to move against the wind - that is, try to float TOWARD the fan that's currently blowing at you.

Smog Monster

  • Before you fight Smog Monster, consider falling back into the factory to collect more balloons from the previous room. Repeat until your helium is at maximum.
  • Smog Monster follows a particular pattern - he chooses a random corner of the room, moves towards it, and once he reaches it, spits 3 smog balls diagonally across the room.
  • Some places to stand are safer than others.
  • If you find yourself in a corner with Smog Monster barreling at you diagonally, quickly inflate to float over him to safety.
  • The Crystal spell makes it much easier to hit Smog Monster no matter where he is.
  • If you have helium to spare (and probably Unpoppable), you can float to the ceiling to whack Smog Monster with Fireball when he's high, and deflate to whack Smog Monster from the ground when he's low.
  • Smog Monster is easiest to hit when he's moving across the bottom of the room. Jump over him and launch Fireballs into his back.

Japanese Castle Courtyard

  • The ninja cats are designed to require stealth and hit-and-run tactics to defeat. Brute force spell spamming is less likely to work.
  • Ninja cats patrol back and forth until they see Chris (they have to be facing towards him and have line of sight to him). When they see Chris, an exclamation point will appear over their heads, and they will throw ninja stars at Chris rapidly in groups of 2.
  • Ninja stars, unlike most projectiles in the game, can NOT be destroyed with punches or spells. They have to be dodged or avoided.
  • After being hit once, ninja cats will flicker momentarily. While flickering, they are invulnerable. Unfortunately, they will always get off one ninja star before becoming vulnerable again. If Chris just stands there after hitting a cat throwing fireballs, he's pretty much guaranteed to take a hit.
  • There are many ways to knock out a ninja cat without getting hurt:
    • Hide! Crouch behind terrain or float underneath the cat's platform, waiting until the cat is turned away from you. Emerge from hiding, shoot a fireball, and IMMEDIATELY go back into hiding until the cat goes back to patrol mode. Rinse and repeat. (The Crystal spell makes it easier to hit them)
    • Super Bounce. Perform the Super Bounce maneuver over the cat repeatedly and rapidly. Because Chris is momentarily invincible while bouncing, the ninja stars won't hurt him.
    • Inflatable Fist. Knock them out in one shot with a charged fireball!
    • Hindenburg. Ok, so it still hurts you. But if there are multiple cats on the screen at once, it can be much easier to wipe them all out at once with this move.
    • Dodge. When alerted to Chris's presence, the ninja cats will throw two stars in quick succession and then pause. A well-timed jump followed by a crouch can dodge the stars. Take advantage of the gap to launch a fireball into the cat.
  • Patience is a virtue. Wait for the cats to be facing away. Wait for the bats and spiders to be in a better position before attacking. Etc etc.

Japanese Castle Interior Part 1

  • Crouch behind the big urns to avoid being seen by the cats. When the cat is turned away, stand up and shoot a fireball, crouching again immediately.
  • Not all cats have an urn nearby to hide behind. You'll have to float to a lower or higher level out of sight and wait for the cat to turn around.
  • Cats with swords do not throw ninja stars - they slide towards Chris with their sword extended. They tend to be much easier to deal with than the regular ninja cats.
  • Don't worry so much about conserving helium in this level. If you run out, you can always return to the bottom story again to refill at the helium tank.

Japanese Castle Interior Part 2

  • There is nothing that can hurt Chris in this level, but it is easy to get lost!
  • Watch the yellow balloon and follow his movements carefully.
  • You're probably better off staying inflated the whole time.


  • Felicia is only vulnerable to Chris's attacks when she's clutching her broken ribcage in pain.
  • Felicia will stand in one of three places - the far left, the center, and the far right.
  • She follows the same repeatedly:
    • Jump to one of the three locations.
    • Throw 5 ninja stars at Chris.
    • Clutch ribcage in pain momentarily.
  • When she's about to jump, try to stand between the middle and one of the sides so she won't land on you.
  • When she's throwing stars, try to stand half a screen away from her. Paradoxically, the closer you are to her, the easier it is to dodge her projectiles (because the difference in angle from her to you while jumping and on the ground is greater the closer you are, giving you more room to dodge between stars).
  • Felicia has 9 hit points.
  • Charged fireballs (Inflatable Fist) will make this fight much faster.
  • Float Fall can he helpful for dodging stars in tight situations.
  • You can also dodge stars by inflating and floating across the ceiling. This might take more helium than you have, however, so use it sparingly.

Egyptian Desert

  • The wind has the same effect here as it did on the LA Freeway and the Trans-Siberian Railway, blowing Chris rapidly to the left when he inflates.
  • Other than the helium tank at the beginning, there are NO items or enemies in this level at all. Conserving helium is very important! (Or grab The Helium Within)
  • Float Fall makes it easier to jump the spikes scattered throughout the level.
  • To climb up columns floating above you, you'll need to jump OUT and UP, quickly inflating so that the wind blows you against the floating column. Once you get over the top of the column, deflate QUICKLY to land on top of the column.
  • You'll need to perform this manuever 3 times to clear the level (or twice if you have Super Bounce).
  • After climbing the first column and jumping over the next set of spikes, you'll see two columns with a small space between them. If you have Super Bounce, jump over them and use Super Bounce to get up to the top of the small column at the end of the next platform. If you don't have Super Bounce, you'll want to fall BETWEEN the columns, which will take you to a lower platform. Float against the next column and deflate quickly to land on top of it.
  • Once you're on top of the next column, jump and inflate at the top of the jump so that the wind sweeps you against the next column. Deflate at the top quickly to land on top of the column.
  • Jump from platform to platform to descend to the next section.
  • When you reach a place where you'll need to fall between two columns, keep holding right as you fall to land on the next platform (Float Fall makes this easier)
  • Chris can actually land carefully between two spikes, even if there's only one tile between them.
  • If you have them, use Super Bounce and Float Fall to clear the last sets of spikes easily.
  • Enter the Pyramid...

Egyptian Pyramid Part 1

  • The Pyramid is a maze. Like the desert, there are no items of any kind (apart from the helium tank at the start). You'll want to conserve helium by staying inflated as much as possible.
  • The Pyramid is littered with mummies. Mummies are stationary, but turn left and right periodically. If a mummy sees you, it will vomit on you. A mummy's vomit reaches a long way - so be careful to stay as far from the mummy as you can while still seeing it.
  • Once a mummy has turned away from you, quickly run up to it and attack it repeatedly to kill it. Mummies take 3 hits. Don't worry if it turns to see you while you're right up next to it - its vomit will go over your head if you're close enough!
  • A Hindenburg explosion will wipe out all mummies on the screen.
  • Head right at the helium tank, and then float upward.
  • At the next intersection, head down one level and then right.
  • As you start heading left under the entrance, watch out for the first mummy!
  • After floating up a long shaft, take the second left path from the top. Stay inflated here to save helium.
  • When you reach the next intersection, stay inflated against the overhang on the far right. There's a mummy in the second level from the top, and you'll want to launch fireballs at it from a safe distance.
  • Once the mummy is dispatched, move behind it and follow the path up a long shaft and then back down again.
  • A mummy is waiting almost IMMEDIATELY after you land.
  • When a hole opens up in the ceiling of the next passageway, float up through it.
  • At the next four-way intersection, jump straight across.
  • Follow the winding path until it takes you down a hole into the next level...

Egyptian Pyramid Part 2

  • The next section is basically a giant spike-filled chamber. You will need to float carefully around the floating spikes.
  • There are four exits from the chamber - there are two along the far right wall. You'll want to take the lower of the two on the right wall. All other exits are dead ends.
  • Inflate very carefully at the edge of the bottom level to land against the ceiling without touching the spikes below.
  • Drop down into...


  • Fluffy the Giant Scorpion has three attacks he chooses at random - left pincer, right pincer, and stinger. Every third attack is guaranteed to be the stinger, but all other attacks are random.
  • Stay close to the middle to avoid the pincer attacks.
  • When the stinger comes down, move quickly to the left or right, and then fire an attack back at the stinger behind you. The bottom of the stinger is Fluffy's only vulnerable part.
  • After five regular hits, Fluffy will retreat, and Anubis will start flying to attack you.
  • Anubis is only vulnerable when casting his purple attack spell.
  • Stand on one of the pedestals and crouch to avoid Anubis while he's floating around.
  • Shoot a fireball at him right as he's about to shoot, and then dodge the purple spell coming your way.
  • Five regular hits will defeat him.
  • Use charged fireballs to make the fight much faster, or Crystal to make aiming less important.

Permanent Balloon Mode

  • After Count Jr transforms you again, you lose the ability to deflate, but you gain three skills:
    • The ability to float downward by holding down on the D-pad or left joystick
    • The ability to slowly float against powerful winds
    • The ability to restore health by finding blue balloons or using helium tanks.
  • Your next goal is to reach any of the three bosses you defeated earlier - Smog Monster in LA, Felicia in Japan, or Buzzkill in Malaysia. Smog Monster and Buzzkill are SIGNIFICANTLY easier to reach. I recommend going to either Malaysia or Los Angeles.
  • Get the Unpoppable upgrade if you don't have it! Farm marshmallows in Mexico if you have to, but get it unless you want the rest of the game to be a severe challenge!
  • If you decide to take on Malaysia again, use the Crystal spell liberally to take out mosquitoes while floating over the levels.
  • Even though you can float anywhere, the third section of Malaysia is still much easier if you follow the marshmallow trail.

Return to Transylvania

  • After Count Jr takes over the Kingdom of Lost Balloons, Transylvania becomes available on the world map.
  • The first two levels are identical to when you visited them at the beginning of the game. Hopefully, you're much more powerful and skilled now and should have an easier time at it!

The Ghost, Again

  • The ghost moves in a similar pattern to when you first fought him - none of your spells or attacks will work on him, but he's still vulnerable to his own fireballs.
  • Hold down to float behind the ghost as he's summoning fireballs. The fireball will hit him. Three times and you've won.
  • It's much easier to dodge the ghost by resting against the ceiling and jumping as the ghost approaches, rather than holding down to blow, which is slower.

The Orb Tower

  • Your next task is to float to the top of the tower to reach the Emergency Backup Orb.
  • Avoid the fire-spitting candleabras as best you can.
  • When you reach the long central shaft, try to align yourself EXACTLY in the middle so that the fireballs don't hit you on either side.
  • When you hit the ceiling, carefully time your movement to the side to dodge the first and then second fireball.
  • Don't bother with any of the collectables until you get to the top.
  • When you grab the orb, you will regain the ability to deflate and inflate with the A button. Fortunately, you STILL HAVE the ability to float downward, etc.

The Birthday Party Room

  • This is your last chance to reach the world map if you need to go back and find any upgrades that you missed. From this point on, you're moving towards the final fight.
  • Conserve helium by using the tank while inflated and then floating downward into the next level.

Into the Reality Vortex Part 1

  • The next set of levels are full of random enemies and terrain from the previous levels in the game.
  • Float along the ceiling to have an easier time of getting past the first couple of candleabras.
  • Wait for the spider below to move out of the way or Super Bounce down to crush it.
  • Blow downward to carefully manuever around the spikes in the next section - this is fairly difficult, so the Unpoppable upgrade is very useful.
  • The temple platforms are covered in spear traps, so keep moving forward. Use Crystal to take out the bat more easily as you jump from pillar to pillar.
  • The three palm trees in the next section all have snakes in them - use Crystal while inflated to knock them out. Use the ability to float downward to manuever rather than deflation, so you don't waste helium.
  • Jump from the side of the train car and launch fireballs at the snowman until it's gone - then walk rapidly over the top of the train car to avoid the spear traps.
  • Don't worry if the red balloons hit you in the next section - they can't hurt you.
  • Go below the first set of clouds and above the second set of clouds to make it less likely that you'll run into the icicles.
  • The Crystal spell makes it easier to take out the red balloons.
  • There's a snake hiding behind the final helium tank.

Into the Reality Vortex Part 2

  • This level requires you to float all the way to the top.
  • Remember that you can still blow downward - you don't have to dodge so carefully as you did in the first floating away level.
  • Don't worry about killing the ninja cats in the first section - just dodge and keep floating.
  • Float TOWARDS the horizontal fans to prevent them blowing you too far the other direction. Do NOT float downward in this section.
  • Stay at a consistent horizontal distance from the floating cars in the next section, so you can predict the timing needed to dodge the smog balls. Blow downward to halt your ascent to dodge the smog balls. (You can also use your Flip Attack or spells to destroy the smog balls before they hit you.)
  • A well-placed Hindenburg explosion or charged Crystal spell will help clear out all the birds, bats, and red balloons swarming the next section. Remember that the red balloons can't really hurt you.
  • Float downward to avoid the icicle spikes in the next section.
  • Manuever through the air ducts in the next section, using Fireball or Crystal to take out the slimes. Ignore the stationary slimes waiting for you on the way out.
  • Avoid the mosquitoes waiting for you on the other side, or use charged Crystals or Hindenburg to take them out easily. Just keep moving - you're almost done!

Into the Reality Vortex Part 3

  • The goal here is to get to the far right of the level by floating from platform to platform. You'll have to face snowmen, followed by mummies, followed by spitting slimes, and then a wave of bats.
  • The easiest way to get through the level is to find a safe platform to rest under and use Hindenburg to take out the enemies around you. Because there's a helium tank at the start of the level, you can always clear a section with a Hindenburg explosion, return to the tank to restore your health, rinse and repeat.
  • If you don't have Hindenburg, you might just need to float carefully around the enemies, using Fireball or Crystal as you can.
  • Super Bounce repeatedly over an enemy to take them out.
  • Float downward rather than deflating to conserve helium.

Count Jr Battle Part 1

  • Activate the start of the battle by jumping carefully to the platform closest to him. Don't try to jump across to the first platform - it's a four tile jump and you're likely to fall into the spikes below if you're not careful. Jump down to the lower platform first and then up to the second platform.
  • Count Jr follows the same pattern over and over again.
  • Count Jr is immune to all of Chris's attacks (he has a magic field around him that turns fireballs into flowers and crystals into bubbles).
  • Count Jr is only vulnerable to the spikes he launches at Chris. Similar to the ghost, Chris has to position himself such that the spikes hit Count Jr rather than him as they chase him.
  • Here's Count Jr's attack pattern:
    • Send an unavoidable spell at Chris that will inflate him. A purple field will surround Chris preventing him from deflating. If Chris is already inflated when the spell hits him, he will burst.
    • Summon a spike from the ceiling to chase Chris. The spike must either hit Chris or Count Jr. If it hits Chris, Count Jr teleports to a new platform and starts from step 1.
    • Summon four mosquitoes around Chris and wait for the mosquitoes or Chris to be defeated.
    • Teleport to a new location.
  • The trick is to float underneath Count Jr's platform when he's summoning a spike. Generally, the spike will hit Count Jr.
  • Count Jr has to be hit five times with the spike.
  • When Count Jr is hit, the purple spell around Chris is broken and he should deflate to avoid getting popped by the next purple spell.

Count Jr Battle Part 2

  • Count Jr transforms into a gigantic toy monster.
  • He rolls back and forth slowly but randomly. He's confined to the right half of the screen.
  • His monster body sports three turrets that launch projectiles in one of three directions. The turret will aim for a split second prior to firing, so you can watch the turrets to determine where the next projectile will fire.
  • Count Jr fires two different kinds of projectiles:
    • Bouncing Balls - Invulnerable to Chris's attacks, these balls bounce off the floor and ceiling. They must be dodged.
    • Purple Balloons - Force-inflate Chris. These can be dodged or popped with any of Chris's regular attacks. If one hits Chris while he's already in balloon form, he'll burst.
  • As of 1.1.2, Count Jr has a new attack - he shoots a purple spell in a sine wave formation from his eyes periodically. Blow downwards to avoid this attack if you're on the ceiling.
  • Count Jr is vulnerable to all of Chris's attacks, but he has a lot of hit points, so the trick is to attack as much as you can while surviving the onslaught of projectiles. There are a number of strategies you can try:
    • Shoot Fireballs from the Ground. This is difficult but possible. Keep jumping and shooting fireballs at Count Jr, over and over. Don't waste fireballs by shooting bouncing balls coming directly at you. You'll want to use all of your mana to dump fireballs into him. You'll also want to stand at a safe, regular distance from him so you can jump the bouncing balls appropriately. Most of the balls are simple to dodge, but when the lower turrets fires left while one of the upper turrets fires downward, it can take some fancy footwork to not get hit (Float Fall and Super Bounce help!). Once you find the right jumping position, try to maintain that distance from Count Jr as he rolls left and right. Charge fireballs if you can to make this faster.
    • Punch Count Jr from the Ground. This is also difficult, but it can be done. If you find you're having trouble with the bouncing balls, you can position yourself BETWEEN Count Jr and the lower turret, punching Count Jr repeatedly. The only thing you have to dodge here is Count Jr himself as he moves left and right. You'll need to be careful not to move too far left or right, and you'll need quick reflexes to back up as soon as Count Jr starts rolling toward you.
    • Flip Attack or Crystal from the Ceiling. Perhaps the easiest way to defeat him is to inflate and attack him from the ceiling - Count Jr takes TWICE as much damage if you hit him in the head. It's a challenge to use Fireball to hit him in the head, however. You'll want to get close to him and spam Crystal (if you have it) or REALLY close and use your basic Flip Attack. Similar to the previous strategy, you have to get close but not TOO close. In fact, it's probably best to hit him only when he's moving away from you, and simply stay out of dodge when he's coming towards you. Be careful of is the purple balloons, which will instantly kill you if they hit you while inflated. If you're fast enough, you can push A right before you get hit and they won't hurt you. Watch out for his new magic attack - his eyes will flash before he shoots. Blow downward to dodge!
  • There are probably other strategies you can use to beat him - those are only the ones I've found. Good luck!


  • Enjoy the final animation. Congratulations!

Secrets and Easter Eggs

  • There are some.