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For thousands of years humans have been searching out the secrets of the universe.

First philosophers, metaphysicians and then, much later, scientists probed the inner
workings of matter to fi nd the smallest, most fundamental particle, that expression of our physical

One by one, each object was scrutinized and the previous generation's absolute fundamental particle gave way to even smaller objects and more empty space.

It was as if matter consisted only of different organizations of energy and space.
And all this time while the scientists were concentrating on determining what matter was made of they were overlooking the obvious.

They failed to ask themselves what was between all these atoms and electrons, quarks and mesons.

What was filling these interstitial spaces?

What was causing the energy to form and organize in these unique patterns we call matter?

If they had only looked they may have seen.

They may have seen the primordial battle, the constant and eternal struggle, part battle part dance, between the four elements that takes place in the space between things.

It is happening now all around you and inside you. Earth, Water, Fire and Air coming together to
determine the shape and order of everything.

Are you ready to join this battle and impose your will on the order of the universe?

Are you ready for Snakes?

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