1. Pokemon Go Walking Evolution Guide: How To Evolve Eevee, Bonsly, Happiny, Mime Jr, and More By Walking 6 days ago | GameSpot In Pokemon Go, most of the Pokemon found throughout the world can evolve by giving them enough Candies. Some require 50 Candies, others as much as 400, but there are a few evolutions where Candies won't do by themselves.These Pokemon can only evolve to more powerful forms after walking with their trainers for a set distance. Make one of these creatures your in-game Buddy before setting out for a walk or run around the neighborhood and before you know it you'll have a brand new powerful Pokemon to use in battle.How to Evolve Eevees Into Espeon and UmbreonThe first two evolutions both involve Eevee, a special Pokemon that can evolve into one of eight forms. Only two of those forms involve walking a set distance, those being Espeon and Umbreon.Both evolutions will require Eevee to walk with you as your Buddy for 10km total, as well as 25 Eevee Candies. However, the evolution you'll receive will also depend on the time of day; if you wish for your Eevee buddy to become Espeon, evolve it during the day, while... Pokemon GO
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