Review by CAHowell

Reviewed: 10/08/03

A So-So Port of a 2 year old game

The N-gage's starting line up has been pretty much ports of GBA and Playstation games, and Sonic N is one of them. Sonic N is really a watered down version of the 2 year old GBA Game, Sonic Advance.

Instead of adding in new levels, more areas, new characters, etc, Sega has actually taken out several things (Namely the Tiny Chao Garden and 2 player mode), which is somewhat of a bad way to do buisness.

The main question, though, is that is this game worth it? Ultimatly, No. The GBA version is much better, and has way more options and fun than the N-Gage version ever will. Should you get this game if you have the GBA version? No. Should you get this if you have a N-Gage, but also have a GBA? No. The GBA version is better? Should you get this if you only have the N-gage? Yes.

Nothing has changed here. The graphics are a little brighter and there is a optional border at the top, but that is it. Unfortunatly, due to the small screen, the N-Gage version is a bit squashed, and harder to see than the GBA version. It's still completely playable, but not the best choice. 6/10

Once again, the same. Nothing has changed, nor is the sould quality really any better. The sounds itself are OK, but the music is rather bad (Except the boss themes). 5/10

A rather interesting area. The control is somewhat the same, but it is rather confusing with the N-Gage's keypad. Personally, I like the GBA's layout much more than the N-Gage's. 5/10

The worst part of the game. Normally, the point of ports is to add to the game and make it have some sort of extras from it's older versions. Here, thats not the case. The only addition is the new screen modes and borders at the top, but that is it.

The game actually has several things cut out, like the Chao Garden and Multiplayer mode. I can understand taking out the chao garden, but why take out multiplayer when the N-Gage has the ability to play with 2 players?

It's been shown in Sega's history that they have to port every damn game they make without changing much or adding anything, and this is no exception. Do yourself a favor, and buy a better N-gage game like Tomb Raider or Tony Hawk, or at least buy the GBA version.

Rating: 6

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