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FAQ by Locklear

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 05/25/2001

                            Super Real Mahjong Premium Collection FAQ
                                         by Locklear

1.0  What is Mahjong?
   1.1  What is Super Real Mahjong Premium? 
   1.1.1  Where can I get Super Real Mahjong Premium?
2.0  I can't read these menus!

3.0  Ok... So when do I play?
   3.1  Great, I'm playing.  Umm... How?
      3.2  I think I've got it, so where are the nekkid girls?

4.0  So where do I go from here?

5.0  That's it?

6.0  Girls, Girls, Girls
   6.1  Mizuki Tohno
   6.2  Aya Fujiwara
   6.3  Akira Hayasaka
   6.4  Tamami Kayama
   6.5  Mari Kurihara
   6.6  Yurina Asahina
   6.7  Etsuko Toyohara
   6.8  Shoko

7.0  I know something you don't know!

8.0  Credits

9.0  Anti-Credits

10.0  Boring stuff
    10.1  Translation Notes
    10.2  Revision History
    10.3  Legalities

1.0     What is Mahjong?

     Mahjong is a Chinese tile matching game, akin in some ways to the card game
Rummy.  It's more complex than Rummy, and takes longer to learn, but the 
intricacies make it more challenging and more enjoyable.  Leaving out all
of the complex details, it's a 4 player game where players draw tiles, trying to
make "hands" of three of a kind (Pon or Pong), four of a kind (Kong), or
sequences of three of the same suit (Chow).  To win, you need three of these
sets, and then another pair.

1.1     What is Super Real Mahjong Premium Collection?

     Super Real Mahjong Premium Collection (SRMPC) is a game for the NeoGeo
Pocket Color handheld system.  It allows you to play a variant of Mahjong,
pitting you against a female computer opponent.  Why female?  Because this
isn't just any Mahjong, it's STRIP MAHJONG!  Games which contain softcore
(and often hardcore) sexual content are very popular in Japan, and SRMPC
was never meant for export (NOTE:  This means it's in JAPANESE!!!  It's
playable if you can't read it... but harder).  Although the game is
definitely intended for the 18+ crowd, and shouldn't be played by minors,
SRMPC features only extemely softcore pictures and animation:  panties stay
on at all times, and there are no... "activities."  To get a girl to
remove an article of clothing, you must come up with a winning hand before
she does.  When you do, one item of clothing comes off.

1.1.1  Where can I get Super Real Mahjong Premium Collection?

     Probably from any number of import game retailers, but I got my copy from
National Console Supply, at http://www.ncsx.com.  It's also carried by
Buyrite, at http://www.buyrite.net, but their price is higher, and their
checkout system leaves something to be desired...

2.0     I can't read these menus!

     Well, you should be able to read the title screen.  It says hit the A
button, so be a good boy/girl/other and do as you're told.  Now you get the
title menu.  Still English.  Game Start and Options are your choices.  Game
Start takes you to the main menu, where you'll start running into problems

     Like I said, it's in Japanese.  The main menu presents the following

                                Story Mode
                                Free Battle

     Please note, these are not translations, I can't read Japanese.  They are,
however, what each option does.  These should be fairly self explanatory,
but just in case, here goes.

              Story Mode is the main portion of the game.  Most Japanese hentai
              games (hentai being Japanese for pervert) aren't just porn, porn,
              porn, they have a plot.  SRMPC is no exception.  In story mode,
              the girls talk to you between matches, and you occaisionally make
              simple decisions from two item menus which will affect which girls
              you play against.  All decisions are made at the beginning, once
              you're done (sometimes it's only two decisions, sometimes it's a
              ton, depending on what you choose...), the game begins.  The girls
              talk between matches, but the order you play them in is set.  You
              play one girl at the beginning, who is usually also the last you
              play against, followed by several more.  The first girl only plays
              one hand, and removes nothing.  The next girls you face play three
              to four rounds, depending on who they are, and the last plays four
              to five.  Only the last girl will take off her top (with one
              exception, Tamami.  She takes her top off, but leaves her shorts
              for last), and you only get gallery access to that girl.  To get
              the others, make different decisions.  In some unusual situations,
              the first girl you play may not be the last, although she USUALLY
              will be.

              Free Battle lets you play against one of the girls you've beaten
              in Story Mode without going through Story Mode, or intermediate
              characters.  You MUST beat Story Mode at least once to use this
              properly, although a stand in character is available in liu of
              any unbeaten characters, which is everyone at first.  Free Battle
              is the only way to unlock the panel image for each character, but
              more on that in the next section...

              Gallery mode allows you to watch any strip scene you've earned in
              story mode to your ecchi little heart's content.  It also
              features the panel picture, which you unlock in Free Battle.  Beat
              a girl in Free Battle (all the way, just as if she were your last
              girl in Story Mode), and you get a certain number of squares of
              the big picture revealed.  The number you get depends on your
              performance.  Needless to say, if you're bad, it'll take a LONG
              LONG time.  To use Gallery, select a girl by name (fortunately,
              their names are in romaji, or Japanese using English characters.),
              then select which scene you want to see, one through four, five in
              the case of some. Panel is the last option, after all scenes.

              Tutorial is the last choice on the main menu.  It goes over a ton
              of rules and things, but is in Japanese, so it's not too helpful.
              On the other hand, you can look at the pictures of the tiles to
              figure out what order they go in for sequences.  For example, the
              last option on the left, followed by the last on the right, shows
              a winning hand made up entirely of character suit cards (more on
              suits later).  The cards go left to right, one through nine.
              There are duplicates in there (Pong), but they're right next to
              each other, so it's easy to tell when it goes from one of
              characters to two of characters.  Tutorial can also be accessed at
              any time during play by pressing Option.

     The Options menu gives you a number of options (duh).  These are
as follows:

                                Difficulty  [1-8, one being the easiest.]
                                Clothes     [Sets if girls get their clothes
                                            back when you lose.]
                                Help1       [Help when you declare Richi.]
                                Help2       [Shows warnings, needed tiles during
                                Clean mode  [Sets whether or not girls undress.]
                                Exit        [Back to the Title Menu]
                                Reset       [Warning, warning, Will Robinson!]

     Reset does nasty nasty things, don't mess with it if you've accomplished
anything in the game.  In addition to restoring the default options, it erases
all of your Gallery/Free Battle accomplishments.  Turning on Help1 and Help2 (my
names, not translations, as almost always!), will have the game give you help
and warnings.  If you see pink Japanese characters underneath your opponent's
tiles, it means you can finish your hand with a tile from your opponent.  If
you see those letters over YOUR tiles, it means you just drew the last tile you
needed.  If you try to declare a winning hand when you're only one tile short,
the game will tell you which tiles could finish your hand (your discards
disappear briefly, replaced by your needed tiles), but pay attention to the
characters that show up above your needed tiles!  If you see just a few
characters, you're good to go if you get one of those tiles.  If you see those
charactes followed by more in parentheses, you'll have to remake your hand so
you DON'T need those tiles, as you must have discarded one of them, or something
else that would prevent you from completing a hand with them.  Finally, if you
try to declare a winning hand and pink characters show up above your hand, you
either don't have a winning hand, or you did something that keeps you from
finishing with that hand (see previous sentence).  Note, that for reasons I
don't yet know, sometimes you'll see only the "good characters" when you
declare a win while missing one tile, get the tile you need... and it won't let
you go out anyway!  Discard the tile you just got (ARGH!), and declare again,
and you'll see the "bad characters" (characters in parentheses, as mentioned

3.0  Ok... So when do I play?

     Time to play.  The best thing to do first is to hit Story Mode.  Free 
Battle mode will still let you play, but if you're going to play the same game 
in either place, you may as well be  earning goodies, eh?  So, get to the main 
menu, and pick the first option.  If this is your first time through Story Mode, 
you'll go through quite a few screens of text before you get a choice.  Hit A 
once the text stops coming on-screen to advance to the next screen of text, or, 
since odds are if you're reading this, you can't read THAT, just hold down B to 
fast forward.  This works for all text in the game, except for what the girls 
actually say during their strip scenes.
After all the text, you'll be prompted to make a choice.  Pick one or the other, 
it doesn't really matter, and continue.  You may go through quite a few text 
prompts before you come to a game of mahjong.  The choices you pick determine 
which girls you play against, and which girl will be your last (and therefore, 
which you get access to in the Gallery).  Eventually, a game of mahjong will 

3.1  Great, I'm playing.  Umm... How?

     Basically, you're trying to make a winning hand, as described in the first 
section.  The controls are simple.  If the pointer on your side (easily 
recognizable by the fact that the tiles are face up) is over blank space, it's 
time to draw a tile.  You can hit A to just draw, or you can hit B, which will 
bring up a menu that lets you draw your opponent's last discarded tile.  You can 
ONLY draw a tile from your opponent if it either completes a set, or a winning 

                                        Menu options:

                                        Ron  (winning hand from a discard)
                                        Chow (three in sequence)
                                        Pong (three of a kind)
                                        Kong (four of a kind)

     You can only use this menu BEFORE you draw.  Also, those are the Chinese
names for the sets. Since Mahjong was originally Chinese, that's what I
personally use, but for anyone more familiar with the Japanese names, they're:
Ron, Chi, Pon, Kan, in the order above.

     After you draw, there's a seperate menu with only three options.  It works
like this:

                                        Menu options:

                                        Richi  (only one tile needed to win)
                                        Tsu mo (the tile you drew completes your 
hand, win)
                                        Kong   (the tile you drew finishes a 

     The first option allows you to do the same thing the opponent does when you
see her eyes on screen, she places a tile on the little box between your hand
and hers, and she discards her tile sideways.  According to information I just
received from Darius (thanks!), when you only have one tile left to get a
winning hand, you can declare Richi, which sort of wagers 1000 points.  If the
opponent declares Richi, she too wagers points.  The next person to get a
winning hand gets the pot.  Note that once you declare Richi, you cannot change
your hand other than fishing for your needed tile.  Please note that I
personally seem to recall situations where some of the above didn't hold true,
but I can't remember for certain.  The next option allows you to claim a
winning hand from a tile YOU DREW NORMALLY. If you take a tile from an opponent
as a pong, kong, or chow, and then realize that it finished your winning hand...
you're screwed. You'll have to discard a tile and rebuild your hand.  A real
pain that's lost me MANY MANY games. Last is Kong.  This is the only of the
three sets that you can claim after drawing a tile normally.  Say you draw a
tile that you already have three of.  You can use this option to set all four
aside as a kong.  Scoring on a kong taken from your hand is different from one
taken from your opponent's discard, and when they're set aside, two of the four
tiles go face down.  Tiles from a kong where you take a tile from an opponent
are all face up.
     So now you know how to draw.  Obviously, there's more to it than that.
After you've drawn a tile, either normally or from your opponent's discard,
it's time for you to discard.  Move your arrow over a tile and hit A to discard
it.  Of course, you can always use the first option in the B menu, but like I
said, I don't know all the rules to that.  I do know however, that whichever
tile you're over when you use this will be discarded.  Naturally, you want to
throw away tiles you doubt will help you make a winning hand to make room for
those that will.  Be careful discarding--it's very easy to ditch the wrong tile
if you're moving your pointer too fast and hit A carelessly.  Again, a real pain
that's lost me MANY MANY games.  There is no way to recover a tile you've
discarded, but even worse, there's a rule in mahjong that says you can't "go
out" (finish a hand) with a tile you've discarded.  I'm not 100% sure how THAT
rule works either though, sometimes it seems to let you go out on one anyway,
and some times it won't.  Once you have four sets and a pair, hit B and choose
the middle option to declare your hand, unless you took your last tile from your
opponent using the first option in the other B menu, in which case it's declared
when you claim the tile.  For a more detailed description of rules, visit
Nanette's Notes on Playing Mahjong at
http://www.xs4all.nl/~korntner/mahjong/nanette/nan_notes.html, but be aware
that it covers real, four player mahjong, so not everything will apply.  SRMPC
doesn't use flower or season tiles, for example.  Note that if no one has a
winning hand before all tiles are drawn, your hand can either be in tenpai or
noten status.  Noten means you had a ways to go yet, tenpai means you were only
one tile away from a win.  I've heard tenpai so often it makes me want to

3.2  I think I've got it, so where are the nekkid girls?

     Each time you win a hand, the girl you're playing will remove one item of
clothing, with a few exceptions (usually the first girl stays clothed, and there
are a couple of other such situations).  As you continue to win, the girl will
continue to undress until she's down to her panties and bra, at which point you
move on to the next girl.  Only the last girl you play will remove her bra
(Tamami is an exception to this, more later, in the Girls, Girls, Girls
section). Once you finish Story Mode, you'll get one last little bit of plot and
the credits will roll, with a chibi (aka super-deformed) version of your last
girl walking along a road.  Very kawaii (cute).  If, somewhere along the line,
you lose completely (lose enough hands to have zero or fewer points), you get a
10 count to continue.  You can give up by pressing option, or continue with A.
Whether or not you lose progress depends on the settings in your options menu
(see above).

4.0  So where do I go from here?
     Once you finish Story Mode, your last girl will become available in Free
Battle mode.  You play against her exactly as though she were your last opponent
in Story Mode, but without any plot or any other girls in the way.  Once you
finish her, a screen pops up with some weirdness and a number.  That number is,
I assume, based on your performance or score or something.  Hit a button to
advance to the panel picture for that girl, and some squares obscuring it will
be removed (the same as number as you saw on the previous screen to be precise).
I've had as few as three or as many as fifteen squares removed at once.  The
panel picture is five by four, for a total of twenty squares, or at worst, seven
games (assuming three is the minimum number to go each time).  Once you clear
it, the screen snaps down and then scrolls up, showing that the panel picture
is actually about twice as large as you thought, and shows the girl's whole
body--clothed.  The panel pictures are of the girls in another costume.  Each
girl's costume will be revealed in the Girls, Girls, Girls section as I unlock
them [NOTE-I sold my copy, so unless people tell me, I can't make good on
this!].  Once you finish a girl's panel picture, you've truly finished that
girl.  Panel pictures are viewable in the Gallery, just like the strip scenes.

5.0  That's it?

     You mean that's not enough?  Well, there's ONE hidden girl.  Once you 
 ALL girls in Story Mode (you'll know when they're all available in Free
 Battle), pick story mode again and just choose the top choice over and over
 until you start playing.  You'll play against Akira and Yurina (maybe that
 depends on the menu choices you make, but you MUST pick the top one the first
 time, or you'll go into normal Story Mode), one hand each and no stripping.
 Then, you play the old man you saw in Story Mode for certain girls.  Again,
 there's no stripping (THANK GOD!) and only one hand.  Once these three short
 hands are over, go into Free Battle, and the hidden girl is revealed.
 Surprise, surprise, it's Showko, the menu girl!  She has a lower quality set of
 strip scenes (but more, 8 to be precise), but that's because they took her
 straight from an older game in the Super Real Mahjong series without redrawing
 her the way they did others.  She also has a panel picture.

6.0  Girls, Girls, Girls

     In this section, I'll provide all the details I have on each of the game's
girls.  I've got partial translations of the girl's bios, but I still need the
part in actual paragraphs, at the bottom of each character page.  Naturally,
you'll be credited for any translation subitted, however partial.  In the
meantime, I'll include my own descriptions.  I've also added instructions on how
to reach each of the girls.  Etsuko was provided to me by Maxima, and I've
played and verified it.  Mizuki, Akira, Yurina, Mari, and Tamami were submitted
by Nexxus, and I haven't had the chance to confirm them yet.  According to the
e-mail I received, he's not 100% sure on Akira, Yurina, and Mari, but the others
should be good.  (PS, I've beaten all of them, and only needed help finding
Etsuko, but I wasn't planning on writing this at the time and didn't take notes.
:P)  All lists of facts about the girls are from the manual, the descriptions
beneath are still my own (at least the paragraphs are, the lists of facts are
translated by a web translator)... Someone out there must read Japanese!!

6.1  Mizuki Tohno

Birthday:  June 27
Blood type: A
Height: 164cm (roughly 5'4")
Bust-88cm (34")
Waist-58cm (23")
Hips-87cm (34")
Likes: Vermicelli, the ocean
Dislikes: crowds
Hobby: competitive sports
Turn-ons: intellectuals
Plans for the future: <couldn't translate>
First appearance: Super Real Mahjong P5

     Mizuki is the game's tomboy, evidently fond of soccer judging from the
pictures in the manual.  At first, from the head shots on SNK's website, I
thought she was a boy.  Undressed, it's clear she's not.  Mizuki has 4 strip

To finish with Mizuki, keeping her strip scenes for Gallery Mode, choose the
top, then bottom (forest background), top again (Mizuki should appear), then you
play several girls.  Farther down the line, there's one more prompt, choose the
bottom one.  Submitted to me by Nexxus, I have yet to confirm this.

6.2  Aya Fujiwara

Birthday:  January 9
Blood type: AB
Height: 169cm (roughly 5'6 1/2")
Bust-79cm (31")
Waist-56cm (22")
Likes: Poetry
Dislikes: Jewelry
Hobbies: Cooking, writing, potpourri (that's more like a thing than a hobby if
         you ask me...)
Plans for the future:  Being a novelist or composer
First appearance: Super Real Mahjong P5

     Aya appears to be a highschool student.  That's about all I can guess.
She's probably the plainest of the girls in appearance.  Aya has 4 strip scenes.

To finish with Aya and keep her strip scenes in the Gallery, select the top
option in Story Mode twice.  This one I found myself, and it's accurate.

6.3  Akira Hayasaka

Birthday:  October 12
Blood type: O
Height: 152cm (roughly 5')
Bust-89cm (35")
Waist-57cm (22")
Hips-88cm (34")
Likes: Cats
Dislikes: Swimming
Hobby: Shopping (?)
Plans for the future: Love (?)
First appearance: Super Real Mahjong P5

     I can't figure out anything about Akira, really...  Akira has 4 strip

To finish with Akira and keep her strip scenes in the Gallery, choose the
bottom, top, then bottom choices.  Not 100% sure of this one, feel free to
e-mail me to confirm it.  This path was submitted to me by Nexxus.

6.4  Tamami Kayama

Birthday:  June 28
Blood type: A
Height: 153 cm (roughly 5')
Bust-76cm (not quite 30")
Waist-61cm (24")
Hips-82cm (32")
Likes: Ice cream, anime (?)
Dislikes: Athletics, blackboards (maybe they mean school?)
Hobby: Hanging out with friends (?)
Turn-ons: <can't translate!>
Plans for the future: Graduating highschool, growing nice breasts (NOT A JOKE!!!
                      When I put it into a translator, I got: "high-school / /
                      graduate / bosom / breast / chest / heart / pectoral /
                      too / grow / outgrow / handsome")
First appearance: Super Real Mahjong P6

     Tamami the smallest chest in the game.  She's so small that she has no bra,
so she winds up topless before her last scene.  Tamami seems to be the most
embarrassed about stripping of all the girls.  She has 5 strip scenes.

To finish with Tamami, and keep her strip scenes, choose the bottom choice
twice (you'll be in a house), then top, then bottom (you'll be at the beach),
then top (Tamami should appear).  Not 100% sure of this one either, again feel
free to e-mail me to confirm or correct.  Again, this path was submitted to me
by Nexxus, and I haven't confirmed it yet.

6.5  Mari Kurihawa

Birthday:  April 11
Blood type: O
Height: 168cm (roughly 5'6")
Bust-87cm (34")
Waist-56cm (22")
Hips-89cm (35")
Likes: Travelling, puff (puff??  Maybe lacy things?)
Dislikes: Thunderstorms
Hobbies: Games, movies
Turn-ons: <made no sense when translated>
Plans for the future: Marrying a handsome man (there was more, but it didn't 
make sense...)
First appearance: Super Real Mahjong P6

     Mari seems to be the oldest girl in SRMPC.  She's got a very housewifey
look.  Mari has 5 strip scenes.

To get Mari's ending and add her to the gallery, choose bottom twice, then top
5x.  You'll play Tamami first, NOT Mari, but she's still the end girl.

6.6  Yurina Asahina

Birthday:  March 9
Blood type: A
Height: 155cm (just barely over 5')
Bust-81cm (32")
Waist-57cm (22")
Hips-86cm (33")
Likes: <made no sense in translation>
Dislikes: Bugs, worms, asparagus
Hobby: <made no sense in translation>
Turn-ons: Older brotherly guys
Plans for the future: Managing...something...
First appearance: Super Real Mahjong P7

     Yurina is the game's "cutesy" girl.  Most Japanese hentai games have at
least one cutesy girl, and Yurina is it.  She's also the game's most "girly"
girl, shown in the manual in dresses and things.  She cheats, delaying removal
of her bra by pulling out her hair ribbon and counting that as an item of
clothing.  Yurina has 5 strip scenes, and her Panel picture is of her in a
wedding gown--very beautiful.

To finish with Yurina and keep her strip scenes in Gallery mode, choose the
bottom option, bottom (you'll be in a house), top (beach background), bottom
(store background, Yurina appears).  Still not 100% sure, and again submitted by
Nexxus, but I think this one's accurate.

6.7  Etsuko Toyohara

Birthday:  July 7
Blood type: O
Height: 164cm (roughly 5'4")
Bust-99cm (39")
Waist-58cm (23")
Hips-89cm (35")
Likes: Bread and tea
Dislikes: centipedes
Hobby: Writing letters (pen-pals?)
Turn-ons: Dependable guys
Plans for the future: Becoming a teacher
First appearance: Super Real Mahjong P7

     Etsuko has the largest chest of SRMPC's bevy of beautiful girls.  She's the
     second oldest looking girl, next to Mari.  For some reason I can't tell
     without being able to read Japanese (which I can't), after she removes her
     bra, she falls to her knees with her hands clasped, imploring something of
     you.  She has 5 strip scenes, and her panel picture is of her in a maid's
     outfit (another common Japanese fetish).

To get Etsuko's storyline and finish with her, choose these menu options:

     Choose the bottom choice, then the top, then choose either one (you'll play
     against Akira, don't worry, it's one of those exceptions), then either one
     again, it doesn't matter, then keep choosing the bottom one until you start
     playing Etsuko's storyline.

6.8  Showko

Birthday:  December 9
Blood type: AB
Height: 161cm (roughly 5'3")
Bust-84cm (33")
Waist-62cm (25")
Hips-89cm (35")
Likes: Travelling
Dislikes: <won't translate>
Hobby: Writing
Turn-ons: Guys who are cool and determined
Plans for the future: Leaving Japan
First Appearance: Super Real Mahjong P2

     Showko came from Super Real Mahjong P2 (originally at least) and has 8
strip scenes, all of which have much worse graphics than the other girls, as
they weren't drawn for SRMPC, but taken directly from the older title.  She's
17 years old according to the Super Real Mahjong Graffiti manual.  We have
DDCecil to thank for the bio information and origin.  Thanks!  She's a secret
character.  See section 4.0, "That's it?" for how to reach her.  I believe her
panel pic is of her in a cheerleader outfit (haven't finished it yet, but SNK
Japan's website has some concept art, including Showko in a cheerleader outfit
labeled "Panel," so there's very little question.), and unlike her strip scenes,
it's drawn specifically for SRMPC, not an older SRM game, and doesn't look

7.0  I know something you don't know!

     I'm sure you do.  Please feel free to send any corrections, additions,
tips, etc. to srmpc1@yahoo.com.  I'm especially interested in translations of
character bios, the manual, sections of story mode, etc.

8.0  Credits

Thanks to Maxima for posting how to get to Etsuko on the GameFAQs SRMPC message

Thanks to Seta for producing this and all other Super Real Mahjong games.

Thanks to SNK for not restricting this game, and allowing it to be released in
its full 18+ form.

Thanks to GameFAQs for being THE BEST resource in the world for the stuck
gamer, and CJayC for sacrificing so much of his personal life to make it what it

Thanks to "Nanette" of "Nanette's Notes on Playing Mahjong," whose webpage is
what provided me with the information I needed to get going on this game.

Thanks to Nexxus for sending me his partial, unposted FAQ to pillage for
information.  Plenty of good stuff to add!

Thanks to Darius, for filling in the last option in the options menu, and
some details on declaring Richi.

Thanks to DDCecil for the info on Showko!

Finally, thanks to me for writing this!

9.0  Anti-credits

     I hope with all my heart that Aruze goes out of business for buying SNK and
pulling it out of all non-Japan markets, and that a half-decent company picks up
SNK's properties and staff.

10.0  Boring Stuff

      This is the section 99% of you won't care about, but here it is anyway.
Revision history and Legalities follow.

10.1  Translation Notes
      So far, all translations are one of two things:  Me figuring out what
something does and naming it thusly, or me looking it up in a not-so-hot online
dictionary.  Anyone who can provide REAL translations of the bios is hereby
officially BEGGED to do so!

10.2  Revision History

4/27  Version 1.0: First posting on GameFAQs.  First revision, containing
                   rudimentary information on everything, and complete
                   information on nothing, except maybe Etsuko.
4/28  Version 1.1: Looked at my FAQ on GameFAQs for the first time, and realized
                   what a terrible job I'd done on formatting... stupid tabs.
                   No, stupid me for using tabs.  Anyway, formatting fixed.
                   Divided section 10 into two parts, rather than just
                   legalities.  Added guess as to Showko's panel pic. Finally,
                   added a disclaimer to legalities. (Not that I expect to need
                   it, but just in case.  Besides, big words are fun.)
4/28  Version 1.2: Received first corrections/additions from Nexxus, providing
                   help on how to get to various girls, Options menu
                   translations, and more.  Realized I had Pong/Kong/Chow all
                   mixed up in here. :P  Looked 'em up and fixed 'em.  Added
                   information on the status of incomplete hands at the end of a
                   game (tenpai, noten).
4/28  Version 1.3: Realized I'd forgotten one menu translation.  Fixed it.  Also
                   realized that I hadn't been changing the version number at
                   the top of this file, but since versions 1.1 and 1.2 haven't
                   been posted yet, readers may not ever see them anyway...
                   Added bio and origin info on Showko, courtesy DDCecil.
4/29  Version 1.4: Struggled to translate some information on the girls.  Most
                   definitely not a complete success, but I think I managed to
                   glean some pretty decent information from the manual!
5/5   Version 1.5: Added info on how to get Aya, and more detailed info on the
                   help system.
5/25  Version 1.6: Various cosmetic fixes (apparently, version 1.1 didn't fix
                   formatting as well as I thought... why didn't someone tell
                   me?!).  20 days since the previous revision, and no new
                   content.  1.6 will probably be the last revision, unless
                   someone sends me translations out of the blue.

10.3  Legalities

This FAQ is copyright 2001 Locklear (SRMPC1@yahoo.com)
Super Real Mahjong Premium Collection is copyright 2001 Seta Corporation and SNK

All characters are assumed to be copyright 2001 Seta

The author of this FAQ provides the content as is, and is not responsible for
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agrees to indemnify the author against any and all damages.  All information in
this FAQ is believed to be 100% accurate, but no guarantee, express or implied,
is provided to this effect.  This FAQ is a work in progress, and is by no means
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