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The Quest for the Rings is totally unlike any game you have ever played. A quantum evolution in game design has interfaced state-of-the-art computer technology with advanced board game concepts to create a startling realistic alternate world. You come to the screen in the role of a wizard, warrior, changeling or phantom completely equipped with enchanted swords and magical spells. Players work as a team to recover the ten precious Rings of Power that lie hidden in gloomy dungeons, crystal caverns, molten infernoes, and mysterious, ever-shifting halls. The Rings are guarded by dread minions of the evil Ringmaster. You'll encounter arrogant, fire-breathing Dragons, ruthless Doomwinged Bloodthirsts, treacherous Orcs, shambling Firewraths and the malevolent Spydroth Tyrantulus.
The unique game board architecture elevates The Quest for the Rings to strategic levels utterly unique to electronic games. It also adds intriguing dimensions of mystery, suspense and tension to the computer's virtually limitless configurations of endless dungeons, castles, caverns and deadly combat.
The Quest for the Rings is a supremely challenging game filled with all the action and excitement of high adventure and dark enchantment. Full sync-sound action. On-screen digital scoring. 2 to 5 players.

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