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148Apps.com“Seriously, the minimal sparseness of the graphics combined with the visual effects at high levels makes the game a visual treat – something that isn’t really said about the programmer art in Jayenkai’s games!”-=-=-After battling swarms of alien invaders, it's time for our hero to travel through the space lanes to his next destination. Unfortunately for him, even the space lanes are swarming with deadly alien creatures!-=-=-AppAdvice.com“Limber up your best thumb because this retro-themed action-arcade game is going to hit you with plenty of old school-style entertainment.”-=-=-Guide your vessel along the route, dodging the enemy creatures, and avoiding the destructive forces of evil.Blast all the aliens away using your trusted blue light phaser.Will you reach your destination with your health intact?-=-=-SentralGamer.com“you need to experience the smooth one-touch control system, fun, challenging and addictive experience for yourself and let me tell you, it’s even better than it looks!”

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