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Dreamcast Link Guide by Razorclaw X

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/22/2000

Neo Geo Pocket/Dreamcast Link Guide

8/22/2000 Version 1.1 by 
Razorclaw X (spiceoflife@REMOVETHIShotmail.com)


The Neo Geo Pocket Color, produced by SNK, has the unique 
ability to link-up with a home console system, in this case, 
the Sega Dreamcast. This allows programmers producing for 
both systems to add extra goodies for those who support their 

This guide covers: 

- King of Fighters: Dream Match '99 (Dreamcast) 
- King of Fighters R-2 (Neo Geo Pocket Color) 
- SNK Vs. Capcom: Match of the Milennium (Neo Geo Pocket Color) 
- Capcom Vs. SNK (forthcoming Dreamcast title) 
- King of Fighters '99: Evolution (Dreamcast) 
- King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise (Neo Geo Pocket Color) 

Version History

- 1.1 Added information on KOF: Evolution and Battle de 
  Paradise, as well as additional Capcom Vs. SNK information.  

- 1.0 First Release (6/14/2000)


What you need: 

  - Sega Dreamcast (hereafter: DC)
  - Neo Geo Pocket Color (hereafter: NGPC)
  - Neo Geo Pocket Dreamcast Link Cable (Sug. Retail: $29.99)
  - NGPC Linkable Game Cartridge (Price Varies)
  - DC Linkable Game 

In order to properly link the NGPC and DC make sure both 
systems are off. Plug in the large end of the cable into the 
back of the DC (in the serial port); make sure it is firmly in 
place. Place the smaller end of the cable into the NGPC; make 
sure it is firmly in place (it should snap together if you push 
it in enough). Now turn on the DC and the NGPC. 

Game Specifics

1. King of Fighters R-2 
   - King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999 

2. King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise 
   - King of Fighters '99: Evolution 

3. SNK Vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium 
   - Capcom Vs. SNK 
   - King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999

1. King of Fighters R-2

The Dreamcast link yields you skills for KOF R-2 and points for 
the picture gallery in King of Fighters: Dream Match '99.  

* KOF DM'99 

  Information can be transferred as follows: 

    - Gallery mode points can be transferred (up to a maximum 
      of 3800 points) to unlock all ten image galleries. This 
      is completely useless as KOF'99 has been out for quite 
      some time. 

    - Points can be uploaded from KOF: DM'99 to KOF R-2 for 
      each character you have achieved 100 points for. This is 
      by far the more useful of the link functions, and the 
      skills gained are given below: 

Character    Skill 
---------    ----- 
Kyo          Hot Blo
Benimaru     Sher1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Daimon       Pro Pow 
Terry        Legend 
Andy         Mai1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Joe          Anger1 
Ryo          Gored 
Robert       Ryo1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Yuri         Peace1 
Leona        Iori1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Ralf         Powder 
Clark        Thrower 
Athena       Lullaby 
Kensou       Athen1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Chin         Tantrum 
Chizuru      Healing 
Mai          Duck 
King         Fe Hart
Kim          Burn 1 
Chang        Fetters 
Choi         Leona1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Yamazaki     Guil1 
Blue Mary    Kasu1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Billy        Terry1(Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Yashiro      Mad Bop 
Shermie      12000 
Chris        Evilflu 
Iori         Hype1 
Mature       Sai1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Vice         Chris1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Heidern      Rugal1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Takuma       Yuri1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Saisyu       Doom 
Heavy D!     Hamma 
Lucky        Yash1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 
Brian        Garg 
Rugal        Bitter 
Shingo       Kyo1 (Dreamcast-only Skill) 

2. King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise 

Battle de Paradise is only available in Japanese and must be 
imported (along with KOF: Evolution).  However, there is enough 
English text in the game such that it is a simple matter to link 
the two games together.  

* King of Fighters '99: Evolution 

  Information can be transferred as follows: 

    - DC to NGPC: This uploads ability points earned through 
      KOF: Evolution (through Arcade mode, Time Attack, or 
      either Survival modes).  You can upload as many points as 
      you wish.  The result will unlock extra Strikers and game 
      boards at certain levels.  

    - NGPC to DC: Transfers Striker information to KOF: Evolution.  
      This is the more important ability, as it unlocks Extra 
      Strikers for free.  You can download any character whenever 
      you wish, including the exclusive characters, Gai and Syo, 
      which are unlocked by game points in BdP.  

      Strikers start at level 1, for both Justice and Dark 
      versions, and gain levels according to the stars you 
      accumulate in BdP.  The higher level Striker you transfer to 
      KOF: Evolution, the stronger, and more damage they do.  

3. SNK Vs. Capcom

SNK Vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium (hereafter: MOTM) has the 
ability to link up with two DC games: the home version of MOTM 
(which has yet to be released as of this writing) and The King 
of Fighters: Dream Match '99. 

* Capcom Vs. SNK 

  Information can only be downloaded to the DC game; in this 
  case it is the points earned from the Olympics mode. These 
  points are used to buy hidden characters in Capcom Vs. SNK, and 
  this may be a far faster alternative than accumulating the 
  points in-game.  

* KOF DM'99 

  Information can be uploaded from DM'99. This gives you a set 
  of Olympics points depending on a number of factors: 

    - Characters in DM'99 who have accumulated 100 points may 
      upload points to MOTM. Refer to a DM'99 FAQ for more 
    - The character appearing in the linking screen determines 
      how many points you get from a specific character. It 
      is generated randomly from the available SNK characters 
      in MOTM that originated from KOF. 
    - You may only upload points for any given character ONCE. 
      In other words, you have a maximum of 38 times per 
      MOTM game cartridge to upload points. 

  Most character points generate only 400 Olympics points, but 
  if you match them with characters they are related to in MOTM 
  the point value may increase or decrease-- ie. Kyo and Shingo, 
  Terry and Terry, Ryo and Robert. Some possible character 
  combinations are given below: 

    * Kyo 
        + Kyo 
        + Benimaru 
        + Daimon
        + Shingo 
        + Saisyu 
        - Iori-- Gives no points! 
        - Chizuru-- Gives 100 points. 
    * Iori (he's only good for Iori points) 
        + Iori
        - Vice-- Gives 150 points 
        - Mature-- Gives 150 points 
        - Chizuru 
        - Leona 
        - Kyo-- Gives no points! 
    * Terry 
        + Terry
        + Andy 
        + Joe 
        + Mai
        + Mary
        - Kim-- Gives 380 points (what a rip) 
    * Ryo 
        + Ryo 
        + Robert 
        + Yuri 
        + Takuma 
        + King 
    * Yuri 
        + Yuri 
        + Ryo 
        + Robert 
        + Takuma 
    * Mai 
        + Mai 
        + Andy 
    * Athena 
        + Athena
        + Kensou 
        + Chin  
    * Leona 
        + Leona 
        + Ralf 
        + Clark 
        + Heidern 

  Usually when uploading points for the character appearing in 
  the linking screen will yield 700 Olympic points. In other 
  cases think of character relationships in KOF when deciding 
  who to upload points for which character (ie, it might not 
  be a good idea to give Billy points to Terry. I ended up 
  uploading Billy's points for Iori but I got 400 points 

  This ability isn't terribly useful unless you have played 
  DM'99 enough to get 100 points for every character (if you 
  did it for KOF R-2 like I did) or you're looking for easy 
  points to buy new supers. 

  Whatever you do, don't upload Kyo's points when Iori is 
  hosting the link and vice versa! :) 


Neo Geo Pocket, King of Fighters and characters belong to SNK. 
Dreamcast belongs to Sega. Capcom and characters belong to Capcom. 

This FAQ is copyrighted by the author and may be freely distributed 
so long as it appears in its complete, unaltered, and unplagarized 
form. This FAQ may not be sold for monetary gain or be republished/ 
reproduced, in part or in whole, for any reason whatsoever, without 
the express permission of the author. 

Copyright 2000 Razorclaw X

-- Razorclaw X (spiceoflife@REMOVETHIShotmail.com)

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