Review by gohan21

Reviewed: 10/16/03

Horrible port of a great game.

Sonic N is the latest Sonic game for a handheld system, unfortunately, it does not live up to the meaning of Sonic. It is supposed to be a port of Sonic Advance for the GBA, but this version doesn't have the tiny chao garden or the multi player option so therefore can't really be considered a port, but whatever. I personally don't like the N-gage itself but we'll save that for another review :).

Graphics 4/10
The in-game graphics aren't that bad, they aren't good either. I compared it to the GBA version and it is basically the same, except for a border they threw in. The graphics are pretty much the same as Sonic Advance (SA from here on out) except for some reason, it looks like the characters and backgrounds are a little more colorful than on the GBA (it's probably the light, I haven't played SA on an SP yet). Overall, they should have added something extra to the graphics, I mean Nokia claims it to be more powerful than the GBA. They aren't proving it by having the same graphics and less options.

Control 2/10
The controls in this game are HORRID! There is a lag time when you press the jump button, the key in Sonic is speed, you cant have things lagging in it. The button layout on the N-gage is horrible itself, you get confused with the buttons quite easily. It is not that the button layout is bad, it's just that it has so many buttons all crammed together, when you are running and you have to pull off a quick jump, you are likely to mess up. To summarize, the N-gage should have had buttons away from the number pad to use for the games instead of picking 5 and 7, two completely random numbers, so stupid.

Sound 4/10
The sound is exactly the same as SA, the quality hasn't been enhanced or made worse. But this is a bad thing, the music is really irritating and repetitive. There is one exception and that is the boss theme (AWESOME!)

Gameplay 3/10
The gameplay itself is horrible. The N-gage's tiny screen is really a flaw to this game, it makes it so you really can't tell where you are going next or what is coming up. This defeats the ENTIRE purpose of Sonic,speed. Speed is key in Sonic and in this port, it loses it, so therefore shouldn't even be considered a Sonic game. It is like saying something is a Robot Space battle game with no robot's and it is set in the ocean, there is no point to it and it is tupid.

Replay Value 2/10
This game is so horrid, after you beat it you can go through it again with a new character (YAY!). The only difference is that they have a different move, otherwise it is exactly the same, I had absolutely no need or want to go through the game again after I beat it once (which wasn't that hard.). The other characters are Knuckles,Tails, and Amy. The only reason you would want to play it again is for completion, not because you want to.

Overall 3/10
This game is no fun at all. The only good thing is the Boss music and maybe the colorful graphics. I see no need for them to take out the Chao Garden or the multi player (Wasn't that N-gage's main feature they kept bragging about?). If you buy an N-gage because you want a phone and this, do yourself a favor, go buy a regular cell phone, a GBA:SP (for the light) And SA 1 or 2 or both, I guarantee you will be happier and have money to spare for something else.

Rating: 3

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