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FAQ/Walkthrough by Muk1000

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 05/21/06

Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Copyright 2003 Jeffrey M.
E-Mail: Muk1000@gmail.com
Version: 1.05
Date: 9/10/03
Version 1.03 Date: 9/12/05
Version 1.04 Date: 1/18/06
Version 1.05 Date: 5/21/06

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.


You may be wondering why you should use my guide. Well, I'll be honest. My
guide doesn't have as many tricks, or secrets, or glitches. But if you just
want to play through the game and know exactly what you must do at any
given stage, this is the guide for you. After playing the game once with this
guide, you should never need a walkthrough again.

Welcome to my first walkthrough. I figured I'd start with something I know
plenty about. ^_^ Super Mario Bros. is without a doubt one of the greatest
games of all time. Mario was the creation of Shigeru Miyamoto, an amazing
game developer and producer. I'm sure you are familiar with some of his other
creations, too, such as The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, and, more
recently, Pikmin. However, Mario was and still is his biggest star. Mario
got his start as the humble plumber trying to save his girlfriend in Donkey
Kong. Soon he got his very own game, and that is the same game I'll be
helping you with here. So hook up the NES, plug in Super Mario Bros., and
let's have some fun!

Table of Contents

1. Version History
2. Game Basics
  a. Controls
  b. The Game Screen
  c. Blocks
  d. Power-Ups
  e. Various Objects
  f. Forms
  g. Enemies
  h. Tips, Tricks, and Maneuvers
  i. Codes
3. The First Quest
  a. World 1
  b. World 2
  c. World 3
  d. World 4
  e. World 5
  f. World 6
  g. World 7
  h. World 8
4. The Second Quest
  a. World 1
  b. World 2
  c. World 3
  d. World 4
  e. World 5
  f. World 6
  g. World 7
  h. World 8
5. What's Next?
6. Special Thanks
7. Closing

1. Version History


Added Game Basics, The First Quest, The Second Quest, What's Next?, Special 
Thanks, and Closing. I'm not sure if I'll add more to this, but chances are I 
will sometime down the line. ^_^


Fixed a tiny mistake in the very first sentence of this guide.


Corrected the note for Buzzy Beetle in the Enemies section.


It's been just over two years since I submitted this to GameFAQs. My first
guide... *sniff* Memories... anyway, just changing my e-mail address and
making a few other minor changes. Nothing big.


Tiny change.


*makes a small change* Nothing interesting, folks.

2. Game Basics

a. Controls

Very, very simple.

Left - Move left.
Right - Move right.
Up - Nothing.
Down - Duck when Super/Fire Mario to reduce your size by half. Does nothing
when Regular Mario.

Select - Switch between 1-Player and 2-Player on the title screen. Does
nothing when in the game
Start - Starts the game after you have selected 1- or 2-Player. Pauses when
in the game.

A - Jump. Swims when underwater.
B - Hold to run. Hurls fireballs when Fire Mario.

If Mario is running, he can go over gaps only one block big without the need
to jump.

b. The Game Screen

Use Select and Start to select 1-Player or 2-Player. You will then see a blank
screen with this:

Mario                 World   Time
000000    (Coin)x00    1-1

            World 1-1

      (Picture of Mario) x 3



Your point counter. You get points for bashing blocks, stomping enemies, etc.
You don't get rewards for having great scores, and your record is erased when
you turn off your NES, but you can write down your high scores then try to
beat them to gain some more replay out of the game.


Your coin counter. Every time you collect 100 coins, you get another life.

World 1-1

Your current world. The first number is the world you are in (1-8), and the
second number is your current stage (1-4). Beating the fourth stage in any
world advances you to the next world, unless it was World 8-4, in which case
you have won the game.


When you get into the actual stage, this number will begin to count down. When
it runs out, you lose a life and must start over.

World 1-1

Same as the other World 1-1.

(Picture of Mario) x 3

Your current character and how many lives you have left. If you are player
one, the picture is of Mario, and if you are player two, the picture is of
Luigi. Each time you die, you return to this screen with one less life. If
this screen says (Picture of Mario) x 1, then this is your last life. Die, and
you must start the game over again back at the beginning.

c. Blocks

There are two types of blocks. Question Mark Blocks, and Regular Blocks.

Question Mark Blocks


? Blocks can contain the following things:

One Coin
Power-Ups (see d. Power-Ups)

Regular Blocks

Regular Blocks are much more common than ? Blocks. They can contain:

Nothing (Hitting a block with nothing in it as Regular Mario does nothing.
Hitting one as Super or Fire Mario breaks it and gets you 50 points.)
10 Coins (You must hit the block quickly to gain all 10 coins. Hit it slowly
and you will gain less. Also, hitting it very quickly can get you even more!)
1-Up Mushrooms

d. Power-Ups


A red-spotted mushroom. Changes Regular Mario into Super Mario and gives you 
1000 points. When a Mushroom emerges from a block, it begins to move right
until it hits something and changes direction.

Fire Flower

A flashing flower. Changes Regular Mario into Super Mario and Super Mario into
Fire Mario. Also gives you 1000 points.


Starmen are flashing stars that appear when Mario hits certain blocks. They
are a temporary Power-Up that allows Mario to defeat any enemies simply by
running into them. The only thing that can kill Mario while he has a Starman
is a pit. Of course, pits kill Mario regardless of his current status. The
lesson? Don't fall in the pits. The effects of a Starman last for roughly
12-14 seconds. When a Starman emerges from a block, it begins to move right
until it hits something and changes direction.

e. Various Objects

1-Up Mushroom

Rare mushrooms that are identical to normal mushrooms, but instead of red, 
they are green. When you collect one, you gain another life to use in case you
die. When a 1-Up Mushroom emerges from a block, it begins to move right
until it hits something and changes direction.


Some pipes can be entered. If you wish to enter a vertical pipe, press down
while standing on top of it. If you wish to enter a horizontal pipe, just walk
into it.


Certain blocks produce vines when hit. Clmibing these vines usually takes you
to a coin filled area when you must collect as many coins as you can while
riding a small platform. Jump off the platform at the end to return to the
normal stage. In 4-2, however, the hidden vine will take you to a warp zone.

Super Springs (AKA Jumping Boards)

Jump right as you land on a Super Spring to do an extra high jump.


A hole in the ground. It can also be filled by lava in one of Bowser's
castles. Falling in means instant death.

f. Forms

Mario has three forms: Regular Mario, Super Mario, and Fire Mario.

Regular Mario

You start the game in this form. It is Mario's weakest form, because only one
hit will finish you off.

Hitting a Power-Up block while in this form yeilds a Mushroom

Collecting a Mushroom while Regular Mario makes you Super Mario.

Collecting a Fire Flower while Regular Mario makes you Super Mario. The only 
way to get a Fire Flower while Regular Mario is to hit a Power-Up block as
Super Mario, then get hit by an enemy before grabbing the Fire Flower.

Super Mario

Collecting either Power-Up while Regular Mario brings you up to Super Mario.
Super Mario has increased size and jumping height when compared to Regular
Mario. Also, Super Mario can break blocks. When hit, Super Mario becomes 
Regular Mario.

Hitting a Power-Up block while in this form yields a Fire Flower.

Collecting a Fire Flower while Super Mario makes you Fire Mario.

Fire Mario

Fire Mario is Mario's final and most powerful form. While in this form, you
can shoot fireballs by pressing B. These kill most enemies, including Bowser
(although multiple hits are needed to defeat him). When hit, Fire Mario
becomes Regular Mario.

Hitting a Power-Up block while in this form yeilds a Fire Flower.

Collecting a Fire Flower while Fire Mario gets you 1000 points. There is
nothing above Fire Mario.

g. Enemies

NOTE: Any enemy that is turned into a shell will only remain that way for a
short while, after which it will revert to normal. If you kick the shell,
however, the enemy will not come back. Furthermore, any kicked shell can be
stopped simply by jumping on it.

NOTE: Enemies can also be defeated if you hit the block they are standing on
from below.

Name: Goomba
Appearance: Small, armless, and brown creature. The first enemy you see in the
Jumping on it: Kills it
Using a fireball: Kills it
Points for defeating: 100
Notes: A simple enemy that lumbers towards you at a set speed. When it hits
something, it simply reverses direction.

Name: Koopa Troopa (Green)
Appearance: A green turtle.
Jumping on it: Turns it into a shell
Using a fireball: Kills it
Points for defeating: 100 (when turned into a shell); 200 (when hit by a
Notes: You can kick the Koopa Troopa shell into other enemies, but be careful,
as it may hit something and come back at you!

Name: Koopa Troopa (Red)
Appearance: A red turtle.
Jumping on it: Turns it into a shell
Using a fireball: Kills it
Points for defeating: Same as Koopa Troopa (Green)
Notes: Identical to the Green Koopa Troopas, except when a Red Koopa Troopa
reaches an edge, it turns around instead of walking off.

Name: Koopa Paratroopa (Green)
Appearance: A Green Koopa Troopa with wings.
Jumping on it: Knocks its wings off
Using a fireball: Kills it
Points for defeating: 400 for knocking its wings off
Notes: Bounces forward without changing direction unless it hits something.
Once its wings are gone, it is just a Koopa Troopa (Green).

Name: Koopa Paratroopa
Appearance: A Red Koopa Troopa with wings.
Jumping on it: Knocks its wings off
Using a fireball: Kills it
Points for defeating: 400 for knocking its wings off
Notes: Flys up and down, up and down... You can use it as a stepping stone to
cross some gaps. Once its wings are gone, it is just a Koopa Troopa (Red).

Name: Buzzy Beetle
Appearance: Black, shelled creature that are the same size as a Goomba.
Jumping on it: Turns it into a shell
Using a fireball: Does nothing
Points for defeating: 100 (when turned into a shell)
Notes: There is no way to kill Buzzy Beetle other than kicking it into a pit or
hitting it with a shell.

Name: Bullet Bill
Appearance: A bullet with an arm and eye.
Jumping on it: Kills it
Using a fireball: Does nothing
Points for defeating: 200
Notes: Bullet Bills fly out of either side of a cannon and travel in a
straight line. You can either dodge it or jump on it. However, there is no way
to kill a cannon, so just get past it. Once a cannon is off the screen, it
will no longer fire.

Name: Cheep-Cheep
Appearance: A fish, either red or gray.
Jumping on it: Kills it when above water; hurts you when below water
Using a fireball: Kills it
Points for defeating: 200
Notes: Only fireballs can kill them underwater, where they travel in a
straight line. Above water, they jump out from the bottom of the screen, and
both jumps and fireballs kill them. Grey Cheep-Cheeps move slowly and bob up
and down. Red Cheep-Cheeps move a bit faster and in a straight line.

Name: Blooper (AKA Bloober)
Appearance: Squid-like pink creature that is only found underwater.
Jumping on it: Hurts you
Using a fireball: Kills it
Points for defeating: 200
Notes: Bloopers swim up and down, homing in on you. Their only weakness is
that they can't get you if you go to the seafloor. So if you have one you just
can't get past, go down and wait for an opening.

Name: Piranha Plant
Appearance: Green plants with mouths that pop out of pipes.
Jumping on it: Hurts you
Using a fireball: Kills it
Points for defeating: 200
Notes: Piranha Plants have a blaring weakness: if you stand next to or on
their pipe, they won't emerge. Use this to your advantage. Otherwise, just
be careful and avoid them.

Name: Lakitu
Appearance: A spectacled creature that rides on a cloud dropping Spiny eggs.
Jumping on it: Kills it
Using a fireball: Kills it
Points for defeating: 200 (jumping on it); 800 (using a fireball)
Notes: Lakitu stays at the top of the screen and drops annoying Spinies on
you. Try to kill him, but if you can't find a way to get as high as him,
just avoid the Spinies and continue as usual.

Name: Spiny
Appearance: Red creatures with spiked shells.
Jumping on it: Hurts you
Using a fireball: Kills it
Points for defeating: 200
Notes: A Spiny starts as a red egg thrown by Lakitu. Once it hits a surface,
it becomes the equivalent of a spiky Goomba. Either blast them with fireballs
or avoid them. Also remember that Spiny eggs hurt you if you touch them.

Name: Podoboo
Appearance: Balls of fire that shoot up out of lava pools in Bowser's castles.
Jumping on it: Hurts you
Using a fireball: Does nothing
Points for defeating: Can't be defeated
Notes: AVOID! You can't kill these things, so just dodge them and continue.

Name: Fire Bar
Appearance: A bar of fireballs that rotates around its base.
Jumping on it: Hurts you
Using a fireball: Does nothing
Notes: AVOID! You can't get rid of these things, so just wait until they move
out of your way and continue.

Name: Hammer Brothers
Appearance: Koopas that stand on their hind legs, wear helmets, and throw
Jumping on them: Kills them, but be careful, as a hammer may hit you in the
Using a fireball: Kills them
Points for defeating: 1000
Notes: The following strategies are for Regular and Super Mario, as all Fire 
Mario has to do is burn them and be on his way.  The most difficult enemy in 
the game (other than Bowser). Usually they come in pairs, jumping in between 
two block platforms. To beat them in this situation, just wait for a chance to
hit the block they are standing on from below. In cases when one is on level 
ground with you, it is best to just get close to it so that its hammers arc 
over you. When it jumps, run under it to get past.

Name: Bowser (AKA Koopa or King of the Koopas)
Apperance: A BIG Koopa with a spiked green shell. He appears at the end of
every world ending in 4 (1-4, 2-4, 3-4, etc.).
Jumping on him: Hurts you
Using a fireball: Multiple fireballs will do Bowser in.
Points for defeating: 5000 (with fireballs); 0 (if you use the ax)
Notes: As you approach Bowser, flames will begin to fly past you. Dodge them
and get to the big guy himself. Each Bowser fight is slightly different, but
the consistant things are the following: Bowser moves back and forth; Bowser
jumps; Bowser rears his head back and then releases a blast of flame.
Anything else will be covered in walkthrough. The only ways to kill Bowser is
to hit him with multiple fireballs or get past him (either by going above him
or under him (I recommend under)) and hit the ax behind him. Hitting the ax
causes the ground below him to give away, dropping him into the fire. Hitting
him with fireballs kills him and reveals his true form. The Bowsers in Worlds
1-7 are nothing but disguised minions. The World 8 boss is the true Bowser.

h. Tips, Tricks, and Maneuvers


Never do anything reckless just for speed. Be careful, watchful, and aware of
your enemies. Once you've practiced, then you can start the crazy stuff. At
first, you want to start it out easy.

Running Jump

The most common maneuver is the running jump. To execute it, simply hold B,
move left or right, and jump when you've gained some speed. Easy to do, and
easy to remember.


Sometimes there are passages only one block wide. Usually, only Regular Mario
can squeeze through these, but with sliding, so can Super and Fire Mario.
Start running, then right before you reach the passage, hold down. You'll
crouch, but your momentum with keep you going. If you stand up when in a
passage such as this, you'll be pushed to the nearest end of the passage.

Pirnaha Plant Tricks

One of the best Piranha Plant tricks to practice is jumping on the very edge
of the pipe the plant is coming out of. That way, you can wait there as the
plant descends. This is risky, but with practice, it becomes quite simple.

The second trick is a bit more difficult. If you are running towards a pipe,
and a Piranha Plant begins to emerge, you normally have to stop and wait. If
you are daring, however, you can jump anyway. If you just graze the top of the
Piranha Plant as it is rising, you'll go past it unscathed. This can be
difficult at first, but with practice, it becomes very easy and useful.

i. Codes

Yep, there is one code. It lets you continue when you get a Game Over.


Normally when you run out of lives, you must start back at World 1. However,
you can begin back in the world you died. Simply do the following on the title
screen (where is says 1-Player/2-Player).

Hold A and press Start.

Wasn't that easy? ^_^

3. The First Quest

All right! Let's get down to business, shall we?

a. World 1

The first world is pretty simple and is a good example of things to come.
Practice here, and you shouldn't have much trouble.


Walk or run to to the right until you see the first ? Block. It contains one
coin. Watch out for the Goomba. Either stomp it or avoid it and continue.
Next is a group of blocks. The ? Blocks contain two more coins and a Power-Up,
which will undoubtably be a mushroom. Grab it to become Super Mario. You can
break the three Regular Blocks for 150 points if you want. Jump over the next
two pipes and stomp or avoid the Goomba. Over the next pipe are two more
Goombas kill them or avoid them. The next pipe (4th) can take you down into a
coin room with 19 coins. The pipe inside the coin room will take you back up,
skipping most of the stage. I'll point out the pipe when we reach it on the
normal path. If you don't go down the pipe, drop off it. Jump around where you
can see a hill in the background to find a hidden ? Blcok with a 1-Up
Mushroom. Grab it before it falls in the pit, then jump over the pit. Go
under the ? Block to avoid the Goombas, then hit it for a Power-Up. continue
past the pit to the ? Block. It contains a coin, and the regular block below
it contains 10 Coins. Avoid the Koopa Troopa or use fireballs, then hit the
next two regular blocks. One has a starman. The next four ? Blocks yeild 3
coins and a Power-Up. Grab them if you want, and dispose/avoid the Goombas.
The next two ? Blocks contain coins. Go up the stairs, then back down. In
between the next two staircases is a pit, so be careful. You'll run into a
pipe, which is also the exit of the coin room I mentioned earlier. Grab the
coin from the ? Block or just walk on top of the blocks to avoid the Goombas,
Climb the staircase and perform a running jump off the top to grab the
flagpole. The higher you grab, the more points you get. If you grab the
flagpole with 1, 3, or 6 as the last number in your time, you get a fireworks
display equal to that number. Each firework gives you 500 points.


Kill the Goombas and hit the 5 ? Blocks for a Power-Up and 4 coins. Jump over
to where you see a Goomba in a small gap. Drop onto its head, then get the 10
coins from the regular block. You can perform a running jump to reach some
coins on top of a bunch of regular blocks if you want, or you can just go
under it, dealing with the Koopa Troopa pair as you go. There is a Starman
hidden here.

 O  = Coin
[_] = Regular Block
[S] = Regular Block with Starman

       O  O  O  O

[_]   [_][_][_][_]   [S]
[_] O [_]      [_] O [_]
[_][_][_]      [_][_][_]

Get the Starman, then continue. If you are Regular Mario here, you must travel
under blocks. Avoid the enemies that are coming towards you (Don't get
caught underneath the blocks with them!) and continue. If you are Super or 
Fire Mario, you can break some blocks to make it through.

___ = Ground
[_] = Regular Block
[B] = Break if Super or Fire Mario.
[U] = Go under if Regular Mario (be careful of enemies!)


Grab the coins if you want, be wary of enemies, and continue to this hidden

 O  = Coin
[_] = Regular Block
[P] = Power-Up

[_] O [P]

The only way to get it is if you are Super Mario. Break the block under it
and use a running jump to reach the Power-Up. Right after this is another
block formation with a 10 Coin block

[_] = Regular Block
[C] = 10 Coin Block


Jump up onto the four block right after this, and use a running jump to reach
an even higher group of blocks. Grab the coins, then, if you are Super or Fire
Mario, go for this tough 1-Up Mushroom.


 O  O  O  O  O  O


Hit the block with the 1 to make a 1-Up Mushroom appear. As it emerges, hit
the block marked B, so when the 1-Up begins moving, it falls down to where you
can reach it. Tricky to do, so don't be disapointed if you don't get it. Go
down the next pipe to reach a room with 17 coins and a 10 coin block. The 10
coin block is the block just above and to the left of the pipe. You'll emerge
just a bit further than the first pipe when you leave. Jump over the two
gaps, go up the stairs, and meet the elevator. Jump onto one of the platforms,
then jump to the ground or block line. The last block in this line contains a
Power-Up. Kick the Koopa Troopa off the edge, then get on the next elevator.
You have big decision to make here. Jump off to the pipe to reach the flagpole
and continue to 1-3. Or you can ride the elevator up, jump onto the ceiling,
and run past the pipe to a warp zone. Here you can warp to World 2-1, World
3-1, or World 4-1. Make your choice and finish the stage. 


If you continued on the normal path, you come here. You'll need to contantly
make jumps from surface to surface here, so be careful and be mindful of the
enemies around you. You'll quickly find a platform that rises and lowers.
Jump onto it, then over to the ? Block, which contains a Power-Up. Continue
until you reach a platform moving horizantally. Wait until it is close, then
jump on. You need to jump to another identical platform from here, so wait
until the two are close, then make the jump. Continue the stage until you
reach the final moving platform, which you can jump off of to reach the
end of the stage. As usual, grab the flagpole and enter Bowser's first castle.


Jump over the first pit, then walk to the edge of the second so you can see
the Fire Bar on the other side. Wait until it is out of you way, then jump
over. QUICKLY grab the Power-Up, if you want it, then stand on top of the
now empty ? Block until the Fire Bar is out of the way again. Jump the next
pit. There are three Fire Bars down the next hallway, so just carefully get
past them. Then you'll encounter - guess what? - MORE Fire Bars! Jump over
the single one when it gets out of the way, then wait until both of the next
pair are out of the way before jumping past them. Drop into the ditch right
after all those Fire Bars and jump around for 6 hidden coin blocks if you want
them. Around here, you'll start seeing jets of flame shooting across the
screen. Jump over the low ones and duck the high ones. Those flames mean 
Bowser is just ahead.


Bowser will slowly move forward and backward while firing more jets of flame
at you. Use fireballs to defeat him and reveal his true Goomba form, or you
can run under him when he jumps and hit the ax to drop him into the lava. You
could jump over him or jump onto the platform above him to get past him as
well, but I don't recommend it, as he can still hit you if he jumps.

b. World 2

World 2 is a big step up from World 1. With this walkthrough, though, you
shouldn't have too much trouble.


Hit the middle of the three blocks for a Power-Up, then go up the stairs. Be
careful here, as kicking a Koopa Troopa shell will send it right back at you.
Jump around for a hidden coin block, then jump straight up while standing on
it to find a hidden 1-Up Mushroom. Grab it and continue. Watch out for the
Piranha Plant, then approach the 10 ? blocks. The bottom-left one contains a
Power-Up; all the others are coins. Jump on the lone block up ahead, then jump
up and hit the block just to the right. It contains a Starman. Collect it and
jump over the pipe to a set of 7 ? blocks. All of them are coins, but one of
the regular blocks above them contains a vine. Climb it to reach a special
area where you grab coins while riding a cloud platform. If you choose to
ignore the vine, you can descend the next pipe into a coin room identical to
the one back in World 1-1. You'll emerge just a bit ahead of the pipe you went
down. Watch out for the 3 Piranha Plants in the 3 pipes, but stop to hit the
left block above the middle pipe for a Power-Up. Jump over the next two gaps.
Here is where you land if you took the vine. The lone block is a 10 coin
block. Hit the ? Block for a coin, then stand on it and jump up to the next
lone block for another Power-Up. Jump over the pipe and jump on the Super
Spring to reach the end of the stage.


The first underwater stage. Swim by hitting A rapidly, and stopping hitting
A when you wish to sink. Don't worry, Mario has unlimited air. If you are
Fire Mario, just burn anything that gets in your way. That simple. Otherwise,
carefully dodge all the Cheep-Cheeps and Bloopers. The only other noticeable 
obstacle is the suction holes. Whenever there is no floor beneath you, you'll 
begin tosink at an alarming rate. Hit A rapidly to stay afloat. If you are 
confident in your swimming skills, you can attempt to sink a bit into these 
holes to grab some coins, then swim back up. Just make sure Mario doesn't 
disapear off the bottom of the screen!


A simple yet annoying stage. As soon as you get on the bridge that makes up
the stage, Cheep-Cheeps start jumping up from the bottom. Dodge, burn, or
jump on them, just remeber that they never end, so don't waste all your time
jumping on Cheep-Cheeps! There is only one ? Block in this whole stage, and it
contains a Power-Up. Just jump over the gaps, deal with the Cheep-Cheeps, and
get to the end!


Wait for the Podoboo to return to the lava, then jump the gaps to the ? Block.
Hit it for a Power-Up, then jump the next gap. Wait for the Podoboo to go down
before jumping. Pick either the top path or the bottom path and move slowly
past the Fire Bars. After the two paths join, you'll reach the elevator. This
time around, the the platforms are much smaller. Wait for the Fire Bar to move
out of the way, then jump onto the first platform. Quickly jump to the second
elevator, then jump to the ceiling. This way you dodge a Fire Bar. Watch out
for Bowser's fire blasts as you grab the six coins, then jump the gaps over to


Bowser acts exactly the same, but this time there is a row of blocks above
part of the arena. Nice try, Bowser, but the same technique will still take
you down. Use fireballs to reveal his true Koopa Troopa form, or just get past
him and hit the ax.

c. World 3

World 3 really begins to heat up, although 3-2 is very easy. This also marks
the first appearance of the Hammer Brothers.


Hit the 3 ? Blocks for 2 coins and a Power-Up. Jump onto the first pipe, then
DO IT! You must be Super or Fire Mario to get the coins here.

[_] = Regular Block
[P] = Power-Up
 O  = Coin
 P  = Pipe

              O   O
          O   O   O   O
[_][_][P]   [_][_][_]   [_][_][_]
[_][_]    O [_][_][_] O    [4][_]
[_]    O [_]         [_] O    [3]
[_] O [_]               [_] O [2]
   [_]                     [1]

Break the blocks marked with numbers in order, then use a running jump off the
pipe to get the coins. Grab the Power-Up, too, then leave. Climb the steps
to the bridge. about three block's distance from the end of the bridge, jump 
for a hidden 1-Up Mushroom. Grab it and jump the gap over to where there are 
3 blocks over head. Stand on the two blocks below and hit the block that is 
furthest left. A Starman will come out. Grab it, then plow though the enemies. 
Soon you'll reach the Hammer Brothers. Since you have the star, use it to take 
them out quickly. The ? Blocks contains a coin and a Power-Up. DON'T USE THE 
SUPER SPRING! Instead, make a running jump over to the lower platform of the 
two right past the super spring. The block farthest right produces a vine. 
Climb it for a mini area with a bunch of coins. You'll fall back down just a 
short distance away. Hit the 4 ? Blocks for 3 coins and a Power-Up. Dodge the 
Koopa Paratroopas and hit the first block you come across for 10 coins. Jump 
over the block formation and to the end of the stage.


Turn the Koopa Troopa into a shell then kick it right. Follow as it clears a
path, but be careful, as it bounces back right after it takes out a lone
Koopa Troopa. Grab the Power-Up from the ? Block. Kick the Koopa Troopa into
the Goombas, dodge the shell on the rebound, then jump onto the lone block.
Hit the block directly above for a Starman, then drop down onto the Koopa
troopa. Hit the block you were standing on for 10 coins, then continue. Keep
using Koopa Troopa shells to clear the path until you reach the end.


This one is very similar to 1-3. Jump from platform to platform, hitting the
only ? Block for a Power-Up. Halfway through you'll find two platforms
connected by string. This is called a Scale Platform. Jump on one and it will 
lower while raising the other. Jump quickly to the second one, then to the 
horizontally moving platforms. Keep going until the next Scale Platform, which
you must jump to the flagpole from. If you want to get all 5000 points for 
hitting the top of the flagpole, make sure the second platform is pretty high 
up before jumping to it.


Move forward to the first pit, and wait until both the Fire Bar and Podoboo
are out of the way. Jump to the next platform, then to the next, while making
sure not to hit the Fire Bar, then to the third Fire Bar platform (but watch
out for the Podoboo!). Finally, jump to normal ground once again. Phew! Now,
hit the 3 ? blocks for 2 coins and a Power-Up. Jump the pit, then wait for
BOTH Fire Bars to get out of your way before jumping past. Repeat this twice
more, then jump the next gap after the Podoboo is gone. Bowser's fire blasts
will start coming here. Jump all three gap, all of which contain Podoboos,
while dodging Bowser's fire blasts.


Same old, same old. Fireball him to reveal his real form, or just hit the ax.
The only thing different here is a group of block jutting down from the
ceiling. Just don't let them get in your way, and you'll be fine.

d. World 4

World 4 introduces Lakitu and his annoying Spinies and Bowser's trick castles.


As soon as you jump over the first pipe, Lakitu will begin dropping Spinies.
If you have fireballs, use them to get rid of ones in your way. The 2 ? blocks
here contain a coin and a Power-Up. Jump up to the top of the higher ? block,
and from there, jump on Lakitu. This will temporarily remove him. Jump the pit
and grab the coins. Hit the 4 ? blocks for 4 coins. Jump onto one of the two
highest blocks and wait for Lakitu to come back. Stomp him again and continue.
Grab the 4 coins from the 4 ? blocks, then get on top of the blocks and jump
above the third one for a hidden 1-Up Mushroom. Pass the next pipe, then go 
down the oneafter that. It leads to a coin room, with a Power-Up, and since a 
Power-Up is all you miss by ignoring this room, I suggest taking it. Come back
up and jump several pits to the end of the stage while avoiding/fireballing 


Oh great, underground. I have to draw lots of diagrams for underground stages.
>_< Anyway, head forward and careful jump over the pits. If you are small,
you can go under the block formation here, but it doesn't make a difference.
If you were small, you are already in the right place. Otherwise, just drop
down to the 3 coins. Hit the blocks above you for a Power-Up. Be careful
fighting those Goombas. There is a hidden 10 coin block here.

[_] = Regular Block
[C] = 10 Coin Block



Break the block below the Coin one to get to it. Next, hit the 7 ? blocks for
6 coins and a Power-Up. Jump from the elevator to the ground. Now, here is
something tricky. If you wish to warp to World 6, 7, or 8, follow these

[_] = Regular Block
[V] = Vine



Those three coin blocks are hidden. Hit 1, then 2, BUT DO NOT HIT 3! Jump onto
1, then go up to two, and from there, hit the vine block. Then climb back to
2, break the block above you, and climb the vine. After a short walk, you'll
be at the Warp Zone.

If you don't want to warp, just keep going. Jump over the pipe, then, if you
wish to risk it, you can drop down with that Koopa Troopa and try to hit the
left block for 10 coins. I suggest against this. Just jump over the tall pipe.
Once again, you can take a risk, but this time, you'll get a Starman, so
wait until the Buzzy Beetle is out of the way, then hit the right block! The
next pipe leads to a coin room, but if you take it, you'll miss out on a
Power-Up and a chance to warp to World 5. Here is the coin room:

 O  = Coin
 P  = Pipe
[_] = Regular Block
[C] = 10 Coin Block

[!]     [_][_][_][_][_][_][_]            P
[_]                       [_]            P
[_]         O  O  O  O  O [_]            P
[_]     [_] O  O  O  O  O [_][_][_]      P
[_]     [_][_][_][_][_][_][_]            P
[_]                                   [C]P
[_]                                      P
[_]                                      P
[_]                                PPPPPPP

Get the 10 coins, then hop onto the 10 coin block. from there, jump to the
blocks jutting out of the main formation. Then go to the top, so you are
above the coins. Jump to the block marked !. From there, jump into the coins.
Now, go through the pipe.

Back to where you would be if you hadn't entered the coin room. Jump over the
gap with the Buzzy Beetle, past the pipe, and over to the pit. Jump onto the
pipe when the Piranha Plant is gone, then jump to the next platform. Jump onto
the elevator, then off. Hit the middle block in the group of three for a
Power-Up. Now, if you wish to warp to World 5, ride the elevator, jump onto
the ceiling, then run to the Warp Zone. Otherwise, continue past the elevator.
The pipe right here is where you come out if you take the coin room. Avoid the
Koopa Troopa, get past the two pipes, jump the pit, go up the stairs, jump to
the platform, and then back to the ground. Wow, so much to do. ^_^;; Anyway, 
watch out for the Koopa Troopas, then hit the blocks to get the coins above
and a Power-Up. Climb the stairs, jump to the tall pipe when the Piranha Plant
recedes, then jump over the pit into the pipe. Jump to the flagpole and you're


Another 1-3 style stage. Jump to the right, taking out red Koopa Troopas as
you go. Make sure to use running jumps! Hit the ? Block for a Power-Up, then 
jump to the Scale Platform. Stand on the first side until the Scale Platform
breaks. IMMEDIATELY jump to the normal platform. You just got a cool 1000 for
breaking the scale. Jump to the horizantal moving platforms, and continue.
You'll encounter three more Scale Platforms. DON'T BREAK THESE! Just jump from
one to the next. quickly. Move across the normal platforms to the platform
moving up and down. When it is at its highest point, do a running jump to the


This castle introduces multiple paths that you must choose from. Pick the
correct path, and you'll hear a ding and get to continue. Pick the wrong one,
and you hear a low, negative sound and must try again (you don't lose a life,
just return to the beginning).

Jump the two pits, then jump to the higher part of the stage. Run over the 
gaps (you won't fall if you run), and get past the Fire Bar. You'll hear the
confirmation noise. Drop down to the ground and continue. Hop up the small 
platforms to the point where you can drop back down to the very bottom of the
stage. You must be on the lowest path to reach Bowser. Dodge the Fire Bar and
continue to the boss.


This time, Bowser has added a Podoboo and Fire Bar to his arena. This makes
for a lot of fire dodging, see be on your toes. Also, the moving platform
isn't here, so if you used to use that, you can't now. Dodge the obstacles
and hit the ax, or torch him with fireballs to reveal his true form: Spiny

e. World 5

Ugh...more Hammer Brothers. Luckily, that is the only really difficult thing


Stomp the first Koopa Troopa and send it flying at the other enemies. Make
sure to jump when it hits the pipe. Jump past the pipes and pit, get past
the Paratroopas and Goombas, then jump up to where three blocks lie overhead.
Hit the middle, grab the Starman, and charge through the enemies. Jump over
the cannon and pit, and keep going until you reach a column past the enemies.
Jump up onto it, then walk into the tiny, clock-sized hole. Try to jump back
through it for a 1-Up Mushroom!

___ = Ground
 H  = Location of Hidden Block
[_] = Block
[C] = Column

[C] H [_][_]

See the pipe suspended in the air just ahead? Wait until the Piranha Plant 
sinks back down, then use a running jump from the 1-Up Mushroom's now 
revealed block to get up to the pipe. Inside is the same coin room that was in
World 4-2. You'llemerge mere steps from the floating pipe, so you missed 
nothing. Climb the staircase and jump to the flagpole.


Climb the stairs, and be careful when jumping past the cannon. Use the spring
to get to either the middle or top of two rows of blocks. If you are Fire
Mario, go for the top. If you are Regular or Super Mario, go for the middle.
The last block in the top row is a Power-Up. You'll need to for the hammer
brother right ahead. If you have Fire Mario, blast him with fire. If not, you
must jump on the Hammer Brother's head right after he throws a hammer to kill
him. Or you could try the equally risky way of trying to get under him when
he jumps. The pipe right after this leads to an underwater area, but I suggest
against using it. There is a vine up ahead that is much better. If you must
take a swim, though, just be careful of Bloopers and underwater elevators that
try to push you into the deep. Climb the stairs that are after the pipe, 
making sure to jump the pit in the middle of them. You'll run into another
Hammer Brother after the stairs. He jumps in between 5 ? blocks (all
containing a single coin) and the ground. If he is on the blocks, hit the
block he is standing on. If he is on the ground, wait until he jumps to the
blocks, then hit the block he is on. Slightly to the right of the 5 ? blocks
is a hidden coin block. Hit it, then use it to hit the middle of the
three blocks overhead. A vine will sprout out. Climb up to do another coin
collecting cloud ride, as usual. If you don't want to do this, you must jump
over a pit, get past a cannon, and confront two Hammer Brothers right past a
pipe (which is also the pipe you come out of if you took the water route. Wait
until the Hammer Brothers jump off the ground, then hit the blocks they are 
standing on. But be careful, because they can jump from the top row of blocks
all the way to the ground. The last block in the top row has a Starman. Grab
it and run through some Buzzy Beetles just ahead. This is where you'll land if
you took the vine. If you are Regular Mario, hit the left block for 10 coins,
then the right one for a Power-Up. Note that you can still get these with
Super/Fire Mario, but you must run at the blocks, then slide under them. Jump
over the pit to a group of blocks that make a platform, then jump to an even
higher group. Dispose of the red Koopa Troopa somehow, wait until the enemies
below leave the screen, then jump down. Hit the lone block for a Power-Up,
then use it as a stepping stone to jump to the platform of blocks above the
pipe. Continue to the staircase, which you must climb carefully, due to pits 
throughout it. Jump to the flagpole.

Phew! That was a long stage! Luckily, you (and I) get a break now.


This stage is identical to World 1-3, but Bullet Bills come shooting at you
from the right side of the stage. Just do what you did in 1-3, and dodge the


This stage is identical to World 2-4, but with a helluva lot more Podoboos and
Fire Bars. Podoboos jump out of the first 4 gaps, and the Fire Bar in the
middle of them is HUGE. Wait until you are sure you can get past it, then jump
quickly. You can stop for the ? Block (Power-Up), but chances are you'll take
a hit, so don't try it unless you've practiced this stage first. Now, pick
a path, up or down. I suggest up, as it has less Fire Bars. Carefully make
your way past them, then use the elevators in the same way as you did in
World 2-4. Now the six coins are guarded by a Fire Bar, so don't try to get
them all. Wait until the Podoboos go down, then jump the pits, and don't
forget to dodge Bowser's fire blasts as well. 


The platform returns here, along with that row of blocks. Although the
Fire Bar couldn't make the party, the Podoboo certainly did. Fireball Bowser
to reveal his real form, Lakitu, or just get past him one way or another.
Enjoy this fight. The next one will add a dangerous twist.

f. World 6

A rather uneventful world, although World 6-2 is ridiculously complicated.


Lakitu returns! Hit the 2 ? blocks for 2 coins, then jump the gamo and ascend
the steps. Stand on the two blocks and stomp Lakitu. Go under those two blocks
and hit them for a Power-Up. Jump down to another group of blocks, one of 
which contains 10 coins. I suggest that you skip this, however, as you want
to get as far as possible before Lakitu comes back. Jump the next pit, and
keep going. Up the stairs, over the next pit, up another staircase, and...hey!
Some variety! Drop down to the line of blocks, then head to the left so you
are at ground level. Jump while next to the wall for a hidden 1-Up Mushroom. 
Then continue. Note that Lakitu may be back by now. Simply avoid the Spinies. 
Jump the next pipe. A bit beyond it is a hidden coin block. You can then stand
on that, jump up, and find *GASP!* ANOTHER coin block! I suggest you just 
ignore it. Climb the stairs, jump on top of the two ? blocks, then go 
underneath them to get the Power-Up and coin they contain. Jump the tiny gap, 
climb the stairs, and go down the 3 groups of regular blocks. If you are 
Regular Mario, you can get a 10 coin block in the second row of blocks. I 
don't recommend it, though, as Mario is a sitting duck for spikies while here.
Keep going (you should be on ground level now) and jump the pit to the 
staircase. Watch out for that pit in the staircase, then jump to the flagpole.


Yikes. There are a TON of pipes with Piranha Plants here. I won't cover them
all, as the general strategy is the same. The first pipe leads to a coin room
identical to the one in World 4-2. In between the first two pipes is a
hidden coin block, and if you jump straight up from it, you'll hit a 10 coin
block. The fourth pipe is where you come back up from the coin room. Go past
two more to find two regular blocks. One has a Power-Up. The pipe after this
leads to an underwater area. I suggest skipping it. Continue until you reach
a point where a line of blocks are overhead. Go past them. Almost immediately
you'll find another line of blocks. The last one in this line is a vine that
takes you to a cloud area. Take it. If you don't, keep going until you find
two tiny gaps. Above and to the right of those are some blocks. Jump up to
them, then hit the blocks above those for a Starman. The next pipe leads to
yet another coin room. Whee. Anyway, if you skip that, you can just keep going
to the end.

NOTE: If you take the underwater path, then the underground path, you get 48
coins. However, you must skip those to take the vine path. The vine path gets
you 46 coins, and if you collect them all, you get 10000 points. I suggest the
vine path, because it also lets you skip a substantial amount of the stage.


Bullet Bills are coming at you just like before. Be very careful, as all the
red platforms here (besides the scales) start to drop as soon as you step on
them. You also must use two Super Springs to reach higher up platforms. There
is just one ? block here, and it has a Power-Up. Just be careful and you
should be just fine. Not too difficult.


Identical to 1-4, but with more Fire Bars and Podoboos. Jump the first pit, 
be wary of the Fire Bars and Podoboos as you jump the two pits and grab the 
Power-Up from the ? block. Continue down the hallway, waiting for the
Fire Bars to get out of the way before you move. In the next area, wait until
BOTH Fire Bars are out of the way before jumping past. In the next wide area
are 6 hidden coin blocks. I suggest ignoing them, as Bowser is already firing
jets of fire across the screen.


What's this? Hammers?! Yes, Bowser has finally learned something new! Watch
out for that pesky Podoboo as well. You must find an opening ehen Bowser jumps
so you can get under him. This may take some thought, as his fire blasts and
hammers will be getting in your way. There isn't much I can say other than
keep a cool head and be ready to take advantage of any opening you see. Of
course, if you have fireballs, you can just use them to win and reveal that
this Bowser was just a Blooper. Oops. Well, let's keep going, then!

g. World 7

Bullet Bills, water, Cheep-Cheeps, and mazes. Get ready, as this is your last
chance to prepare for World 8. Try to be Fire Mario when you beat World 7.


Ack! Bullet Bills! Prepare for some serious dodging. Start by getting to the
second cannon. Hit the block above and to the left of it for a Power-Up. The
4 ? blocks a little bit further ahead just have coins. Keep going. There is a
ten coin block up here, in a block never to a cannon suspended in the air. I
highly suggest you don't risk getting them, though. Jump over the pit and
pipe. Oh crap, Hammer Brothers. Wait until you can hit the block they are
standing on and take them out. Enter the next pipe for a coin room just like
the one waaaay back in 1-1. You don't miss anything by going in. Keep heading
right until you meet more Hammer Brothers. Same strategy works. The Super
Spring up ahead is placed in the line of fire, but the block it lets you hit
has a Power-Up. Wanna risk it? Up to you. Climb the two staircases and jump to
the flagpole.


It is World 2-2. With more enemies. Refer to the walkthrough for World 2-2 if
you need help.


It's a World 2 extravaganza! This time the copied level is 2-3. Ah!
Cheep-Cheeps! Just refer to the World 2-3 guide if you need help. The only
difference is a few more enemies.


Tricky. Make sure to follow my instructions to the letter. This uses the same
multi-path tactic that World 4-4 threw at ya.

Jump across the platforms to get past the lava pit. Take the low road here,
then jump up the middle, then to the top. Half the stage done already! This is
where it gets tricky. Take the top road, and be very careful not to fall
through the holes or get hit by the Fire Bar. At the end of the platform, drop
all the way to the ground. Now, here is the tricky part. Move under the
smaller platform, then jump up onto the large one on the middle path. Walk
until you are below the hole that you can jump through to the top. Jump to the
small platform on the top path, then jump over the hole and continue on the
top path. Continue to Bowser, and watch out for those blasts of fire.


This is exactly the same as the previous Bowser, just without the platform
above him. Avoid the fire, Podoboo, and hammers while getting to the ax. Or
you can blast him with fireballs if you have them to unmask yet another
imposter, a Hammer Brother. When will it end?!

h. World 8

Here is where it ends! World 8! Prepare for the most hardcore challenges the
game has to offer! These stages are VERY long, so you must hurry. However, do
not put speed above safety. Running though these stages recklessly will just
place poor Mario six-feet-under. Good luck!


In my opinion, this is the second hardest stage in the game. It has some
rediculous jumps and is chock full of pits.

Get past the enemies at the beginning however you please, then jump past the
pipe. You now face a row of small gaps. You can either run across them or jump
across them. If you choose to run, just be mindful of enemies. In between the
next two pipes in a Buzzy Beetle, but there is also a hidden 1-Up Mushroom
right in the middle of the pipes. You can risk getting it or pass it up. Your
choice. If you do go for it, try not to kick the Buzzy Beetle shell, as it is
almost sure to hit you if you do. Continue past the next pipe, then the next
one you can go into for a coin room. All you miss are some Goombas and useless
pipes, so go for it. You'll emerge a short walk from a couple pillars that 
contain a Paratroopa. You can find a hidden coin block and a 10 coin block
above it, but I suggest just jumping up to the line of blocks and avoiding it
all. More tiny pits here, but these are patrolled by Paratroopas. If you run
across the pits, you run a huge risk. I suggest just waiting for the
Paratroopas to reach you, jumping on them twice, then kicking the shells into
the pits. Run across and continue to a line of blocks overhead. The last one
contains a Starman. Grab it and run. You'll pass over two more of those tiny
pits, then continue to run, and jump the next large pit. Climb the three pipes
seperated by (more) pits. Stomp the Buzzy Beetle here and send it rolling at
the oncoming Goombas. Just be ready to jump it when it hits the upcoming
staircase. No, not the ending staircase. Sorry to get your hopes up. =P Jump
past two more moderately sized pits beyond the staircase, then get ready for
a very, very hard jump right after a Koopa Troopa situated between two 

_________         __       ______----->     

As you can see by my crappy sketch, you must jump to a piece of ground only a
block wide, then jump to safe ground. You must use a running jump. Be careful,
but not so much that you get worried and mess up. When you make it over, it is
a simple trot past some pipes to the staircase, which is full of pits.
Cautiously jump to the top and grab the flagpole.


This stage is not nearly as bad as the last, but it does contain the hardest
jump in the game. Start off by climbing the stairs, dodging Spinies from
Lakitu as you go. Either go under or stomp the Paratroopa. At the top of the
staircase, STOMP Lakitu! This will get rid of him for good, so make sure to do
it! Drop to the ground and hit the 4 ? blocks for 4 coins, then continue to
the Super Spring. This is tricky. Jump on the Super Spring and hit the block
directly above it. A 1-Up Mushroom emerges. Make sure to keep the 1-Up on the
screen as you cross gaps and fight Paratroopas. Jump up to the two blocks
you'll find, and the 1-Up will fall right on your head. As long as you can
collect this, you can keep retrying this stage. Jump past the cannons to the
top of two blocks. Underneath them is a Paratroopa. The right block contains
a Power-Up, but with the cannons and Paratroopa, you must time yourself
carefully if you want it. Keep going, making sure to take raised up platforms
whenever you can. You'll find a cannon suspended in air with a block on each
side. The right block has 10 coins, but to get it, you must deal with three
cannons and a Buzzy Beetle. Ignore it. Continue past the next pipe, then stop
on the pipe after it. Oh boy, this is the toughest jump in the game. 
___  __  __              ________

Start at 1, or the left edge of the pipe, then run forward. You won't fall
into the pits. Jump on the end of the piece of ground marked 2. Congrats! You
made it! Now, go down the pipe right here (you won't miss anything) for
another one of those coin rooms you originally saw in World 4-2. You'll
emerge from another pipe just a few steps from the one you went down. Jump
onto the cannon up ahead, and from it, jump to solid ground. From the top of
the small staircase, jump past the double cannon. Climb the staircase (this
time with less pits!) to reach the flagpole.


Welcome to World 8-3, the hardest stage in the game.

Jump past the first two cannons, then get on top of the pipe beyond them.
Hammer BrotherS! Wait until you can hit the block they are standing on, then
do it. The second to last block on the top row has a Power-Up. MAKE SURE YOU 
GET IT! Jump to the descending staircase, then to solid ground. Go past the
cannon, past the Paratroopa, and past the column. Stand on the next column and
use the same strategy as before for these Hammer Brothers, then collect the
Power-Up, this time the second block of the top row. Hopefully it is a fire 
flower, because if not, this is going to get tough.

IF YOU HAVE FIRE MARIO: Jump to the next pipe, then to the ground. Blast the
Koopa Troopa, then the two Hammer Brothers. Make sure to stay out of their
range as you toast them. Go past the next pipe to find two more hammer
brothers. Burn them and hit the 10 coin block that is just below that strange
white line on the background. Climb the skimpy staircase carefully to reach
the final flagpole.

IF YOU HAVE SUPER OR REGULAR MARIO: Jump past the pipe, stomp on the Koopa
troopa, and kick it to the right. Hopefully it will kill at least one of the
Hammer Brothers. If not, get close to it when you see a break in the hammers.
Make sure you are close enough that the hammers arc over you, but not close
enough that it walks into you as it scuttles back and forth. As soon as it
jumps, rush under it. Repeat for the next three, DON'T get the 10 coins, as
the Hammer Brother may hit you as you do, and carefully ascend the crappy
staircase. *PHEW!*


Bowser has set this castle up with multiple pipes. You can go down them all, 
but most just take you to the beginning again. You must go down the ones I
tell you to. Don't try to ignore the pipes, either. You'll just go in an
endless circle.

Jump over the first pit, then go past the first and second pipes. In the
second pit is a hard to see platform. Ride it, and use a running jump at its
farthest right point. Go down the third pipe.

Go past the first three pipes, avoiding the enemies as you go. Jump the pit,
then wait for the Paratroopas to approach you. Jump them and them kick them
away. Or if you have fireballs, use them. A bit to the left of the pipe
up in the air is a hidden coin block. Hit it, then use it to get up to the
pipe. Go down.

Cheep-Cheeps leap from the bottom of the screen here. Go past the first two
pipes, jump the pit, then go down the pipe just after the pit.

Underwater too? Yep. Swim past the Fire Bars and Bloopers carefully. Dying now
is not an option. Go through the pipe at the end.

Jump onto the pipe right in front of you. Ack! Hammer Brother! Why? WHY?! If
you have fire, torch it. Otherwise, you must get close to it so its hammers
arc over you. When it jumps, run under it and jump over the pit. A Podoboo
inhabits this pit, but chances are it won't come out and hit you just as you
make your jump. If it does...well, sorry. Luck of the draw. =/ Right past that
pit is BOWSER!


One on one between you and him here. No Fire Bars, blocks, platforms, or 
Podoboos. If you have Fire Mario, take him out that way. If not, get past him
when there is a break in the hammers and he jumps. This Bowser is exactly the
same as the last two fakes. If you beat them with little trouble, this will
be even easier

When Bowser is "vanquished" (he'll be back), you proceed to the back room
where you usually find Toad. This time, however, Princess Toadstool greets

                               THANK YOU MARIO!

                              YOUR QUEST IS OVER.
                        WE PRESENT YOU WITH A NEW QUEST.

                                PUSH B BUTTON
                              TO SELECT A WORLD

New quest?! Yeah, it is the same thing, with minor differences to make it
more difficult. After the princess's message, you return to the title screen. 
You can hit start to start at World 1-1 in your quest, or you can press B to 
cycle though the worlds on the top display. Pick the one you want, then hit 

4. The Second Quest

ANOTHER QUEST?! Yep, once you beat the game, you get to do it again! I'll note
changes in this section, although eveything else from The First Quest still
applies. So, what is new in general?

- Enemy changes.
- Slightly faster enemies.
- More enemies together.
- Remember how Spinies used to follow you when they fell off a platform? Now
other enemies do that as well.
- More and larger Fire Bars.
- The cloud and elevator platforms are now a bit smaller.
- Princess Toadstool doesn't give you another quest afterward, which means
you won't have to do ultra-hard stages.

This walkthrough is quite short. Basically, I'm only listing the changes here.
Everything else is unchanged, so you can still use the walkthrough for the
First Quest.

a. World 1


The Goombas are replaced by Buzzy Beetles. Be careful with those shells all
over the place.


More Goomba to Buzzy Beetle madness. The elevators at the end are also a bit
smaller. The Warp Zone is still there, though.


Bullet BillS! Remember this from the last quest? Dodge them as you go. More 
Buzzy Beetles and more red Koopa Troopas then before, too.


More Fire Bars. Otherwise, the same.

b. World 2


Oh my gosh! Buzzy Beetles! Who would have guessed?! Everything else is the
same. Well, almost. The vine stage's cloud platform is a bit smaller. But
that's it.


Stage design is the same, but now you must deal with a lot more Bloopers and 
Cheep-Cheeps. Swim carefully, and remember that Bloopers can't hit you when
you are on the seafloor.


The Cheep-Cheeps are back, but now you must deal with them AND various Koopa
troopas and Paratroopas! Oh joy. Shouldn't be too much harder. Just take each
enemy as they come. And make sure to always be dodging those freakin' fish!


Remember how in the First Quest, 5-4 was 2-4 with more obstacles? Well, now,
2-4 is identical to 5-4 from the First Quest.

c. World 3


Buzzy Beetles make up the only change here. Is anyone else detecting a


What a surprise. Buzzy Beetles. Ugh. I promise something else will happen in
the next stage.


I told you so! On top of the usual Buzzy Beetle changes, you also get to use
Scale Platforms with reduced size! Hurray! ...aw, who really cares. Just
proceed to the castle as you did before.


Podoboos, Fire Bars, Podoboos, Fire Bars. Not much to report, just avoid the
Podoboos and Fire Bars as you make your way to Bowser.

d. World 4


Play as you did before. Nothing changed. *yawn*


Smaller elevators and Buzzy Beetles. Be careful when dealing with the beetles
near the beginning, since you must jump on them in a narrow space. Jump on the
first, then kick it at the other two to clear a path.


Smaller Scale Platforms. Proceed as normal.


Ah, the maze castle again. Do exactly what you did before to secure an easy

e. World 5


Last time, you had to deal with lines of Goombas. Now, you get to deal with
lines of Buzzy Beetles! Everything else is the same.


Is there even a change in this level? Those Buzzy Beetles were there before...
E-mail me if you see a difference (Muk1000@gmail.com). Otherwise, proceed as 


Those Bullet Bills were here last time, so that means only the Buzzy Beetles
are new. Yeesh, they should have just called this "The Buzzy Beetle Quest".


Mmmm...similarities. Seriously, though, I don't think anything changed here
either. Take out Bowser and keep going.

f. World 6


Same old, same old. Do what you did last time.


Hey, it is the rediculously complicated stage again! Luckily, nothing but the
size of the cloud platform in the vine area has changed. Just keep on going.


About halfway through the level, you'll be assaulted by Bullet Bills from the
right. Dodge and keep going. The only other difference is shorter Scale


World 6 was a dull world for changes. Bowser's castle is back just like
before. Off to World 7!

g. World 7


Just the same, and just as annoying!


Just like 2-2, the only change is more enemies. Stay on your toes and head to
the end.


Ugh, nothing. World 7 has about as many changes as World 6. Just avoid the
Cheep-Cheeps, dispose of the other enemies, and you're done.


More mazes. Follow the path I outlined before. Nothing is different.

h. World 8


Uh...a few more enemies (mainly Buzzy Beetles) than before. Yeesh, a stage
this long and that is the only difference? Wow.


Oh yay. More Buzzy Beetles to compliment the cannons. Watch out for the extra
Paratroopa coming down the stairs in the very beginning.


Nothing new here (that I noticed), but adding more to this stage would just be
cruel, huh? Proceed carefully like you did before, and remember: GET THE


This is it! Woo! The only difference is that the 3 Goombas in the first part
of the castle are now Buzzy Beetles. This should give you absolutely no
trouble, so just do exactly what you did before and save Toadstool! Wait...
what's this?! She says there is ANOTHER QUEST?! Calm down. She just means you
can start the Second Quest from the title screen again. ^_^;;

5. What's Next?


But the fun isn't over! There is so much to master, so much to do!

- Beat the game without warps.
- Get as high a score as possible.
- Beat every Bowser with fireballs.
- Perfect your skills and become a master at the game!

Good luck, and have fun!

6. Special Thanks

God - For everything.
CJayC - For creating and maintaining the best gaming site ever.
You - For reading this and hopefully putting it to good use.
Myself - For taking the time to do this.
My Family - For all the support they've given me in everything.
Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto - For making this amazing game.
Nintendo's Super Mario All Stars Guide and Prima Games's Super Mario Bros. DX
   Guide - For helping me become an expert at this game, and for their handy,
   handy maps.
velvet acid christ - For making the ? Block drawing ( [?] ) When I was too
stupid to figure one out myself. ^_^

7. Closing

Thanks for sticking with me throughout this guide. Or, if you just happened
to scroll down to the bottom...um, hi. Anyway, That's all! I hope you enjoyed
playing this AAA game. I suggest you try Super Mario Bros. 3 now, if you
haven't already. I don't have a Walkthrough for it yet, but hey, if I get
positive feedback from this one, I just might look into it. ^_^

This guide is copyright property of Jeffrey M., 2003. The only site this
may be posted on is www.gamefaqs.com unless I give permission.

Comments? Questions? Submissions? Want to post this on your site? E-mail me at
Muk1000@gmail.com or send me an AIM message at Muk1000. If you e-mail me, make
sure the subject line includes "Super Mario Bros. Walkthrough" or I might not
open it.

Goodbye fellow gamer. I hope you enjoyed using this guide as much as I
enjoyed writing it. ^_^

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