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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jdude84

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/29/99

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

|       Now Showing...                                      |
|                                                           |
|       Super Mario Brothers Walkthrough For The NES        |
|       Author: Jdude84                                     |
|       E-mail Address: Jdude84@hotmail.com                 |
|       Version: 1.00                                       |
|       Date: 11/29/99                                      |
|                                                           |

You probably think i've lost my mind -- writing a faq for one of the
oldest games on the planet. But, i haven't. There is only one faq for
this game at gamefaqs.com - so i decided to take a crack at writing a
guide for the game that started it all. Even if you don't like mario, 
you have to appreciate this game, and what it's done for people like 
me that have no life except video games - and the internet. 

      T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
           I. Version History\Updates
          II. Contact Information
         III. Before You E-Mail...
          IV. Legal Info
           V. Worlds 1-1 to 8-4
          VI. Tips\Game Genie Codes    
         VII. Special Thanks
        VIII. Closing   

I. Version History\Updates

Version 1.00 - 11/29/99

Oh how i miss DK64, so i created this - out of boredom. Lucky you eh?
First(and 99.9% possibility of the last) version. Contains a full 
walkthrough, tips, and codes. What more do you need for an NES game?
Uhhh...oh yeah - Nothing.

II. Contact Information

As always, the author of this faq can be found at jdude84@hotmail.com
You can e-mail any questions, comments, or suggestions to me as well.
You COULD also find me on ICQ, but i don't talk to every bum that ICQs
me, oh well. Make sure you read below first, unless you don't want to get
a reply. Or you could always ignore section 3 as many others do and be
permanantly filtered!

III. Before You E-Mail

I've tried about 3 different ways to make this clear to people, and yet
they still don't get it. So here, presenting a format even a first-grader
would understand:


_ E-Mail me junk, the defenition of junk would be Chain Letters, Unreadable Mumbo-Jumbo, 
Incredibly stupid questions.
_ E-Mail me asking\telling me to update my faq, i update my faqs A.S.A.P., not a second sooner!
_ E-Mail me asking how to get to a certain level, as this info will be in the FAQ sooner or 
_ E-Mail me asking if you can post this faq.
_ E-Mail me asking if you can sell this FAQ.
_ E-Mail me asking if i will work for your site\create your site\be affiliated for your 
site\write FAQs for your site.


_ E-Mail me questions that haven't been answered in the F.A.Q., or any other reasonable 
_ E-Mail me suggestions for the next update
_ E-Mail me with submissions such as a code i'm missing if you'd like.
_ E-Mail me with corrections, such as spelling errors, wrong information. When doing this please 
include the section the error is in, making it easier to find the error.


_ Post this F.A.Q. on your site.
_ ASK me if you can post this faq on your site.
_ Link directly to this FAQ.


_ Link INDIRECTLY to this FAQ.
_ Leave me alone.

IV. Legal Info

This document is copyright 1999 Jdude84. All rights reserved.
Reproduction of this document is prohibited without consent from the author.
You may not use this faq for profit in any way, shape, or form, you may not
steal from this faq, you may not link to this faq, and you may not wipe your
feet on this faq. I am in no way affiliated with the makers of this game, it
is copyright 1999 Rare\Nintendo.

You May:
1) Link INDIRECTLY to this FAQ.
2) Read this FAQ.
3) Print this FAQ
4) Worship this FAQ.
5) Worship Mario.
6) Worship Jello.
7) Worship Me.

V. Worlds 1-1 to 8-4

Let the 32 level adventure begin...

- - - World 1-1 - - -

Think of this level as a 'training course'. If you can't beat this easily,
there is no hope for you. There is a mushroom and a few coins at the start,
as well as a goomba. After the series of 4 pipes, jump around near the 'bush'
in the background. You'll find an invisible block containing a 1-up! There is
also a mushroom\fire flower after the large gap. Moving on throughout the short
level, you'll find plenty more coins, and a super star! The second you get it, run
AFAYK, and you'll make it to the exit before you even run out of power! Make sure
to land at the top of the flagpole!

- - - World 1-2 - - -

Ahh, the underground, there's nothing else like it! Ok, maybe i over-did it a bit,
but this level is still fun! There are coins and some goombas at the start, followed
by coins, goombas, and turtles. At one point you can actually break bricks and get on
the TOP pathway, bypassing the rest of the level! Make it to the end and you'll find the
warp zone - where you can warp to level 2-1, 3-1, or 4-1! Or you could always take the
normal exit and progress to level 1-3!

- - - World 1-3 - - -

This is really - boring. You jump from platform to platform, dodging turtles, goombas,
and Hillary Clinton. Well ok, not the last one, but it would sure spice up the level a
bit. Just collect the coins, power-ups, and points, and you'll be fine here.

- - - World 1-4 - - -

Welcome to the first of many castle stages! Here the main enemies are spinning fire
lines, that can only be avoided. There are goombas, turtles, and of course - bowser!
Jump over him to pass him, and resuce toad. Or, if you are Super Mario WITH Fireballs,
you can destroy him with 4-5 hits! Onto the second world...
- - - World 2-1 - - -

No one is reading this so i can type anything i want! Mwahaha! Someone get me some pizza
and a coke! Oh for those of you that DO care, there is a vine near mid-level here that 
you can grab onto, leading to a special 'bonus area' with about 50 coins. It also serves
as a shortcut to near the end of the stage! That's about it, the rest of the level is
coin\item blocks out in the open. Enemies, Enemies, Platforms, and pipes.

- - - World 2-2 - - -

This level is easy -- if you have fireballs that is. You can only destroy your enemies
with fire, as this is an underwater stage. No blocks here, only tons of coins, and the 
occasional current that will try and take you under. Frustrate it's effort by swimming
rapidly past the current.

- - - World 2-3 - - -

This level is one long stretch of bridge after bridge after - bridge. There are tons
of those annoying little 'things' that jump up and down. I find the best way to pass
them is to run AFAYK while jumping over any neccesary obstacles. Basically this is
level 1-3 with 'things' added.

- - - World 2-4 - - -

The second castle level. Basically level 1-4, only a bit longer, with more enemies, and
some strange fire creature that rises out of the lava. Again, 5 fireballs will kill Bowser,
or you could jump past him. Onto the ever-exciting world 3!

- - - World 3-1 - - -

So much to do...First hop down pipe #2 for some coins and a powerup, then when your on
the bridge with a few enemies hop up and down along the bridge, finding a 1-up near the
mid-section. There is also a Superstar here, just after the mentioned bridge. Take out
those baddies, and get major points! Here you'll also meet the nasty hammer brothers!
Fireballs kill them, or you could run away. At the end of the level, you can execute a
trick from Section VI. for major lives! Wasn't that fun? Onto a rather boring level we

- - - World 3-2 - - -

ZZZ...long strech of land, enemies, 1 superstar, coins, items, jumping, blocks, goal...ZZZ.
Oh wait, i forgot to mention that you can also execute another trick for MAJOR points and
a couple of lives. It's found in Section VI.

- - - World 3-3 - - -

This is basically the same format as World 1-3, with weight platforms. I need not explain
them, as they are sad, very sad. Don't get too greedy and this level is easy!

- - - World 3-4 - - -

Take the previous two castles, add them together, multiply it by 7, divide it by the square
root of 9, add in a few enemies, flames, and bowser, and you have World 3-4. As always, jump
over the Koopa King, or fire 5 fireballs at him to dethrone him from all his glory. As always,
toad will inform you the princess is not here - oooh...BIG suprise!

- - - World 4-1 - - -

My favorite level in the entire game. Here you'll meet up with Lakitu, the highly disturbed
cloud fisherman who has a twisted liking for spiked creatures. He'll try and annoy you by
droppping 10s of spikes throughout the level. Avoid the pihrana plants, and make a few nice
jumps and you could come away unharmed, AND with some nice prizes.

- - - World 4-2 - - -

There's nothing much in this level. Only 'hidden' coins in the blocks, which are oh so easy to
find. The only major thing is this world is the large pipe that you can stand on, break the
above blocks, and warp to world 5-1. Nothing big - as it is 4-2 you are in...oh well.

- - - World 4-3 - - -

Here you can find more platforms, more bridges, and of course - more goombas. Just make sure
you don't fall off on those nasty weight platforms and you'll be ok. Proceed to the 'trickiest'
level in the game...

- - - World 4-4 - - -

Oh they are so smart, nintendo is! Fortunatly i'm here to uhh...'save the day'. Jump the first
two lava pits, then hop up to the top area, crossing the single gaps by running. When you reach 
an intersection, hop all the way down and move on. Soon you'll see fire, which can mean only one
thing - bowser. If you have fireballs you know what to do. If you don't...you know what to do as
well! This is particually tricky because of the fireball and fire rope! Now it's onto a happier
place, where your dreams come true - world 5.

- - - World 5-1 - - -

The first row of blocks has a Superstar, which is useful. Here you will meet 'Bullet Bill' - who
is not related to the Clintons in any way, despite popular rumors. Nothing 'hidden' in this 
so it's pretty simple. Oh yah, stand next to the bullet bills and they won't fire - neat huh?

- - - World 5-2 - - -

There's yet another hammer bro here, which is almost impossible to pass without Super, or Fire
Mario. There is also a pipe after him that leads to an underwater area with coins, for those
that care. After you re-appear you can find a VERY useful superstar, so run AFAYK to gain lots
of ground. Aside from coin\item blocks, that's about it in this world, fun eh?

- - - World 5-3 - - -

Take world 1-3, subtract hillary clinton, add 'Bullet Bills', make the platforms a bit smaller
and faster, and you have World 5-3. I guess nintendo got lazy for world 5 and just decided to
duplicated earlier levels...

- - - World 5-4 - - -

Take world 2-4, duplicate it, add in more fire chains, fireballs, firepits, and you have this
level! Just like world 2-4, bowser is waiting for you here. Again, 5 fireballs, or jump, toad,
princess not here, yada, yada. If only ALL the castles were as fun as 4-4.

- - - World 6-1 - - -

This is just like Level 4-1, and yes, Lakitu is back. Pretty easy, if you had an easy time with
4-1. There aren't any secrets here, only coin blocks and the like. However, there is one thing 
that can help alot in the level. You can kill lakitu! Simply jump on him from a high area and
it's bye-bye Lakitu!

- - - World 6-2 - - -

Pipes, and stars, and secrets - oh my! The first pipe has a secret coin room, and there is a
secret underwater room in a pipe a bit further as well. After that you can find a vine that
leads upwards to familiar areas, and if that's not enough there is ANOTHER pipe near the end
that has more coins. Besides that, there are the usual goombas, coins, powerups, star, and
of course - tons of blocks. This is a great area to get lots and lots of points, not to 
mention extra lives...

- - - World 6-3 - - -

This is another replica world - of which previoius level i don't know. The only difference
being bullet bills start deploying around the midpoint of the level.

- - - World 6-4 - - -

Yet another replica world. This time, of 1-4. Of course there are more fire ropes and fire
balls to dodge. Bowser throws hammers so you'll need to either gun him down or run under him
to beat him.

- - - World 7-1 - - -

Pretty simple. Bullet bills fly everywhere in this level, but are easily avoided. Also, there 
is a coin room in the 2nd pipe you come to. There's powerups in this level so you can get hit
a few times, if you aren't that good. Keep collecting coins, as later levels will require the
15-17 extra lives you should have!

- - - World 7-2 - - -

Take world 2-2, add more enemies, and you get world 7-2. Oh if only i had more to write
about i'd do it. Well there's coins, blocks, and powerups, but, who cares?

- - - World 7-3 - - -

Take world 2-3, add more enemies, and you get world 7-3. Nintendo sure is creative...

- - - World 7-4 - - -

Here is another fun castle world! Unlike all those other boring levels, this one is much
like 4-4 in that you have to 'find' the correct path. Although this one is much harder to
figure out, at least it was for me. But you, you get to read my uhh...'expert' directions.
Cross the first lava pit, and take the bottom route. When you come to a intersection, take
the middle route. Then take the top route, avoid the fire rope and pit, take the high route
again, and stroll along. At the end, hop down to the lower path, under the high and low 
ledges. Jump up to the middle ledge, then up AGAIN to the high ledge, then jump on the skinny
ledge you will see, and walk along it to find bowser. Are YOU as confused as i was? Good, now
that the easy(yes, easy) part is over, it's time to face bowser and his hammers. If you have 
fireballs, just blast him away, if not, this could be hard because of the hammers. But you know
what to do. A couple of tries ought to be enough, and it's onto the final world in the game!
(Side Note: Are you as suprised as i was to find out i actually wrote a few paragraphs for the
level walkthrough? This IS the NES still, right?)

- - - World 8-1 - - -
I'm getting lazy, and the levels just keep getting easier. Therefore, you get a really short
strategy. All you have to worry about is time and surviving this LONG level. If your fast, 
then you only need to worry about the baddies, which are pretty easy. There is a superstar
SOMEWHERE in the huge area, which means you can run, run, run. Other than that, nothing much
here. Just don't die...

- - - World 8-2 - - -

I'm tired of playing this game just to write this up, and i'm coming down with a lazy spell,
don't worry, the last level will have a great walkthrough. make sure to get rid of Lakitu
at the start, this makes the level 99% easier. There's some bullet bills, 1-ups, and other
blocks. There is a hard jump at the end, but not too hard, other than that, pretty simple.
- - - World 8-3 - - -

This level is either impossible, or extremly easy. Here the main enemy is Hammer Bros., and
if you have fireballs, the little buggers are no problem. However, if you are super, or tiny
mario, then you are in for a challenge. There isn't much i can offer, as it is all skill. Don't
waste time getting coins and the like, concentrate on killing\avoiding the hammer brothers. If
you get greedy here, you will most assuradly lose many many times. If this is simply too hard
for you, there is always game genie - the oldest cheat device on earth.

- - - World 8-4 - - -

The final level is a gem. Here you must go through one final maze, this time using pipes. As
always, i am here to provide assistance. You should see two pipes, pass them, pass the lava pit
and you should see another pipe. Hop down it. Continue on until you come to a pipe in mid-air.
There is a secret block you need to hit to the left of it to make a step-ladder up to the pipe,
obvisouly you need to go down it. Progress through the level until you come upon a lava pit, 
it and take the pipe after it. Here you will find a STRANGE sight - Fire Ropes underwater! Is it
just me or is this a bit strange, even for a video game. Anyway, pass through that and your 
there...just two final obstacles. You will not need to enter any more pipes, only get past a 
BROTHER. This is all skill, but is easy with fireballs. If you don't have them, do the best you 
or just hope your lucky. You will then face bowser, who is, well, easy to say the least. Kinda 
but it's only the NES remember. Destroy him one final time and you've saved Princess Toadstool!

- - - I Don't Think So... - - -

Yes, there is a second quest, which is the same, with harder, better enemies. Will i write up
any sort of guide for that? No. Why? For one thing i'm too lazy, and for another it's just as
easy as the first quest in my humble opinion. There is also a level select that you can access
from the main screen, which is really cool, as you can play your favorite levels over and over
again! This is more fun than the second quest if you ask me...

Congratulations! You've won! Now try your skill at Super Mario Brothers 2 and 3...Or you could 
go for a new high score. My personal best is around 1,000,000. Not too good eh?

VI. Tips\Game Genie Codes

Here's some neat tricks, hints, glitches, and just plain pointless, fun

- - - Tips Tricks And Other Junk - - -

At the "Game Over" screen, hold A. When the "1 Player\2 Player" screen appears, press start.

Extra Lives
When you stomp on a turtle, kick it to the right and follow it. If it hits eight other turtles 
then you'll win an extra life. 

Extra Lives On World 3
At the end of the third world you will see two turtles coming down. Let the first turtle go then 
jump lightly on the second turtle so that it is standing still on the steps (this will take 
Jump on the turtle again, if you do this right it will keep bouncing into the other turtle and 
give you points. After a while it will give you free men. Get as many as you wish, but be 
careful not to get more than 100 men because if you do when you die the game is over. 

Extra Points
When you touch the flag pole, take note of what the time left is. If you touch the flag pole 
when the time left has the last digit 1,3,6, then you will get 1, 3 or 6 fireworks. every 
firework will give you more points 

Fire Power When Small
To do this you need to be big or have fire power. First you must be in the last level of any 
world except for 8. Then you must jump on the little koopa and the hammer that retracts the 
bridge. You have to touch the hammer and koopa at the same time for it to work. You will start 
flashing like you have been hit but you will stay big. When you get a mushroom in the next world 
it wil make you small now go find a flower and you'll have Small Fire Power untill you die

Game Genie Codes
YYTOZA     Start with over 155 lives
AAZUAG     Jump as high as you want by holding down the A button.
           When you want to come back down, let go of the A button.
           This only works on turbo running.
AAOPAK     No back ground
YYOPAK     Only clouds in back ground
GGOPAK     Back Ground all mixed up
EAKKPO     No enemies (weird)
KIIOZV     Distortion of level one
aatoza     1&2 players have 1 life
iatoza     1&2 players have 6 lives
aatoze     1&2 players have 9 lives
vatole     1 has 8 lives 2has 3 lives
sxiopo     infinite lives for 1&2
apzlgk     super jump from standing
tpzltg     super jump from run start
gpzuag     super jump from turbo run
apzlgg     mega jump from standing
apzltg     mega jump from running
gazuag     mega jump from turbo running

Minus World
To get to the never ending water level go to world 1-2. At the part at the end where there's a 
pipe going to the next level. Break two blocks so there's one at the end touching the pipe. Now 
duck and jump backward toward the brick (don't break it!) If you did this right you should go 
through the wall and pipe into a warp zone. Jump down the 1st pipe you see and you will be in 
the Negative World (-1) 

Moon Walk
On level 4-2 at he begining you have to jump two things. One is big, the other is narrow. On the 
narrow one jump and hold down. (If you did this right you should be under some bricks.) Let go 
of down and keep holding left. Mario then will moon walk. 

Save Your Place
Try holding start when you die, just after it's too late to pause. You should begin the level 
where you died. 

Warp To World 5
Make your way to the end of World 1-2 at the place where there's a pipe going to the next level. 
Break two blocks so there's one at the end touching the pipe. Now duck and jump backward toward 
the brick (don't break it!) If you did this right you should go through the wall and pipe into a 
warp zone. Ignore the first pipe, then jump down the second pipe and you warp to World 5-1. 

Warp To World 6,7, or 8
When you get to world 4-2, go past the first set of ? blocks and the elevator. Jump the hole and 
you will see a small staircase made of bricks. Break the brick underneath the top-left brick, 
then hit the top-left brick and a beanstalk will appear. Climb it to reach a special area where 
you can warp to worlds 6, 7 or 8. 

- - - Game Genie Codes - - -

AATOZA Start players 1 & 2 with 1 life
IATOZA Start players 1 & 2 with 6 lives
AATOZE Start players 1 & 2 with 9 lives 
VATOLE Start player 1 with 8 lives and player 2 with 3 lives 
SXIOPO Infinite lives for both players 
APZLGK Super jump from a standing start only 
TPZLTG Super jump from running only 
GPZUAG Super jump from turbo running only 
APZLGG Mega-jump from a standing start only 
APZLTG Mega-jump from running only 
GAZUAG Mega-jump from turbo running only 
YAZULG Moon Gravity from a standing start 
YAZUIG Moon Gravity from a running start 
YAZUYG Moon Gravity from turbo running only 
OZTLLX + AATLGZ + SZLIVO Always stay big 
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + PEAPYA Start on World 2 
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + ZEAPYA Start on World 3 
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + LEAPYA Start on World 4 
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + GEAPYA Start on World 5 
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + IEAPYA  Start on World 6 
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + TEAPYA Start on World 7 
YSAOPE + YEAOZA + YEAPYA Start on World 8 

VII. Special Thanks

I'd like to thank all the websites, companies, people, and things that made
this FAQ possible and\or contributed to this FAQ.


Nintendo - For making the first game of a AAA series.

Nintendo.com - Who knows what they did to help, i just feel generous today :)

World-Of-Nintendo.com - Found Game Genie Codes There.

Gamesages.com - Found tips there - duh.

People\Italian Plumbers

Jdude84 - What did i do again? Where am i? WHO am i?

Jeff "CJayC" Veasy - Not only for posting all of my faqs, but for running,
operating, and updating the best video game site around!

You - For taking the time to read a new faq for an OLD game. Reading the 
credits is amazing, however.

VIII. Closing

I hope you've enjoyed this FAQ as i start to wind down from this high on
old games. At this rate, i'm bound to do an atari FAQ soon...

"Things you didn't know about Pokémon #6 - In every pack of cards there is a fake ID."
- The Late Show With David Letterman


-End Of Document-

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