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FAQ/Walkthrough by paladinsama

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/30/06

      ¿¿@¿¡@      '86@°D  B       67@¿        e1@  °°¿$8e7.          8
        ñ  ñ7¡¡7  2e$E D¡7@ 2¡¡7° @2ee,¿¡7¿¡¿¿2°@,7°   2¿¡¡°27,¿  ¡7 2,7°
        #  @'2b'  1$ . b2°ñ¿4'22  °/ #2.'2 2.42°@'26   2''2 1e¿6¡°B' $¿1+
       °2¿ 8 ¿1¿   1¿2 8¿28 2°¿¿  ¿¿°¿¿2 ¿ °2°¿°2 2¿  °2¿¿¿ 8¿2 8 1¿ 1¿¿¿
       2EE2¿,°2¡  22   22¡   2222¿   ¿22¿ ¡2  22  2¡°2¡  27 22222¡¡e2  72°
      7@D6D@1 @2  @@  .@@B   @@6@@7 4@@@@41@/ @@/ @1 @2.4#' @#666¡'@@/.B#
      @E¿  °  @e¿¿@@  2@1@°  @2  8@ @8  8@ @2¿@@2¿@  @2e@°  @e¿¿°  ¿@ee@°
      $@@@@ñ° @Ebb@@  @e @ñ  @2  2@¿@2  2@¿E@8ee@8E  @@@@¿  @Ebb¿   e@@e
       ,774@# @2  @B ¡@@@@@' @4 /#B @#//#@ 2@@++@@2  @b,B#  @4      /@@.
      e2°°¿@D,@2  @@ DD°°°@6 @@E@@¡ ¿@@@@¿ ,@@  @@, ,@2 7@2 @@EEE7   @@
      @@@@@@¡'/'  // /'   // ////'   '//'   //  //  '/'  // /////'   @@
       ¡18¡°                                                         ¡¡

                 WALKTHROUGH by Fernando J. Roose (paladinsama)
                           Version 1.00 – May 2006





I decided to write this FAQ because: I found that there was no FAQ/Walkthrough
for this game that was already a year old and also because I liked it. It is 
sad to see that there are just a few FAQs/Walkthroughs for the N-Gage Games
(even though most of these games don’t really require one).

Version History

v0.01 December 30th, 2005 – First version, Walkthrough of Azra’s Crossing

v0.02 January 20th, 2006 – Included section 3.2

v0.03 March 13th, 2006 - Included section 3.3 and some other things

v0.04 March 21th, 2006 – Included section 3.4

v0.05 April 7th, 2006 – Included section 3.5 and more stuff

v0.06 April 13, 2006 – Included section 3.6

v0.07 April 25, 2006 – Included section 3.7 and some items descriptions

v1.00 May 01, 2006 – Section 3.8 completed. Walkthrough complete.


I first heard of The Elder Scrolls some months before Morrowind was released. I
found strange that I missed the first games when they were released, but
sometimes that happens, I think that by 1993 I was mostly playing Sierra’s and
Lucasarts’ adventure games. I usually don’t play sequels (or prequels, or
remakes) without playing the originals first, and since it was difficult to get
Arena, Daggerfall, Redguard and Battlespire at that time, I decided to skip the
game. (Arena is now free to download from Bethsoft for a while, and I’m
planning to play it sometime). Sometimes I break my own rules, and that
happened when I was looking for games for my Nokia N-Gage, I already knew that
I was going to like an Elder Scrolls game, and decide to try Shadowkey without
the knowledge of the previous games.

Elder Scrolls games (as of MAR-21-2006):

The Elder Scrolls: Arena            (sometime 1993)
The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall        (Aug 31, 1996)
An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire   (Nov 30, 1997)
The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard (Oct 31, 1998)
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind      (May 2, 2002)
The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal      (Nov 6, 2002)
The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon      (Jun 3, 2003)
The Elder Scrolls Travels: Stormhold   (Aug 1, 2003)
The Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar   (Aug 26, 2003)
The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey   (Nov 23, 2004)
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion       (Mar 20, 2006)


Shadowkey story takes place in the Elder Scrolls fictional continent of Tamriel
during the Third Era, year 3E397 (Which is also the same time setting of The
Elder Scrolls: Arena, around year 3E390-3E399). The continent of Tamriel is 
divided in 8 kingdoms and the Summerset Islands. The story of the game is set
between the borders of 3 of these kingdoms: Hammerfell, High Rock, and Skyrim
which are in conflict, a war called The War of The Bend’r-Mahk. The Evil
Battlemage Jagar Tharn (also from TES: Arena) is using the shadow of this
conflict to hide a personal secret war against his rivals, and summon a greater


To start the game you will need to create your character and choose your Name,
Class, Race and Sex

You can choose from 8 of the races known in the world of The Elder Scrolls:

ARGONIAN: Reptilian race with the ability to buy low and sell high
BRETON: Human/Elven race with quick recovery from fatigue and illness
DARK ELF: Elven race with increased stealth and attack ability
HIGH ELF: Elven race with high Magicka power recovery
KHAJIIT: Cat race with ability to evade attacks
NORD: Human race less likely to sustain serious injuries
REDGUARD: Human race less likely to sustain serious injuries from magic
WOOD ELF: Elven race recovers quickly from injury and effective healing spells

You can choose from 9 classes known in the world of The Elder Scrolls

ASSASSIN: light armor, any weapon, no shield, no spell use, + Lethal Strike
(adds damage)
BARBARIAN: light/medium armor, any weapon, any shield, no spell use +
Barbarian’s Rage (effective attacks)
BATTLEMAGE: light armor, any weapon, light/medium shield, spell use + Mystic
Might (increase magic damage)
KNIGHT: medium/heavy armor, any weapon, any shield, no spell use + Righteous
Will (decreases received damage)
NIGHTBLADE: light armor, blades, blunts & bows, light shield, spell use + Night
Magic Ability (Magicka bonus and increased magic targeting)
ROGUE: any armor, axes, long blades, blunt & bow, light/medium shield, no spell
use + Rogue’s Dodge Ability (difficult to target)
SORCERER: light/medium armor, any melee & bow, no shield, spell use + Sorcery
(resistance to magical attacks, and Magicka bonus)
SPELLSWORD: light/medium armor, any weapon, light/medium shield, spell use +
Precise Magic (target foes easily)
THIEF: light armor, blades, axes, light bow, light shield, no spell use + Thief
Lore (skilled picking locks, disarming traps and moving stealthily).

You have to choose the sex of the character by selecting the portrait

Attributes can be increased after reaching new levels of experience.

STRENGTH: Affects the amount of damage you can inflict, recovery from fatigue
and amount of health
INTELLIGENCE: Affects the amount of Magicka Points 
WILLPOWER: Affects the recovery of Magicka and the chance of hitting with a
AGILITY: Affects base defense against physical attacks, attacking accuracy and
pick locks, disarming traps and stealth skills
SPEED: Affects how fast you can move
ENDURANCE: Affects the amount of Health and the speed of its recovery
PERSONALITY: Affects the merchant prices when buying
LUCK: Affects chance to avoid ill fortune (traps, blows)

H=HEALTH= Amount of damage a character can take
M=MAGICKA= Amount of energy available to cast spells
F=FATIGUE= Physical actions and combat drain this energy; an exhausted
character is less effective in combat.



You start the game in the Kingdom of Hammerfell in the town of Azra’s Crossing.
This is also the name of all the surrounding area that also includes Delfran’s
Hideout and Earthtear Caverns

You start waking up and discovering that the town has been under attack by some
bandits (and their rats). The game will suggest to pick up a dagger, an
attacking spell and a potion from your house and will give you your first

/Quest: Find the temple

You will have to find the temple almost right next to your house, there are
still some rats and bandits you will have to defeat to get in there, as soon as
you do it, you will have completed the quest.

Find the temple – Quest complete (usually all quests give you an amount of
experience and money)

On the temple you will find two people

* Acolyte Menlin: Acolyte of the temple. She will ask for help on recovering
some herbs that were stolen during the attack

/Quest: Herb Quest (recover the herbs bring them to Menlin)

* Priestess Almathea: Priestess of the temple. She will wish you good luck.

Next to the temple you will find the only other person that resisted the
* Gravel Trothgar: Merchant of the town, he has to close his store because of
the attack, He will open it again if you clean the town of the remaining rats
sent to attack.

/Quest: Rat Quest (kill at least 8 rats, return to Trothgar)

You will have to go outside the town (the exit is to the north), there will be
some mountains to the north and the east, and a river to the west that falls
into a big crater.

M= Mountains
C= Crater
R= River
T= Town Borders
W= Way down the crater
H= The rat that has the herbs

|          M                            M
|          M   WCCCC                    M
|          M   CCCCC                    M
|          M   CCCCC    TTTT   TTTTTTTTTT
|          M   RR       T
|          M   RR       T      Your house
|          M   RR       T
|          M   RR       T
|          M   RR       T          Store
|          M   RR       T
|          M   RR       T
|      Path    BRidge   T         Temple
|              RR     H T

Next to the bridge you will find the rat that has the herbs, as soon as you
kill it, you will get a message that you have recovered the herbs (it won’t
appear in your inventory). Also if you have already killed 8 rats you will get
a message to return to Trothgar. Crossing the bridge you will find a path, next
to it you will find a man.

* Old Trinket: Old adventurer, he will tell you he can’t help because of his

When you return to the town the store is already open, speak with Trothgar and
he will sell you armor, weapons and other items

Rat Quest – Quest Complete

Inside the temple, Menlin will thank you for returning the herbs and will tell
you to speak with Almathea.

Herb Quest – Quest Complete

Almathea will tell you that the attack was planned by Delfran and that he has
captured almost all villagers, and he will surely kill them all if they are not
rescued in time. She also tells that Delfran’s Hideout is to the north
following the path that goes to Ghast’s Pass (but before reaching it).

/Quest: Rescue Prisoners (rescue the Azra’s villagers from Delfran’s Hideout)

You will have to exit the town to the path where you found Old Trinket, this
time he will tell that he saw a group of rats carrying a chest to Delfran’s 
Hideout. Take the path which will turn now and will lead you to Ghast’s Pass,
but, before reaching Ghast’s Pass, turn to the west and you will see that rats
that Old Trinket told you about, slain then and you can get some gold coins
from the chest. Continue going west and you will find the entrance to Delfran’s

\\Inside Delfran’s Hideout

In Delfran’s Hideout what you have to do is mostly kill all bandits and rats
and rescue all that is not a bandit or a rat. There are some bandit’s however
that won’t attack you, and you don’t have to kill them.

On the Southwest you will find one of these bandits

* Bladen Grizzle: A Bandit, he somehow regrets attacking the village and will
ask you for some juice from the kitchen

/Quest: Disgruntled Thief (find some Bervez Juice for Bladen Grizzle)

On the West you will find several bandits that will attack you, one will
suggest to his colleagues to go and capture the priestess and the acolyte from
the town, another will say (after seeing you) that Old Trinket told them that
you were going to be trouble for them. Around here will be a corridor where you
will find Delfran’s Lieutenants. Both will attack you on sight, and they have
the keys required to enter Delfran’s throne room in the center room. Lieutenant
Breser has Key A, Lieutenant Jolias has Key B.

On the East you will find the kitchen, the Chef will think you are another
bandit (he won’t attack you) and will give you the key to open the cells and
feed the prisoners, you will receive the Cell Key. In the kitchen you will also
find the Bervez Juice that Bladen ask you for, you can give it to him and
receive your reward.

Disgruntled Thief – Quest Completed.

Outside the Kitchen are 4 cells each one with one female prisoner, open the
cells with the key, and speak with all of them (you will receive experience).
One of them is Heather.

* Heather: Azra’s Villager, friend of Almathea. She will ask you to recover a
silver locket that is important to her and was taken by the bandits.

/Quest: Prisoner Locket (recover a silver locket and give it back to Heather)

Up to the northwest you will find the infirmary, it has two more female
prisoners what will tell you to rescue somebody from the interrogation room
(next to a pool), and also that Birgitta has been taken to Delfran’s throne
room and needs help. Talk to them to get experience.

In a room to the north side you will also find another bandit that won’t attack

* Sgt. Grell: A bandit. He no longer wants to work for Delfran and wants to
retire, he will need some letters that will help him, but Delfran have them 
locked with a special spell he can’t break. He will offer the key to Delfran’s
Treasure Room.

/Quest: Sergeant Deal (Find the letters for Sergeant Grell)

Going back a bit to the east, where the Infirmary is, and a little to the
south, you will find the rooms where the bandits train to pick locks and disarm
traps. One of them has two chests; the chest to the right has the letter Sgt.
Grell is looking for, if you try to open it a couple of ethereal hands will
appear and will start to search your shadow (sometimes it says the hands
strangle your shadow and you will feel pain), then after a flash the hands will
disappear (This spell will be the first time you will see that somebody is
using spells that involve shadows). Then you can take the letter. The other
room has more chests and also another female prisoner, talk to her to get
experience. In this room, the chest to the right has the silver locket that
Heather lost. Go back to the room where you find Sgt. Grell and give him the
letter, he will give you the key he promised and leave. With this key you can
open the “featureless door” that is to the left of the Infirmary. Inside the
Treasure room you will find several chests.

Sergeant Deal – Quest Completed.

Around the northwest you will find the pool of water you were told, in this
pool you can recharge your Magicka (somewhere close you can also find the heal
spell), A room to the west will be the interrogation room; here you will find a
male prisoner, talk to him and get the experience. You will also find and Orc
named Makor, he will ask you to free him from Delfran, he doesn’t have anything
to give to you, but he promises he will reward you someday. Free him.

* Makor: An Orc, he was captured while scouting Delfran’s Hideout, He promises
to reward you some day.

Finally in the center of the hideout are the gates to Delfran’s throne room,
open both gates with the keys, and defeat Delfran and his guards.

* Delfran: Finally you meet Delfran. He is the bandit leader that attacked
Azra’s Crossing, he might be also under orders of somebody more evil. He
doesn’t deserve to life any longer. Finish HIM.

You will find Birgitta that will thank for rescuing all the villagers (should
be her, Heather, 6 female and 1 male). She will tell you to return to Azra’s
Crossing and speak with Almathea.

* Birgitta: Azra’s villager friend of Almathea and Menlin.

You will also find the Shadowmage Skelos Undriel that was also captured with
the villagers, he will thank you for his rescue, and will tell you to look for
him back in Azra’s Crossing

* Skelos Undriel: Shadowmage. Skelos is one of the most important characters of
the game, he is an enemy of Jagar Tharn (evil character from other games), and
is being hunted by him. It is possible that Jagar Tharn (or some other evil
Shadowmage) sent Delfran to Azra’s Crossing to capture and kill Skelos Undriel.
Shadowmages are a rare order of mages that studies shadows, this study is a
menace to Jagar Tharn current plans.   

You will find that Delfran has a Shadowkey that it is in his throne, with this
key you will be able to open the Shadowgate that is at the north of the
hideout. Inside the Shadowgate you will find another bandit but you won’t need
to kill him if you tell him that Delfran is looking for him. You will also find
stronger rats and other bandits you will need to kill. And the end you will
find a nice weapon the Dusk Dagger. Exit the hideout and return to Azra’s

You will find that the prisoners returned to Azra. You will find that Birgitta
and Heather are inside the temple, talk with Heather and return her silver

Prisoner Locket – Quest Completed.

Also talk with Almathea to receive your reward for rescuing the villagers

Rescue Prisoners – Quest Completed.

Outside Trothgar’s store you will find Skelos Undriel again, he will tell you
that he needs to hide from Jagar Tharn, he thinks that the Earthtear Caverns
would be a good place to hide, but he needs first to get them cleared from any
enemy. He also tells you that he will tell more as soon as he gets to

/Quest: Clear Earthtear Caverns (Kill all monsters from the caverns)

To reach to Earthtear Caverns you will need to take again the road to Ghast’s
Pass, but this time instead of turning west before reaching the Pass, turn
east. There you will find the Caverns. Outside the Caverns you will find Tanyin
Aldwyr, she was going to meet somebody inside the Caverns, but the caverns were
overrun and now she needs to wait outside to warn someone else. She needs a map
that is inside the caverns and will pay you to do that.

* Tanyin Aldwyr: Female Knight, it seems that she is working for the Kingdom of
Skyrim (remember that currently you are in Hammerfell). She is supposed to be
introduced to General Duvais (He is the leading forces of Skyrim)

/Quest: Skyrim Sympathizer’s Map (locate the map inside Earthtear for Tanyin)

\\Inside Earthtear Caverns

Inside the caverns you will find them full of spiders, rats and other
creatures. In a room full of healing crystals (to the east) you will find a man
that will ask for help. He was writing a letter when a man came out of his
shadow (second mention of spells that involves shadows) paralyzed him, and with
a chant made that several spiders come out of the chasm and attacked everybody.
He will ask you to recover the letter.

Rogurin: Skyrim soldier under the service of General Duvais, he was writing the
letter to introduce Tanyin Aldwyr.

/Quest: Rogurin Letter of Introduction (find a letter for Rogurin)

You will need to go the west side of the cavern to find the letter, it is in a
skeleton next to the chasm, in that area you will also find a dagger useful to
kill spiders, the Spider Impaler. Return the letter to Rogurin, he will leave.

Rogurin Letter of Introduction – Quest Completed.

Following to the east, crossing a bridge, then going south and west again you
will find the Skyrim Map that Tanyin is looking for, in a chest.

Go through all the rooms of the cavers and kill every monster. While going to
the Northeast you will find and invisible barrier, if you try to go through
your shadow will be attacked (again) and a voice will tell you that you have
neither the key nor his permission. This invisible barrier is a Shadowgate.
Following another corridor, crossing another bridge, you will get to where the
Diamond Spider Queen is. Attack and kill her, you will find she had a Shadowkey
on a chest. Return to the invisible barrier, this time you can go through, but
the voice will whisper “You..”. On the other side, you will find two undead,
one will call you “Pergan”, but the other will correct him that you are not
Pergan, since you are “hum of blood and warm”. Kill both, then you will be in
another room with crystals, one Glowing Crystal will have a shadow in its
surface, and then will break revealing an item. This item is Azra’s bandage
(you can equip it, and will increase your regeneration speed). A voice will
tell that neither the key nor the bandage were meant for you, and whatever you
take from him, he will take back thricefold.

You can now leave Earthtear. After exiting you can give the map to Tanyin, she
tells she will leave to the city of Dragonstar. (The City of Dragonstar is one
of the biggest cities on Hammerfell and is close to the borders of Skyrim.)

Skyrim Sympathizer’s Map – Quest Completed.

Return to Azra’s Crossing and give the good news to Skelos Undriel, he will
tell you something more of his mission

Clear Earthtear Caverns – Quest Completed.

Skelos will tell you that somebody is using the war to build a Shadow of
Conflict, that the war is being used as the fuel for a creature of the shadows
called the Umbra’keth, and that Jagar Tharn or some other likeminded mage
(probably Pergan) shouldn’t be allowed to put their hands in this creature. He
is going to work in a way to contain the creature, but he will need five
magical crystals called “Star Teeth”. He asks you to gather the Crystal Teeth
and to start looking on the Twilight Temple or the Witch Tree in Ghast’s Pass.
He will go then to Earthtear after you accept the mission.

/Quest: Collect Five Star Teeth (Find them, give them to Skelos in Earthtear)

Take again the road and this time go through the great gate in the mountains
that will take you to Ghast’s Pass.


After entering Ghast’s Pass you will see that the road splits, one path to the
left will take you to the northwest, the other to the southeast. The Witch Tree
you are looking for is to the northeast, so take the path to the right, but 
before reaching the mountains go to the north; eventually you will find the
Witch Tree in a hill.

* Witch Tree: A tree in Ghast’s Pass that talks to you. It knows about the
secret of the shadows, and will tell you that the kind of shadows you are
fighting are created when great forces oppose each other. And to conquer them
they need to be rebind to the light with the help of the fire of the heavens
(the Star Teeth), which have the only light that is strong enough for this.

The tree will offer you one Star Teeth if you complete a series of tasks for
it; the first one is to help an orc to the east.

/Quest: Witch Tree 1 (kill the zombies attacking an orc, Olpac Trailslag)

Go to the East, you will find an orc fighting two zombies next to the entrance
of the Twilight temple, he will ask for help. Kill the Zombies.

* Olpac Trailslag: An orc merchant, some goblins stole his pack of goods and he
followed them to the Twilight Temple, he will ask for help

/Quest: Trailslag’s Goods (look for the orc’s pack in the Twilight Temple)

The Witch Tree told you to come back as soon as you helped the orc, so return
to the Witch Tree for your reward. You can choose between a spell and a

Witch Tree 1 – Quest Completed.

The next task will be to help a sorrowful woman to the southwest, near the
citadel of Broken Wing

/Quest: Witch Tree 2 (find and help a woman, Rene Violet)

Go to the southeast, and between some mountains you will find Rene Violet

* Rene Violet: A woman that was looking for some semi-precious stones to
complete her mother’s cameo, she was surprised by the Spire Thieves and dropped
the cameo while running. It was really important for her

/Quest: Broken Wing Cameo (find Rene’s Cameo and give it back)

You need to go around the mountain, find the cameo, and bring it back to her.
It is next to a mountain (you won’t need to enter the citadel to find it). You
will also find some thieves around the area.
After returning the cameo to Rene she will tell you that if you ever go to the
store in Snowline, to tell them she knows you.

Broken Wing Cameo – Quest Completed.

Return to the Witch Tree for your reward. You can choose between two kinds of

Witch Tree 2 – Quest Completed.

Finally the Witch Tree will give you your final task. The Tree knows that
inside the Twilight Temple is an evil worshipper of shadow by the name of
Pergan Asuul. It wants you to kill him and bring his shadowkey as a proof of
his death. (You will remember the name Pergan from inside Earthtear Caverns, it
seems that finally you are going to meet the evil character that was behind the
Earthtear overrun, and that is probably plotting with Jagar Tharn)

/Quest: Witch Tree 3 (Defeat Pergan Asuul and get his shadowkey)

You have pending to look for Olpac’s pack that is also inside the Twilight
Temple, so the next step is...

\\Inside Twilight Temple

As soon as you enter the Temple you will find some restraining power that won’t
allow you to fight the tall zombies in this room, you will need to find a way
to deactivate it. Follow the passage to the east until you reach a door that is
magically sealed, the turn north go straight until the wall, and then east
again, finally you would reach a room in which you will fell free of the
oppressive force, and free of undead zombies. You will see a scared goblin.

* Scared goblin: You won’t learn his name. He is scared of all the undead on
the temple and will tell you that another goblin Ivgritz knows about the Orc’s
pack. He is unable to escape because of the undead in the entrance. And will
tell you that these undead could only be killed if you find the Scroll of Dawn.

/Quest: Goblin Rescue 1 (Find the Scroll of Dawn and kill the zombies at the

The Scroll of Dawn is in the room just to the south of the entrance, it is in a
bookshelf. If you take it, the Dawn Zombies would be vulnerable, and also the
door that was magically sealed would be open. On the other side you will find a
room that has some cracks on the floor, avoid them because the steam would
damage you, this room is called the Twilight Chamber. To the north is a passage
that would take you back to the room with the scared goblin (to the east is
another magically sealed door that will require you to have the Scroll of Dusk,
and to the south is a door that will require you to have both scrolls, this is
the Midnight Door). Return to the scared goblin. He will be pleased you
defeated the zombies and will tell you that Ivgritz is to the east in a room
with jars.

Goblin Rescue 1 – Quest completed.

Follow the path to east, eventually you will find a room with Ivgritz

* Ivgritz: A goblin, he is in the Twilight Temple looking for the shaman’s
ritual headdress of his goblin band, which was taken by the temple’s shadow
master. He admits their band stole the Orc’s pack when they were looking for
supplies, and that the pack was taken to the goblin’s caverns. He will give you
the Orc’s pack if you retrieve the headdress for him. The headdress is on the
shadow rooms on the other side of the Midnight Door.

This means, you will have to open the Midnight Door, fight the shadow master
Pergan Asuul on the Midnight Room, take his shadowkey, open the shadowgate and
find the headdress. (Well, you were going to do this anyway). The goblin tells 
you that both the Scrolls of Dawn and Dusk were near the temple entrance (You
still need to find the Scroll of Dusk)

/Quest: Goblin Rescue 2 (find the goblin’s ritual headdress)

If you continue through the corridor, you will find another room that looks
like a place of meditation or prayer (this is the room with jars the scared
goblin told you before), it has a zombie that will cry and won’t attack you.
His name is Volstok Violet

* Volstok Violet: He is or at least was a merchant in the city of Dragonstar,
until Pergan Asuul converted him into a zombie. He will ask you to show him
Pergan’s shadowkey. (This means, somebody else wants you to kill Pergan Asuul.
By know you will realize that Pergan is really evil, and a lot of good people
want him death)

/Quest: Volstok Violet Resurrection (Show him Pergan’s shadowkey)

To the south you will find another room with tall zombies, this is the Room of
Dusk (the other side of the Dusk Door), and you will need the Scroll of Dusk to
fight them. Return to the Temple’s entrance.

The Scroll of Dusk is a couple of rooms to the south of the room you find the
Scroll of Dawn. These rooms have several bookshelves and on them you will find
some information about that mysterious guy your town was named upon, and also
you are (probably) wearing his bandage you found on Earthtear: Azra
Nightwielder. He was the first person to study the nature of shadows, he
realized that shadows weren’t the absent of light, but a reflection of possible
worlds created by forces in conflict. (As an example the scroll says that when
a light strikes a rock, the shadow formed is a record of this clash, past,
present and future). And that other forces (besides light, like fire, water,
wind, rock or nations at war) can create less obvious shadows. All of these
shadows were studied with patience by Azra’s; he found that manipulating a
shadow allows the control the object and the force. He became a master of this
magic. He also was successful to control his own shadow and instantiated and
melded with all the possible Azras to all the existences in shadow. The
Redguard soldiers (these are the habitants of Hammerfell) were afraid of this
and confronted Azra. During the battle he lost control of his magics and
blasted a big hole. (This big hole is the crater at the exit of the village of
Azra’s Crossing.)

After you get the Scroll of Dusk, you would be able to kill the Dusk zombies.
Then the next step would be to open the Midnight Door and find Pergan Asuul.

* Pergan Asuul: Evil shadowmage, responsible of all the bad things that
happened lately, and a character you should be hating already. He admits he
tasted your shadow when you were on Earthtear. He has yellowish skin and his
face looks like a skull, he seems to be dead already. He is very strong and
could kill you with 3 hits. Kill him.

When you kill Pergan Asuul, he will melt into a dark pool, it seems he didn’t
die at all and he will tell you that it was foretold you will fight with him
thrice. He also tells he was just measuring your power, and that he didn’t
fight using all of his. And so he vanishes this time. But you get his
shadowkey. To the east is the shadowgate. 

You will find the headdress inside a crate. In a nearby room you will find the
Nightleather armor and the Twilight Gloves. In this room you could also see a
statue of a creature that should be the Umbra’keth. This statue is not made of
rock, it is made of darkness and it seems to be waiting.

Return to Volstok Violet, you will touch with the shadowkey, and he will turn
back into a man. He will tell you his name and that is the merchant captain in
Dragonstar. He promises he will reward you if you look for him in Dragonstar,
and then he will leave.

Volstok Violet Resurrection – Quest Completed.

Now look back for Ivgritz, and give him the headdress. He promises he will give
you the orc’s pack if you look for him in the goblin’s caverns in Snowline. He
will leave too.

Goblin Rescue 2 – Quest Completed.

There is nothing left to do in the Twilight Temple, so it is time for you to
leave too.

You will find Olpac Trailslag standing in the same place. Tell him about his
pack, he will pay you part of the reward. But he wants you to retrieve the pack
for him.

Trailslag’s Goods - Quest Updated (Retrieve his pack from the goblin caverns)

Finally go back to the Witch Tree. As he promised, you will get a Star Tooth.

Witch Tree 3 – Quest Completed.

*** You found the first Star Tooth ***

Return to Earthtear and speak with Skelos Undriel give him the Star Tooth to
receive a reward. He will wait for you to find the others.

Now you will need to decide what you are going to do next. You can investigate
the citadel of Broken Wing, but you have no prove there is a Star Tooth in
there, and it is full and dangerous thieves. You can go to the north of Ghast’s
Pass, but again, you don’t know what you can find in there. Finally, you can
choose to go to the east of Ghast’s Pass, to Snowline. You know a goblin is
waiting for you in there to give you Olpac’s pack, you also know there is a
merchant that is a friend of Rene Violet and will make you a discount. Finally
Tanyin Aldwyr that was heading to Dragonstar told you she was going there
through Snowline (You also want to look for Volstok Violet in Dragonstar.) So
the best choice is to go to Snowline...

As you approach Snowline, you will sense an intense evil emanating…


(If you tried to enter Snowline before completing the quests in the Twilight
Temple, you would find this area heavily guarded by goblins.)

Go to the north (and a bit to the east) around the mountain and you will find
the town of Snowline.

NOTE: Here you will need to make a decision. As you know by now, this game is
about stopping and evil shadowmage who wants to release the Umbra’keth. But you
will be also in the middle of a war, between Hammerfell (the redguards) and
Skyrim (the nord). In this town you will need to choose between helping Tanyin
Aldwyr (which you met before, she is a redguard but is helping Skyrim) or
helping Porliss Caith (an argonian that is loyal to Hammerfell). Whatever you
choose, you will find both later in the City of Dragonstar (Big city in
Hammerfell). Both will have something you need, so you will need to help both
at that time. (The decision you make here may change some future dialogs).
Tanyin wants you to defeat the goblin leader Tirasch and will give you a quest
#Possible /Quest: Tanyin Goblin Raid.
Porliss wants you to refuse that quest and you will get the same reward, for
refusing the quest. (You will need to fight Tirasch anyway to continue with the
If you accept Tanyin’s quest, Porliss will leave to Dragonstar, later Tanyin
will give you a quest to investigate the Stronghold of Lakvan
#Possible /Quest: Tanyin Lakvan Evidence.
If you refuse Tanyin’s quest, she will leave to Dragonstar and it would be
Porliss who will give you the quest to infiltrate the Stronghold of Lakvan
(Porliss Lakvan Evidence, Quest instead).
For this guide, I will follow the path of “helping Porliss” (The first time I
played I followed the path of “helping Tanyin”, however I couldn’t finish the
game because I lost my saved game (a problem I had with my N-Gage not related
to the game), when I reached Dragonstar East)

In the town of Snowline you will met:

* Wendek Freetalker: Merchant in Snowline and friend of Rene Violet, he will
give you a price discount because you helped Rene before.

* Rilora: Snowline villager, she collects herbs for her sister that sells them
in Dragonstar. She has been unable to collect the herbs because of the recent
goblin raids.

/Quest: Herbs for Rilora (Find 5 herbs for Rilora: Foxglove, Mountaintail, Snow
Blossom, Trefoil Flower and Yuin Root)

* Sissithik: An argonian and villager of Snowline. The goblins broke into his
house recently and stole his will; he will need to go to Dragonstar if he wants
to make a new one.

/Quest: Sissithik’s Will (Recover Sissithik’s will from the goblins)

* Porliss Caith: Another Argonian, he is loyal to the redguardian (Hammerfell)
power in the City of Dragonstar. He is concerned that Tanyin Aldwyr is working
for the Skyrim invasion.

/Quest: Porliss Caith Subterfuge (Refuse Tanyin Aldwyr mission)

&* Tanyin Aldwyr: You met her before.

Tanyin would tell you that the goblins are a threat for her forces (Skyrim)
that are moving materials to Dragonstar, and will request you to kill the
goblin leader/hero Tirasch, decline the quest “Tanyin Goblin Raid”, then she
will leave to Dragonstar, and expects that you might help her later.

Talk again to Porliss Caith, we will be pleased of what you have done

Porliss Caith Subterfuge – Quest Completed.

Then he will tell you that Lakvan (a bandit that has a stronghold in Skyrim
territory) might be getting Imperial support, he wants you to get evidence that
there is Imperial involvement in the war. (The Imperial Province is yet another
territory in the land of Tamriel, since this game takes place at the same time
as “Elder Scrolls: Arena”, we might assume that the Emperor is in fact Jagar
Tharn in disguise)

/Quest: Porliss Lakvan Evidence.(Infiltrate Lakvan’s Stronghold, find evidence)

Before entering the goblin caves to recover Olpac’s Pack or find Sissithik’s
will, start collecting the herbs surrounding Snowline. To the east you will
find some bushes of Snow Blossom, pick one. To the west you will find bushes of
Mountain Tail, also pick one. And to the southwest (west of the big mountain in
the middle of the map) you will find Foxglove, pick one too. To find the other
two herbs you will need to climb the big mountain (following a difficult path
on its southwest), step over a platform in the ground and you will be
teleported to an area otherwise inaccessible. In this area you will be
surrounded by bushes and also you will see an elf.

* Llewydr: She is an elf that lives alone; she appreciates her privacy but
welcomes visitors. She will buy/sell magic learning scrolls and will tell you
that you are free to harvest the Trefoil (green) and Yuin Root (yellow) bushes.

Take the herbs.
According to the game you were teleported into a waterfall and fell into a
series of underground rivers before arriving to this area, so there is no
apparent exit, you will need to speak with Llewydr and tell her to teleport you
back. She will send you back to Snowline close to Rilora’s place.

Since you have all the 5 herbs Rilora was looking for, talk to her (give her
the herbs) and finish the quest.

Herbs for Rilora – Quest Completed.

Now proceed to the northwest into goblin caves known as Fearfrost Caverns.

\\Inside Fearfrost Caverns.

At the entrance you will find several goblins that are not aggressive (or maybe
one could attack), also you will find Ivgritz.

&* Ivgritz: You met him before.

He will give you the pack as he promised. He will also tell you that the
headdress you gave him didn’t grant the powers of shaman to the goblin hero
Tirasch, so his anger is growing and is looking to satisfy it with blood. At 
this time only, you will have the option to look inside Olpac’s pack, you will
find a note from General Duvais telling him about some payment and requesting
him to scout the City of Dragonstar and deliver the map to his agents in
Earthtear. (So it seems that Olpac is also working for Duvais, and surely he
was already in Earthtear before the attack of Pergan Asuul).

If you don’t want to make him wait longer, return quickly to Ghast’s Pass, give
him the pack, claim your reward and return to Fearfrost.

Trailslag’s Goods - Quest Completed.

Back in Fearfrost you will need to explore the cave to find Sissithik’s Will, I
would recommend to save a lot in here. Fearfrost it mostly a series of narrow
passages between chasms and it is very easy to fall in them.

On the Southwest you will find a Goblin Sergeant, he isn’t really in the mood
to fight, you can talk to him and he will give you the scroll with Sissithik’s
Will, he would also give you a healing potion if you “grunt slow then fast”.

In the cave (close to the center) you will find the Ring of Fangs, you can use
it instead of Azra’s Bandage; it will increase your attack +1 when worn.

On the center of the cave you will find the Goblin hero Tirasch, he will be
very angry and will attack you on sight; you will have to kill him. And guess
what? You will get a shadowkey from him (so he was another servant of Pergan
Asuul), and this key will unlock the shadowgate behind him (go down some
stairs). It will take to a new area below (Fearfrost II).

In this area you will need to jump across a chasm and in the other side you
will find a big crystal, as you approach the Goblin’s Shadowkey will glow and
the crystal will crack, and a human figure will be freed.

*Mysterious Mage: A mage freed from inside a crystal in the goblins’ caverns of
Fearfrost, locked behind a shadowgate. This man has forgotten completely his
identity, but it is obviously a powerful shadowmage. He is pleased you are not
a goblin and will request you to find something about his identity. He would
connect his shadow with yours through a painful process that would result into
an “umbric connection” so he would be able to communicate with you, see what
you see and hear what you hear, over the distance.

/Quest: Mage’s Identity. (Find clues of his identity in Lakvan’s Stronghold)

Close to this area you could find the Silver Picks (another item that could be
used instead of Azra’s Bandage or the Ring of Fangs, this one will increase
your lockpick/disarm traps skills

With nothing more to do here, exit Fearfrost and return to the town of
Snowline, give Sissithik his will.

Sissithik’s Will – Quest Completed.

Now proceed to Lakvan’s Stronghold.

\\Inside Lakvan’s Stronghold.

Lakvan’s Stronghold is well protected, explore and defeat all the enemies. On a
room to the east you will find a woman

*Clerk Skye: She was sent to investigate, like you, to find evidence of
Imperial involvement. She knows she can gather the evidence, but she won’t be
able to leave with it (the bandits are growing suspicious). If you find some
items for her, she will give the evidence to you.

/Quest: Clerk Skye’s Items. (Find the items that she requires)

She will ask for a Spider Heart and a Horrid Tongue. You might have already a
spider heart but you might not have a Horrid Tongue. Horrid Tongues can be
gotten from wormmouths (so far no wormmouth has dropped one). She tells you
that there are spiders and wormmouths on the area behind the shadowgate, so you
will need to get Lakvan’s shadowkey. (You know he won’t give it to you
willingly. So, again you will have to defeat the area leader, who seems to be
also working for Pergan Asuul)

Lakvan quarters are at the center of the stronghold, his door is closed. You
can try to pick the lock, or find the key to the northwest. He will think, he
can handle you, prove him wrong! He will briefly mention that his alliance with
Pergan Asuul has not been well accepted by Jagar Tharn. Once he is dead, take
his massive Daedric Battle Axe. Search the chest in his room, you will find
inside a shadowkey and a Star Tooth! (Due to their nature, you will notice that
the Star Tooth was fighting against the shadows of the shadowkey.)

*** You found the second Star Tooth ***

Open the shadowgate, to the west of the map with, your newly acquired key and
get the Horrid Tongues you were looking for. Once you got the items return to
Clerk Skye and she will give you two scrolls. The red one is a ledger with
records of considerable sums paid to Lakvan by the Empire (to fight against
Hammerfell), the brown scroll is a message written by Jagar Tharn! He is
displeased of the association between Lakvan and Pergan Asuul (he will stop his
support if this continues), and is seeking to destroy Skelos Undriel

Clerk Skye’s Items – Quest Completed.

This scroll will show a little more of the situation here. It seems that the
great evil Jagar Tharn is not involved in the Umbra’keth thing. He has his own
grudge with Skelos Undriel, and is certainly not an ally of Pergan Asuul. The
participation of Jagar Tharn in the war (so far) is to favor Skyrim and destroy
Hammerfell. Pergan Asuul seems to have his own agenda, he captured Skelos for
his own reasons, and it is taking advantage of Tharn’s actions for him to gain
power within the shadow.

Now, don’t leave Lakvan’s Stronghold yet, and return to the area behind the
shadowgate, there would be a big room with a platform that will teleport you to
a room otherwise inaccessible.
WARNING: If you find this room empty, it should be because you didn’t give the
first Star Tooth to Skelos Undriel, make sure you do as soon as you finish the
“Witch Tree 3” quest, you may want to give the second Star Tooth to Skelos also
at this time to get some experience. If you already gave him at least one of
the Star Teeth, here you will find:

&* Pergan Asuul: Again you will meet the great evil of this game. This time
however his skin will look bluish. He was pleased of his defeat last time; you
may recall he is planning to fight with you three times. You can guess that
Pergan Asuul is using the shadows of your own conflict with him, to power the
Umbra'keth. So he is willing to be defeated again, however since he needs the
energy product of the conflict it won’t be an easy fight. After defeating him,
he will disappear again. He is confident that nobody would be able to defeat
him. He already knows you have mingled shadows with Azra’s Nightwielder (He is
the Mysterious Mage!) and will tell you that it won’t help. However by
mentioning his name, he will trigger Azra’s memory and he would offer his help.

Mage’s Identity – Quest Completed.

Now that Azra’s has recovered his memory, he would like to meet you in the
crater that was his combat place many years ago (next to the village of Azra’s
Crossing). He tells you, he would give you one Star Tooth that would help you
and Skelos Undriel.

Now let’s meditate a minute... Pergan Asuul has calculated that three fights
against you would wake the Umbra'keth. The next time, he will use his full
power to defeat you, and would not try to escape. However, even if you finally
kill Pergan Asuul, the result would wake the Umbra'keth anyway.
You may need to find all the five Star Teeth first, since it seems they are the
only source of light that can defeat shadows.

Leave the Stronghold now, on your way speak with Porliss Caith in Snowline. He
will tell you he will leave to Dragonstar and will meet you there.

Porliss Lakvan Evidence – Quest completed.

(If you didn’t give Skelos the second star tooth, don’t try to do it now. You
may find a bug in the dialogs, (it may appear as if you have already spoken
with Azra’s in the crater). Instead, go to the crater first, and then return to
Earthtear. You won’t get the 1500 points of experience from getting the second
Star Tooth).


Go to the crater next to the village of Azra’s Crossing, and go down through
the narrow path on its Northwest. When you reach the bottom, you will find Azra
Nightwielder next to the waterfall.

&* Azra Nightwielder: He is the mysterious mage you found in Fearfrost. Now, he
remembers who he is.

Azra Nightwielder is grateful you revealed him, who he is. Then he will tell
you about a conversation he had with Skelos Undriel afterwards. They had a
disagreement of the number of Star Teeth. Skelos thinks there is only five Star
Teeth, however Azra knows that in his time there were seven, and that there
should still be seven. He is worried that if Skelos tries to defeat the shadows
creature (the Umbra'keth) with only five, he will fail and will be consumed in
the process.
He suggests you to get back the Star Teeth you already gave him; find the rest
and be the one who defeats the creature. 
The creature is gathering strength in a place called the Crypt of Hearts, far
to the north, close to the trading post of someone named Egrien Stout. In this
place there is a vault called The Vault of Heavens were the Star Teeth were
placed long ago before they were scattered. (This will explain why it was so
easy to find the Star Teeth on the surrounding areas, as they originally
belonged to this area). You will need to place the seven Star Teeth back to
this vault, lure the creature into there, and destroy it.
He offers you to be there to help you. He will enter first to serve as a
Finally he will give you the Star Tooth he promised earlier, and suggest you to
look for more in the Broken Wing citadel and the Glacier Crawl far to the
north. Then he will leave.

*** You found the third Star Tooth ***

On your way back, go to Earthtear to recover the Star Tooth (or Teeth) you gave
Skelos Undriel. Talk with him; convince him that he was misled about the number
of Star Teeth. At first he will be suspicious of Azra’s Nightwielder, and he
won’t want to give them back, as he is gathering them to thwart the magic that
is going to be used against him. Tell him that both have the same enemies,
finally he will realize that Azra could understand the shadow wars better than
him, as their enemy has proved to be more that he can handle alone.
Finally he will clap your shoulder, look you in the eyes and smiling will tell
you “Yes, yes, I believe you will be” and will leave, leaving you the tooth (or
teeth) you gave him before.

Collect Five Star Teeth – Quest... Canceled.

Now, you won’t have any quest pending, but you will know exactly what to do.
Since Azra mention that a Star Tooth could be found inside the citadel of
Broken Wing, and it is very close, this will be our next destination.

\\Inside Broken Wing

The citadel is the home of the Spire Thieves, and its entrance is well guarded
by archers. On the southeast you will find several cells with prisoners.

* Branson: He is a prisoner that was captured when he was looking for his
family. His family was taken hostage and he believes there are clues of their
whereabouts somewhere in Broken Wing

/Quest: Prisoner Family (Find the clue of Branson’s family whereabouts).

* Meya Violet: She was captured and brought to Broken Wing to pressure her
family into helping Skyrim to take control over the city of Dragonstar. While
imprisoned she heard from the thieves that there were families in Dragonstar
that were taking bribes to help Skyrim, and that there is a list with their
names. She needs to have that list before returning to Dragonstar so she could
unmask the traitors.

/Quest: Bribery Papers (Find these papers with the evidence for Meya Violet)

* Helena: She has been captured from some time. She came into Broken Wing
looking for the identity of the assassin who murdered her family, and she won’t
leave until she finds the name. 

/Quest: Prisoner Assassin (Uncover the identity of Helena’s family assassin)

If you go to the east you will find the Orc you rescued in Delfran’s Hideout

&* Makor: You met him before. (Delfran’s Hideout)

Makor would recognize you and will be grateful. He is part of the thieves of
Broken Wing, however he is looking to retire as he finds unsavory for his
standards the fact that their leader is working for Pergan Asuul. However he
needs some kind of insurance before he leaves. He is looking for an effigy that
is in one of the prison cells you were before. He will give you two Persa
Flowers (consumable items that would increase your picklock skills).

/Quest: Makor’s Deal (find the effigy)

Return to the prison cells and look for the effigy in one of the chests. It
resembles a Spire Thief.

Return to Makor and give him the effigy.
He would reveal that the effigy has powers over the spire thieves. He doesn’t
know how to use it, but with its possession he would be able to intimidate
them. He will give you a Spell Web Thread in case you decide to fight the Spire
Thief Leader (it is a one use consumable that would make his magic attacks less
effective for a time). He was saving it, but he no longer needs it. Finally he
will tap your fist and wish you good luck.

Makor’s Deal – Quest Completed.

To the southwest you will find some chests. One has a journal of a man named
Perosius that has written aesthetic details of the assassinations he has
performed; other will have a map of a spot east of Dragonstar where some
hostages are being held.

Around the center of the map you will find an Orc, Sergeant Bled. When killed
he will drop a sword, Bled’s Ebony Sword, that increases defense while
equipped. In his room in a desk you will find the parchments with the records
of the bribes that Jagar Tharn has paid to buy influence in the region in favor
of Skyrim.

Return to the cells and give everyone what they were looking for

Branson will tell you he is going to start the journey to save his family, he
is grateful because your help was vital.

Prisoner Family – Quest Completed.

Meya will look sadly over the long records of people willing to work with the
enemy. She thinks that maybe Dragonstar could not be saved and she should move
to High Rock or Morrowind and start over. She will wish you luck, and leave.

Bribery Papers – Quest Completed.

Helena will read the journal and will recognize Perosius as the monster that
killed her family. She hopes someday she will find him. She hugs you, and exits
Broken Wing.

Prisoner Assassin – Quest Completed.

In the center of Broken Wing you will find a great pit, you would see a Spire
Thief jumping into the pit, and instead of falling down, you will see him
levitating into a second level of the citadel; jump into the pit to the other

The second level is an open space arena with several thieves; in the floor you
will find several transport gates that will teleport to different inaccessible
rooms. However some gates are protected by shadows and you will require a
shadowkey to use them.

One of the transport gates (To the north, the one on the left side) will take
you to the room with the Spire Thieves leader who is Perosius, so you will have
the chance to avenge the death of Helena’s family. When he dies, he will drop a
shadowkey and a Star Tooth. (It seems that either Pergan Asuul has trusted some
of the Star Tooth to his strongest allies, or he sent them to find them). With
the shadowkey you would be able to explore a couple of rooms, in one you will
find the Skeleton Key which would help you to open some locked doors.

*** You found the fourth Star Tooth ***

After exploring the entire citadel you can leave.

Once again there is no quest pending, but the mission is clear.

To the north is Egrien Stout’s Trading Post. Azra told you that near this place
you will find the Glacier Crawl where you find another Star Teeth and the Crypt
of Hearts where the shadow creature is gaining strength. It is highly possible
that Pergan Asuul is also in this area waiting for you final confrontation, so
it would be recommended to have all the Star Teeth before heading to the north.

On the other hand, to the Southeast you will reach the City of Dragonstar. Some
people you know are waiting for you there, like Tanyin Aldwyr, Proliss Caith
and Volstok Violet (who owes you a reward). This is the biggest City in the
area and it is possible you can find clues of the missing Star Teeth in there.

So continue your quest going to Dragonstar.


Enter the Dragonfields and follow the path, it will turn to the east and you
will reach the west gate of Dragonstar.

* Teresa Clothgen: She is the gatekeeper of Dragonstar; she cannot risk opening
the gate because the city is surrounded by raiders that are around a nearby
hill. She will open the gate for you if you eliminate the raiders.

/Quest: Dragonstar Gate Clear Hill. (Eliminate the raiders)

After you have defeated all the raiders near the gate (and explored the
surroundings), return to the gate. Teresa will say it was of great fortune for
Dragonstar that you came, and that the city would be indebted to you.

Dragonstar Gate Clear Hill – Quest Completed.

\\Dragonstar West

At the entrance of Dragonstar you will find a Memorial Plaque about the Violet
family. Meya Violet was the visionary leader of the Merchant Captains of
Dragonstar and disappeared shortly after the war started; her husband Volstok
Violet disappeared two weeks later. You already know what happened with them as
you found Meya captured in Broken Wing and Volstok turned into a zombie in the
Twilight Temple. (It doesn’t mention if Rene Violet if part of the family).

Inside the city, you will find out, that the east section (Dragonstar East) is
already under control of Skyrim, and the west section is being attacked from
both sides (raiders from the west and soldiers from the east). The city is full
of citizens and refugees hiding in their houses. Some of them will ask you for
some bread, some gold, a cure for blindness (which you can buy), or they just
want to talk.

In the center of Dragonstar West you will find the Dragon Fountain Square, and
a little bit to its south you will find a merchant plaza where you will find a
weapons merchant, armor merchant, and a consumables merchant (you can buy the
cure for blindness from him).

To the northwest you will find the Merchants Captains Guild of Dragonstar, in
it you will meet again Porliss Caith

&* Porliss Caith: You met him in Snowline.

Porliss Caith will ask you for your help again, this time he is gathering help
from all the people that loved the City of Dragonstar. Particularly he is
looking for a man that ran the Thieves Guild in the past, he wants to know if
he is still alive and still in charge. He asks you to find him in Northeastern
part in Dragonstar East, and promises to give you a shadowkey he acquired (he
calls it an ancient artifact).

Quest: Porliss Thieves’ Guild (Find the Guildmaster of the Thieves’ Guild)

In this place you will also find a dairy describing how a good person was Meya

To the North of the Dragon Fountain Square you will find the Mages’ Guild

* Colleen: Mage Guildmaster, she will let you join the Mages’ Guild

* Eranthos: Spell Merchant, she will sell you spell and train your skills.

If you join the Mages’ Guild you will be able to train with a discounted price,
however, you can only train on the Mages’ Guild if you are a Battlemage, a
Spellsword or a Sorcerer and you will increase points on your skill of Mystic
Might, Spellsword or Sorcery respectively.

To the east of the Dragon Fountain Square you will find the East Gate that
divides the city (east sector and the west sector).

* Dragonstar Guards: Two guards are protecting this gate; they won’t let you
through because several raiders that entered the city are hiding on the south
and they cannot take the chance of opening the gate and let them flank with the
forces already on Dragonstar East. They will grant you passage if you eliminate
these raiders.

/Quest: East Gate Raider Spree. (Defeat the raiders to the south of the gate)

You will find that in Dragonstar West, there are three shadowgates, to the
northeast, to the south and to the southeast (in the area where you have to
eliminate the raiders).

Also in the southeast, almost in the corner, you will find the quarters of the
Merchant Captains, and there you will find Volstok Violet.

&* Volstok Violet: You met him as a zombie in the Twilight Temple; he has
recovered his human form, after you rescued him.

He will recognize you and will give you the reward he promised. You will also
talk about the memorial plaque that was at the entrance of the city. He won’t
tell anything about his wife. (We don’t know if she returned to Dragonstar).

After you manage to kill enough raiders, the guards will allow you passage to
Dragonstar East. They thank you for saving their lives.

East Gate Raider Spree – Quest Completed.

\\Dragonstar East

As you enter you will be beset by Skyrim guards, however they won’t attack
because they realize you could be the man Tanyin Aldwyr told them about. They
will offer you a pass, so that you won’t be attacked by the Skyrim guards that
are patrolling the streets. If you don’t accept, you will have to fight with
all of them, which is unnecessary, so accept the pass and avoid some
meaningless killing. They will tell you that you can find Tanyin Aldwyr in the
southeast, in General Duvais Headquarters.

This side of the city also has people that will ask you for bread, gold or cure
for blindness.

In the southwest you will find a fortified building that resisted the attacks
of the Skyrim incursion. This is the Fighters’ Guild

* Dominus: Fighter guildmaster, he will let you join the guild; however you
will have to leave the Mages’ Guild first if you are member.

* Giradda: Trainer of the guild.

If you join the guild you could train with Giradda with a discounted price,
however you can only train if you are a Barbarian, a Knight or a Rogue, and you
will increase your Barbarian’s Rage, you Righteous Will or your Rogue’s Dodge
Ability respectively. 

Next to the Fighters’ Guild to the east, you will see Dragonstar jail, continue
going east and you will find the only shadowgate on Dragonstar East.

Proceed to the southeast you will find General Duvais Headquarters to the north
of the temple (the temple is almost in the corner). Inside the headquarters you
will meet with Tanyin Aldwyr again.

&* Tanyin Aldwyr: Third time you meet her.

Tanyin Aldwyr will tell you this time her side of the story, she will tell that
Dragonstar has fallen into terrible times because of its corruption and that
they are helping clearing it out. (It seems that Tanyin completely ignores the
fact that Lakvan, the Spire Thieves, and more bandits are helping Skyrim
ordered by Jagar Tharn, which seems to be far more corrupt than anything found
in Dragonstar) She will ask you for a favor. She says that some covert members
of the Mages’ Guild are responsive of some attacks to their troops and she
needs to know their identities. She wants you to find a guild roster that
Collen keeps in her quarters, very close to the guild (south of it). She offers
you a shadowkey she has, if you do this for her. (Like Porliss Caith, you don’t
know from where Tanyin got her shadowkey, maybe she found it)

Since there is no other way to get the shadowkey, you will have to help her

/Quest: Tanyin Mages’ Guild (Find the guild roster)

If you go to the northwest you will find a herbarium, however Penelope will ask
you to come back later because she is busy.

* Penelope: She is the owner of the herbarium; she is also the sister of Rilora
(she asked you to find some herbs for her when you were in Snowline)

To the northeast there is a secret door (looks like a wall) that will take you
to the Thieves’ Guild; the entrance is a warehouse with goods for the black
market. If you try to take any of them, the thieves in the room will attack

In the next room you will find

* Scythe: Trainer of the Thieves’ Guild, if you join the Thieves Guild you can
train with him with a discounted price, however you can only train if you are
an Assassin, a Nightblade or a Thief, and raise your skills of Lethal Strike,
Night Magic Ability or Thief Lore respectively.

* Clever Sed: Thieves’ guildmaster, he offers you to join the guild; however
you will need to leave any other guild first. You can talk with him about
Porliss Caith, he would grin and will let you know that he doesn’t like
politics as Porliss does, however he wants him to know that he understands
where his sympathies lie, and that his are similar.

Returning to the southeast you can go inside the temple and find several
refugees inside, you will find that the temple was not damaged by any of armies

* Trent: Refugee in the Temple of Dragonstar, he needs some gold

* Uwa: Refugee in the Temple of Dragonstar, she wants some bread

* Wylia: Refugee in the Temple of Dragonstar, she wants some bread

* Yvetty: Refugee in the Temple of Dragonstar, she wants to talk

* Hasturt: Refugee in the Temple of Dragonstar, he needs some gold

* Dolic: Refugee in the Temple of Dragonstar, he wants some bread

* Priestess Seraphidis: She takes care of the temple; she is worried because
the refugees have strained almost all of their resources of Vical Herbs. She
will ask if you can buy some from Penelope at her herbarium, as she doesn’t
have enough money to do so.

/Quest: Temple Herbs (But Vical Herbs for the temple from Penelope)

Return to the herbarium, this time Penelope will be ready to sell her herbs.
You can buy different amounts of the Vicar Herbs (being 10 the maximum for 450
gold). If you have the money, buy the 10 herbs. She will tell you to return
later because she needs help with a task. Return to the temple

Priestess Seraphidis will thank you a lot because you help them saved their

Temple Herbs – Quest Completed.

To the north, between the herbarium and the Thieves’ Guild you will find
another merchant, and the Pit

* Black Market Merchant: He sells items from the black market; you may found
some better armor parts and/or weapons than the regular merchant.

* Tekin: The Pit boss. He manages The Pit a small arena where fighters fight to
death: no rules. He thinks of himself as an entertainer.

If you want to test your skills, you can fight on The Pit; you will compete up
to 5 times and win a better prize (in gold) each time. The 5th time would be
against the undefeated champion. (This sounds weird, since combats are to
death, you can assume that all challengers are undefeated). After that, you are
the champion; and no one would challenge you.

Talk back with Penelope to find out what is the task she wants you to do. It
would be to give a message to her sister Rilora in Snowline
e, and let her know she is okay.

/Quest: Rilora Message (Deliver Penelope’s message to Rilora)

Return to Dragonstar West.

Talk with Porliss Caith and give him the message, he will be happy to know that
Clever Sed is still alive and still in charge, he will give you the shadowkey
and will offer you a Star Tooth if you do another task for him (His spies have
told him that you where collecting the Star Teeth). The new task would be to
stop the Skyrim army that is being formed in Loth’Na Caverns to the west. He 
wants you to both destroy the base and eliminate General Duvais, (and to do it
quickly). This won’t be a simple task, however is good to know the location of
another Star Tooth.

Porliss Thieves’ Guild – Quest Completed.

/Quest: Porliss Loth’Na (Destroy the base and eliminate Duvais)

Go to the small house just south(west) of the Mages’ Guild and find the guild
roster on a chest.

With your newly acquired shadowkey you can open the three shadowgates on
Dragonstar west. The one to the south would be an empty room where you will
feel the power of the shadows (the shadows will expand, brush you, and then
contract; the shadowkey will glow fiercely), in this place you will have the
choice to increase by 5 points either you speed or your endurance. The one on
the southeast will have some kind on brazier on the other side of the room.
When inspected you will also feel the power of the shadows (the shadows in the
room will twist up from the floor and gently glance across your legs) and your
strength will be increased by 5. The one to the northeast only have some chests
with several items.

Return to Dragonstar East

Give the roster to Tanyin and you will receive her shadowkey. She is pleased
she would be able to find out the one who placed the enchantment. She also will
offer you a Star Tooth (she seems to be well informed too) if you do another
task for her. (Knowing that she also has a Star Tooth is excellent news because
it means you have found all of them.) And her task seems to be much simpler
than the one from Porliss Caith. She wants you to free an innocent man, to whom
she is indebted, that was locked up on Dragonstar jail under the suspicion of
being a traitor. She will give you a Persa Flower to help you in this task.

Tanyin Mages’ Guild – Quest Completed.

/Quest: Tanyin Prisoner Free (Free the innocent prisoner on the jail)

On your way to Dragonstar jail, you can use the shadowkey Tanyin gave you, to
open the shadowgate. This one is also an empty room where you also feel the
power of the shadows, (the room will darken, the shadows lengthen and they will
race along the floor to your feet and up your body to enter your nose and ears)
and you will have the choice to increase by 5 points either your intelligence
or your willpower.

Enter the jail; most of the prisoners are from Azra’s Village. On the back side
you will be informed by the guards of a vicious felon locked inside. This is
the man you are looking for, and is none other than:

&* Old Trinket: You met him outside of the village on Azra’s Crossing

He will recognize you, and is pleased to know Tanyin sent you to rescue him.
Pick the lock; Trinket will make some noise to distract the guards, and free
him. He promises to help you sometime, and will leave without being detected.

Return to General Duvais Headquarters and speak with Tanyin, she will tell you
that Old Trinket only seems worthless, and he is a great aid. She will give you
the Star Tooth, and will tell you that history will demonstrate you took the
correct side. (Little she knows that your following intentions are to eliminate
her leader so you could get another Star Tooth to save the world, well, she
doesn’t need to know.)

Tanyin Prisoner Free - Quest Completed.

*** You found the fifth Star Tooth ***
And you also know where to get the other two.

There’s nothing more to do on Dragonstar, your next task is inside Loth’Na
caverns so you can receive the sixth Star Tooth from Porliss Caith. So exit


Head to the southwest, where you will find Loth’Na Caverns. However to the
south you will also found another place called the Raider’s Nest. Nobody asked
you to enter his place, and you know that you won’t find a Star Tooth here. But
there is always the opportunity to get experience, so visit this place first.

\\Inside the Raider’ Nest

The situation is the following; the area is divided in four quadrants, where
three of them are controlled by one of the three bands, and the last one is the
area behind a couple of shadowgates. The northeast is controlled by the red
band and its leader is Wulfris, the northwest by the blue band, its leader
being Devron and the southwest by the gold band with Yelnicin an argonian as
the leader. The bands live in relative peace however their leaders hate each
other. Each one will ask you to kill one of the other two for some reason
(being a troublemaker, a traitor or an instigator)

* Wulfris: The Red Raiders leader, considered a traitor by Yelnicin
* Devron: The Blue Raiders leader, considered a troublemaker by Wulfris
* Yelnicin: Argonian, Gold Raiders leader, considered an instigator by Devron

Possible quests:
#/Quest: Red Raider Mission (Kill Devron for Wulfris)
#/Quest: Blue Raider Mission (Kill Yelnicin for Devron)
#/Quest: Gold Raider Mission (Kill Wulfris for Yelnicin)
You can do some of the quests and receive the rewards, or don’t negotiate with
raiders like me, and defeat them all without receiving the rewards.

You will need a colored amulet to open any of gates that lead to the raiders
areas. (You can also try to pick the locks). The amulets will also prevent you
to be attacked by any of the creatures in the corridors of these areas. However
you still will be attacked by anybody inside the rooms. The red amulet is in
possession of the first raider you will meet when you enter the nest. He will
ask if you are looking for a job, you can get the amulet if you accept, or you
can kill him and get it from his body. A raider next to the gold gate has the
blue amulet and a raider next to the blue gate has the gold amulet. You will
have to kill both. With the amulet, the door will fade into the shadows. 
Next to the room of the gold raiders’ leader, you will find another raider by
the name of Eglar, he will have the shadowkey. With it you can open a nearby
shadowgate with a dark chest inside. Using the power of the shadows you can get
from the chest either a powerful axe (the best axe in the game) or a magic
enchantment you can equip and will increase your magicka. You can use the
shadowkey to open the other shadowgate and enter another area with more raiders
and beasts.

Now exit the Raiders’ Nest, and proceed to the Loth’Na Caverns.

\\Inside Loth’Na Caverns

Inside the caverns you will be received by a ghost that is flitting around, and
does not attack you.

* Pilgrim Ghost: It is the spirit of a pilgrim that went into the cavern with
his group, seeking for answers to the divine crystal inside. They were found by
General Duvais and his Skyrim soldiers and were killed. Afterwards The Skyrim
soldiers corrupted the crystal for their own purposes. (Now you can be sure
that Duvais isn’t the great man Tanyin thought).

The ghost is seeking for his final rest and is looking for a ring given by his
beloved that was in his body.

/Quest: Pilgrim Ghost Ring (find the ring of the ghost)

The ghost will give you the advice to destroy the desecrated crystal that is to
the northeast, because it is giving Skyrim some power advantage.

Go to the northeast and you will find the Fortifying Crystal, destroy it and
Skyrim forces would be easier to defeat (I didn’t notice the difference).
Nearby you will also find a corpse with the Ghostly Ring, take it a give it
back to the ghost.

Pilgrim Ghost Ring – Quest Completed.

The ghost will ask you for a final favor. He wants you to find the rests of his
brethren to the southwest and free them. (Lay their bones to rest, and return
to him)

/Quest: Pilgrim Ghost Party (find the bones and lay them to rest)

If you go to the southeast you will find a chest with the Loth’Na stone, if you
open it and use the stone, a burning sensation will slit you skin and slip
underneath and then subside. You will increase permanently your Strength and
Agility by 10 points, however your maximum Health would be reduced by 5 (there
is a way to recover them later).

Go to the northwest you will find General Duvais. He will be displeased to see
you, and disappointed because Tanyin thought you were on their side. Now you
have the change to avenge the Pilgrims, please Porliss and free Dragonstar of
his attacks, when killed he will drop another shadowkey. (Did he get it from
Pergan Asuul?)

In the center of the caverns is the shadowgate, inside you will find an orb
that glows far more intense that the lava, and beyond you see a shadow. If you
touch the shadows flittering around the orb, they recoil. If you persist, and
grab the shadow, it will coalesce into the Shadow Stabber, a sword. However, if
you don’t the shadows eventually will flow across the ground and will join with
your own, you will feel a consciousness that merges its force with you. This
energy will permanently give you 5 points of Personality, 5 points of
Intelligence, 15 points of luck and you will increase your maximum health by 20
points (you will gain more than the 5 you lost with the Loth’Na Stone, and the
Shadow Stabber wasn’t a great sword either).

Finally go to the southwest as the ghost told you so, and you will find the
bones of the other pilgrims. When you approach you will start praying for them
one by one, urging them to pass beyond, you will hear some echoes but you will
see nothing. After you have done the same with all of them, you will hear a
shriek and a creature known as a hunger will appear to attack you, and if you
kill him, another will spawn, and another after him indefinitely. Each time you
kill one you will get 400 experience points, so if you stay here for a while,
you can easily gain a couple of levels.

Return to the ghost and tell him you have done what he requested. He will thank
you, and will leave a little afraid of what is next.

Pilgrim Ghost Party – Quest Completed.

Now you can exit the caverns.

Before returning to Dragonstar go to Snowline and give Rilora the message of
her sister. (For some reason, bug, I didn’t had to, there was no new dialogue
when I spoke with Rilora, and I was able to finish the quest just speaking back
with Penelope, I’m not sure is this happens always, so do as you need)

Return to Dragonstar, speak with Penelope and give her news about her sister.

Rilora Message – Quest Completed.

Finally go look for Porliss Caith. He will almost jump of joy when he learns
that the Skyrim army was defeated, and he will give you the Star Tooth as he

Porliss Loth’Na – Quest Completed.

*** You found the sixth Star Tooth ***

Now with six Star Teeth there is only one thing do (you no longer have pending
quests), found the last one in Glacier Crawl.

Leave Dragonstar and return to Ghast’s Pass.


In Ghast’s Pass follow the road to the north and you will wind up at Stout’s
Trading Post. This place will be the last area of the game. To the northeast is
the Crypt of Hearts, according to the map it is on Skyrim’s territory, to the
southwest is the Glacier Crawl, which according to the map is on High Rock’s 
territory, and to the northwest is the trading post that gives this area its
name, this one is on  Hammerfell’s territory. See map on elderscrolls.com site

Go to the trading post and meet Egrien Stout, you will swap some tales with
him, and he will recognize Rene Violet’s name from your stories. He is also his
friend and will give you discounts on his prices.

* Egrien Stout: Merchant whose trading post is established to the north of
Hammerfell, close to the frontiers with both Skyrim and Hard Rock.

In the area east to the Crypt of Hearts entrance you will see a path that goes
up to a mountain. The path will end with a platform on the ground. If you step
over it, you will be teleported to another mountain (inaccessible otherwise)
with a chest.

After you have explored all the area proceed to the Glacier Crawl and look for
the last Star Teeth.

//Inside Glacier Crawl.

A little south from the entrance you will find a room with 9 control boxes
(switches) with symbols in them

1 •
2 •• ••
3 ^•
4 • •
5 • ••
6 •• ^
7 •• •
8 ••
9 ^^ •

The area also has some gates with these symbols, however to open these gates
you will need to use a frozen key on the respective control box. And to get
frozen keys you will find them by defeating some of the ice warriors you will
find in the cave.

To the south you will find a frozen shadowgate and the gates with the symbols
“••” and “^^ •”, to the north, you will find the gate with the symbol “• ••”.

After defeating a warrior in the surroundings you will get your first frozen
key, use it to open gate 5 “• ••”.

In the following area you will find another frozen shadowgate, and gate “•• ^”.
Fight the ice warriors to get two more frozen keys and open this gate (it is

In the next area you will find gate “•• •” to the east and gate “• •” to the
west, fighting you can get 3 more keys. (You will have 4 remaining now). Use
one key to open gate 4 “• •”.

In the next area you will find gate “^•” to the west, return and use a key to
open this one (#3).

In the next area you will find gate “•” to the south, return and use a key to
open this one (#1).

In the next area you will find gate “•• ••” you will also get another frozen
key (you will have 2 keys), return and use one of the keys to open this gate

Finally in this area you will find the last 2 frozen keys (you will have 3.)
And you will also find the chieftain. Fight him, kill him, and get his
shadowkey (the last one). Open the chest behind him; light will explode from
the chest as you open it. You have gathered the seven Star Teeth and they will
shine stronger than ever. With the seven Star Teeth you are ready to challenge
the last corruption of shadow, the Umbra’keth in the Crypt of Hearts, but don’t
leave yet since there is some more exploration to do.

*** You found the seventh and last Star Tooth ***

You can use the remaining frozen keys to open the remaining gates (#7, #8 and
#9); each one will have a chest.

Use the shadowkey to open both frozen shadowgates and clear the path. The
shadowgate that was behind gate #5 will reveal a big room and you will find
some kind of boat inside. If you paid attention to the story cutscenes you will
realize that this is the ship that was used ages ago to sail the skies to
gather the Star Teeth.

In one of the rooms the ghost of Captain Nym will appear and will speak to you.

*Captain Nym: Captain Nym sailed the skies and gathered the Star Teeth ages
ago, when the Star Teeth were scattered and the corruption of the shadows
began, he waited for the hero that would fight the corruption.

At first, Captain Nym isn’t sure if you are the one he is waiting for, so he
will peer into your memory to make sure you are not serving Jagar Tharn or
Pergan Asuul. After that, he will find out that you gave found the Eleven
Shadowkeys, defeated all the enemies and gathered the Seven Star Teeth.

He will be confident now that you are the one capable to defeat the perversion
of shadow magics, so he will give you the Star Coif to help you in the fight.

He will be proud of your accomplishment and will consider you someone worthy to
use the Star Teeth; he will tell that you are ready to fight the Umbra’keth and
that you should go into the Crypt of Hearts.

Exit the Glacier Crawl and head to the Crypt of Hearts.


When you reach the entrance to the Crypt of Hearts you will find a familiar
face standing to the right.

&* Old Trinket: He came all the way from Dragonstar to help you just as he

Trinket will tell you that he already scouted inside the crypt, the place that
used to be some kind of sanctuary, is now an evil place full of undead and
monsters. The caretakers of the crypt were slaughtered but it is possible that
someone may have survived.

Before leaving he will offer to train you; accept his both trainings you would
increase 2 points of your defense. While training he will speak about some

When he told Delfran’s bandits that you were trouble, he meant that you were
the right kind of trouble. He originally came to Azra’s Crossing to fight
Pergan Asuul; he met you and recognized in you the look he had once when he was
younger. He realized that he was old and unable to fight, but he saw in you a
future hero that required just some experience to become legend.
After the training he sends you to defeat Pergan.

//Inside the Crypt of Hearts.

The crypt is full of zombies, ghosts, hungers and more creatures. To the
southwest you will find a closed door, behind is hiding the surviving Crypt

* Crypt Caretaker: The only surviving person after the attack to the Crypt of
Hearts by the shadowmaster Pergan Asuul.

The Caretaker hided while the undead mage started killing everybody, he is now
trying to escape and reunite with his family. He will ask you to remove all the
monsters that are protecting the entrance.

/Quest: Caretaker Rescue (kill all monsters at the entrance).

Maybe you have already done that, but before telling him, he will answer some
questions about the crypt. Like that the beast (Umbra’keth) is on the third
level, that the braziers of the Crypt will fortify your body (in the first
level), your mind (in the second) and your spirit (in the third), that the
shadowgate across the hallway needs three shadowkeys to be opened (and that
there is another shadowgate on the second level) and that the vault for the
Star Teeth is in the southwest of the second level.

Talk to him again after you have killed the monsters, so he will pack and

Caretaker Rescue – Quest Completed.

Like he told you, the shadowgate across the hallway required three shadowkeys
and you can use any of the 11 you have. However, depending on the shadowkeys
you use, the armor you found inside will be different. If you use keys you
found earlier in the game the armor will be lighter and if you use the ones you
found later it would be heavier.

Explore all the level, to the southwest you will find a narrow path with magic
traps, at the end you will find some armor. To the south you will find the room 
with 4 braziers. If you use all of them you can add 5 points to your Endurance,
Strength, Speed and Agility. To the center there are two big rooms, in the one
to the east you will find Azra Nightwielder fighting the shadows.

&* Azra Nightwielder: As he promised, he is causing some distraction to the
shadows inside the Crypt of Hearts.

We will tell you to hurry to the Vault of Heavens to place the Star Teeth and
lure there the Umbra’keth. He will stay in that room until you destroy it.

To the northwest is the ladder that goes to the second level.

In the second level there will be two paths, the path to the east will take you
straightly to the ladder to the third level. However Pergan Asuul is there
waiting for you. Take first the path to the south; it will take you to several
corridors, mazes and rooms with more weapons (like Azra’s Mace), spells and
more enemies. A room to the south has another shadowgate you can open with any
shadowkey. Inside you fill find a brazier that will raise 3 points to your
racial ability. (The ones described in section 2.1.)

To the southeast there is a room with a platform that will take you to the
Vault of Heavens, in this room there is two braziers that will increase 5
points to your Intelligence and Willpower. The room has 7 pedestals for the
Star Teeth; however you won’t be able to place them unless the Umbra’keth is
following you. So return back to the ladder at the Northwest and take the path
east. Make sure to kill all the enemies in your path because you will be
running through this area soon, and you don’t want some ghost to interfere

When you reach the ladder to the third level you will find Pergan Asuul
guarding it.

*& Pergan Asuul: (His skin looks dark blue now.) This is the time to make him
pay. He will fight using all his power and will not escape, so do your best and
finish him.

After his demise proceed to the third level.

Now with Pergan dead you are sure that the Umbra’keth has woken and will reach
his full power. The path to the south will take you to a fountain. The path to
the west will take you to its chamber. As you are approaching it will speak and
welcome you. It will call you the Soul the Conflict. In its chamber you will
find the last two braziers that will increase 5 points to your Personality and
your Luck.

Don’t waste your time fighting it, because it will recover. Run back to the
ladder and be careful because it will teleport in front of you several times
(make sure you have killed all the other enemies before entering its chamber).

Return to the second level, the Umbra’keth will continue teleporting in front
of you each time you reach a new room. This time go to the Vault of Heavens.
When you teleport inside the Vault, the Umbra’keth won’t follow immediately so
you will have time to put the seven Star Teeth in their pedestals.

As soon as you put the last Star Tooth the Umbra’keth will appear in the center
of the Vault. And it will look bigger, taller and meaner than before.

This is the final challenge and the time to show what you are made of. It will
be a long, long fight. And I hope you kept several healing potions, I used
almost 100 potions fighting it.

Hit, hit and hit. Eventually it will fall. Step over the platform at the center
of the Vault.

Watch the final cutscene.

***** Congratulations you finished the game ***** ...

... Well ... not really. You will be teleported back to Azra’s Crossing were
you will have the opportunity of a final conversation with Azra Nightwielder
who brought you there. He will thank you and will hope to meet you sometime in
the future. You can also talk with the villager’s of Azra and the people at the
temple. They will tell you that the war ended at Dragonstar, thanks to an
unknown hero, and how things are much better for the entire region. You will
also find Skelos Undriel there, he will congratulate you.

You are free to explore every place in the game, but there will be nothing more
to do. Save your game if you want, you may use that character to join a
multiplayer game from another host.

Congratulations again.



Healing Potion      Restore 30 Health
Rat’s Eye           Increase Mystic Might by 20 temporarily
Bread               Restore 50 Fatigue
Magicka Potion      Restore 30 Magicka
Berbez Juice        Restore 45 Fatigue, 15 Health
Mountain Jerky      Increase Health and Magicka, Restore Fatigue
Ra’Gada Warpaint    Increase Armor by 5 temporarily
Bitter Tea          Increase Endurance by 5 permanent (Side Eff, AGI -2 INT -1)
Vermin Bomb         Attack nearby enemies 2-12 damage
Toad Muffin         Restore 20 Fatigue and 10 Magicka
Warrior Bread       Restore 40 Fatigue and 10 Health
Smack Water         Increase Strength by 10 temporarily
Spider Heart        Increase Lethal Strike by 20 temporarily
Umbric Fur          Increase Attack, Defense and Armor by 2 temp, costs Fatigue
Ghost Flame         Increase Damage vs Undead temporarily, costs Fatigue
Red Mushroom        Increase Maximum Health by 50 temporarily
Mana Ice            Restore 50 Magicka
Deathsnow Dust      Unknown, combat the shadows (found in Fearfrost)
Gray Mushroom       Increase your speed by 1 permanently
Black Mushroom      Increase your armor temporarily
Scythe Crystals     Attack nearby enemies 12-44 damage
Jade Dust           Increase Defense by 10 temporarily
Ahm Galath          Increase Lethal Strike by 20 for a longer duration
Mercredi’s Potion   Replenish Health, costs Magicka
Horrid Tongue       Increase Magic Resistance by 5 temporarily
Skyrim Potion       Fully restores Health, Fatigue and Magicka
Fox Herb            Increase Precise Magic by 20 temporarily
Persa Flower        Increase Thief Lore by 20 temporarily
Spell Web Thread    Increase Magic Resistance by 15 temporarily
Shadowseed          Unknown, combat the shadows (found in Broken Wing)
Tremble Weed        Increase Speed by 20 temporarily costs Fatigue
Clawrunner Skin     Add 2 to Defense, 2 to Armor and 10 Strength for 300 secs.
Goblin Wax          Increase Speed by 5 permanent (Side Eff, PER -2 STR -1)
Zombie Dust         Increase Armor by 2 temporarily
Azra Root           Increase INT by 5 permanent (Side Eff, END -2 STR -1)
Raider Chew         Increase Strength by 5 permanent (Side Eff, INT -2 AGI -1)
Earth Moss          Increase Agility by 5 permanent (Side Eff, END -2 STR – 1)
Cure Blindness Balm Cures Blindness
Wickeder Skin       Add 2 to Defense and 2 to Armor for 120 secs.
Bounder Skin        Add 2 to Defense, 2 to Armor and 10 Strength for 120 secs.
Vicar Herb          Remove blindness and decease, Increase 15 Health & Magicka
Floater Sac         Raise Defense and Magic Resistance by 5 for 120 seconds
Thunder Herb        Increase your Damage by 20 temporarily
Sunlight Water      Increase your Armor and Magic Resistance by 5 temporarily
Glacier Flower      Increase your Luck by 40 temporarily, costs Fatigue
Glacier Moss        Increase your Willpower by 40 temporarily, costs Fatigue
Ice Grape           Increase your magic resistance by 10 temporarily
Lock Dust           +5 to lock pick/ Disarm traps
Muffin              Restore Fatigue by 30
Smile Potion        Increase your Personality by 20 temporarily
Snowray Powder      Increase ability temporarily 
Topaz Dust          Increase Personality 5 permanent (Side Eff, AGI -2 LCK – 1)
Warriors Strength   Increase your Strength by 20 temporarily
Skeleton Key        Opens locked doors, can be used 5 times.


Reinforced Linen              1
Cuirbolli Cuirass             2   Medium
Leather Shirt                 2
Bone Shirt                    4   Light
Ebony Leather                11
Iron Cuirass                 12   Heavy
Nightleather                 13
Nordic Iron Cuirass          14   Heavy
Nordic Trollbone Cuirass     15   Medium
Ringmail                     15   Medium
Imperial Newtscale Cuirass   22
Imperial Silver Cuirass      25   Medium
Steel Cuirass                25   Heavy
Dragonstar Scale             32   Medium
Ebony Cuirass                35   Medium
Shadowweave                  35
Daedric Cuirass              45   Heavy
Shadowring                   45   Medium
Shadowplate                  60   Heavy

Leather Cap                   2
Nordic fur Cap                3
Ra-Gada Light Helm            6
Chain Coif                   18   Medium
Iron Helmet                  19   Heavy
Steel Helm                   20   Medium
Dragonscale Coif             21   Medium
Dragonstar Watch Helm        22   Medium
Dwemer Helm                  25   Heavy
Ebony Closed Helm            35   Medium
Glacial Helm                 41   Medium
Grimli War Helm              80   Medium    +10 PER +15 END
Star Coif                    90

Cloth Bracer                  1   Light
Leather Bracer                2
Orcish Bracer                 8   Medium
Iron Bracer                  12   Heavy
Orcish Pauldron              16   Medium
Steel Pauldron               20   Heavy
Silver Bracer                25
Ebony Bracer                 35   Medium
Shadow Band                  40
Daedric Pauldron             45   Heavy

Leather Gloves                2
Bandit Gloves                 4   Light      +2 to disarm and pick lock
Studded Leather Gloves        4   Medium
Trollbone Gloves              4   Light
Twilight Gloves              13   Light
Silver Gauntlets of Casting  16              +6 to spellcast
Iron Gauntlet                18   Heavy
Steel Gauntlet               20   Heavy
Shadow Glove                 40
Daedric Gauntlet             45   Heavy
Penumbric Gauntlet           60

Leather Buckler               4
Nordic Leather Shield         8
Wooden Buckler                9   Light
Orcish Hero Shield           10
Ra-Gada Guard Shield         12
Trollbone Buckler            16   Light
Iron Shield                  19   Medium
Silver Shield                25   Medium
Geldwyr Shield               28   Medium
Umbric Shield                30
Steel Shield                 32   Medium
Ebony Shield                 35   Medium
Dragonstar Shield            40   Medium
Daedric Shield               45   Heavy
Vajuras Shield               60   Medium      +5 DEF +10 LCK +20 Health

Leather Greaves               2
Nordic Fur Greaves            3
Bonemold Greaves              6   Medium
Chain Greaves                18   Medium
Iron Greaves                 19   Heavy
Steel Greaves                20   Heavy
Star Teeth Greaves           38   Medium
Morticus Greaves             55               +5 AGI +5 STR +25 Health
Penumbric Greaves            60

Soft Leather Boots            3
Leather Boots                 6
Nordic fur Boots              9
Ebony Leather Boots          11
Glass Boots                  12   Medium
Bonemold Boots               15   Medium
Spire Thief Boots            18   Light
Iron Boots                   19   Heavy
Dwarven Boots                20   Medium
Steel Boots                  20   Heavy
Daedric Boots                45   Heavy
Ra-Gada Shade Boots          60

Azras Bandage         When equipped increases health recovery by 3 per second.
Malkav Ring           Magicka +25, Willpower +10, +5 Intelligence
Mana Reduction        Reduce mana cost by 6
Ring of Deflection    Add +5 defense to all attacks.
Ring of Fangs         Add +1 Damage to all attacks.
Ring of Stars         Add +4 to Magic Resistance.
Ring of Thunderblows  Add +4 to all damage attacks.
Ring of Warding       Add +5 magic resistance.
Silver Picks          +3 to lock pick/ Disarm traps checks.
                      Nightblades and Thieves receive a +5 bonus to lock
                      pick/disarm trap.


Steel Axe                         4-14
Ra-Gada Cleaver                   2-16
Steel War Axe                     1-20
Dwarven War Axe                   1-24
Ra-Gada Battle Axe                6-25
Iron Battle Axe                   2-32
Dwarven Battle Axe                2-35
Ebony War Axe                     1-37
Double Battle Axe                 6-40
Daedric War Axe                   2-44
Shade Cleaver                    10-50
Daedric Battle Axe                2-55
Magicka edge Axe                  6-64  +magic
Shade War Axe                     6-70

Club                              3- 4
Iron Club                         4- 5
Steel Club                        5- 6
Bludgeon                          1- 9
Spire Thief Bludgeon              3-33

Iron dagger                       4- 5
Silver Dagger                     4- 6
Steel Dagger                      4- 7
Daedric Dagger                    8-12
Dusk Dagger                       5-17
Death Dagger                      4-20
Penumbric Dagger                 10-25
Iron Shortsword                   4- 9
Silver Shortsword                 5-10
Steel Shortsword                  5-12
Dwarven Shortsword                7-14
Ebony Shortsword                 10-22
Spider Impaler (short/longsword)  4-12  (22 against spiders)
Shadow Stabber (short/longsword) 10-28
Shard of Vehemence               38-40 +15 Health, +5 Lethal Strike, +5 STR 
Neb Talon                        35-45 +25 Attack, +10 Magic Resistance

Iron Warhammer    (mace/axe)      1-28
Daedric Mace      (mace/axe)      3-30
Ra-Gada Warhammer (mace/axe)      8-32
Steel Warhammer   (mace/axe)      1-32
Steel Mace                        3-14
Ebony Mace                        7-26
Penumbric Mace                    2-33
Shadow Whisper (mace/longblade)   4-20
Steel Staff                       3- 7
Silver Staff                      4- 8
Daedric Staff                     6-16
Ebony Staff                       3-16
Azras Staff                       4-42

Iron Throwing Knife               2- 3
Steel Throwing Knife              2- 4
Silver Dart                       4- 5
Steel Dart                        2- 5
Glass Throwing Knife              1- 6
Ebony Dart                        2-10
Daedric Dart                      2-12
Penumbric Throwing Knife          4-16
Shadow Dart                       2-17

Daedric Sword  (Enchanted Blade)  Spell Level
Iron Broadsword                   4-12
Steel Broadsword                  4-14
Iron Longsword                    4-15
Steel Longsword                   5-19
Silver Longsword                  4-21
Iron Claymore                     1-24
Mahk Longsword                    3-26
Silver Claymore                   1-27
Ebony Broadsword                  6-28
Bled Ebony Longsword              4-37
Ebony Longsword                   4-37
Daedric Longsword                 4-44
Shadowblade                       3-50
Daedric Claymore                  1-60

Steel Crossbow                   16-24
Dwarven Crossbow                 26-34
Bandit Longbow    (Lightbow)      3- 9
Bandit Double-bow                 4-20
Ra-Gada Longbow                   5-30
Spire Thief Longbow               6-36
Daedric Longbow                   2-50


Absorb             Takes health from target, restores it to caster
AzraSustenance     Restores caster’s health every second
AzraWrath          Damages all enemies within a radius of power
Blaze              Damage foe with fire
Blind              Blinds foe, reduces its effectiveness
CureDisease        Cures Disease
CurePoison         Cures Poison
DaedricWeapon      Summons enchanted weapon
DeadToDust         Does great damage to undead
Disease            Causes disease to foe
DoomHammer         Mallet of mystic energy bashes foe
Drain              Drains foe of offensive potential
Fear               Causes fear to foe
Frenzy             Increases caster’s damage attack
Heal Wound         Restores Health
IgniteFoe          Damages each second for spell duration
Paralyze           Target cannot act while paralyzed
Poison             Causes poison to foe
RemoveEnchantment  Removes Enchantments
Sanctuary          Player cannot attack or be attacked temporarily
Shield             Increases caster’s armor value
Weakness           Causes weakness to foe


All games always have their problems. Shadowkey also has its problems; the most
noticeable is the occasional frame rate drop. The N-Gage is able to run other
3D games without problem (like Tomb Raider or Ashen). So I could only think of
two reasons why this happens.
1) The 3D engine is not optimized or
2) The way the game is stored. Almost all the N-Gage games I’ve seen, keep all
their data files in one big package. Shadowkey have hundreds of files unpacked
and by experience with other applications, I think the N-Gage Operating System
(Symbian 6.1+Series 60 1.2) is slow when enumerating hundreds of files in one
folder. Fortunately it only last for a few seconds once it only happens once in
about 10/20 minutes.

To contact me, send mail to paladinsama at gmail dot com or 19961049 at aloe
dot ulima dot edu dot pe.

Thanks to Bethesda, Vir2L, Zenimax Media and Nokia for making this game
Thanks to Xanathar from http://til.gamingsource.net/ his “Shadowkey Storyline”
was helpful to double check some places, events, dialogues for my guide.

Nokia, N-Gage and N-Gage QD are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia

The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey

Copyright © 2004 Vir2L Studios LLC, a ZeniMax Media Company

Copyright © 2004 TKO Software

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Zenimax are trademarks or registered trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc.

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