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by Seth0708

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FAQ by Seth0708

Updated: 12/05/13


Neo Cherry Master is one of seven gambling titles developed by Dyna Corporation and published by SNK for the NeoGeo Pocket Color. Together these titles might have formed a decent casino title, but unfortunately each title only covers a single casino game. This one offers a slot machine. There are two versions of this game, one in black-and-white and one in color. The color release is appropriately titled Neo Cherry Master Color. The two titles are functionally identical.


The game is set up as a three by three slot machine. Hitting a button will cause the reel to spin. Your hope is that the pictures on the slot machine will match in a line across the face. Depending on your mode and bet, this line can be horizontal, diagonal, or vertical.

From the title screen you are offered two choices: Original and Simple. Simple mode will always place a bet on each spin of five credits, with one credit for each of the three horizontal lines, one for both of the diagonal lines, and one for the three vertical lines, for a total of sixteen credits bet. Original mode will let you place a bet of up to two credits on these eight different positions, although you have to do so in a predetermined order just like real slot machines.

The default settings is for you to hit a button to stop the reels. You can pause the game and go into the menu to set "skill stop" to off so that the system stops the reels for you. Another option here is to slow down the speed at which the reels spin. You can also select any of the symbols on the reel and see what their payouts are.

If you have a successful matching line in Original mode you can go double or nothing and play a card-based mini-game. This game will place five cards face down on the table. You can select either Higher or Lower. This is a guess on your part if the next card will be higher than seven or lower than seven. If you guess correctly you double your winnings, but if you guess wrong you lose it all. If you guess correctly five times, you will go back to the slot machine.

If you get a line of cherrys or 7s you will get a bonus spin. This spin has less symbols on it and gives a multiplier bonus based on how many 7s and cherrys pop up. These are going to be your highest payouts on this title. You can save your progress as well if you so desire as well, but this about covers what the title has to offer.


Neo Cherry Master and Neo Cherry Master Color are (c) Dyna Corporation.