1. All ACNH villagers, their birthdays, and more 5 days ago | Pocket Tactics Animal Crossing: New Horizons couldn’t live up to its name without some cute animals to cross - so lucky for us ACNH villagers, there are nearly 400 adorable critters to meet and befriend. From sporty squirrels to excitable elephants, there’s always a fresh face on the horizon, and with the new update introducing even more pals to meet, picking the best lineup for your island is tougher than ever.That’s where we come in. We’ve listed all of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers by personality type, with a quick rundown of who gets along with who. We’ve also included all the ACNH 2.0 new villagers, as well as everyone's birthdays, in case you forget to check the notice board - you don’t want to be caught with nothing but a piece of fruit or a log in your inventory at your best friend’s party.If you find this guide handy and are a big Animal Crossing fan, be sure to check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons update guide. Or, if you’re looking for more relaxing, life-sim... Stardew Valley
    Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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