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    FAQ by substance J

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    Ganbare Neo Poke Kun FAQ version 1.1
    by substance J (substancej@hotmail.com)
                                 ]] |__"  _     "  |  ]]
                                 ]] |  |  _/  / \  |/ ]]
                                 [[ _|_   _|_     __º    |         [[
                                 [[  |/_  _|_ | | _|_ |__|_ / |  , [[
                                 [[ /| @ |_| |  |  @- |_ |  \ |/\/ [[
                                         GANBARE NEO POKE KUN
    I.   About
    II.  Overview
    III. Minigames
    IV.  Credits
    I. About
    Ganbare Neo Poke Kun is a game that is very crazy, very Japanese, and also very fun.
    It (understandably) never received much, if any, attention from gamers or media when
    it was released in June 2000. I've taken quite a liking to the game since buying it,
    so I'm writing this FAQ to make up for the lack of information on this overlooked gem.
    There are two distinct sections of the game; interacting (perhaps too strong a word.
    "observing" is more like it) with Poke Kun himself, and playing the minigames unlocked
    during that process. This FAQ will focus mainly on the latter portion, since it's the
    only part of the game that can really be doccumented effectively. If you have any 
    information, corrections, or anything else to add, please contact me about it
    (substancej@hotmail.com). There are some elements (the storyline involved in the final
    minigame, the stats in Yabou-san, etc) I cannot translate, so if there's somebody out 
    there who can help, it would be greatly appreciated. But don't bother mailing me to 
    ask "does it work in English?" or for help with the game. All the info I have is, or 
    will be, presented here.
    Revision history:
    v1.1 (8.23.00) - Overview section updated with new information on triggering negative
                     events, credits section added.
    v1.0 (8.17.00) - Initial release.
    Where to find this FAQ:
    Sector: NGP
    II. Overview
    I won't even attempt to explain the weirdness of the world Poke Kun lives in, but 
    instead point out what the hell is actually going on. Or seems to be. When you boot
    up the cartridge for the first time, you'll be presented with a simple title screen
    and then thrust directly into the game. When you boot up the game from now on, you 
    won't see the title screen - the game will automatically start in Poke Kun's room.
    Now that you've started playing, it's become obvious that you have no direct control 
    over Poke Kun's actions. You can trigger certain things in the room though. Here are 
    the controls for this mode:
       Up - toggle light bulb on/off
       Down - trigger bugs to crawl on floor
       Right - reach through mail slot of door
       Left - trigger image in upper left corner
       Rotate repeatedly - trigger negative event
       (A) - ring doorbell
       (B) - enter minigame select screen
    Option Button
       Save menu (Yes/No)
    The basic goal here is to make Poke Kun happy, because when he's in good spirits,
    new minigames will be unlocked (or as directly translated, built by Poke Kun). When
    you press the (A) button, the doorbell will ring. When Poke Kun opens the door, a
    randomly selected character will appear. Different characters will have different
    affects on Poke Kun; some make him happy, some make him angry or embarrassed, etc.
    Since the characters are not referred to by name during gameplay, I won't try to
    describe who has what affect. The result of the encounter should be illustrated well
    enough by Poke Kun's various animations. 
    If you think Poke Kun is getting happier, press the (B) button. He will dash across
    the room and slam his head into the screen. But don't worry, that's normal. You should
    initially see some percentages below the placeholder minigame images. These will
    gradually rise, eventually unlocking the game once 100% has been reached. When you
    return to the room after checking the status of the minigames, Poke Kun will often
    leave with his hardhat and hammer, to go to work (assuming he's happy). If he is
    not happy, he might not go to work, or even pack up his things and leave (he'll come
    back, though). A sure fire way to drive Poke Kun insane is by repeatedly rotating the 
    joystick in any direction. This will cause either a blunt object to fall on his head,
    or worse yet, a disaster to befall his home. Watching the circuit boards spark and
    burst into flames, eventually consuming the whole room, is very fun to watch. (*grin*)
    However, it isn't good to mess with Poke Kun like this while you're trying to unlock
    minigames. A disastrous bathroom flood isn't going to make him happy, as one could
    imagine. Since the game runs in real time (using the NGPC's internal clock), the best 
    windows of opportunity for positive progress are during the day and evening. If you play
    late at night, Poke Kun will be sleeping, and the visitors will be less useful.
    III. Minigames
    Now that you've unlocked some minigames, it's time to do some slightly more 'normal' 
    gaming. Maybe. The feel of each game is very familiar, since most are parodies of 
    existing titles. The challenge is no joke, though - You'll have to spend quite a 
    bit of time with each game if you want to attain the highest ranking. The most basic
    ranking is Clear (a crown that appears above the game's picture on the select screen).
    Clear signifies that you have met the most basic objectives, like reaching the end of 
    a level. Then there are 3 bonus ranks available for those who have the skills to rake 
    in some high scores (from lowest to highest): Plum, Bamboo, and Pine. The highest bonus
    rank you've earned will be displayed in the lower right corner of the game's picture 
    on the select screen.
    There are 6 'pages' of minigames total. 3 of them are currently presented here (the
    rest to be posted when I get the time). Listed below (in the order they're unlocked) 
    are the names, controls and objectives of each game.
    Page 1:
     - Shot       
             Solo pong. Each time the dot rebounds off your paddle, 1 point is earned.
             Clear: 20 points
             Plum: 30 points
             Bamboo: 50 points
             Pine: 70 points
     - Escape
             Simply move your piece to avoid the bouncing dots as long as possible.
             Clear: 0:45
             Plum: 1:00
             Bamboo: 1:15
             Pine: 1:30
     - Crossing
             Press (A) to launch the H-shaped piece across the board. 
             While in motion, its speed can be altered by pressing the joystick up or down. 
             Don't run into the moving lines! The ideal places to launch from are, obviously, 
             the furthest edges of either side of the board.
             Clear: 20 stages complete
             Plum: 40 stages complete
             Bamboo: 70 stages complete
             Pine: 100 stages complete
     - Block Escape
             This is basically Escape with some Breakout mixed in. Avoid the falling blocks.
             For each block removed, 1 point is earned.  
             Clear: 150 points
             Plum: 300 points
             Bamboo: 600 points
             Pine: 999 points
     - Astro Rescue
            Avoid the red asteroids, but be sure to grab the gray pods for 10 points each.
            The green saucers are worth 30 points when picked up.
            Clear: Reach goal
            Plum: 300 points
            Bamboo: 800 points
            Pine: 1000 points
    Page 2:
     - Sakurajima Panic
            Stay out of the path of falling lava by running horizontally. Grab the food!
            Round white veggies (?) are worth 1 point, while the triangular rice & seaweed 
            treats score you 3 points each.
            Clear: Survive 99 seconds
            Plum: 50 points
            Bamboo: 60 points
            Pine: 70 points
     - Sasuke in OSAKA
            Trash the waves of ninjas with your shuriekns, then defeat the final boss.
            (A) to attack, (B) to jump.
            Clear: Defeat boss
            Plum: 100000 points
            Bamboo: 300000 points
            Pine: 500000 points
     - Yusaku Challenge 
            Just like the previous ninja game. Except this time you've got mobsters and
            oncoming traffic to contend with.
            Clear: Defeat boss
            Plum: 70000 points
            Bamboo: 210000 points
            Pine: 350000 points
     - Space _____(?)
            A mix of Galaga and Space Invaders, with Poke Kun caught in the crossfire.
            Just run from danger and wait for the aliens to be destroyed. Then it's off 
            to the next level.
            Clear: 3 stages completed
            Plum: 5000 points
            Bamboo: 5500 points
            Pine: 6000 points
     - Crazy Fall
            Adjust your speed by pressing the joystick up or down, and watch out for 
            missiles and birds. Each balloon is worth 100 points. Press (A) to open your 
            parachute when you're close to the ground.
            Clear: Reach the ground
            Plum: 2000 points
            Bamboo: 2400 points
            Pine: 2700 points
    Page 3:
     - Rocketman SOS
           Just hold (A) to fire your engines, and try not to crash into anything.
           Certain areas require you to descend, so you'll have to let off of (A)
           and fall for a moment. It takes the jet a moment to start back up, so
           begin re-applying the (A) button early.
           Clear: Reach goal (any time)
           Plum: 2:15
           Bamboo: 2:00
           Pine: 1:45
     - Mogeler
           Carve a path to the diamond located in each stage. Use your radar (lower
           right corner) to guess the positions of hidden bombs, and avoid them. Use
           the (A) button to switch radar modes. Just as annoying as Mine Sweeper.
           Clear: 10 stages complete (any time)
           Plum: 10 stages complete within 0:60
           Bamboo: 10 stages complete within 0:30
           Pine: 10 stages complete within 0:15
     - Space Hero
           Use (A) to fire and destroy aliens as you navigate infinate space. Each
           parasol picked up is worth 1000 points, so do some searching.
           Clear: Destroy 50 aliens
           Plum: 20000 points
           Bamboo: 50000 points
           Pine: 100000 points
     - Space Destroyer
           Woo hoo, vector graphics! Use the joystick to steer, (A) to fire, and hold (B)
           for a major speed boost. After shooting down 25 enemy...err...triangles, you
           begin a corridor run on foot. Stay to one side, and jump early to avoid the dogs.
           Clear: Reach goal (any time)
           Plum: 2:45
           Bamboo: 2:35
           Pine: 2:30
     - Genesis Crisis
           Hey, there's Poke Kun, in the center of the base. He's hungry! Use your ship's 
           target cursor to launch food down to him with the (A) button. Each successful
           shot fills the "Hungry Gauge" at the bottom of the screen. Time spent dodging 
           enemy fire is costly, because the gauge quickly drops when not being attended to.
           When you lose a credit, the new ship will have a short period of invincibility,
           so make good use of it. This one is tough.
           Clear: Fill gauge (any time)
           Plum: 0:50
           Bamboo: 0:40
           Pine: 0:40
    IV. Credits
    Special thanks to these people and places for their help with this FAQ:
    SNK's official Ganbare Neo Poke Kun home page
       An invaluable resource for pictures, stats, info, omake, etc. This is where
       I gathered the majority of my information. Be sure to check out the page @
       Information regarding the negative events triggered by rotating the joystick.
       Additional info about joystick rotation, and other tidbits posted on the S:NGP
       forum. Long live Opa Opa...
    The End
    Copright © 2000 Joel Hamilton. All rights reserved.
    -end of file-

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