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Guide and Walkthrough by y2bandit

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/24/2000

This FAQ is written by bandit (y2bandit@cs.com)  

Table of Content:

I.	Introduction
II.	Version History  **UPDATED**
III.	Where You Can Find This FAQ
IV.	Rescue Lists
V.	Where The Hostages Are Located   **STILL COMING SOON**
VI.	Mission Map For Gimlet & Red Eye
VII.	Hidden Roots
VIII.	Secrets, Hints & Tips
IX.	Contributors
X.	Thanks
XI.	Copyright

I.	Introduction:

     This is a FAQ for the best side scrolling game ever made for a handheld 
system, Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. This is the first time that I am writing a 
FAQ, so please excuse me if it sucks. I decided to right this because I don't 
see any up. Most forums I go to I see people asking for FAQ's on MS:2, so I 
decided to write one. If there are any mistakes on this FAQ please let me 
know and I will fix it and give where credit is due. Below is a list of 
hostages that I have rescued in MS: 2nd Mission and secrets that I have found 
out. O, by the way, I might be writing a complete FAQ of where all the 
hostages, how to get to them, maybe making a missions map for the characters 
and so on. I'm not sure your because I'm not sure how long it will take. So 
with that out of the way...without further-a-do, Metal Slug Hostage FAQ and 

II.	Version History:

V0.1 [June 1, 2000]
-	First version, 3/4 of the list of hostages completed
V0.2 [June 3, 2000]
-	Finished writing the rest of the hostages
-	Added the Secrets, Hints & Tips section
V0.3 [June 4, 2000]
-	Added Where You Can Find This FAQ section
-	And added the Thanks section
V0.4 [June 8, 2000]
-	Added another site to Where You Can Find This FAQ section
V0.5 [June 13, 2000]
-	Added another site to Where You Can Find This FAQ section
V0.6 [July 1, 2000]
-	Changed this FAQ from Metal Slug: 2nd Mission Hostage FAQ to Metal 
Slug: 2nd Mission FAQ...all I did was make it an FULL MS:2 FAQ
-	I also started to add a Mission map for Gimlet (COMPLETE) and Red Eye 
-	The next thing I am planning to do after I am done with the map is 
write down where all the hostages are located (NOT SPECIFICALLY WHICH 
-	I am also going to write where all the Hidden Roots are located
V0.7 [July 2, 2000]
-	Finished up doing Red Eyes Mission map (COMPLETE)
-	I also added a section for Hidden Roots & Where The Hostages Are 
V0.8 [July 7, 2000]
-	Fixed up Gimlets and Red Eyes map
-	Changed the version number and how it looks, at this rate and how much 
I update this FAQ, it could be Version 100+ by the time I finish this  
-	I also updated the Hidden Roots section, so go check it out...
V0.9 [July 8, 2000]
-	Added a new "Hidden Root" passage, thanks to ZERO (Thanks)
-	I also added a Contributors Section
-	Added another website to Where You Can Find This FAQ
V1.0 [November 23, 2000]
-	Sorry I haven't updated this FAQ lately. I have been busy with school
and 2 jobs..hopefully I will update this FAQ soon when I get out..ALL 

III.	Where You Can Find This FAQ:

You can find this FAQ at the following website...

IV.	Rescue Lists:

This is what the lists consists of...

Mission #:
NO. – Name – Level - Message

Mission 1:
001. – Eisenhaur – PVT. – You'll be promoted for rescuing the likes of me.
002. – Siren – CPL. – Hostages are in various places so search hard.
003. – Seton – SGT. – Save 100 hostages and you'll be a real hero!
004. – Nick – SSG. – As rank rise, so does the amount of your ammo.
005. – Mikail – MSG. – Men are born to live hard!
006. – Robert – WO1. – Thanks! But I often forget being rescued.
007. – Spot – 2LT. – There's 7 hostages in here. I'm the last one.

Mission 2:
008. – Gurraka – RRT. – There's still 1 hostage left in that area.
009. – Nash – PFC. – Get a bonus for clearing the stage with a vehicle.

Mission 6:
010. – Olika – SGT. – Get 20,000 pts. for a 1UP and you're an amazon!
011. – Icarus – PSG. – There's so much food there, I got fat as a cow!
012. – Scott – SGM. – Intercepted secret reports say rebels are on the move.
013. – Tukenny – CWO. – There are 6 hostages here, including me.

Mission 7:
014. – Moore – BG. – I was the only hostage in that area.

Mission 8:
015. – Wyoming – PVT. – I'd smoked the Terrain Carrier with a shotgun...
016. – Eisman – SSG. – Flames mean death! Avoid them!
017. – Karkland – CPL. – There are 2 hostages in there!

Mission 10:
018. – Jein – MSG. – Be careful. The Terrain Carrier's still out there!
019. – Arnold – PFC. – There are items in various places so fire away.
020. – Rommel – PVT. – Some walls need to be destroyed with a rocket 
021. – Willis – CPL. – The rebels have taken Commander O'Conner!
022. – Thane – PVT. – There're still 4 hostages left there. Save them!

Mission 11:
023. – Nemesis – SSG. – That area's huge. Hostages are hidden all over.
024. – Rocky – SSG. – Iheard there's hidden tunnels in this area.
025. – Ileana – PSG. – It may not seem so but "he's" a lady!
026. – Max – SGM. – Watch it! The forest's a maze!
027. – Chai – PFC. – You try completing Metal Slug's first mission. OK?!
028. – Curtis – CWO. – Time attack stages increase as your rank goes up.
029. – Cindy – CPT. – Thanks. Keep rescuing the hostages, OK?
030. – Kira – CPL. – War knows not man and woman!
031. – Evans – SGT. – There's a secret exit at the basin of the waterfall!
032. – Hamilton – SGM. – That area's though. There should be 9 hostages left.

Mission 12:
033. – Norton – LT. – The code is: "Blue is harder than red." Means what?
034. – Morris – PFC. – There's a woman in that gulag, too.
035. – Winter – PVT. – There's another gulag, you know.
036. – Charlie – CPL. – Be sure to save your data.
037. – Geinas – SGT. – Even if she's a she, no mercy!
038. – Grog – SGM. – A byroad links the forest & waterfall basin in Area 11!
039. – Zark – CPT. – Did you know there's a byroad to Area 15's base?
040. – Jackie – MSG. – There's a total of 9 hostages in that gulag.
041. – O'Connor – COL. – I saw aliens in the factory. I snuck into!

Mission 13:
042. – Talcos – SGT. – It's a miracle you found this gulag!
043. – Hubble – MSG. – I heard a woman called Yan has some info for you.
044. – Yan – SGM. – I heard Hyakutaro was escorted out of Area 14.
045. – Worbar – WO1. – Watch the big pipe in Area 16 and you won't get lost.
046. – Byron – MSG. – Yan is in this gulag somewhere.
047. – Kelly – SGT. – Thank you for saving me from captivity!
048. – Solaris – PFC. – Col. Delta and 7 other hostages are in that gulag.
049. – Delta – COL. – Hyakutaro has a gun to smach tanks at close range.

Mission 14:
050. – Lewis – SGM. – There are many hostages in that base. Save them!
051. – Kirkland – CPL. – That base is a maze. Don't get lost in there!
052. – Chice – SSG. – Check base walls for color changes [hidden tunnels].
053. – Hillary – 2LT. – To destroy some walls, you need a grenade or two.
054. – Eugene – MSG. – That base is divided into Areas 14 & 15.
055. – Raygan – WO1. – One guy saw a metal knuckle in Area 15!
056. – Maple – CPT. – You can attack tanks up close with E-Armor!
057. – Ricardo – SGM. – Attack tanks up close with the Steel Fist!
058. – Terry – CWO. – With me, there were 9 hostages in that base!

Mission 15:
059. – Mackie – MSG. – Sgt. Aikawa has a new weapon for testing. I hear.
060. – Garlan – SGM. – Metal Knuckle! A steel knuckle built for a hero!
061. – Kehoe – SSG. – Don't forget the items in the air and in the sea!
062. – Fleming – SGM. – There are sands that'll swallow you in Area 27!
063. – Josef – PSG. – Area 14 & 15 are in the same base but not connected.
064. – Disia – MSG. – As far as I know, there should be 6 hostages here.

Mission 16:
065. – Ryan – 2LT. – There are 2 hard doors: blue & red.
066. – Kim – WO1. – As far as I know, another hostage is in that town.

Mission 17:
067. – Sanders – SGT. – Area 30's a maze but keep heading upward.
068. – Nelson – BG. – I saw Sgt. Aikawa with a big new weapon in Area 24.
069. – Simon – WO1. – There should be 2 more hostages in that town!

Mission 18:
070. – George – 2LT. – There was 1 other hostage brought here with me...

Mission 19:
071. – Cooley – SGM. – Keep heading up to get out of Area 30's forest.
072. – Tender – LT. – If the rebel's E-Plan succeeds, you're through.
073. – Penelope – MAJ. – I saw Tender getting prepared.

Mission 21:
074. – Randy – COL. – The only one thrown in there was me!

Mission 23:
075. – Lisa – MG. – The only hostage there was me.

Mission 27:
076. – Sakurta – CLC. – Metal Slug Attack may reach the hut on Mt. Snow.
077. – Carter – CPT. – Proto2's functions sill can't handle deserts and snow.
078. – Loan – WO1. – The desert was really tough. Thank you.
079. – Julien – 2LT. – Be careful! The forest in Area 30 is like a maze!
080. – Otto – CWO. – With me, there were 4 hostages in the desert.

Mission 29:
081. – Koestler – LT. – I'm the only hostage here.

Mission 30:
082. – Lafin – CLC. – No allies are at the meeting point. What's up?
083. – Clemens – BG. – Hidden passages are in Areas 14, 15 and 11.
084. – Lewie – LG. – Finish all the modes to play a new mode.
085. – Palin – PFC. – If you ride the truck, push down to reduce speed.
086. – William – COL. – It's was a mistake to meet up in the forest.
087. – Welsly – CLC. – Find powerful weapons in areas with hard doors.
088. – Tracy – CWO. – What? There're too many enemies at the meeting point!
089. – Edmund – SGM. – Save all of the 8 hostages at the meeting point.

Mission 31:
090. – Flip – WO1. – There can be different starting points in a stage.
091. – Korneff – 2LT. – Though you finish all the stages, save the hostages!
092. – Nias – CLC. – If you conquer the fortress, this may be all over!
093. – Lane – MG. – There are 38 missions in all. Complete them!
094. – Srow – GEN. – Find 5 hostages, including me, outside the fortress!

Mission 34:
095. – Kern – COL. – Find all of the 100 hostages to become a hero!
096. – Bevarlys – MAJ. – There's another hostage in those facilities.

Mission 35:
097. – Gracie – LT. – I was the only one in there.

Mission 37:
098. – Kennedy – CPT. – I'm the only guy here. I don't know about 2 others.

Mission 24:
099. – Aikawa – SGT. – E-armor is a powerful weapon to destroy tanks!

Mission 18:
0100. – Hyakutaro – SD. – Thanks for playing to the end. Until we meet again!

V.	Where The Hostages Are Located:


VI.	Map for Gimlet & Red Eye:

/\  \/  ->  <- - Directions to go to certain levels
//\\  \\// - Main Routes
(S) – Succeed the mission
(F) – Fail the mission
(M) – Pass the mission with the "Man" (Character)
(MS) – Pass the mission with the "Metal Slug"
(HR) – This stands for "Hidden Root"

-= Gimlets Mission Map =-

                      DESCENT        TRANSMISSIONS
   (S)\\//                                \/
08 WAR-TORN  <- 09 SHOT DOWN  <-(F) 07 FATAL EXPRESS  (S)->
      \\//                                                 \/
11 CAMOUFLAGE (HR)-> 13 HOSTAGE  ->   ->
                        RESCUE          \/                 \/
14 RECKLESS   ->     ->     ->  16 INTELLIGENCE   <-    <- 
    REACTOR   ->     ->     ->         \\//
  (HR) \/                            <-
18 PURSUIT                           <-
       \/                       \\//
21 DEADLY    (S)->   ->   23 THE TUNDRA
  ASSAULT                      KING
   (F)\/                  (M)\/   \\//(MS)
25 FREE FALL             <-            ->
      \/               \/              ->
26 DECOY  <-   <-   <-                    \\//
  STRATEGY                        28 UNEARTHLY SILENT  (F)-> 33 BREAK THROUGH
      \/                               (S)\\//
27   THE  (M)?   30 CROSSED  ->  31 THE FORTRESS  ->
   DESERT             PATHS                        -> 
  (MS)\/                /\                 /\         \\//
32 OCEAN   (F)-> 33 BREAK THROUGH                  
   DEPTHS                                  /\         \\//
35 MENACE OUT                              /\         \\//
  OF THE SKIES   (F)->   36 JET STREAM  -> 
   (S)\/                                              \\//
37   LONE    <-      <-      <-      34  THE      <-
   ASSAULT   <-      <-      <-      STRONGHOLD   <-

-= Red Eyes Mission Map =-

                           BRIDGE         TRANSMISSIONS
   (S)\\//                                      \/
10 TERRAIN  <- 09 SHOT DOWN  <-   <-(F) 07 FATAL EXPRESS ->
      \\//                                                 \/
   HOSTAGES!                                               \/
15 INTO THE   ->     ->     ->  17 CONTACT   <-    <-    <- 
     FRAY!    ->     ->     ->      \\//
   (HR)\/                       20 THE ENEMY   
19 BETRAYAL                        BELOW              
       \/                           \\//
22 ONE FELL  (S)->   ->    ->   24 THE ICE
    STROKE                         QUEEN
    (F)\/                      (M)\/   \\//(MS)
25 FREE FALL                    <-         ->
       \/                     \/           ->
29 THE DESERT  (M)->  ->  30 CROSSED         \\//
                              PATHS  ->  31 THE FORTRESS ->
   (MS)\/                     /\              /\         ->
32  OCEAN   (F)->   ->  33 BREAK THROUGH                    \\//
    DEPTHS                                    /\
    (S)\/                                                   \\//
35 MENACE OUT                                 /\ 
  OF THE SKIES   (F)->   36 JET STREAM  ->  ->              \\//
37   LONE    <-     <-     <-      34  THE     <-     <-    \\//
   ASSAULT   <-     <-     <-      STRONGHOLD  <-     <-

VII.	Hidden Roots:

Mission 11 (Camouflage) into Mission 13 (Hostage Rescue):
-	Go straight until you see a hostage that gives you a machine gun.
-	Go over the bridge. Once you get off you will be able to see the top of 
a black square under you. That is a doorway.
-	Jump down into it (when falling, press the RIGHT directional button) 
and go into the doorway.
-	Now you are in a tunnel.
-	Once inside keep going straight and follow the "GO ->."
-	One you go on, you will see a hostage hanging and 2 soldiers will fall.
-	** BE CAREFUL...once the waterfall is visible, a soldier in a scuba 
gear will jump out and shoot a missile at you.
-	Go into the waterfall but do NOT get out of it.
-	While you are standing in the waterfall, go into the middle of the 
-	Once you are in the middle of the waterfall, press UP. If it does not 
work, move a little over to the right and press UP again. If either one 
does work, you will see the Completed Mission ending part.
-	You have just found the "Hidden Root" to go onto Mission 13 (Hostage 

Mission 14 (Reckless Reactor) into Mission 18 (Pursuit):
-	Keep going straight and into the doorway after the hostage on top and 
the 2 aliens (one with the hostage and the other on the bottom)
-	Once you are inside, kill all the enemy soldiers before the stairs.
-	After that is done, keep going up.
-	Now go straight.
-	Now you will see an elevator and a "GO \/" sign.
-	It does not matter if you get on the elevator or not. Because you will 
jump off of it anyways.
-	If you DO NOT get onto the elevator, jump down.
-	While falling down, press the LEFT directional button and you will land 
on a ledge.
-	If you DO get onto the elevator, get on it.
-	While going down on the elevator, jump off of it when you see the 
-	Jump onto the ledge.
-	Once you are on the ledge, you will see a discolored wall.
-	Blow-up the wall.
-	Rescue the hostage next to the elevator.
-	He will give you a Rocket Launcher [R].
-	Move to the wall on the left-hand side.
-	Fire a rocket.
-	The rocket will blow up a little passageway that you will need to crawl 
-	Once you finished crawling through the little passageway, free the 
hostage that is there.
-	Once you have freed the hostage, go into the room that has the "IN" 
sign on top of the door.
-	You have just found the "Hidden Root" to go onto Mission 18 (Pursuit).

Mission 15 (Into the Fray!) into Mission 19 (Betrayal):
-	Go straight, but BE CAREFUL of the truck after you pass the enemy 
-	Go down where it says "GO \/" and kill the soldier that gives you the 
Pineapple [P].
-	And go into the door on the left that shows "GO <-", at the bottom of 
the staircase.
-	Once you are inside, keep going to the left.
-	Once you are near the end, kill all the incoming aliens and go into the 
area that has the "GO <-" sign pointing.
-	Go through the door.
-	Once outside, there will be flying soldiers waiting so be careful. 
(will show up a couple of times)
-	Go down the stairs and head to the right.
-	Now you will see a doorway at the end.
-	Go into it, but be careful, there will be flying soldiers waiting.
-	Once inside head to the left.
-	It does not matter if you go up or down.
-	Go through the doorway at the end.
-	Once outside, there will be flying soldiers waiting so be careful.
-	Go down and head towards the right.
-	Near the beginning, you will be stopped and you will have to fight a 
bunch of soldiers, so KILL KILL KILL !!!
-	After you have killed them all, follow the "GO ->" sign and head 
towards the right.
-	Jump over to the next ledge.
-	There will be a helicopter that will appear once you land on the ledge.
-	Once the helicopter is blown-up, jump to the next ledge and go through 
the doorway that you see with the "GO <-" sign pointing, but be 
careful, there are flying soldiers waiting.
-	Once inside, it does not matter if you get on the elevator that goes 
left and right. Just keep heading left. And follow the "GO <-" sign.
-	Go through the doorway and head all the way to the bottom and follow 
the "GO \/" sign. DO NOT go to the right.
-	Once you go all the way down the staircase there is a "GO ->" sign, go 
through the doorway.
-	Once inside, go right.
-	You will be stopped and there will be 2 bomb dropping machines from 
both sides. Kill them both.
-	Once those are killed, head right and blow up the look-a-like metal 
-	You will see a Flame-thrower [F]. That is a sign that you are near the 
secret passage.
-	You will be stopped again, when you walk further to the right.
-	Kill all the enemy soldiers.
-	After they are killed, you will see a "GO ->" sign followed by a "GO 
\/" sign. You will see an elevator that will go up and down.
-	You have 2 choices:
1.	Go on the elevator and take your time getting down to the secret block
(you can see it because on the left, the wall is made of metal, but once you 
get near the bottom you will see a piece of wall right under the end of the 
metal wall), and try to not get hit by rockets OR...
2.	Fall straight down and try to dodge the rockets that are being launched
at you. If you missed the secret block (read option number 1 to see where the 
secret block is located) on the ledge, you can always go back up and do it 
again or try and jump onto the ledge on the left.
-	Whichever one you choice, be careful, there are flying soldiers waiting 
for you.
-	Once you are on the ledge next to the secret block, blow it up with 
anything you have (Rocket Launcher [R], Heavy Machine Gun [H], Flame-
thrower [F], Pineapple [P] or just the knife).
-	Once inside that secret area, go on the elevator and kill the guy that 
is up on top. He will give you a Rocket Launcher [R].
-	Once you have the Rocket Launcher, go to the 3 metal walls.
-	Blow-up those 3 metal walls with the Rocket Launcher.
-	Once it is blown-up, there is a bomb dropping machine waiting. Blow 
that up as well.
-	Once that is blown-up, drop all the way to the bottom and into the door 
that says "IN" on top of it.
-	You have just found the "Hidden Root" to go onto Mission 19 (Betrayal).

VIII.	Secrets, Hints & Tips:

1.	Here is a little tip from me...forget about finding all the hostages 
first. Focus on completing the missions and finding the hidden passages. 
Once you completed all the missions, use the hidden character (Tequila) 
and go to the missions that you are missing hostages in.

2.	When riding on the look-a-like mining cart, press down to reduce your 
speed of your truck.

3.	To get the secret character - Tequila... 
Beat all of the missions in MS:2. When you have cleared all the missions, 
go to the character select screen and one of the green army men (Tequila) 
is now playable. You can use him to do level select and see the rescue 
list. You can go to any stages to get the rest of your hidden hostages 
that you missed without going to have the do all the stages again just to 
get certain hostages.  

4.	How to get Metal Knuckle... 
You can only get the Metal Knuckle at level 18 using Gimlet. At the 
beginning of the level, get the SHOTGUN at the far end of the two blocks. 
Do not kill anyone especially those blue soldiers! You can save the 
prisoners but don't take anything they give to you. In short, you need 
this SHOTGUN. You will go thru the level until you go inside a room after 
the scene where lots of bazooka wielding soldiers dropping down. There is 
a soldier reading a newspaper, DO NOT KILL HIM! Go up and you come to 
three blue doors. Use the SHOTGUN to blow away those doors. The 100th 
prisoner (Hyakutaro) is in there. You will have to fight him in order to 
get the Metal Knuckle.  

5.	How to get E-Armor... 
Go to Mission 24. Make sure you get to the very top of the area with the 
Slug Proto2 (Metal Slug Tank). Try not to die. When you get to the very 
top with the elevator moving up and down (with the go sign pointing left), 
stay on the elevator or on the ledge and face right and do the Metal Slug 
Attack (d + AB). The tank will self-destruct and will launch you to a 
doorway (which is located on the top right), and prisoner 99 is in there. 
Now you can get the E-Armor, a close range attack that can kill bosses 
with one hit. 

6.	When you get all 100 hostages...you get a new mode with the use of E-
or Metal Knuckle and unlimited grenades...in order to get this, you must 
press down while selecting you character.

7.	How to turn blood mode on...
If you have a cartridge in your Neo Geo Pocket Color, take it out. Turn on 
the system and go to the Setting Mode on the built in function. When it 
asks you for the language select, select Japanese. When the frame scrolls 
off and the next one comes on, press B. Turn the system off and put in the 
Metal Slug: 2nd Mission cartridge. Now the "sweat" that would normally 
appear from the enemy now turns into blood. Now you can see the enemy 
soldiers spew blood instead of water.

IX.	Contributors:
1.	ZERO – for helping me out on Hidden Roots Section on Mission 15 & for 
refreshing my memory on where it is...Thanks

X.	Thanks:

1.	Thank you SNK for making this awesome looking game...
2.	And most important...Thank you, the READERS, for reading this.

XI.	Copyright: 

     This document is Copyright © 2000 Timothy "bandit" Yee. It may be not be 
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may 
not be placed on any web site. If you would like to use my FAQ, please let me 
know (y2bandit@cs.com) that you like to use my FAQ on your website. And 
please give were credit is due. Otherwise, you can not use my FAQ for any 
other reason.

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