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Guide and Walkthrough by CRose

Updated: 03/05/2001

The King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise (Neo Geo Pocket Color)
Last Updated: March 5, 2001

Walkthrough written by Christina Rose. If you have anything useful to 
contribute, please email it to me at lemina_ausa@hotmail.com and I'll give 
you due credit, but please, no requests for updates! When I collect a large 
enough amount of information, I'll add it.

This walkthrough is intended for personal use only. If you wish to use it 
for anything else, please contact me and ask permission first. I don't mind 
others hosting it on their sites, as long as nothing is altered, and I keep 
my small amount of credit.

If you wish to visit Neo Geo's official KOF Battle de Paradise homepage for 
nice info and pretty pictures, you can find it at 

This walkthrough will contain Japanese text for all of the main commands and 
options, so I suggest reading it with a viewer that supports SJS encoding.

I would like to give special thanks to three people whose help was 
invaluable to me in writing this. First, Andrew Egerton, for getting the 
game and begging me to translate what people were saying. Without him 
loaning the game (and NGPC) out to me to play around with, none of this 
would have been possible.
Second, I want to thank my wonderful friends and esteemed colleagues 
Nuku-Nuku and Filia, of LNF Translations 
(http://translations.animangarpg.org), for putting up with me on IRC when I 
threw random words and phrases I didn't understand at them and asked them to 
translate on the spot for me.

Also, thanks to all the people who took an active interest in this FAQ and 
emailed me with info. I got three seperate emails just about Gai within 
hours of my posting it up. Thank you for the prompt responses! I'm very 

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I'd like to add a shameless plug for 
my own pet project web page right now 
(http://www2.netdoor.com/~fujisawa/4koma.html), my Dragon Quest manga 
translations page. I don't know how many SNK fans enjoy the series, but if 
you do, please stop by- I'm sure you'll appreciate what I have there.

In addition to the stuff I listed last time-
Added more character details!
Obtained the final stage!
Also added the Robert card!
Re-added the Stages section, now that I can list them all.


Section 1: Beginning a New Game
Section 2: Playing with Settings
Section 3: Strikers
Section 4: Gameplay
Section 5: Mini Games
Section 6: Events
Section 7: Cards
Section 8: Dreamcast Link
Section 10: Stages
Section 11: Secrets, Etc.

Section 1: Beginning a New Game

At the title screen, there will be three options to choose from:

まえのつづき Continues from a previous save, if one exists. You can only 
have one saved game at any given time, so this will be the option you should 
always choose, unless you haven't started a game at all yet.

はじめから Starts a new game.

ゲームルール Game rules. Has detailed explanations of all rules, but I don't 
care enough to do an exact translation of everything it says right now.

If you have stopped in the middle of a game and turned the cartridge off, 
then turned it back on without removing it, then a RESUME option appears at 
the top to let you pick up where you left off. Isn't that convenient?

To begin a new game, choose the second option. You will be presented with 
four different characters to choose from. I don't think it really makes a 
difference, who you pick, but don't choose this option if you already have a 
saved game, because if you save after playing a game, you lose all previous 
data. All your striker levels and extra points and secrets will be flushed 
down the toilet. I did this to myself, twice, by accident.

Characters: I think the only thing this affects is the cards that you start 
out with, although I'm not sure about that. The only person I've used so far 
is Yuu G, who starts every game with Assassin Strike and Mirror of Yata.

Yuu G: The guy with the headband.
Masamune: The guy with the ponytail.
Hatoko: The brown-haired pleasant-looking girl.
Ai: The blonde, dark-skinned girl.

Section 2: Playing with Settings

This is the menu that pops up after making your new character. It's also 
what you get when you choose the Continue option.

メインゲーム Main Game

ユーザー User
Sub options:
バトルゲーム Battle Game
シークレットデータ Secret Data
レベルアップ Level Up

オプション Option
Sub options:
メッセージスピード Message Speed
なんいど Game Difficulty
DC通信 Dreamcast Linkup
ゲームデータセーブ Game Data Save

Main Game:

Choose your striker, and pick whether they're Justice or Dark.
ぜん Justice
あく Dark
This does seem to affect gameplay. Some cards can only be used by Justice 
strikers, and some can only be used by Dark. Also, some cards will change 
your alignment, as well as some events.

Next, choose 1-player or 2-player mode. Unless you have a friend with 
another NGPC and copy of this game, which is highly unlikely, stick with 
Choose the amount of turns you wish to play for. 30 turns isn't long enough 
to accomplish much, but 99 is great for earning lots of stars and coins to 
exchange for ability points!
Then, choose your stage. The first stage is definitely the best for 
beginners. There are two hidden stages: Mount Rushmore (Terry's stage in 
Fatal Fury 2), and another mystery stage I haven't unlocked yet. I'm hoping 
it will be Southtown, or possibly Osaka!

I'll cover gameplay in the sections following.

This section contains all of the extra things you can toy around with, if 
you earn them. The Battle Game section allows you to choose from any 
mini-game you've unlocked so far and practice on it against the computer. 
Secret Data is a collection of 20 cute pictures, which must also be unlocked 
through ability points. Level Up allows you to invest the stars you've 
earned in games to purchase additional levels for your strikers. I don't see 
any reason to conserve stars for anything else, so go ahead and spend them 
on that.

Message Speed
はやい Fast
ふつう Normal
おそい Slow

Game Difficulty
かんたん Easy
ふつう Normal
むずかしい Difficult

DC Linkup allows you to upload data to your VMU, or download data from your 
VMU. This requires a VMU save of The King of Fighters '99 Evolution, import 
version. I'm not sure if it works with the US version or not, since I 
haven't played it yet.

Game Data Save prompts you with a question of whether or not you want to 
save your current data.
はい Yes
いいえ No

Section 3: Strikers

This is a basic rundown of the different versions of each striker. I would 
love to list what each Striker does to the opponent on Fight panels, but 
it's very rare for me to find those, so I only know what a few of them do.

Also note, you do have to level up Justice and Dark seperately. If you level 
up someone's Justice side to 3, but leave their Dark side at 1, then when 
they switch alignment, that alignment will have the level it's listed with.

The main hero of the King of Fighters series, and head of the Kusanagi clan.
Theme music: KOF 96 Japan Team theme
JUSTICE: Encounters Iori. On Delay/Loss panels, he goes off to study with 
DARK: Encounters Shingo. Instead of wasting a turn on Yuki, he wastes 5 
coins. I prefer this tradeoff.

Kyo's teammate from '94 to '97, he acts as the voice of wisdom and reason in 
the Hero team. Although nobody likes using him, he's one of the game's 
stronger characters.
Theme music: KOF 94 Japan Team theme
JUSTICE: Encounters Shermie. Loses a turn on delay panels.
DARK: Encounters Chizuru. Loses a turn on delay panels.

The president in charge of the corporation sponsoring KOF 96 and 97, she is 
also the only remaining heir to the ancient Yata clan, who participated in 
sealing Orochi away 1800 years ago.
Theme music: Her KOF 96 theme.
JUSTICE: Encounters Kyo.
DARK: Encounters Chris, who is crying, and you have to console him.

The leader of the Psycho Soldier team, as well as a famous idol singer. (She 
makes other appearances in Athena for NES, Crystalis, Psycho Soldier, and 
Athena for PSX)
Theme music: Psycho Soldier, the exact same track as in every other NGPC 
game with her in it.
JUSTICE: Encounters Robert, loses a turn on delay panels.
DARK: Encounters Kensou, loses a turn on delay panels.

Geese's main flunky, he's a cheap, nasty fighter originally from Fatal Fury. 
He encounters Iori and Yamazaki, who were his teammates in '95 and '97 
Theme music: London March, from KOF 97.
JUSTICE: Has big cute round eyes, and loses a turn to get medicine for his 
sick little sister Lily.
DARK: Looks like normal Billy, except with ugly colors. I haven't gotten any 
delay events with him yet.

Another Fatal Fury character, this guy is a frighteningly crazy psychopath. 
This could be due to the Orochi blood inside of him, or he could just be 
messed up in the head.
Theme music: His theme in KOF 97.
JUSTICE: ABSOLUTELY ADORABLY CUTE! His smiling happy face has a striking 
resemblence to Xelloss's, from Slayers. I never use anything but Justice for 
him. He wastes a turn, probably to go rescue some old lady's kitten stuck in 
a tree or something. He encounters Billy.
DARK: He looks like his normal evil-looking psychopathic self, and 
encounters Iori.

A hidden striker, he's from a Fatal Fury game, I'm not sure which. His 
goggles alone make him cool, though. Justice and Dark versions both seem to 
be about the same.

The main hero of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission, she makes an appearance as a 
hidden striker that you can earn after earning a lot of ability points. I've 
only used her once, myself. The person she meets in Justice mode is Leona.

Another hidden striker, this guy is from a Neo Geo 64 fighting game called 
Buriki One, and is a Muay Thai kickboxer. Another one. How many of those 
guys does SNK have, anyway? He also has a card in Card Fighters' Clash. 
Thanks to Logan Sharp (lsharp@optelnow.net) for this frighteningly obscure 
piece of info!

You need at least 400,000 ability points to unlock him. His counterpart 
character, at least in Justice mode, is Kyo. After doing some extensive 
research, I finally stumbled across a picture of Syo in one of my KOF 
artbooks, in a section full of preliminary designs that they threw out for 
Kyo. In other words, he's a version of Kyo that could have been, but never 
was. His full name is Syo Kirishima, and he is Kyo's Another Striker in KOF 
2000, going along with the alternate character versions theme.

If you wish to level them up, go to the User menu, and select Level Up. 
Raising a level from 1 to 2 costs 2 Stars. Raising a level from 2 to 3 costs 
5 Stars. 3 is the maximum level, as far as I can tell. I'm not sure exactly 
what relevance the strikers' level has to the actual game, aside from the 
Chizuru's Cash card, but if you upload the strikers to your KOF 99 Evolution 
VMU save at level 3, they become truly nasty and powerful.

Section 4: Gameplay

When the game begins, both characters will roll a dice to see who goes 
first, higher number wins. When your turn comes up, you get three options.

サイコロ Dice - Rolls dice and moves
ストライカー Striker Status - Lets you view the current level and alignment 
of your striker. This can change in the course of the game.
カード Card - Lets you use any special cards in your current inventory. I'll 
explain more about cards further on.

Remember, if you hold down the B button and push the direction pad, you can 
have a full view of the entire board. Make sure to get a good look at where 
you're going when choosing the direction you take at a fork.


Blue Coin: +5 coins
Red Coin: -5 coins
[ ! ]: Event Panel, many different effects
[VS]: Mini Game Panel!
[/F/]: Star Panel. Heidern sells you up to 3 stars per visit, at 20 coins 
Card Panel: Vanessa's Card Shop. There are many panels, but only 4 
distinctive shops.
Cone Panel: Toll booth. If you don't have 3 coins to lose, you can't stop 
Skull Panel: BAD Panel. Depending on the stage, it can have Rugal, Goenitz, 
Krizalid, Omega Rugal, or Orochi. Sometimes they'll force both you and the 
opponent through some horrible mini game ordeal which is nearly impossible 
to win, and causes both sides to lose money if you don't. Other times, they 
just cut the pretense and take your stuff.
Switch Panel: Switches the location of the Skull Panel and Star Panel.

Section 5: Mini Games

Matching Game: This is your basic game of Memory. You flip two cards, and if 
they're alike, you keep them and gain points. The gold bars and bags of gold 
offer more points than the single coins, piggy banks, and purses. If you 
flip over Shingo's card, he'll steal 50 points from the opponent's side for 
you. If you flip over the card showing the hand with the X, you lose that 
turn. You can get a maximum of 500 points in Easy mode, and if you do, you 
get a nice bonus. Normal and Difficult modes also have a K' card worth 200 

Synchronize Game: This is a Quick-Draw type of game, where you wait for the 
exact moment when Benimaru uses Raijinken, and quickly press the A button. 
He'll wink at you if you do it right. To win, you need 3 successes.

Arm Wrestling Game: Tap A and B alternately, and do it fast, in order to 
beat the opponent. The faster you do it, the more points you get, and the 
better bonus you recieve.

Bouzu? Mekuri: This is a card game featuring Art of Fighting characters. You 
choose a card from one of three stacks. If the card is Ryo or Robert, it's 
automatically put into the discard pile. If the card is the almighty MR 
KARATE, you keep it. If you happen to draw Mr Big, you're forced to discard 
4 cards in your hand. However, if you draw Yuri or King, you get to take 
everything in the discard pile! Whoever has the most cards by the end of the 
game is the winner. This is the only game that you can't win with skill; 
only luck will help you.

Nikuman Road: In this Pac Man ripoff, your character, one of two Kensou's, 
walks around the screen eating meatbuns. Their movement is very difficult to 
control, so be careful when trying to guide them to the center of the stage, 
to get the giant meatbun. If your character runs into the opponent, the game 
ends, and whoever has the most points wins.

Let's Copy Mai: The screen will show Mai dancing, and display instructions 
for each move.  You have to copy them with the same rhythm. As far as I've 
seen, this game lasts until both characters miss a step. This, and Bouzu? 
Mekuri, are the two most annoying mini-games to deal with.

Ikari Target: Playing Ralf and Clark, you have to shoot the enemy units, 
while avoiding Leona, Whip, and Heidern. If you hit any of them, you become 
slowed down or paralyzed temporarily. This game doesn't offer much, 

Escape: Chang and Choi make a break for it! Help them pick the right door to 
make it outside. Doors with coins give nice point bonuses, but, if you open 
a door that Kim or Jhun happen to be standing behind, it's Game Over. In 
Easy mode, pick Middle, then Left, Left, Right, Right, and Middle to get 
every possible bonus, and make it outside.

Fly! Brian!: Rotate your direction pad as quickly as you can, to build up 
power for Brian Battler's mighty leap into the sky! Whoever can stay in the 
air the longest wins. Although this game doesn't offer many bonuses, it's 
easy and fun.

Sunset Carnival: While this isn't a BAD mini-game, it's easily the most 
exhausting one of the bunch. You have to tap the A button as rapidly as 
possible, to help Shermie pull various and sundry vegetables from the 
ground. This may very well be the most taxing 30-second button mashing 
experience since Metal Gear Solid.

You're in Doubt!: There will be three people on the screen. A hint appears 
at the bottom, which is very helpful for people who can actually read it, 
but a good tip for those of you that can't is to just try and pick the odd 
one out of the group. Usually, there will be two people with something in 
common, and then the other person will stand out. 3 successful picks wins.

Silhouette Shatter: At the top of the screen, a shadowy silhouette of a 
character appears. Below that, three characters are displayed. You have to 
pick the character that the silhouette corresponds to. Sometimes the 
silhouette will face a different direction than the character displayed, so 
don't let that throw you off. The winner is the one who has the most points 
after 8 matchups.

Top Present: In this game, your striker vies with the opponent's striker to 
jump and pull the ring that appears in the upper center area of the screen. 
This action causes several random objects to fall, including coins, gold 
blocks, rocks, and bombs. Avoid the rocks and bombs; they'll trip you up and 
put you out of commission for a few seconds. At random intervals, a large 
boulder will roll across the screen. You can jump over it, if you time it 
carefully. The object is to grab as many of the coins and G blocks as 
possible before time runs out. The winner is the one with the most points.

Zaku Zaku Jump: Here, you press A to make your striker jump up and hit the 
treasure bag overhead. Tap A again just after the striker lands, and the 
striker will jump up faster the next time. The most important part of this 
game is the timing of those taps. If you can slowly build up a rapid pace, 
and then keep it up, it's easy to win.

TANK?: Remember the old Atari game, Battle? It's like that. You pilot a 
little tank that rolls around the screen picking up coins and gold blocks, 
while avoiding bombs. You can shoot the enemy tank with the A button. A 
direct hit will destroy their tank and leave plenty of money behind for you 
to grab. They'll come back, though. The game ends when time runs out, and 
the winner is the one with the most money by then.

Eyes in the Dark: In this game, your striker is placed in a dark building 
with a very limited vision range. The object is to reach the goal on the 
opposite side of the building, but it also helps to grab as many coins and 
extras as you can find along the way.

BOOM! Escape: Run from the fire and leap over obstacles to evacuate Rugal's 
private ship before it sinks and takes you down with it! Screw up, and 
you're dead.

Krizalid Game: This is a very difficult timing game. Keep a careful eye on 
the meter above your character. When the red line touches the yellow line, 
hit A to have your character swing a giant mallet and knock away a section 
of pillar. If neither side knocks the entire pillar down, including Krizalid 
on top, before the timer runs out, both sides lose.

Koko desu ka? 2000: I don't know about you, but after having to dodge 
Goenitz's damn wind pillars in KOF 96, the phrase "Koko desu ka?" brings 
back that old nervous twitch. As you might guess, this is a game where you 
get to run around dodging as many as three wind pillars at once! The only 
way to see where they'll pop up is the arrows that briefly flash at the 
bottom area of the screen. If you get hit three times, you die. Living 
constitutes running like MAD and managing to survive for 60 entire seconds.

Orochi Game: This is the same thing as Goenitz's game, except, you're 
dodging Orochi's pillars of light, and the indication of where they'll 
appear next is at the top of the screen instead of the bottom. Remember, if 
both players die, they both lose 10 coins! Ouch!

BOOM! Escape - Omega: Same as BOOM! Escape, which is listed above. The only 
difference is, instead of normal Rugal, you deal with Omega Rugal shouting 
taunts at you as you run for your life.

I left out one mini-game from the list---
Track Race - This is a straightforward button mashing game. Keep tapping the 
A button as fast as you can, until your character reaches the finish line! 
Nice bonuses for times under 9.5 seconds.

Section 6: Events

Meet Kim: If Justice, your character gains 12 coins. If Dark, Kim beats the 
crap out of him or her and you lose one turn.

Meet Chang and Choi: If you're Justice, they beat you up and you lose a 
turn. However, if you're Dark, you gain 12 coins.

Meet Ryo: If you're Justice, Ryo will beat the crap out of you and take 10 
coins. If you're Dark, he'll just beat the crap out of you, and you lose a 

Meet Robert: If you're Justice Athena, and encounter him, it'll be a normal 
response prompt event most of the time. But, otherwise, he'll sell you a 
Star for a cool 10 coins!

Meet Ralf: Ralf, being the generous and caring soul that he is, will attack 
the enemy with his Galactica Phantom super. If the opponent has more stars 
than you, Ralf will steal one of theirs for you.

Meet Leona: Steals 5 or 10 coins from the enemy for you.

Meet Shingo: "Kusanagi-san, are you watching?! I'm doing my best!" He 
attacks the opponent's striker, delaying that person for a turn, even if the 
opponent's striker is Kyo.

Meet Iori: Stupid dork causes both players to lose 25% of their coins.

Meet Seth: Get 12 coins.

Meet Vanessa: Get 3 cards.

Meet Shermie: Get up to 3 cards.

Meet Chris: Feeds you a tainted meal, and you lose a turn.

Meet Kensou: "Meatbun 4 U" You add 25% of your current coins to your stock.

Alignment Change: Depending on your striker, a different character will 
approach you and ask you a question. If you answer nicely, you become 
Justice. If you answer in a mean or inconsiderate way, such as Athena asking 
Robert to join his team with Kensou standing right there, or Kyo calling 
Iori by his other alias, Miss X, you become Dark.

Fight: Your striker attacks the other striker and attempts to get rid of 
their cards or coins.

Delay/Loss: Something happens to delay you for a turn, or to make you lose 
money. For instance, with Athena, she'll have forgotten to attend a CD 
signing, apologize, and run off for a turn. With Billy, his little sister 
Lily becomes sick and he needs to take a turn to get medicine for her. 
Justice Kyo forgot his date, so he runs off to go out with Yuki. Dark Kyo 
needs 5 coins to buy her a present.

Section 7: Cards

I'll list them in order by color. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to 
type all of these up in Japanese. If you really want to read them, find a 
hiragana/katakana chart. Most of it is written very simplistically, and none 
of the characters' names are written with their normal associated Kanji, so 
it's easy for anyone to read.

Some of these names may not be entirely accurate translations, as well, 
especially some of the Red cards. But, the effects are all accurately 

This is not an entirely complete listing; I'm still missing Choi's yellow 
card, and a few others that I've only gotten from Vanessa or Shermie.

These cards allow you to control your dice roll once. If you can't read 
Japanese, but still want to buy one, just look at the number in the 
description. There's a card for every possible dice roll, and when used, you 
go forward a certain number of spaces, nonstop. This is very useful for when 
you happen to find yourself right in front of a Skull panel and want to 
avoid it. I always keep at least one Blackout on hand in case of emergency.
They all cost 3 coins apiece.

Violent Advance: Moves forward 1 space.
Scramble Dash: Moves forward 2 spaces.
Assassin Strike: Moves forward 3 spaces.
Lucky Vision: Moves forward 4 spaces.
Shadow Movement: Moves forward 5 spaces.
Blackout: Moves forward 6 spaces.

These cards have an immediate effect on your inventory.

Chizuru's Cash: (5 coins) This is a cheap and very useful Yellow card for 
any player that has a high level striker. It gives you a certain number of 
coins, which raises with each level of your striker. With my Level 3 
characters, I get 12 coins each time I use this, making a nice profit from 
the 5 coins I pay for the card. So, when you find a shop with this card, buy 
as many as you can, and use them ASAP.
Yuri's Change Purse: (15 coins) Don't let the computer buy this if you can 
help it! It's a card to switch your coins with your opponents, very 
inconvenient unless they have more money.
Kim's Wallet: (15 coins) Divides both players' money equally between them. 
Typical of Mr. Justice.
Ryo's Pocket: Both players gain 10 coins. Justice only.
Robert's Wallet: Adds 25% to your current coin total. Justice only.

These cards have an immediate effect on your cards.

Cloning: (15 coins) I haven't used it, but I think it makes 5 copies of any 
card. Dark only.
Lily's Laundry: (10 coins) Reduces the enemy's cards to none. Justice only.
Billy's Laundry: (10 coins) Reduces the enemy's cards to none. Dark only.
Mai's Bouquet: (15 coins) Gives you up to 5 random cards. Justice only.
Vanessa's Lucky Cat Statue: (15 coins) Lets you warp to a Card Shop. Whether 
it's random or not, I can't be sure, but the one time I used it, I ended up 
at a card store right in front of a Skull panel, and subsequently got to 
deal with happy fun Rugal. So I caution you to use it only in dire emergency 
if you have it.

These cards, while expensive, are very nice.

Burning Shingo: (20 coins) Takes 25 coins, and you get a Star.
Ryuuhaku's Wish: (25 coins) Gives you one star. Justice only. Just who 
Ryuuhaku is, I'm not sure.
Eiji's Grudge: (25 coins) Causes the opponent to lose 1 star. Dark only.

These cards have drastic effects on both players. Use them wisely.

Blood Riot Iori: (10 coins) Cuts both players' money in half.
Blood Riot Leona: (10 coins) Reduces everyone's cards to none.

These seem to be all the cards that don't fit in any other category.

Double Strike: (5 coins) You gain or lose double coins from the red and blue 
coin panels, for 3 turns. Save this card for when you know you won't touch 
any red ones.
Mirror of Yata: (3 coins.. awfully cheap for a historical artifact) Switches 
your character's alignment.
Loser Blues: (5 coins) The player currently behind gets a coin present. 
(Remember Joe's victory quote in '99?)
California Romance: (15 coins) You lose your cards, and both sides get an 
amount of coins equal to 25% of their current inventory.
Psychic Teleport: (10 coins) When you use this card, tap the A button as 
many times as you want to move forward.

There are four distinct card shops in the game. I'll list them here.

Shop #1:
RED Scramble Dash
RED Shadow Movement
GREEN Cloning
GREEN Lily's Laundry
LIGHT BLUE Burning Shingo
DARK BLUE Blood Riot Iori
PURPLE Double Strike
PURPLE Psychic Teleport

Shop #2:
YELLOW Chizuru's Cash
YELLOW Kim's Wallet
YELLOW Yuri's Change Purse
LIGHT BLUE Burning Shingo
DARK BLUE Blood Riot Iori
DARK BLUE Blood Riot Leona
PURPLE California Romance
PURPLE Loser Blues

Shop #3:
RED Assassin Strike
RED Black Out
GREEN Billy's Laundry
LIGHT BLUE Ryuuhaku's Wish (Just who is this Ryuuhaku person?)
DARK BLUE Blood Riot Leona
PURPLE Double Strike
PURPLE Mirror of Yata
PURPLE Psychic Teleport

Shop #4:
RED Violent Advance
RED Lucky Vision
YELLOW Chizuru's Cash
YELLOW Kim's Wallet
GREEN Mai's Bouquet
GREEN Vanessa's Lucky Cat Statue
LIGHT BLUE Eiji's Grudge
PURPLE Loser Blues

Section 8: Dreamcast Link

This is the fun part!

(If you don't have an import copy of KOF 99 Evolution, I suggest getting 
one, since it has an option for full English text and dialogue, as well as 
an amusing web page you can view by putting the CD in your computer's CD ROM 

Dreamcast --> Neo Geo Pocket Color
This option lets you download the ability points you earn in KOF 99 
Evolution from your VMU to your Neo Geo Pocket Color. Don't even bother with 
this, since you can earn tens of thousands of points in Battle de Paradise, 
in the same time it takes to earn 500-1000 points in KOF 99 Evolution.

Neo Geo Pocket Color --> Dreamcast
This option allows you to upload all of your striker data and levels to your 
KOF 99 VMU, unlocking them if you haven't bought them in that game already. 
The advantage to this is the fact that, in KOF 99, you can't level them up, 
and you're stuck with Level 1 Extra Strikers. Using this, you can raise 
their level in KOF 99 as high as 3, making many of them frighteningly 

I'll give you a few of my favorite examples:

Level 3 Justice Athena: She leaps into the screen, and if she doesn't 
connect with the enemy, she assumes her Shining Crystal Bit posture, and 
instead of summoning her two crystal balls, she sprouts giant brilliant 
orange phoenix wings, a homage to the old Nintendo/Arcade game, Athena. This 
raises your power level by one and a half bars. If she does connect, she 
does a series of light and strong punches, followed up by a Psycho Sword.
Level 3 Dark Billy: Has the best range of any striker I've seen. He runs 
into the screen, nearly all the way across it, and grabs the opponent, 
hoisting them up with his staff and juggling them for a good few seconds, 
leaving them WIDE open for a combo.
Level 3 Dark Yamazaki: PAIN.
Level 3 Dark Alfred: Runs in with a swift leaping attack, with a range of 
about 3/4 of the screen.


A brand new section, devoted to all the different techniques I've found for 
dealing with all the nasty stuff the opponent can throw at you.
I can guarantee the effectiveness of my methods on the Easy setting, but I 
can't guarantee that it will turn out as well on Normal or Hard, where the 
computer is far, far more devious.

Tip 1: Choose the version of your Striker that loses Money on Delay panels, 
instead of a turn. It's much easier to simply absorb the loss of a lousy 5 
coins, than it is to sit through two turns where you lie at the mercy of the 
computer opponent.

Tip 2: Go out of your way to get to any card shop you can. If you can 
remember the specific locations of shops with Red cards and Yellow cards, it 
helps a lot. Even if you end up in front of a Skull panel, if you're at a 
card shop and you have money, you can usually buy a Shadow Movement or Black 
Out card to pass by the Skull, in addition to whatever else you're getting.

Tip 3: Although you don't have to get it at the very start, make sure that 
once you have a lot of money, you should always have at least one Yuri card 
on hand, in addition to whatever other cards you have. This is the safest 
way to guarantee that if the computer steals your money, you can just steal 
it right back.

Tip 4: Also go out of your way to find as many VS panels as you can. While 
there are a few games, like Let's Copy Mai, which are difficult and nearly 
impossible to win, you'll generally be able to win far more often than the 
computer does. On Easy mode, every victory nets you 3 coins plus up to 10 
more coins in bonuses, and it also causes the computer to lose 3 coins. This 
is a very effective way to constantly drain the opponent's money, making 
their chances of getting potentially dangerous cards or Stars very slim to 

Tip 5: While Double Strike seems like a nice enough card for getting money, 
the serious drawbacks pose a problem. To avoid this, simply buy Chizuru's 
Cash cards, which guarantee a 7 coin profit over what you paid for each 
card. If you fill your inventory up with these, and use them once per turn, 
you'll quickly find yourself a far richer person than before.

Tip 6: Try to keep at least one Red card on hand at any given time. Not only 
are they useful for getting past problem areas, but, for instance, if you 
find yourself 5 spaces away from a particular card shop panel that you like, 
with a Shadow Movement card, you can use that card to guarantee that you 
won't pass it and miss it completely.

Tip 7: Be very wary. Sometimes, the computer chooses routes with no regard 
for its own welfare, only with the intent of causing you to lose money. The 
computer can be very vicious and spiteful if you let it. So don't hesitate 
to do the same to it.

Tip 8: Unless you need them for levelling your Striker up, save your coins 
and don't bother buying stars. As far as I've been able to tell, there is no 
further use for them after every striker reaches Level 3. Also, this way, if 
you have less stars than the computer, and you happen to land on a Ralf 
event panel, you cause the computer to lose a star! Winning is still 
important, though, so once it's about 20 turns from the end of the game, try 
to have the same amount of stars, or just one more, than the computer. This 
will guarantee that your coin total is doubled before being calculated into 
Ability Points.

Section 10: Stages

Stage 1: Construction site, easy. Best beginner stage, although the music is 
Stage 2: Krizalid's lab, easy. Second best beginner stage! Music is less 
Stage 3: Neo Geo Land, normal. A good stage to play when you're sick of the 
other music.
Stage 4: Dinosaor World, difficult. That's not a typo, either. It's the ONLY 
freaking English text in the entire game, aside from the names in the 
credits, and it's misspelled. Ahh, SNK. Same museum as the one in the KOF 99 
Stage 5: Mount Rushmore, easy. Earn through ability points. Terry's stage in 
Fatal Fury 2.
Stage 6: Athena Land! Difficult and confusing. You have to get a whopping 
600,000 ability points for this one! This stage seems to be based around the 
Athena NES game. They probably made the layout difficult and confusing in 
order to capture the feel of the original game. (The original game is one of 
the hardest things I've ever played in my life, and that's including Section 
Z and Ninja Gaiden 1.)

Section 11: Secrets, Etc.

Every secret in this game is unlocked by gaining more and more ability 
points. The best way to do this is to try and have at least 200 coins at the 
end of every game. When you win, the coins you earn are multiplied by two, 
then multiplied by around a thousand points. These then become the ability 
points added to your consecutive total.

Once you earn 600,000 ability points, you can safely say you've "beaten" the 
game. You earn the final stage, and some very cute credits roll. Don't 
worry, it still lets you save afterwards. Every time you win a game after 
that, you'll get the same funny credits. Yoyuuchi!

Secret Data Section:
Hit Right and Left on the direction pad to scroll through the images.

1. Picture of Zero and Lin.
2. Hinako, looking cute
3. KOF 2000 Athena!
4. Something beating up on a straw dummy with Kyo's face taped to the top.
5. I think it's Fio, carrying a teddy bear.
6. Two guys from Metal Slug being squished by a tank.
7. Fio and the guy from Metal Slug 1, whatshisface, gossiping while sitting 
against a cliff face cleaning their guns.
8. Trust me, you don't want to know.
9. The Fatal Fury Team!
10. A full body shot of Whip, with a closeup of Krizalid's face in the 
11. Chris with all of Orochi's body tattoos, standing there looking all cute 
and innocent and shirtless, with Kensou in the background freaking out and 
covering a confused Athena's eyes.
12. Seth and Vanessa.
13. Cool Cool Toon shameless plug.
14. Athena, as she originally appeared in her NES debut, complete with a 
tiny red bikini, and a giant spiked shield strapped to her back.
15. Athena again, this time in full Greek goddess regalia, with plate mail, 
a sword and shield, and angel wings.
16. Hatoko and Ai strike a cute pose in front, while the guys try to get in 
the picture in the background.
17. Oops! Shermie accidentally hits Chris in the face with a turnip from the 
Sunset Carnival game.
18. Kyo and Shingo avert their eyes, terrified of the horror that pursues 
them. I won't tell you what it is; such things should not be seen by human 
eyes. Okay, fine. It's Iori in a pink dress with braided hair. See?! I told 
19. Chinese-style image of Xiang Fei hogging a lot of meatbuns away from 
Kensou, who looks hungry.
20. Vice and Mature make their only appearance in the game in this picture, 
striking a cool pose with a dark silhouette of Iori's distinctive face and 
hair in the background.

Battle Game:

This is where you can play all of the mini-games you've unlocked. The 
mini-games section has them all listed in the order that they appear here, 
so you can use that for reference to pick the right one, if you can't read 
the names.


Future Updates---
I have a few more character profiles to completely finish. Gaining encounter 
events is harder than it seems, and it took me a while just to gain the ones 
I have.
There are also a few more stray cards floating around that I haven't managed 
to translate and document yet, due to the fact that it seems you can only 
get them from Vanessa. Her encounter event is pretty rare; you'll only meet 
her an average of twice per 60 turn game, if that.

This text is copyright Christina Rose, all rights reserved, blah blah blah, 
last updated March 5, 2001.

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