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This is the full version which is now available 100% FREE with some occasional advertising.

Player comments...

"Fantastic game!!! Great graphics addictive gameplay!!!" Darren & Clare (UK)

"Ace game!" Lemooseigh (UK)

"Lemmings meets Rainbow Islands in this colorful game!" & "Dweebs sports very nice 2D graphics, and I don’t see how the graphics could get any better." Drelbs23 (US)

They came from outer space!

In a very strange and distant future...

The Dweebs are all currently stranded on planet Earth, after a space freighter transporting this very rare and unusual cargo crashed many years ago. The Dweebs that escaped require a really helpful human to assist them on their quest to return to their home planet.

The Dweebs are not the cleverest of alien creatures but are very cute and also very lovable, the urge to help them for most humans is overwhelming.

Unfortunately the genetically altered Black Weevil Dweebs are out to stop you and the UFO that has come to beam up the missing Dweebs and take them home, can only wait a short while on Earth - so hurry!

Oh, one other small thing... since their rather long stay on this planet, the Dweebs have somehow managed to acquire the ability to breed and create Dweeb Eggs!?... this seemingly unusual ability can help solve some of the puzzles that lay ahead and much, much more.

Please Note: Every level in Dweebs is possible to complete and have each been hand crafted and fully tested to ensure that all types of players are challenged as they progress through the game. Only the best humans will survive! :)



* Original platform / puzzle gameplay.
* 24 increasingly harder levels.
* Unlockable levels.
* Auto-save game continue option.
* Easy to learn gameplay and controls.
* Colourful graphics throughout.
* Atmospheric sounds.
* Suitable for all ages.

More Info:

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See the 1 minute gameplay video here...


For all other Dweebs related info check here...


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