Review by BurnsU

Reviewed: 03/28/07

Good enough.

Sonic has been around for a long time. It started out great, got even better, and then once 3D gaming came around, the series started to get much worse. I can at least say that this game is better than most of the 3D games, not including Secret Rings(but that's another review). There's not much to say about the game, but I'll go on with the review and describe the game as much as possible.

I will review the gameplay, graphics, sound, and replay value. I might talk about other things if I feel like it.

GAMEPLAY(7/10) - Decent platforming. Not nearly as good as the classic Sonic games, and sometimes even worse than the GBA entries, but it's still good. There's nothing particularly bad about it, but there's no doubt that it could have been much better. I should also mention that the game is pretty short. That's not really a big surprise, though, since even the old Sonic games were extremely short. I doubt that any Sonic fans will be surprised with how short the game is. The controls are okay. Basically what you'd expect, but nothing special.

GRAPHICS(7/10) - Good graphics. Runs at a great framerate most of the time(though there are some slowdowns occasionally). I think the first few Sonic games had better graphics, though. It basically gets the job done, and nothing more. You won't ever feel like slowing down and taking a look at the environment around you, but it's still decent-looking.

SOUND(7/10) - Good music. Good sound effects. Once again, the sounds in the first few Sonic games were much better, but there's nothing really wrong with the sounds in this game. As with the graphics, the sound gets the job done and nothing more.

REPLAY VALUE(1/10) - There's absolutely no reason to replay this game. You go through it once, and then you're done. Only the most hardcore of fans will enjoy multiple playthroughs. If you're not a diehard fan of both platforming and Sonic games, you probably shouldn't pay too much for this game. The lasting value just isn't there.

Overall, the game is good enough. Not as bad as some of the more recent Sonic games, but nowhere near as good as the Sonic games on Sega Genesis. If you can't have fun playing a somewhat buggy game, then you might want to be careful. There are some known issues with framerate and other things. If you can get past technical problems and find the good game underneath it all, you should get it.

Rating: 7

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